Cororners' Reports

Coroners' Reports 1917 - 1936

Chautauqua County, NY

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The following is the report of my work as one of the Coroners of Chautauqua
Co NY from November 23, 1917 to April 7th 1918

B. F. ILLSTON Coroner;

Nov 23rd
William A. COLBURN, age 65 Fairmont Ave, cause, acute aortic insufficiency

Dec. 4th
Sarah A. HAZZARD, age 73 43 W. 17th St. cause, Heart disease

Dec 5th,
Godfrey HULTBERRY age 44 1121 Washington St. cause of death, Skull fracture
at Art Metal plant no 2

Dec 7th
Stephen S. LeROY age 71 5 W. 16th St. cause, Apoplexy

Dec 10th
Earl D. MULKINS age 56 3 Taylor St. cause, carbonic acid poisoning, improper

Dec 10th
Louise STOHL age 82 Jones Hospital , cause, Arteriosclerosis

Dec 10th
John W. BURGESON, age 21 Jones Hospital, cause, Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Dec 11th
Charles E. LINDBERG, age 50 1008 North Main, cause, Heart disease

Dec 13th
Iver AARONSON age 36 421 E. 2nd St. cause Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Dec. 31st 1917
Fred S. TEDSWELL age 15, 118 Hazzard St
Cause of death, disemboweled as the result of running under a Warren
Jamestown car while coasting, accidental

The following is the report of my work as one of the Coroners of Chautauqua

B. F. ILLSTON Coroner;


JAN 1st 1918
Marie P. LEHMAN, age 88 residence Celoron, cause, arterio sclerosis

Jan 9th Dr. Ellis W. STORMS age 49 res, Falconer, cause, Apoplexy

Jan 9th
Mrs. John RODDY age 76 109 S. Main St. cause, acute bronchitis

Jan 11th
Joseph R. ABBOTT, age 80 res, Watts Flatts, cause, Apoplexy

Jan 12th
Horace W. THOMPSON, 76 res, 312 Camp St. bronchitis

Jan 18th
James H. BENSON, age 82 res, 253 Balser St. cancer

Jan 29th
Claude RUSSELL, age 28 killed at RR crossing Main St, cause, fracture of

Feb 4th
Gustaf JOHNSON, age 80 Peck Settlement, heart disease

Feb 5th
Thomas HOLDRIDGE, 68 res Lakewood, apoplexy

Feb 6th
Antonio GANCIO, age 3 days res 93 Hazzard St cerebral hemorrhage

Feb 9th
Daniel SEXTON, age 52 res 6 W 14th St cause of Death, Suicide by hanging,
contributory, Dementia

Feb 13th
Clara M. LINDHOLM age 1 month, 76 Virginia Blvd, cause, malnutrition

Feb 13th
Antonio PROZIANO age 36 residence, 168 ½ Chandler St , cause Heart Disease

Feb 13th
Andrew LARSON, age 88 res, 38 Bowen St, cause, internal hemorrhage

Feb 17th
Sebastiano RAFFA age 33 residence 53 Harrison St, cause, Homicide, fatal
gunshot wounds in chest, said to be inflicted by Guisippi FRANCHINO
(* added note, this RAFFA family came from Italy and several live in
Jamestown 1920 census only 1 Franchino family here 1920)

Feb 26th
Louis D. ALLWOOD age 45 res Kiantone, Cause of death, fracture of skull, was
run down by a Warren- Jamestown Car at Stillwater, accidental

Feb 26th
Duane ALLWOOD age 20 res Kiantone cause of Death, Skull fracture, run down
by Warren- Jamestown car at Stillwater , accidental
(* both are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery Town of Carroll)

Feb 28th
Edith JOHNSON, age 38, 572 Allen St, cause, sarcoma of jaw

March 2nd
LeRoy H. BARTON, age 54 resided 151 Fairmont Ave, cause, severed left
carotid artery, suicide

March 7th
George T. ARMSTRONG, 43, 387 Fairmont Ave, cause creolin poisoning

March 11th
Anna LINSTROM, age 79 150 Balser St, cause, apoplexy

March 14th
Allion GURTON, age 21 residence Mayville, cause, heart disease

April 4th
Minnie EDMONDS age 32 residence 8 S Main , at Jones hospital, cause, acute

April 5th
Mary CARRIER age 54 Celoron, Cause, breast cancer

April 6th
Mary SCHULER age 69 at Jones hospital, res Warren PA, cause, Heart disease

Records of Chautauqua Co NY
Chautauqua Co NY

May - October 1918

And justice of the peace, in the absence of a coroner I was called upon to
investigate the cause of death in the following cases;

1918 ( NO ages given )
May 18th
Carrie BONIGALO a child accidentally struck by an automobile driven by a Mr.
CONNOR of Warren PA on Harrison St, Jamestown NY, skull fractured.

May 24th
Lena BENSON WALLIN, committed suicide by hanging at her residence in

May 26th
Charles JAMCO, (believed to be his name, from papers found on his person)
found dead beside the RR tracks in Jamestown , from the marks on the ground
and condition of the body, I determined he fell from a moving freight train.
Skull fracture

June 15th
Maria ROLLER accidentally struck by an automobile driven by Wright BROADHEAD
of Jamestown, Skull fracture

July 18th
Frank IMUS committed suicide by shooting himself in the head at his
residence in Jamestown

July 26th
Gunnard SWANSON accidentally drowned in Chautauqua Lake at Shadyside in the
town of Busti

August 7th
William PLOSS a night watchman at the Maddox Table Co factory in Jamestown,
found dead in a boiler room in morning, death caused by apoplexy

Aug 7th
Emma NELSON also known as Emma Nelson ORR, found dead at her residence in
Jamestown, natural causes

Aug 9th
Rudolph Andrew ERICSON, a brakeman on the Erie RR crushed between 2 cars,

Aug 16th
Louis A HUTCHINSON of Pittsburgh died suddenly while riding in an automobile
in the town of Ellery Natural causes

Aug 19th
Frank LANNE accidentally drowned in Warner's Dam in Jamestown

Aug 23rd
Benny DIONTO Died in Ellicott from natural causes;

Sept 8th
Vullo CLEMENTE shot in the chest and killed by GINCO PAVALO on Allen Street
in Jamestown

Sept 27th
Ellen Jeanette CARDOTTE found dead on the floor of her home in the village
of Falconer, cause apoplexy

Sept 28th
Richard PEATE died suddenly in the barber chair, cause, apoplexy**
(* or killed by GINCO PAVALO )
(* Just kidding-- hey he is a Justice of the peace ACTING as Coroner who
would know? )

Sept 29th
Donald CANTY found dead in a house in Town of Ellicott, cause, acute

Oct 12th
John M. JOHNSON found dead in his bed at his residence in Jamestown, natural

Oct 15th
Clarence Henry Gunnard SWANSON, died suddenly, at his home in Jamestown,
natural causes;

Oct 16th
Hattie D. CARPENTER died at her home in Falconer with out a physician,
because of the Influenza epidemic, her husband was unable to get a physician

Oct 18th
Wing Hong KEE found dying in his laundry and died before reaching hospital
cause probably apoplexy

Oct 21st
Dorothy GRAY died suddenly at her residence in Jamestown, influenza

Oct 29th
Lloyd S. GIBSON, died suddenly at the residence of his daughter cause,


November 17th 1917
Biagio PEBRELLA, cause of death, accute valvular heart disease

Nov 24th
John COSTELLO, cause of death, Struck by NY Central RR train no 43 going
west, while in discharge of his duties as a crossing flagman, I found he was
standing too near the track, and no one but himself to blame for his death.

