1811 Pomfret Assessment
1811 Assessment Rolls
for Pomfret, Chautauqua County, NY

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1811 Inhabitants of Pomfret taken from the assessment rolls. The original includes numbers of acres, value, personal property, and aggregate value. Only the name, town, range, and lot are given here.

Assessment Roll to the Real and personal Estate in the town of Pomfret and The County of Chautauqua Made the Seventh Day of June in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight hundred and Eleven by Robert W. Seaver and Jonathan L. Bartoo and Joseph Brownell. Assessors of Said town.

Allen, Daniel/5/12/west part lot 23
Akeley, Joseph/4/11/north part lot 52
Atwater, Thomas/5/12/lot 30
Adams, Justus/6/12/north part lot 21
Alden, John/6/11/east part lot 24/4/11/north part lot 12
Allen, Worthy/6/11 north east part lot 60
Arnold, Joseph/4/11/middle part lot 62
Austin, Arva O./4/11/lot 63
Arnold, John/6/11/east part lot 27;5/10/east part lot 54
Alden, John Jr./5/10/east part lot 54
Austin, Seamour (Seymour?)/4/11/lot 56
Anderson, George/4/11/north part lot 61; south part lot 62
Atkins, Amos/non-res./3/11/north part lot 55
Atkins, Orrin/non-res./3/11/south part lot 46;north part lot 45
Aker, John/1/11/middle part lot 46
Atkins, Thomas J./3/11/south part lot 60
Akin,Joseph/1/11/lot 29;lot 22;east part lot 30
Akin, James/1/11/west part lot 14
Auther (?),John/2/11/east part lot 4
Andress, Josiah/non-res./4/11/north part lot 17
Abell, Henery/non-res./1/10/lot 33
Bird, Nathaniel/2/11/lot 57;lot 58
Broad, Hezekiah/4/il/north part lot 44
Bristol, Phillip part (?) of a grist mill /5/11(?)/south part lot 58
Beebee, Abel/5/12/south part lot 1
Bannard (Barnard?),Thaddeus/6/11/east part lot 31
Blanchard, Nathan/5/10/south west part lot 48
Burnell, Joel/4/11/east part lot 46
Brown,John/2/10/middle part lot 57
Bates, Charles/1/11/east part lot 42
Bartoo, Jonathan L./6/12/lot 14
Buck, Joseph/6/12/--
Butlar (Butler?),James/5/12/middle part lot 7
Bird, John/5/12/east part lot 8;5/11/north west part lot 64
Burnum (Burnham?),Eliphat/5/12/north part lot 6
Brown, Ebenezer M./non-res./5/12/south part lot 14
Bull, Thomas/5/12/south part lot 15;south part lot 7
Bull, Hezekiah/5/12/north east part lot 15
Brownell, Joseph/6/10/lot 11
Beckwith, Joseph/6/10/north part lot 25
Billings, John/6/11/west part lot 40
Balden, Jeremiah/6/12/east part lot 9; west part lot 2
Barber, Daniel/6/10/south part lot 59
Barnum, Luis/6/10/north west part lot 48 (49?)
Burge,John/6/12/north east part lot 3;6/11/east part lot 40
Brigham, John jun./6/12/middle part lot 23
Brigham, John/6/12/south part lot 23
Brigham, Walter/6/12/middle part lot 23
Brigham, Samuel/non-res./6/12/lot 19
Bowen, Nathaiel/5/10/north part lot 22
Barker, Hezekiah/6/12/middle part lot 14
Burnhan (Burnham?),Augustus/5/11/west part lot 56
Barker, Leveret/6/12/lot 14
Balden (?), Daniel/6/11/south part lot 58
Burrett, Charles/4/11/south part lot 36
Boss (Bass?),Peter/6/11/north part lot 3
Barker, Berzilla/6/12/east part lot 14
Barns, Benjamin/5/12/north east part lot 40
Baldin (Baldwin?),Isaac/6/11/north part lot 58
Baarns, Isaac/5/11/south east part lot 40
Barett, Benjamin/5/12/west part lot 48;west part lot 49;5/11/west part lot 60
Barns, Benjamin jun./6/12/lot 14;north part lot 15;south part lot 16
Bery (Berry?), Samuel/6/12/south part lot 15 with half a grist mill
Barker, William/6/12/west part lot 14
Ball, Jonas/6/10/north part lot 68
Battles (?), John/6/11/north part lot 29
Battles (?), John jun./6/11/east part lot 29
Barrues (Barns? Barrows?),Benjamin/6/11/middle part lot 6
Bennet, James/6/10/middle part lot 59
Bovill, John/6/11/west part lot 26
Bush, Stephen/6/11/east part lot 35
Bates, Andrue/6/11/middle part lot 53.