Dec 1st;
Charles F. DEERING, cause , accidental electrocution

Dec 1st
Michael SZEZEKOWSKI found dead, cause old age

Dec 16th
Felix WISKOWSKI, cause of death, fractured skull by accidentally falling
sown stairs


January 19th 1918
Abigail ROBERTS, cause of death, hemorrhage of lungs

Jan 20th
Thomas PAWLAK, cause, convulsions

Jan 22nd
Mary PENCEK, cause of death, accidentally struck by Police Ambulance; I made
due investigation and rendered the following decision;
I find from the testimony and personal investigation that the said Mary
PENCEK age 6 struck by a police cruiser driven by Officer Emil NEIDER
,-----etc. ultimate finding is the accident was unavoidable and no criminal
negligence nor any blame

Feb 5th
Infant ZAROCKI cause, premature birth caused by accident to mother

Feb 6th
Mary O'NEIL cause, valvular heart disease, found at home where she lived

Feb 13th
Michael THOMAS, a trackwalker for the N.Y. Central RR found dead Sunday on
the RR track in Sheridan where he evidently was hit by some passing train, I
concluded his death was accidental

Feb 15th
Harry P. VELZEY cause, accidental electrocution, at Silver Creek NY, I found
he climbed a pole to attach a wire to a high tension line to thaw out a
frozen water pipe, received the shock and fell to the ground, instantly
killed. He was a trespasser and no one to blame but himself for his death

Feb 16th
Frank F. SCHIFFMAN cause of death, Embolism


Louis CAMARRETTA Cause of death, HOMOCIDE, shot by Frank NUCIO

Patrick DALEY cause, accidentally struck by NY Central RR cars

APRIL 12th
Astira LINDROTH, at her home in Jamestown, it was reported it was
suspicious, but from the examination and report of Dr MORRIS, I concluded it
was due to valvular heart disease

APRIL 15th
Unknown child found dead in Chadakoin River, at Jamestown. There was nothing
to show cause of death I therefore did not hold an inquest

APRIL 25th
Walter ROZECK, cause of death, acute indigestion

MAY 6th
Eva MOCZALSKI, cause of death, want of proper care

MAY 12th
John ROBLIN, accidentally run over by Chautauqua Trolley car on the night of
May 11th, near Celoron, I visited the place of the accident and concluded he
was a trespasser and no one but himself responsible for his death;

MAY 27th
Andrew WYSOLKI, cause accidentally killed by and in consequence of an
overhead traveling crane which he was operating in the plant of the American
Locomotive Co, running off the rail. WYSOLKI evidently neglected to turn off
the switch, which caused the accident, I made the investigation immediately
after the accident and concluded there was no criminal negligence

MAY 27th
Mabel GEHR cause of death, struck and instantly killed by a train on the NY
Central RR west of the Silver Creek Station, I found the deceased was a
trespasser and her death was accidental

JUNE 8th
William E. READER, cause of death, Suicide by gunshot in head.

JULY 1st
Gertrude BURNSIDE cause, Hemorrhage of Brain

July 11th
Leon STOZKOWSKI, cause, accidentally run over by an auto truck, I found no
negligence on the part of the driver

July 29th
Everett D. BRAINARD, cause, Struck by lightening, Arkwright

Charles BLOOD

AUGUST 3rd 1918
Joseph GABRIEL, cause, struck by locomotive on NY Central RR tracks at about
12:15 AM August 3rd; There were no witnesses to show just how this accident
happened, he was found dead after the train passed.

Joseph HOELIG, cause, Apoplexy

Carl MAGGIO, Cause, struck and run over by a Belt-Line trolley car, on West
Front St. I made the investigation and determined death was accidental.

Ebbie SHORES, cause, accidentally run over by NY Central cars at Brocton

John JAGODA, cause, run over by NY Central RR cars, He was a trespasser and
no one to blame but himself.

Amanda BURNS, cause, internal injuries when run over by a car driven by one
Philip COLMON of Chicago IL, soon after 1 o'clock pm August 25th 1918 On
East Main in Fredonia, No criminal negligence

Roland BURNS, cause, fractured skull Accidentally struck by locomotive on
the NY Central RR while in discharge of his duties as brakeman

SEPT. 7th
Frank WYCICHOWAK cause, acute heart disease

Sept 11th
Henry O. ANDERSON of Jamestown, cause, he ran an auto which he was driving
off the end of a culvert on a by- road in the town of Hanover, east of
Silver Creek, whereby he was instantly killed, I find no one but himself to

Justin ASPDEN, His wife EMMA, and Miss Esther JOHNSON, all of Jamestown NY
were all instantly killed by and in consequence of a collision between an
auto in which they were riding, and a passenger train of the NY Central RR
about 9:56 pm October 2, 1918, at what is known as RICKENBRODE Crossing, in
the town of Ripley NY,
The auto got stalled on the tracks and when Eric JOHNSON the driver , and
the Misses Mabel and Mildred LINDSTROM got out of the auto to push it off
the tracks, just before this, a train had passed on the West bound track and
the 3 surviving parties who had got out of the auto did not notice the train
approaching from the west on the east bound track on which the auto was
stalled, until it was too late to avoid the accident, I went to Jamestown
and interviewed Eric JOHNSON, and also the Misses LINDSTROM from whom I
obtained the above facts, I therefore did not deem it necessary to hold an

October 8th
Angeline LaBARBERA, cause of death, run over and instantly killed by an auto
driven by one Joseph J. GUARENNO of 173 Prospect Ave Buffalo, NY. The
accident happened on Cleveland Ave in Fredonia NY, from personal inspection
and statements of witnesses, I found no criminal negligence

Mrs. Gertrude CROWELL, Edna SHELLEY and Irma MacKAIN were all instantly
killed by and in consequence of a buggy in which they were riding and a
trolley car of the Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co, at what is known as the
Center Road Crossing of that Company, in the village of Sheridan, Chautauqua
Co NY at about 3:30 pm From the evidence of Samuel P WILLIAMS, the horse
driven by Mrs. CROWELL became unmanageable, and beyond her control, and ran
directly in front of the passing trolley car;
I therefore can find no one responsible nor to blame for the accident

Oct 18th
Helene HORTON, cause, pneumonia, found dead, no medical attendance;

November 14th 1918
I hold no money or other valuables belonging to persons upon whom I have
held inquests up to this date
Charles BLOOD


Report of E.B. OSGOOD Coroner;


Jan 11th 1918
Called to Westfield, in case of Edward CLEVELAND, found he was accidentally
killed while walking on the RR tracks of the NY Central;

March 25th
William A. HAGERMAN was accidentally killed on the NY C & St. L.RR crossing,
just west of Portland NY, when his automobile stalled on the crossing. He
was taken to Dunkirk hospital where he died

May 4th
Called to Point Chautauqua in case of Sarah J. HAVENER, found she was
crushed under automobile when accidentally run into a ditch

May 21st
Emmet C. NIXON, Westfield, killed by gun shot in the head. Homicide; Joseph
J. JOHNSON was held for the crime, On May 31st JOHNSON committed suicide in
Mayville jail.

May 25th
Francis W. OSTRANDER Crushed under road tractor when highway bridge broke
down , in the town of Portland

May 31st
Joseph J. JOHNSON, committed suicide in jail by hanging himself, he was
waiting action of the Grand Jury, charged with the murder of Emmet G. NIXON
of Westfield

July 20th
John OLMSTEAD accidentally killed while walking on the tracks of the J.C &
Trespasser, Cause, Deaf and Dumb

July 29th
Alfred ELI, Dewittville NY, accidentally killed while walking on track of
J.C & E.R.R

August 29th
Edward J. BAKER Ripley NY, child 1 ¼ years old, Father went to garage to get
automobile to take family to the county fair; child unnoticed followed him
just in time to get behind automobile just as he backed it out and ran over
him; Head crushed

Sept. 18th
Called to North East PA case of Edgar CHAPIN, who lived south east corner of
Ripley NY, died of valvular disease of the heart

September 19th
Called to WOOGLIN on Chautauqua Lake , case of Floyd LEVER from Erie PA, who
was last seen fishing from boat Sept 13th, Body found Sept 19th, accidental

October 24th
Called to Mayville NY, in case of Frank SCOTT, burned in barn, probable


NOVEMBER 16th 1924 to NOVEMBER 10, 1925

Dates 1924-1925

November 16, 1924
Herbert O. BECKWITH , age 38 residence, Clement Park, acute gastritis;

Nov 16, 1924
Nuncio CATANIA, age 46, residence, 164 Chandler St, Jamestown, Homicide, gun
shot heart and head, shot at Foot Ave bridge by parties unknown to me;

Nov 17, 1924,
Charles H. ELIOTT age 59 residence, 314 E 4th St, Jamestown , dropped dead
of apoplexy at the Jamestown Furniture Exposition Building.

Nov 19, 1924
Unknown Infant, age 1 day, abandoned by parties unknown at Crystal Bend,
Town of Ellicott;

Nov. 24th 1924
Andrew P. HAITE, age 86 residence, 20 Wilton Ave, Jamestown NY Apoplexy

Nov 25th 1924
Miner S. CRISSEY, age 53, residence 322 E 4th St Jamestown, cause, acute
Cardiac Dilation

Nov 26th 1924
Eleanor GEER age 30 residence, 224 Price St Jamestown NY cause of death,
fracture of skull, struck by auto driven by Clarence SUNDMAN at Jamestown
Public Market, I find that Mr. Sundman used ordinary discretion and judgment
at time of accident.

Nov 30th 1924
Mattie M. SMITH, age 16, Residence, Busti, cause , fracture of skull,
accidental, struck by auto driven by Clayton M JOHNSON the horse drawn
cutter in which she was riding, was with out lights and there was a blinding
snow storm

Dec 10th 1924
Emily J. FARM, age 69, residence, 320 Forest Ave Jamestown, Heart disease.

Dec 12th 1924
John F. WILCOX, age 42 Residence, 105 W. 11th St. Jamestown, cause of death,
fracture of skull, Auto overturned on Lakewood Rd near the Julian Jump
works, excessive speed and slippery roads. Accidental

Dec 14th, 1924
Bigelow C. BARNEY, age 76 Stow, cause Hemorrhage of stomach

Dec. 26th
Laverne R. GLADD, age 32, Residence, Celoron, Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Dec 30th, 1924
Emmett EDWARDS, age 80 Residence, 106 ½ W 11th St. Jamestown, Apoplexy


Jan 2nd, 1925
Laura F. GROVER age 85 Ellington, Apoplexy

Jan 4th 1925
Louise THOMPSON age 28, Res, 1104 Washington St. Jamestown, cause,

Jan 6th 1925
Gust LUNDGREN age 62 Residence 20 Kimball Ave Falconer, Pulmonary

Jan 8th, 1925
Dora W. HEATH, age 54 Ellicott Town Line rd , , cause, suicide by drowning

Jan 8th, 1925
John YARLING, age 61 Residence, 1048 N Main Heart disease, dropped deat at
Jamestown Chair factory

Jan 11th 1925
Fred A. BAUER, age 21 Lakewood, accidental death by carbon monoxide, was
working on automobile in garage with motor running and door closed;

Jan 31st, 1925
Claus W. BERG, age 45 residence, 118 E 2nd St. Jamestown, Heart Disease

Feb 4th 1925
Christine T. CLELLAND, age 63, Busti, Heart Disease

Feb 5th 1925
Beda HAGER 65 residence, 38 ½ Foote Ave, Jamestown, Apoplexy

Feb 9th 1925
James A. CLARY, age 65 residence 408 Lincoln St, Acute Cardiac Dilation

Feb 16th, 1925
Samuel W. DAVIS, age 75, residence Sinclairville, fracture of skull,
accidental, struck by falling tree

Feb 18th 1925
Clyde TRASK, Baker St Ext. Heart Disease

Feb 20th, 1925
August ANDERSON, age 65 residence 7 Windsor St Pneumonia

Feb 22nd, 1925
Raymond PALADINO age 3, residence 939 E 2nd St Jamestown fracture of skull,
accidental struck by car no 59 Jamestown Street Ry. at E. 2nd and Kipp Sts.

Feb 23rd 1925
Christine JOHNSON, age 56 residence, 137 McKinley Ave, Jamestown drowned at
Sherman's Bay accidental

Feb 24th, 1925
Perry NELSON, age 65 residence, 237 Barret Ave Jamestown, Apoplexy

Feb 26th 1925
Raymond WILCOX, age 33 Residence 635 Prendergast Ave, cause, Disemboweled,
accidental, fell from box car while employed as a Switchman by the Erie R.R.
at Hopkins Avenue

Feb 27th 1925
Ross WHITNEY, age 36 Residence, 211 Steele St. Jamestown, Suicide, Creosote

March 1st, 1925
Theodore WASHBURG, age 47, residence, 310 Jefferson St Jamestown,
Accidental, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Mar 11th, 1925
Ivan M. BENTLEY, 21 residence Mayville, accidental, killed by fumes while
cleaning vinegar vat.

Mar 11th 1925
Henry W. MANROOS, (* MANROSS) age 67, Residence, Gerry, cause, Strangulation
by hanging, Suicide. ( * note, Mrs. Manross had passed away earlier and
both are buried in Gerry Cemetery)

Mar 14th 1925
Charles W. HILL age 77 Residence, Kennedy, Heart Disease

Mar 17th 1925
D. J. KENNISON, age 69 Res. 239 Fairmont Ave Jamestown, Apoplexy

Mar 17th 1925
Charles A. COMFORT, age 55 Jamestown, Ruptured Aortic Aneurysm, while at
work at Art Metal Plant

Mar 22nd, 1925
Annis KENJOCKETY, age 54 residence, 212 ½ Steele St Jamestown, struck by
auto driven by Harold CASPARSON, on Jamestown Frewsburg Rd, Accidental

Mar 23rd, 1925
Julia C. HJORTQUIST, age 27 Residence, 211 Hazard St. Jamestown, suicide by
drowning in Connewango Creek near Frewsburg

March 31st, 1925
John DODAT, age 47 residence, 47 Foote Ave Jamestown, cause, Disembowelment
accidental, run over by Jamestown Falconer Car (*Trolley) at Tiffany Ave.

April 18th 1925
Alexander HEALD, age 65 120 Water St Jamestown cause, fractured skull,
accidentally caught in elevator in Hotel Jamestown

April 20th 1925
Clarence RIBIN, 73 Allen St Heart Disease

April 21st, 1925,
John HOLMBERG, age 95 741 E 2nd St Jamestown Apoplexy

April 22nd, 1925
Pascula FARRARA age 36, 1616 Washington St Jamestown, Internal injuries,
Struck by train at the Buffalo St crossing, I find that the deceased did not
heed warning signals of the gateman.

April 22nd 1925
Lena NAGEL age 1 Week, enteritis

April 24th, 1925
Samuel BURGESON, age 27 Residence, Central House, Jamestown, drowned
Chadakoin River by brick yard, Suicide

May 7th 1925
Sarah FOSTER age 84 Blockville Apoplexy

May 18th 1925
Dominico GRAFFIO, age 8 cause of death, exposure to cold, Disappeared Dec
10, 1924

May 23 1925
H. E. TERRY, age 60 Maple Point, heart disease

May 23, 1925
Samuel KEIFER, 60 213 Chandler St Jamestown cause, internal injuries,
trampled by a horse accidental

May 23rd 1925
Clarence WALKER JR. age 14 residence, 10 14th St Jamestown, cause accidental
electrocution, came in contact with lowering cable from city arc lamp.

May 26th, 1925
Charles FELLEY age 58 66 Everett St Falconer, Apoplexy

May 27th 1925
Della STEINER, age 51 311 W 3rd St Jamestown, skull fracture from accidental
fall down stairs

June 3rd 1925
Mary LOMBARDO, age 5 months, 135 ½ Chandler St Jamestown, acute enteritis

June 3rd 1925
Amanda M MELVIN, age 79, Celoron, Pneumonia

Jun 8th 1925
Nicolas MORGANOS, age 35, residence Allen Square block, heart disease

June 8th 1925
Anthony RIZZO, age 23, 429 Allen St, Jamestown, accidental electrocution, at
Foote Ave and R R Tracks

June 20th 1925
Arthur J. CARLSON, age 17, Jamestown, drowned at Midway Park

June 21st 1925
Earl L. CARPENTER, 39, 324 Falconer St Jamestown, acute cardiac degeneration

July 2, 1925
Herman EWING, age 9, 332 Steele St Jamestown, accidental drowning in
Chadakoin River,

July 8th, 1925,
Sven Olaf SWENSON, age 5 945 E. 2nd St, Jamestown, Internal injuries when accidentally run over
By a truck at Corner of e 2nd and Buffalo Sts

July 13th, 1925
Roy PADERSON, age 22 14 Cedar St Jamestown, accidental drowning at Stoneman Park

July 15th, 1925
Angia J. DEARMAN, age 80 50 Charles St Jamestown, Apoplexy

July 17th, 1925
Segard STEBERG, age 29, 158 Sturgis St Jamestown, cause of death, Gun shot
wound in abdomen, accidentally shot by his brother, Thurston.
(* came here from Sweden, 1912 with brother age 19 at time of his death,
Segard was married in Sweden wife came same time)

July 18th 1925
Mary A. GARDNER age 70, Celoron, sarcoma of the knee

July 21st 1925
Alice E. HELLIWELL age 60 52 Clyde Ave, Jamestown, Heart Disease

July 30th 1925
Fenton L. SCUDDER, age 76 309 W. 5th St. Jamestown Apoplexy

Aug 6th 1925
Mary W. SCHERMERHORN, 64 residence 308 W 2nd St Jamestown, Arsenic Poisoning, Suicide

Aug 11th, 1925
Emory M. BUSH, age 1 month, 119 Broadhead, acute Enteritis

Aug 17th 1925
Charles G. REBLING, 78 145 Superior St Jamestown, Apoplexy

Aug 17th 1925
Joseph JUOVENETTA, age 45, 996 Allern St, fracture of skull, accidentally struck by automobile driven by R.H. WILTSIE

Aug 18th, 1925
Fred WORTMAN< age 55 309 ½ Spring St Suicide by natural gas poisoning

Aug 19th 1925
William LUNDQUIST, age 72 64 Thayer St, Acute Indigestion

Aug 22nd, 1925
Ralph HILL, age 15, North Harmony, accidental drowning

Sept 1st 1925
Percy B. BROWN, age 53 408 Washington St Jamestown, Heart disease

Sept 12th 1925
Mary SELFRIDGE, age 56, Fluvanna, cancer of the stomach

Sept 13th,
Freeman HOBBS< age 71 place of death, Jamestown General Hospital, cause, internal injuries, accidentally thrown from the buggy in which he was riding.