Brigham, Winslow (?) & Haven/6/11/east part lot 62
Bennet, Joseph J./6/11/south part lot 59
Bellows, John S./6/12/lot 14
Cole, Seth Estate Deceast/6/12/lot 28
Cushin[g], Zatu/6/12/lot 8;5/12/north part lot 16;lot 62
Coley (Cooley?), David/non-res./5/12/south part lot 16; south part lot 6; north part lot 5; north part lot 13; west part lot 15; lot 18
Coxson, Samuel/5/12/middle part lot 22
Coxson, John/non-res./5/12/east part lot 22
Caple (Kapple?), Thomas/6/12/lot 14; 5/12/middle part lot 32; south part lot 33
Chadwick, Soloman/6/12/east part lot 24
Chafe (Chafee?),Mchail/6/10/south part lot 68
Clothier, Artemus/6/10/north part lot 73
Coley (Cooley?), Abner/6/10/lot 61
Crouch, David/non-res./5/11/east part lot 56
Clake, John/6/11/west part lot 34
Camenel,[Campbell] Orange/non-res./6/11/west part lot 50
Cass, Nathan/6/11/middle part lot 3
Cass,John/6/11/south west part lot 3
Cass, John jun./non-res./6/11/south east part lot 3
Clough, Harris/5/11/north part lot 32
Case, Labon/1/11/lot 36
Covel, Benjamin/1/11/lot 2
Church,Othello/5/12/north part lot 1
Culberson, James/2/10/middle part lot 58
Cole, Barnabus jun./4/11/north part lot 36
Cole, Zenos/4/11/middle part lot 36
Cutler, Isaac/4/11/lot 42
Cole, Banabas (Barnabas?)/4/11/west part lot 42
Church,John/non-res./5/12/south part lot 9
Clelon [Cleland/Cleveland?], Moses/4/11/south part lot 64
Clevland (Cleveland) ,Lemand/4/11/lot 10
Cole, Seth/4/11/south part lot 42;3/11/south part lot 64
Clelon [Cleland/Cleveland?], John/4/11/
Cory, Zadock/6/11/west part lot 25
Cone, Luke/6/11/east part lot 54
Cassetey, Matew/6/11/east part lot 63
Cotton, Alphus/6/10/west part lot 50
Cole, Daniel Ss./6/12/lot 36
Cannady,Thomas R & Works In Company/2/11/west part lot 12; east part lot 12; lot 19; lot 4; lot 11; 2/10/lot 60; lot 61; lot 53; lot 52
Cannady, Thomas R./2/10/lot 16; north part lot 29;lot 24; lot 32; lot 31; north part lot 22; lot 23; lot 15; lot 30
Douglass, Daniel/6/10/north part lot 2
Dunam,Lemuel/6/10/south east part lot 41;south west part lot 42 (62?)
Dunton, Ebenezer/non-res./6/10/north east part lot 50
Divine, William/4/11/west part lot 29
Divine, Joseph/4/11/lot 34
Dulittle (Doolittle?),Lyman/4/11/south east part lot 52
Duran, Asa/non-res./4/11/west part lot 46
Davis, Samuel/5/12/north part lot 17
Dexter, Jesse/3/11/north part lot 60
Dealand,William/2/11/south part lot 49
Dyer,Russel/1/11/east part lot 47
Douglass, Richard/6/12/south part lot 3
Eastwood,Martin/6/12/south part lot 21
Eagle, George/4/11/north part lot 38
Eaton, Nathan/5/11/east part lot 64
Eveden, Samuel/5/12/middle part lot 56
Ely, Heman/6/12/north part lot 29;north part lot 24
Fisk, Hesekiah/6/10/middle part lot 55
Fuller, Thomas/6/10/east part lot 26
Ferris (?), Abraham/6/11/south east part lot 60
[Daniel: crossed out]
Farnum, Daniel/6/10/south west part lot 51
Fisher, Joel/5/12/west part lot 1; 5/11/north part lot 57
[Furniss: crossed out]
Furness, Samuel/5/12/lot 63
Finch, John/2/11/east part lot 65
Fox, Simeon/5/12/middle part lot 47
Fox, Vaniah/5/12/west part lot 47
French, Asa/5/12/lot 24
Frew and Russel In Company/1/10/lot 61;north part lot 53
Fenton, George W./1/10/lot 52
Frank, Michel/1/11/lot 63
Frank, Stepen (?)/1/11/lot 60
Frank, Lovland/1/11/south part lot 61;lot 62