Sept 14th
Etta M. ALDEN, age 66 residence, Hotel Jamestown, Heart disease

Sept 16th, 1925
Elmer J. WASHBURG, age 50, 143 Falconer St, Heart Disease died at Falconer Mnfg Co

Sept 18th, 1925
Liboria S REDA, age 62, residence, 80 Water St Jamestown, Cause, severed right carotid artery, HOMOCIDE

Sept 26th, 1925
John KRUSEN, age 55 41 Broadhead Jamestown, Heart disease

Oct. 1st, 1925
J. Martin NELSON, age 55, 114 Park St Jamestown, cause, death by hanging, a Stow, Suicide

Oct 4th 1925
Christine JOHNSON, age 88 143 Buffalo St Jamestown, Apoplexy

Oct 18th 1925
Lottie M. STRANBURG, age 64 143 Buffalo St Heart Disease

Oct. 18th 1925
Coral N. NOWAK, age 55 488 Willard St Drowned at Celoron,

Oct 20th 1925
Mary Ann BRATT, age 71 12 Hamilton St Jamestown, rupture of Gall Bladder

Oct 25th, 1925
Hugh BROWN, age 34, Watts Flats, fracture of skull, was struck by or fell
from Erie RR train at Beechwood.

Oct 30th 1925
John GARACI 61 53 Barrows St, dropped dead while at work at Art Metal

Nov 1st 1925
George WOOD, age 80 Dewittville, accidentally struck by automobile driven
by Walter GERVIN

Nov 6th, 1925
Mrs. Margaret CARPENTER, age 35, 165 Falconer St Jamestown, cause, Edema of
(*Edema of lungs Congestive heart failure, a form of dropsy)

Nov 9 1924-Sept 23, 1925

Various towns listed; ages not given by Coroner
Some data added from Census records by me;
Dee Davidson

Nov 9th 1924
Lydia BORTNER, Ripley NY cause, GUNSHOT wounds thru the breast, 3 shots were
fired, going through her breast. ( *age ca 39)
(* Added notes, Lydia was the wife of Frank Bortner in 1920 Ripley census
they are both 35, and have 3 young children )

Nov 11th 1924
John ANTOSYEWSKI, Dunkirk, chronic Epileptic fits, found dead on the floor.
(*Added notes, in 1920 family is born Poland, came here 1916, Father
Anthony is widower age 60 John in 1920 is 34Bro Joseph is widower 29 and his
dau Helen is 9 Name is spelled in census as Antoszewski, Anthony)

Nov 12th 1924
Frank McLAUGHLIN, Dunkirk, cause of death, fractured skull, and shock, right
arm broke at elbow, arm crushed at arm pit, being run over by a NY Central
freight train at State Line NY.

Nov 13th 1924
Nick MICKEL Dunkirk NY cause of death, fractured skull, broken right hip,
broken left leg, jaw and nose broken, run over by auto, whose drive made no

Nov 19th 1924
Stanislaus BOPIELASZ, Dunkirk NY cancer of Liver

Nov 26th 1924
Albert FAUST, Lily Dale, Suicide by hanging himself
( in 1920 one Albert FAUST roomed in Jamestown age 75 b PA wife Helen was

Nov 27th 1924
Fred E. KORB, Fredonia NY organic Heart disease

Dec 17th 1924
Loren White STEBBINS Hanover Center NY, burned to death through natural gas

Dec 27th 1924
Isaac BOORADY Dunkirk , cause of death, Pulmonary Embolism

Dec 31st 1924
Sam CAMBRIA, Dunkirk, Drowned while skating on Lake Erie
( was a child, mother Camella is a 30 yr old widow b Italy in 1920 census
Sam was 8 )

Feb 1st 1925
John DODDS, Dunkirk, accidentally shot
( 1920 census John DODDS is a black man, age 52 born Missouri, living with
3 younger black men all single, workers on the RR Dunkirk )

Feb 22nd, 1925
Mabel SHOLTES Silver Creek, Alcoholism

Feb 23rd 1925
Anna Barbara RUPP Fredonia, Chronic Heart Disease

March 19th 1925
John JAKUBIECE Dunkirk, cause, accidentally shot
(* 1920 census is spelled Jakubczyk is born Poland age 48 with a large
family he came 1906 wife in 1908)

March 26th,
Frank KELLEY Dunkirk, cause, Chronic Myo-Carditis

March 26th
Frank RAWSON, Fredonia, death by suicide, by dropping down in front of the
NY Central Freight Train, under the overhead bridge, 3 miles below Sheridan
( in 1920 there is 1 Frank RAWSON here, in Pomfret he is then 17 b NY
parents England , he is a boarder and laborer no other Rawson near)

March 26th
Mrs. Alice LAMMERS, Pomfret, cause, fracture of skull, struck by auto

April 23rd
Jacob MILLONZI, Dunkirk, Shot thru right lung with a revolver by John

April 26th,
Joseph MAJKA, Pomfret, accidentally killed by NY Central Train no 20
(* there are 3 men of this surname in Pomfret 1920 , but one Majka, Joseph
is age 35 all were born in Austria and probably brothers)

May 8th 1925
Andrew USCHOLD, Silver Creek Apoplexy
(* in 1920 Hanover is Uchold, Andrew age 55)

May 19th
Lena May WILDEN Ripley Epilepsy

May 23rd
Willard Thomas BABB JUNIOR , Silver Creek, Motorcycle accident chest
crushed, ribs punctured
( was 16 in 1920 Dunkirk census)

May 23rd
Donald Geer WOODBURY, Silver Creek fractured Skull, Motorcycle accident

June 8th
Thomas Smith BARTLEY, Fredonia, cause, suicide by hanging himself with a

June 10th
Joseph RESSO Dunkirk, Fractured Skull in Auto accident

June 13th
DeEtta SPADE, Laona cause of death, SUICIDE by drinking carbolic acid
(* note, DeEtta was the wife of Daniel SPADE in 1920 in Pomfret, he is 76, b
CT she is 61 b NY parents b Germany Also there is a SON Charles age 8 )

June 23rd
William John MILLER, Fredonia, cause, fell from cherry tree and broke his
neck, accidentally

June 28th
Clara FELTHOUSE, Dunkirk cause, Drowned in Lake Erie

June 30th
Harold William WEINBOURG Silver Creek, cause, fractured skull, auto accident

July 21st
Robert HABICK Cause, Struck by lightening

July 26th
Dorothy NALEPA, Dunkirk, accidentally burned to death from playing with

July 27th
Tom FOTI Brocton, cause, Auto accident

Aug 2nd
Mrs. Mary WOLLASTON Silver Creek, cause, Fractured skull, broken neck and
broken arm,
Auto accident

Aug 5th
Andrew KAIGER, Dunkirk, cause of death, Cerebral Hemorrhage, run over by PA
Central train at Brocton

August 8th 1925
Hannah WINCHESTER Dunkirk NY, Committed suicide by SHOOTING HERSELF IN THE
BACK OF THE HEAD ? With a revolver
(* in 1920 Dunkirk Hannah is 52 and the wife of Clarence WINCHESTER age 50
She is born PA so were Parents, she has 2 children here, Son HALLIE is 28
Single at home no work and son William is 19 both sons b Missouri)

Aug 15th
June Arlene SEAWRIGHT, Dunkirk, cause, struck by Nickel Plate Passenger
train, neck broken left leg 2 places between knee and ankle

Aug 21st
UNKNOWN MAN Silver Creek, cause, fractured skull, left arm and leg broken,
twice, right leg broken above the knee No cause for injuries

Aug 22nd
Herbert BENJAMIN, Fredonia, Organic Heart Disease

Aug 25th
Frank Thomas PATTON, Fredonia, cause, head crushed when run over by
( in 1920 Pomfret, Thomas PATTON age 62 wife Jane 57 youngest son Frank is

Aug 29th
William CASEY, Dunkirk, cause , fractured skull, struck by auto while riding
a bicycle in the E Main Rd near corner of Cooks Rd and Main

Aug 31st
William WOODY, Forsyth NY cause, fractured skull, run over by a Buffalo and
Erie RR car, also had head crushed and both legs broken

Aug 31st
Enoch HAYES Pomfret Cancer of the liver

Sept 4th
Robert BRION, Dunkirk, cause, drowning, found floating in Lake Erie

Sept. 6th
Vincenzo NAVARRA, Silver Creek, Gunshot wounds, and scalp wounds by unknown

Sept 9th
Marilynn GRAFF Silver Creek, cause, fracture of skull, struck by auto

Sept 20th
Steve KAWELESKI, Arkwright, Organic Heart Disease

Sept 23rd
Louis VOSS, Sheridan and Silver Creek NY, cause, accidentally caught in
mowing machine, had leg caught, cutting artery and bled to death
( in 1920 there are 2 Louis VOSS one is in Pomfret b NY age 32 the other in
Sheridan, age 62 b Deutschland)

Report of
E.B. OSGOOD, County Coroner
Chautauqua Co NY
Feb 9, -Oct 16 1925

Feb 9th 1925
Case of Mary WESELEWSKI found dead in bed, Died from natural causes

April 27, 1925
Case of Adolph PETERS at Sherman, he fell on the track in front of a
switching train, and was cut in 2, Trespasser

June 23rd , 1925
Case of John J. MITCHELL, Found on the shore of Lake Erie, Dead, I located
his friends in Boston MASS.

August 12th, 1925
Called to Westfield in case of Mrs. Ann EGGERT of St. Louis MO who was
killed when the auto she was riding in, was hit by a street car when they
were leaving the home of Dick NEWELL where they stayed all night. The auto
was run by her son In law, G. R. HOWE, who, with his wife, saved themselves
by jumping from the car, The auto had stalled on the track, causing the

Sept 1st, 1925
Called to Westfield in the case o J.H. McINTOSH, of Wesleyville, Erie Co
PA, and H. L. DUNLAVY of Erie PA ministers of the M. E. Church, who was
running along ahead of the B & E Trolley their auto suddenly turned onto the
track in front of the trolley Both were instantly killed, and the auto
smashed We were unable to prove the cause.

September 8th, 1925
Called to Sherman in the case of Oscar WOODFORD, suicide by gunshot

Sept 27th, 1925
Called to the County Poorhouse at Dewittville, Case of Charles CARTER an
employee who died of heart disease.

Oct 16th 1925
Case of Camilla BRAINARD at Brocton, Heart disease

Edward B OSGOOD, Coroner

Chautauqua Co NY
Report of E. B. OSGOOD, Coroner

May 23rd 1927
J.A. SIMPSON, Westfield, drowned while trying to escape from officers, by jumping off his boat, to swim ashore, Bootlegger;
(Smuggling booze from Canada to NY was a common practice in the 1920's.)
<>J. A. Simpson was James Allen Simpson B 1-24-1900  D- 5-23-1927 He married Lillie Main  they had two children Evangeline Mae Simpson B 8-17-1920 who married Allen Bernard Chase and a son James Allen Simpson B 11-28-1921  D- 5-17-2001  He married Mildred Griswold. If you wish you may contact Millie Simpson as she resides in Westfield 326-2523.

James was the son of James Allen Simpson D - 9-14-1942 and Barbara Ann Wick B-5-18-1875 D- 11-9-1960  they also had a son named Harold Labar Simpson B- 11-14-1892 D 10-13-1944 who married 12-1-1917 Linnie Pearl Lehman B-10-10-1895 D-3-1-1988,a daughter Evangeline  B-4-16-1897 D-7-27-1970 who married  12-1-1917 Ralph Detro and another daughter Myrtle  B-11-18-1905  D-10-29-1975 who married 9-22-1922 Simon Frazier Monore

John Simpson was the brother of the James A. Simpson that married Barara Wick.
If i can be of any help please feel free to contact me .Sharon ( Scholton ) Long   
122 Edgewater Ave.  Lewistown Pa. 17044         Phone: 717-247-5257   E-Mail  [email protected]

Sept 21st 1927--
W. J. HUNGERFORD and wife, of Westfield, hit while in their auto , by B&E trolley car; accidental
(* added data East Ripley Cemetery
Wellington J. HUNGERFORD 1867-1927
Wife 1. Elsie R. 1871-1896
son Cass H. 1896-1897
Wife 2 Vira TYLER 1870-1927 )

Feb 23rd 1928
Called to Westfield, in the case of Josephine DOLCE cause of death, heart disease

April 25th 1928
Called to Mayville, case of Maggie SPARLING, died of natural causes;

May 22, 1928
Eugene FURMAN, Brocton, heart disease

August 8th, 1928
Called to Westfield, case of Bessie M. VanDYKE, SUICIDE by lying down on the PA Railroad tracks and letting the train run over her
(* added notes Bessie is buried in Mayville Cemetery, she was 28 VanDyke,
Charles G. 1863-1928
Bessie M. 1900-1928 in the 1920 census she 20 is the wife of Morris L
VanDyke ae 19 and the mother of a 1 yr old son Donald VanDyke )

Sept. 2nd 1928
Called to Westfield, case of Nellie N. MORRIS suicide by hanging;

Nov 7th 1928
Called to Fredonia, case of Samuel O. HEATON who fell dead on the Street; cause, Heart Disease

November 12th, 1928
Called to Mayville in the case of Andrew CARLSON who was hit by an auto driven by G.W. WAGNER of Sheffield PA, from evidence of witnesses I could find no negligence of driver of automobile;



Chautauqua Co NY Coroner
Nov 1 1927- Dec 31st 1927

November 10th 1927
Norman L. BLATT, residence Robinsonsea PA age 21 Suicide by Hanging at Dolf Flats

Nov. 17th 1927
Gust W. WASSMAN, residence 25 Benson St. Jamestown, cause, fracture of skull, struck by Erie Train no 5 at Beechwood while riding on speeder

November 26th, 1927
Unknown Infant, still birth which had been buried in woods with out a burial permit

Nov 27th 1927
Mrs. Jennie HAUGH, residence 51 Fairmont Ave Jamestown, age 72 cause of death, accidental burning, clothing caught on fire from open fireplace

Dec 6th 1927
James RYAN, 105 W 2nd St, age 66 cause, Apoplexy

Dec 17th 1927
James ANZALONE, residence, Brocton, age 12, accidental drowning, in the Chadakoin

Chautauqua CO NY
George E . BLOOD Dr.
Ages not given

Nov 6th
Ermina McMANUS Fredonia, Acute dilation of heart

Nov 6th
Carrie May BEARDSLEY, Fredonia, Acute Indigestion

Nov 11th
Allen Forest DAVIS, Fredonia, premature birth

Nov 14th
Clara BARONE< Silver Creek, fracture of skull, auto accident

Nov 19th
Daniel Edward CHILCOTT, Cause Unknown found in Dunkirk Bay Lake Erie

Nov 22nd
Agnes Jameson, fracture of skull, struck by auto

Nov 24th
Iva A. GREEN, Dunkirk, struck by a bus

Dec 12th 1931
Stanley MEKUS Dunkirk, Suicide by hanging with a rope

Jan 10th
Quincey RANNEY Cassadaga, acute alcoholism

Jan 18th
Henry WOOLEY Hanover Apoplexy

Jan 22nd
Carrie CRISTINA, Fredonia, TB of the lungs

Feb 2nd
Trem ANTOL, Dunkirk, heart disease

Feb 2nd
Charles MILLER, Silver Creek, Heart

Feb 6th
Charles BOUQUIN, Dunkirk, fracture of skull, hit by auto

Feb 7th
Ion McCONNELL Fredonia, Acute dilation of heart

Feb 20th
Adam S. ZALKOWSKI, Dunkirk, suicide, hanging by wire

Feb 27th
Mary FACCO, Dunkirk, struck by auto, fracture of skull

Mar 3rd
William GOGGIN< Dunkirk, fell from top of Nickel plate train

Mar 12th
James SHERMAN, Villenova, suicide, by hanging with rope

Mar 14th
Mary CROWELL, Hamlet, Apoplexy

Mar 13th
Dickie OLROGG, Arkwright death by Convulsions

Mar 17th
Alexander GANCASY Silver Creek, head crushed by the Nickel plate RR train

Mar 19th
Robert ABERSOLD, Dunkirk, Suicide, hanging by a rope

Mar 30th
Robert AGNEW, Dunkirk acute dilation of heart

Apr 5
Lloyd WHITNEY French Creek, Heart

Apr 11th
Philiip Francis HACK, Dunkirk, drowned in Lake Erie

Apr 15th
John Zuralski, Dunkirk Heart

May 23rd
Eria WYATT, Ripley accidentally killed accident, auto and trolley collision

June 5th
Andrew JELONEK, Dunkirk, Heart

June 24th
Attilo SCAGLINO, Dunkirk, burns from steam boiler explosion

July 2nd
John GIZEGORZEWSKI, Silver Creek, accidentally drowned Lake Erie

July 10,
Michael TOOMEY Dunkirk, Heart

July 26th
Joseph POLSIAK, Sheridan, accidentally drowned lake Erie

July 26th
George D. JOHNSON, Lily Dale, cause, Cerebral Hemorrhage

July 31st
Herbert GLOTH, Cassadaga, accidental drowning Cassadaga Lake

Aug 14th
Jack ZANGHI Silver Creek., struck by auto, skull fracture

Aug 20th
Edward CROWELL, Smith's Mills Suicide, shooting self with gun

Aug 24th
Anna Marie SANDFORD, Dunkirk, Accidental drowning Lake Erie

Sept 8th
Albert HAAK or HOAK, or HOAG Hanover, Suicide with a revolver

Sept 8th
Unknown Man Portland, found on shore of Lake Erie

Sept 9th
Frances Murray, Silver Creek, fracture of skull auto accident

Sept 15th
Elizabeth POWELL, Silver Creek, auto accident, triple fracture of skull