Frank, Henery/1/11/north part lot 61
Frank, Peter/1/11/north part lot 61
Gold,David/6/12/east part lot 2
Golden, Luther/6/12/middle part lot 24
Golden, Timothy/6/12/south part lot 29; west part lot 24
Gayland, Amon/6/12/lot 18
Goldsmith, Ron/5/12/east part lot 56
Giels, Joel/6/11/middle part lot 40
Grigs, Isaac/5/11/west part lot 55
Gold, Daniel G./6/12/lot 1
Gold, William/6/11/lot 66
Gilson, Gideion/2/10/lot 51
Gates, Henery/5/12/south part lot 17
Gilmore, James/3/11/middle part lot 56
Gilmore, William/3/11/south part lot 56
Gardner, David/6/11/middle part lot 26
Griswoold, Jerard/6/11/middle part lot 36
Griswoold, William/6/11/west part lot 35
Gregg, John N./6/11/middle part lot 53
Groves, Ludum/6/11/west part lot 22
Geer, Samuel/5/12/west part lot 33; north west part lot 32; east part lot 41
Hadeall, Joseph Village Lot/6/10/lot 45
Hall, Ephram Village Lots/6/10/lot 48
Holdridg, Nathaiel/4/11/south part lot 45
Hayden, Chester/non-res./6/10/north part lot 9
Hadley, Stephen/2/10/east part lot 59
Howard, John E./6/10/lot 74
Henman, Justus/6/12/west part lot 19
Holdbrook, Daniel/6/10/lot 60
Holmes, Orsamus/6/11/west part lot 60
Hill, William/non-res./6/10/north part lot 7
Hayl, James/6/12/lot 14
Hammilton, Tilly/6/11/east part lot 62
Hart, Ozias/6/11/east part lot 44
Harrington, Joel/5/12/west part lot 8
Holmes, Abner/6/11/north west part lot 60; north east part lot 35
Hins (Hines?), William/5/12/north part lot 39; west part lot 56
Ingrahm, Amos Village Lots/6/10/lot 43
Johnson, Uriah L./5/11/north part lot 29
Jones, William/6/10/west part lot 33
Jones, Stephen/3/11/west part lot 47; middle part lot 55;lot 48
Johnson, David/6/11/south west part lot 67
Johnson, Samuel/6/10/north part lot 51
Juett (Jewett?), James/6/10/west part lot 55
Jones, Samuel/1/11/west part lot 13; lot 21
Kelley, Richard/non-res./5/12/east part lot 50; west part lot 42
Kent, John/5/10/lot 2; south part lot 3
Knight, Jobe/6/10/east part lot 63
Kinyon, Benjamin Village Lots/6/10/lot 61;lot 63; lot 62
Knap, James/6/10/middle part lot 18
Lovejoy, Isaac A./6/12/lot 24
Lee, Benjamin/2/11/lot 60
Leech, Ezikel/5/12/lot 24
Langden, Rufus/5/12/south part lot 4
Lain, Ezikel/6/10/lot 47 Village Lot
Luis (Lewis?), Samuel/6/10/west part lot 53
Luis (Lewis?), Isral/5/12/middle part lot 13
Lee, Joel/6/11/west part lot 52
Lull, Joseph/6/10/west part lot 34
Lull, Walter/6/10/south west part lot 42
Luis (Lewis?), Fradrick/5/12/middle part lot 14
Luis (Lewis?), John/5/12/north part lot 14
Lovejoye, Abijah/5/12/east part lot 23; lot 55
Loommis, Isrel/6/12/west part lot 27; north part lot 32
[Laysel, Nathan:crossed out marked "mistake"]
Laysel, Nathan/1/11/lot 37
Mack, John Village Lots/6/10/lot 1;lot 2;lot 4;lot 6 (?); lot 11;lot 19 (9?)
Maybel,Sylvenus Village Lots/6/10/lot 3; lot 5; lot 7; lot 42
More, Jehial/6/11/south part lot 4
Morgan, Henery/1/11/north part lot 46
Nun, Marseny/non-res./6/11/lot 7
Mackintire, Alpeus/6/10/north part lot 52
Mather, Charls/5/10/north part lot 4
Moris /non-res./5/10/south part lot 4
McManus, William/6/10/east part lot 48
Marsh, Davidl non-res./5/12/south part lot 24
March, Samuel/6/12/south part lot 27
Maclune, Hemam/6/11/east part lot 5
Merit, Thomas/6/10/north east part lot 42
Morgan, James/5/12/north part lot 31 (?)