Sept 17th
DeForest STRAIGHT, Dunkirk, chest crushed by auto accident

Sept 20th
Patrick CONNELL Dunkirk, Acute Alcoholism

Oct 1st;
Mrs. Paul NEWMAN, Silver Creek, suicide, shooting self with a revolver

Oct. 6th
Eugene HEATH, Lily Dale, Heart

Oct 10th
Francis SEYBOLD, JUNIOR, chest crushed, run over by a truck

Oct 13th
Arthur PADDOCK, Jamestown, Shooting self with rifle, Suicide

Oct 30th
Joseph CUNNINGHAM, Dunkirk, Heart

Oct 30th
Otto F. PAGE, Fredonia, Heart

Chautauqua CO NY
William B. CRANDALL Coroner
Nov 1, 1931 to Nov 1932

Nov 22nd
John Henry CASELMAN, Sherman, asphyxiated by coal gas in his own home
Alice Adelaide CASELMAN his wife, asphyxiated by coal gas in her own home

Dec 21st 1931
Hubert NEWTON, Jamestown, Heart

Feb 26, 1932
Raymond R NICHOLS. Westfield, suffocation, following seizure

Mar 13th 1932
Augusta BOCKMAN Westfield accidental suffocation

April 3rd 1932
Raymond C.WHEELER, Westfield, Suicide by carbon Monoxide gas

Apr 29, 1932
Joe KLASCH Westfield, Heart lesion

May 20th
Bert Bert S. HOPKINS, Dunkirk, Auto Accident, fractured skull

May 21st,
Charles SAFFORD, Mina, suicide by shot gun

May 29th 1932
Hugh W. TRAVIS Westfield, fractured skull, auto accident

May 30th 1932
George Francis ARUMON 181 Summer place Buffalo, Heart disease

Jun 3rd 1932
Jay D. HULL Cassadaga, Apoplexy

Jun 8th 1932
Charles GARRISON, auto accident, Ripley, internal injuries

Jun 12 1932
George Alfred KIRKLAND Dewittville, natural causes

Jun 21st 1932
William WHEELOCK, Westfield, Apoplexy

Jun 25th 1932
Leo Lee LUCORE Ripley, Fractured skull, crushed chest, auto Accident

July 18th 1932
Frederick A MOREHOUSE Ripley Heart disease

July 29th 1932
Fred KLOPFER Mayville Chronic Myocardial insufficiency

Aug 14th
Russell K. SITZINGER, Surrey Rd Philadelphia PA drowned when canoe capsized, Chautauqua Lake

Aug 27th 1932
Warren Long MORSE< Jamestown, drowned in Chautauqua Lake

Aug 28th 1932 Adelaide PALMER Westfield, heart

Sept 7th
Herbert BRIGGS N. Harmony, accidentally struck by auto

Oct 1st
Vesta Marie MACKEY, Kennedy, accidentally struck by Auto

Oct 2, 1932
Elizabeth CLAREY Jamestown, heart

Oct 5th 1932
Jean Downs MCINTYRE Welland Ontario, drowned when freight boat sank in Lake Erie

David LINCOLN, Coroner

Nov 3rd 1931
Albin ANDERSON, age 19 1106 Lakeview Ave Jst, Auto Accident

Nov 17th 1931
Lucy THOMPSON, age 84 Busti natural causes

Nov 30th 1931
Mrs. Wilhelmina BIRMLEY, 79 of Cherry Creek natural causes

Nov 30th, 1931 Walter Jennings TAYLOR age 46 Clymer, exposure

Dec 1, 1931
Albert KOTTTELLIE Age 62 No 42 Allen Square, Jamestown, Natural causes;

Dec 3, 1931
Johannes SWANSON, age 86 34 Prather Ave Jamestown, natural causes;

Dec 8th 1931
Andrew Gustaf NORMAN, age 71 Barrows St Jst, natural causes

Dec 10th 1931
Mrs. Lora THAYER GATHERCOLE age 80 301 Lakeview Ave Jst, Natural causes;

Dec 19th , 1931
John PARRISH, age 62 Watts Flats, 2nd degree burns

Dec 27th, 1931 Frank ORTOLANO, age 74 26 Water St, Jst, natural causes

Dec 28th 1931, Scott PENFIELD age 67 Jamestown, suicide

Jan 1, 1932- March 31, 1932

David LINCOLN of Jamestown Coroner

Jan 1, 1932
Carl David BROSTRUM, age 31 Willard St Ext. auto accident,

Jan 6th
Mrs. Marie WHITMAN, age 17 North Harmony gun shot, self inflicted

Jan 7th
John Gust STONEBERG, age 69 39 Bigelow Ave Jst, suicide by hanging

Jan 13th
Esther Marie SWANSON, age 27 132 Weeks Ave Jst, suicide by fire-arms

Jan 14th
Louis M. WAITE, age 85 824 N Main St Jst, jumped from window, Suicide

Jan 19th
Charles W. STEARNS, 79 215 Washington St Jst, natural causes

Jan 23rd
William E. PHILLIPS ae 69 Busti, natural causes

Jan 27th
Benedict Leo WITECK, 24, Bonita on Chautauqua Lake, Struck on J W &N and N W RR tracks while in his auto

Jan 30th
Arlene NOBBS, age 25 of 344 E. 4th St Jst, Suicide, Head severed by Erie RR

Jan 31s
Byron DARLING, age 25 101 Wescott Ave Jst, accidental natural gas poisoning

Feb 1st
Anders Gustaf OBERG, 84, 108 Bowen St Jst, Natural causes

Feb 2nd
Mrs. Anna D. COFFIN, ae 73, 311 E 6th St, clothes caught fire from open
fire, burns

Feb 7th
Erhart THURNQUIST 53 30 Barrows St Jst, Gun Shot wound, , suicide

Feb 12th
Joseph HARDY age about 50 Falconer, found dead on RR tracks, natural

Feb 15th
Mrs. Ida GARDNER, age 82, Stow, NY Suicide by hanging,

Mar 2nd
George ANDERSON, age 47 lived Buffalo, found in Busti, dead with gun shot,

Mar 5th
Elliott Thomas WORDEN, 75 of 45 Thayer St Jst, natural causes

Mar 5th
Charles LINDERHOLM, 61 Jst, auto Accident

Mar 5th
James NORTON, age 26 Hotel Samuels, Jst, suicide by hanging

Mar 7th
Lehman PETERSON, 35 Cole Ave Jst, natural causes

Mar 21st
Earl W. KELLEY, age 51 Foote Ave Jamestown, suicide by hanging

Mar 25th
Carol NORD, 33 of Euclid St natural causes

Mar 30th
James HODGES age 43 Watts Flats, burns,

Mar 30th
Phebe Rood TICKNER, 90 of 322 Newland Ave Natural causes

APRIIL 1 - JUNE 30 1932

April.2nd 1932
Harry CULVER, age 56 105 Summit Lakewood, Suicide, gun Shot

Apr 3rd
John VISTANZA age 11 Towerville, Gun Shot, accidental

Apr 3rd,
Fred CLARY Clyde Ave Jst Natural causes

Apr 6th
Charles PIERCE ae 5 weeks, Onoville died Jst Hospital

Apr 6th
Frank PETERSON, 59, 273 Hallock St Strangulation by hanging, suicide;

Apr 14th
Mrs. Kate BENNETT age 56 16 Park St Jst, natural causes;

Apr 14th
Enard HANSON, 22 of Frewsburg, Natural causes

Apr 17th
Paul FOSBURG, age 28 Crashed with his Airplane near Sinclairville,

Apr 18th
Milard Oscar CARLSON, 27 108 Crossman St suicide by firearms

Apr 19th
Peter JOHNSON, 65, Bemus Pt, Carbon Monoxide poisoning, accidental

Apr 22nd
Frank Courter SIMPSON, 23, Randolph, died in Jamestown, Gun Shot, accidental

Apr 26th
John J. PRZYRYAG, age 63 91 Fairmont , Natural Causes

Apr 29th
Lawrence J. KLINGSTEDT 74, 149 Allen St Jst, Natural Causes

May 8th
Horace NEWGREN 62, 609 Harding Ave Jst natural causes

May 11th
Mrs. Ella O. AYLING, Light House Pt Struck by auto on Highway

May 13th
Anna M CARLSON 57 20 Morton St Jst, Natural Causes

May 15th
Augusta HERMANSON, 82 Ellery Center Natural causes

May 16th
Mrs Ella RICKER age 76 found dead in her cottage, natural

May 18th
Carlton COX, age 12 Barrows St, accidental drowning

May 20th
Cornelia Minerva WISE, 74 902 Lafayette St Jst Natural causes

June 4th
Hiram C. KLINGENSMITH 62 of 58 Waverly St Celoron, fell from boat while fishing, drowned, accidental

June 10th
George A. McGINNIS 50, Mayville, Gun Shot, Suicide

June 12 th
Bert E. WHATFORD, ae 57 653 E 5th St Jst,

June 14th
Willis Hiram MASON, 76 Jst, dropped dead on St, natural causes

June 14th
Axel Z. JOHNSON, 46 29 Spruce St Jst, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, accidental

June 17th
Carl Genus PARSONS, 45 , 41 Anderson St, Jst, fractured skull, falling from sidewalk to pavement

JUNE 21st
Henry G RUSH 78 of Bemus Point, fell from boat, Accidental Drowning
JUNE 21st
Clarence EMBELTON, age 34 Bemus Pt, Accidental Drowning, , jumped in lake to save the life of his employer, Mr RUSH

June 26th
Jean Patricia TYLER, age 6 Fluvanna, struck by Auto, fractured skull

June 28th
James P. DRAKE, 18, of W. 8th St, accidental drowning in Stillwater Creek

June 30th
Frank B. STEDMAN, 62 f Stedman, natural causes

David Lincoln, Coroner
July - Dec 1932

Frank W. JOHNSON, 64 Cherry Creek, struck by Auto on Highway

July 3rd
Eugene WELSH, 19, Bradford PA, thrown from auto, striking tree, fractured skull

July 7th
John A. KILEY 43, 203 Lafayette Jst, Gun shot wound, suicide

July 13th
Herbert J. JONES infant, Poland, natural causes

July 16th
Adolph DAVIDSON, 67, 136 Prospect St Jst, dropped dead at home, natural causes

July 23rd
Louis DeMEYER age 21, 192 PA Ave, Jst, drowned in Chautauqua Lake, accidental

July 27th
William HILL, ae 46 died in Police ambulance while being taken to hospital, alcoholism

July 31st
Raymond H. COOPER, ae 25, Bear Lake PA Auto accident, killed when auto he was a passenger in, left highway.

Aug 4th
Oscar F. ANDERSON, 84 269 Prospect Jst, found dead in bed, natural causes

Aug 13th
Charles EGGETT 17 of Kane PA, resided at Victoria on Chautauqua lake, dove in shallow water, fractured cervical vertebrae

Aug 16th
James LAUGHLIN, ae 7, 1 Metallic Ave Jst, struck by Erie passenger train, ,

Aug 20th
Bernardino MARERI 42, dropped dead in national furniture factory , body posted? Chronic Myocarditis natural cause

Aug 22nd
Anna M. WILCOX, 77 Celoron, natural causes

Aug 26th
June HALL age 6 of Kennedy, struck by auto, fractured skull

Aug 31st
Olof DAHLGREN 67 of 76 Shady Lane, Jst, natural causes

Sept 1st
Infant female found in rubbish barrel, near rear of 23 Front St Jst.
Sept 7th
Timothy J. CANTY 64 of Jefferson St Jst, dead in bed, natural causes

Sept 11th
Adolph Emanuel HALLIN, 44 of 58 Allen St, found drowned in Chautauqua Lake, accidental

Sept 16th
Hugo BRAMSTONG, 40, of 316 Haywood Ave Jst, strangulation by hanging, suicide

Sept 16th
Augusta Louise SUNDELL 83 of 3 Lakeview Ave, struck by Street car at Shermans Bay

Sept 17th
Mrs. Flora GIBSON, 70 Jst, Natural causes

Sept 24th
James SAUTER 62 of Erie PA, struck by auto near Kennedy, fractured skull

Oct 23rd
Alson M. COVELL, 70 of Kennedy, Struck by auto, Autopsy held resulting that death was not directly due to accident

Oct 24th
Melvin A. LINDBECK, 47 of Howard Ave Jst, strangulation by hanging, suicide

Oct 30th
Mattie Belle COOK, 32 844 E 2nd St, run down by street car

Nov 3rd
George SLYE 65 of French Creek, natural causes

Nov 6th
Donald F BERG age 20, 1081 E 2nd St Jst while trying to board a passing freight train, was thrown under the wheels and killed

Cherry Creek
Leon RUTTENBUR Coroner
Nov 1 1935 to Nov 1 1936

Nov 12, 1935
S. VANDERWOOF, Conewango Valley NY found dead in bed Chronic Mycarditis

Nov 26th 1935
Blaine HULINGS, 102 Baxter St Lakewood NY Auto accident, fractured skull and
internal injuries

Nov 28th 1935
Marcus D. DEXTER Ellery NY found dead in bed, chronic Mycarditis

Nov 29th 1935
Avery HOWARD Cherry Creek, Dead in bed, cerebral Hemorrhage


June 19th 1936
Carl WATERS, Hamlet NY pneumonia

July 1st 1936
Charles FOSTER, Frewsburg dropped dead while driving auto, Apoplexy

Aug 7th 1936
William WHITTON Jamestown, chronic endocarditis

David LINCOLN June 1936-july

June 1st 1936
Elizabeth Marie KOFOD age 3 104 William St Jst hit by auto while riding

Theodore JONES 32 56 w 10th st Jst, Methyl Alcohol poisoning
Emmons CRANDALL 53 West Valley NY Methyl Alcohol poisoning
Myles VanSYLE 32 Ellery Methyl Alcohol poisoning
Gust PIERSON 28 Jst Methyl Alcohol poisoning

June 4th
Carl Oscar TRACY 37 Jst Natural causes

June 5th
Melvin Ivan McGRATH 10 Busti struck by auto

June 9th
Joseph GRIMSHAW 53 Allen St Jst Natural causes

June 18th
Arthur BULOW 32 Ellicott, Acute Alcoholism

June 20th
Mont HACKETT 60 North Harmony, Hit and run driver

June 21st
Nina E. CHAPMAN, 18 E 2nd st Jst Carbolic Acid poisoning, SUICIDE

June 23rd
Erwin COWAN 73 found dead in Thayer Cemetery, Natural causes
( His family is also buried there)

June 29th
Mrs Laura DOOLITTLE 41 Clymer Auto Accident

Andrew CARLSON 82, Jst natural Causes

July 7th
Vern DONELSON age 16 Harmony, Auto collided with tree

July 9th
John Alfred STRAND 53 Busti, Fell from a load of hay

July 10th
Mrs Laura SHANNON, 42 106 Lister Ave Jst, Auto Accident

July 11th
George BRIGHT, 77 13 st Jst Natural causes

July 13th
Charles S. BUTLER 37 74 Lister St Jst, Natural causes

July 15th
Frank DeMAIO, 15, Brown St Jst, Accidental drowning

July 20th
Hayward GROAT 62 2 N Main St Jst, acute alcoholism

July 21st
Claude HUNTER , 62 N Main Jst, natural causes found dead

July 28th
Mrs Carrie NORLANDER 82 Willard St, fractured Femur in fall

July 29th
Paul Everett NELSON, age 12, 207 W 8th St accidental gun shot

CORONER REPORT  1936 August thru November
Mostly Jamestown


Aug 1st 1936
Fabian NELSON, 85 611 Jefferson St natural causes

Aug 3rd
Earl W. HENNING, 67 516 E 6th St Jst, Auto Accident

Aug 17th
Walter Scott WHITE 88, 878 N Main St Jst, natural causes

Aug 18th
Mrs. Selma PETERS 69 of Cherry Creek, struck by train on crossing

Aug 18th
Henrietta WARNSHOUSE age 3 Clymer, Struck by auto

Aug 29th
Eddie J. H. PETERSON, 50 of 11 Dearborn St Jst, sudden death, natural causes

Sept 1st
Albin JOHNSON, age 54 Gerry NY SUICIDE by hanging

Sept 4th
Goran SEEKINS, 4, Ellery Center, auto accident

Sept 8th
Ruth Charlotte ECKNER age 8months 314 Jefferson Jst, suffocation,

Sept 9th
Herbert S. WILLIAMSON, 56, 809 Lafayette St Jst, severing of artery by
broken glass, fell into window

Sept 12th
Charles PETERSON, age 81 Kennedy natural causes

Sept 14th
Benjamin K. SOLLIDAY, age 92 872 Main St Jst, Natural causes

Sept 16th
Guy A. FAULKNER, 26 Mayville Carbon Monoxide SUICIDE

Sept 20th
Josiah MOHN, 40 Cassadaga Gunshot wound in abdomen while hunting, accidental

Sept 22nd
Mrs Anna LAKE, 66 121 hall Ave Jst, Fractured skull from a fall in her home

Oct 2nd
Loretta Nellie ( RICE) CLYDE 26 110 West 3rd St incomplete abortion

Oct 5th
Mrs. Margaret THOMPSON, 63 Jamestown Natural causes

Oct 16th
Jesse R. COWDEN, 78 87 Barret Ave Jst struck by auto

Oct 19th
Albro HOOPER, 51 Kiantone, Natural causes

Oct 22nd
Fred S. PILSBURY, 72 Natural causes

Oct 22nd
Alfred A. ANDEROSN, 60 3 Lakeview Ave Jst, gunshot in chest, accidental

Oct 22nd
Ray C. HOLMES, 50 Frewsburg Accidental Gunshot

Oct 28th
Henry KELLAR 44 found dead in swamp woods , of Warren PA

Oct 30th
Donald HERMAN, 40 of Lakewood, SUICIDE, by hanging to bed in Jamestown Gen

Nov 3rd
Elizabeth MANN, 73 Sinclairville, natural causes

Nov 5th
Marcella C. LAUGHLIN, Jst, Natural causes

Nov 8th
Thomas McMAHON, 60 Celoron, Natural causes

Nov 8th
Mrs. Mary LORENZ HOARD 81 of 105 W 5th st Jst Natural causes

Nov 13th
E. Clement SWART age 27 Mills St Lakewood, Auto Accident

Nov 15th
Joseph RUSSO, 20 S main St Jst, Auto accident

Nov 18th
John Percy CLAWSON, 52 Jamestown, found dead, no doubt due to excessive
use of Alcohol


George E. BLOOD, Coroner
Does not give ages or residence;

Nov 27th
Martha A. CARDOT, Laona, Apoplexy

Dec 10th
Alton ROSING, Dunkirk, enlarged Thymus

Dec 13th
William KESLER, Silver Creek Apoplexy

Dec 18th
Isabel DEW, Dunkirk, Carbon Monoxide Gas;

Dec 28th
Fred LINCOLN, Dunkirk struck by passenger train

Jan 9th
Elizabeth THIES Fredonia, shock from auto accident

Jan 11th
Badey BIZIAK, Dunkirk Apoplexy

Jan 16th
Theodore ANTOL, Dunkirk Septecemia

Feb 25th
Edward SOBOZAK, Dunkirk, SUICIDE by hanging

Feb 27th
Edward ROMAN, Dunkirk, Apoplexy

Mar 5th
Jesse CARPENTER, Silver Creek Suicide, by shooting

Mar 18th
Andrew KORZENIWSKI Dunkirk, Apoplexy

Apr 4th
James Lester CARLSON, Pomfret, accidental suffocation

Apr 6th
George NOOTE Dunkirk acute dilation of heart

Apr 7th
Katherine WESTPHAL, Pomfret, accidental suffocation

Apr 8th
Minerva JONES Gerry arterio Sclerosis

Apr 13th
Stillborn baby Dunkirk

Apr 29th
Unknown man Head cut off by train, Brocton Ny

May 9th
Etta SCHILZ, Silver Creek auto accident

May 15
Unknown baby stillborn

May 17th
Blanche SHORTMAN, Westfield, Apoplexy

May 18th
Delos JAMES Stockton, Arterio Sclerosis

May 29th ALL three HANGED
Richard HIGGINS, Dunkirk, Strangulation - HANGED
Patricia HIGGINS DUNKIRD Strangulation- HANGED
Elizabeth P HIGGINS, DUNKIRK, SUICIDE by Hanging
What is the story here? In 1920 there is one Elizabeth HIGGINS wife of John
in Dunkirk and these may be her children and she is the only one listed as a

June 5th
Frank SALPIETRO, Dunkirk, Apoplexy

Jun 14th
Richard FOOTE, Dunkirk, Skull fracture, Auto Accident

Jun 20th
Ed LATOS Dunkirk, Dunkirk fracture of skull struck by Nickel plate train

June 22nd
Frank CARMEN, Silver Creek fell from cliff fractured skull

Jun 23rd
Lucy CHAMPLIN, Fredonia, embolism

July 26th
Stanley COLBERG, Silver Creek Death by SUICIDE< shooting with a 22

July 29th
Howard McARTHUR, Silver Creek struck by a cab

Aug 3rd
Albert BIERCE, Fredonia Apoplexy

Aug 14th
William GRIESE, Fredonia, Apoplexy

Aug 22nd
Katherine COBB, Westfield, Fracture of skull auto accident

George B. SANFORD, Irving, Apoplexy

Sept 9th
Leslie TENANT Fredonia, SUICIDE by hanging

Sept 22nd
Henry WOROSZ, Dunkirk, Fracture of skull, struck by auto

Oct 4th
Peter Paul BINKO, Irving, Fractured skull auto accident

Oct 11th
Frank PETERS, Silver Creek Apoplexy

Oct 22nd
Harry LINCOLN, Sheridan, Shock from seeing auto accident

Oct 28th
Clara Jane WRIGHT, Portland Heart disease

Oct 31st
Charles A HALL Stockton, Apoplexy

Nov 14th
Howard EBLING, Dunkirk Head crushed struck by NYC train

Nov 16th
Frederick GEIGER Fredonia, Coronary Embolism

Nov 1935 to Nov 1936

NOV 9TH 1935
Claude H. RICE of Northeast PA, accidental, broken neck and frontal bone of
head fractured, car crash

Nov 22nd
Emery S. CLARK, Jamestown, accidental, fell from NY Central RR arch bridge
and was drowned

Nov 28th
Chester KOCZWARA, Dunkirk, accidental, shot while preparing to go hunting,
12 ga shotgun

Nov 30th
Mary URBANCK, Corry PA accidental, car crash, internal injuries and skull

Dec 12th
Paul HENCARIK, Erie PA accidental car crash, skull fracture and chest

Dec 19th
Chauncey Lee NUTT Brocton NY, probably accident, shot while cleaning gun

Jan 11th
Edward B. HEWES, Chautauqua, SUICIDE, shot with 10 ga gun in his home

Jan 22nd
Earl INGERSON, Westfield, heart disease

Jan 24th
Fannie McLANATHAN Westfield, natural

Jan 30th
Dora CORNELL, Westfield, Heart disease

Feb 23rd
Walter SHERMAN, Ripley Probably an accidental death, was intoxicated and
fell asleep with motor running, Carbon monoxide gas

Mar 5th
Lewis WRIGHT, Portland, SUICIDE, cut throat with razor

Mar 25th
Angelo BOVA, Westfield, accidental drowned fell into lake while collection

Apr 4th
Betty Jean LAY Jamestown, Drowned Findley lake while playing on the ice

May 31st
Edwin Rudolph CARLLSON, Chautauqua, Accidental struck by stump while
dynamiting skull fracture

June 8th
Wiliam Henry FINK, Westfield, Cerebral Hemorrhage
Jun 20th
Stella KNEUSS, Chautauqua, Cerebral Hemorrhage

July 3rd
Robert JACKSON, Jamestown, Heart disease

July 5th
Mary SEELEYS Westfield, Cerebral Hemorrhage

Aug 8th
Charles ALLEN, Brocton, Heart disease

Aug 8th
David Ernest LIBERATOR, Brocton NY, drowned in pond while playing on
fathers farm

Aug 9th
Murray B. CONANT, Corry PA accidental, motorcycle , skull fracture when his
head hit a tree

Aug 14th
Wilbur ENGWALL, Jamestown, struck by auto while walking in rd

Aug 20th
Richard FITTS, Bemus Point, Accidental, car struck a tree, skull fracture

Aug 20th
Stephen MANHART, Washington CO PA, Accidental, drowned in Lke Erie while

Aug 28th
Edson Wallace PAYNE, Fredonia, Accidental head on car crash internal

Aug 31st
Philip B. CHAMBERS, New Castle PA, Accidental drowned Lake Chautauqua when
he fell from a sailboat

Sept 2nd
Joseph Taylor, Accidental , drowned in Lake Erie Fell from boat

Sept 4th
Gilbert STRUNK< Falconer, accidental struck by train at S Work St crossing

Sept 8th
Grant Stewart DAVIS, N Harmony, SUICIDE, Monoxide gas

Sept 9th
Fred MANN, N Harmony, Accidental skull fracture whe n truck collided with
his car

Sept 28th
George NORTHROP, Mayville Heart disease

Oct 2nd
Arthur W. BROWN, Randolph NY, accidental, skull fracture when hit by street

They died of WHAT?

Walgreens Q and A

Q: I'm doing genealogy research. My grandfather's death certificate says he
died of apoplexy. Can you tell me what this is? He died in 1902 at age 69.

A. Apoplexy is an outdated term for a hemorrhagic stroke - bleeding into
the brain from a blood vessel that leaks or ruptures. Less commonly, doctors
in the past used the term apoplexy to indicate massive bleeding into other
organs. Unless some other organ is specified, it's reasonable to conclude
that your great-grandfather died of a stroke. A stroke at age 69 is a clue
that he may have had high blood pressure as well.

SOURCE - Dee Davidson, 2002.