Mors[e?], Amos/5/12/middle part lot 6
Mcgriger[McGregor?],Edward/5/11/west part lot 62
Moony, James/5/12/west part lot 22
Mon [Moon?],Benjamin/2/11/west part lot 65
Martin, William/1/11/lot 44
Norton,James/6/12/lot 14
Nash, Uriah/6/10/south east part of lot 19
Nash, Aron/6/10/south west part of lot 19
Nash, Silas/non-res./6/10/south part lot 3
Nevens,Hennery/6/10/lot 67
Nevens, Samuel/6/10/west part lot 65
Nauell [Nowell? Newell?],Samuel/6/11/west part lot 54
Orton,Philo/5/12/east part lot 48; west part lot 40
Orton, Abiram/5/11/west part lot 64
Osburn, Justus/6/12/middle part lot 15
Owen, John/2/10/north part lot 57
Patterson, Hugh/6/12/west part lot 20
Porter, Stephen/5/12/west part lot 40; west part lot 41
Pirce [Pierce? Piers?],George W./6/12/middle part lot 20; 5/12/middle part lot 32
Parker? John/6/10/north part lot 54.
Prior, John/6/11/west part lot 28
Pattison, William/6/11/north west part lot 5
Palmer, James/6/12/south part lot 26
Pattison, David/6/11/east part lot 6
Pattison, Robert/6/10/north part lot 59
Pratt, Daniel/6/11/middle part lot 44; middle part lot 45
Pattison, Perigran/6/11/east part lot 34
Prior, Abel/6/11/lot 67
Pery [Perry?], Benjamin/5/11/middle part lot 64
Pattison, George/6/11/south part lot 52
Pendergrast,James/2/11/Lands at the Rappids; 1/10/At Kiantona
Palmer, Joseph R/6/10/lot 55
Puffer, Ezra/5/10/west part lot 19;east part lot 27;east part lot 36
Pattison, John/6/10/north part lot 57; east part lot 56
Pirkins, Luke/non-res./5/11/south part lot 30
Pike, John/6/11/east part lot 50
Phillips, Daniel/non-res./4/11/middle part lot 29
Pease, Abner/1/10/middle part lot 33
Peters? Zebulon/2/11/north part lot 45
Pease, Ephram/4/11/east part lot 57;south part lot 49
Pattison, John/1/11/west part lot 28
Picket, John/4/11/north part lot 62
Picket, Selah/4/11/north part lot 63;middle part lot 63
Perry (Percy?), Samuel/6/12/---Risley, Horris/5/12/lot 32
Redfield,Peleg/non~res./5/12/north part lot 50;lot 58
Rode, Jeremiah/5/12/middle part lot 31
Risley, Elijah/5/12/east part lot 32
Rode, Standish/5/12/east part lot 39
Richmond,Gideion/5/11/middle part lot 28
Russel, Robert/1/10/north part lot 5; east part lot 1
Robarts, Benjamin/6/11/east part lot 43
Richardson, Seth/4/11/east part lot 54
Roe, Isaac/6/11/east part lot 25
Roe, John/non-res./6/11/north part ot 4
Sands,Erastus/2/11/lot 57;lot 58
Semaore (Seymour?), Graice/2/11/lot 38; lot 39
Sears, William/1/11/lot 45; lot 11
Stebens, Hezediah/6/11/east part lot 17
Stebens, Hesediah jun./6/11/west part lot 18
Smith,William/1/11/east part lot 15
Seth, Snow [Snow,Seth?]/6/11/lot 16; north part lot 15
Stoddard, Alvin/4/11/lot 51
Spink, Hall/6/10/south west part lot 73
Stewart, John/1/11/north part lot 63
Sherman, Daniel/6/10/north part lot 72
Sweet, Allen/6/10/west part lot 55
Stoddard, Jedediah/6/10/west part lot 62
Stebens, Thomas/6/11/west part lot 6
Sayls,Derias (?)/6/10/lot 1
Spafford,Calvin/6/11/west part lot 24
Spafford, Levi/6/12/south part lot 11
Strong, Nathan/5/12/east part lot 31
Spencer, Seth/6/11/east part lot 61
Sweet, Benjamin/5/10/north part lot 18;west part lot 11
Scoot (Scott?),Rufus/6/11/middle part lot 22
Smith, Persons/5/11/east part lot 48
Sprague, Jonathan/5/11/lot 29; lot 37; lot 16 (46?)
Saymour, Sala/6/11/north part lot 65
Shane, John Secont/non-rese/6/11/south part lot 2
Sottle, Amos Village Lots/6/10/lot 59
[Sinclear, Cleave:crossed out]
Sinclear, Samuel/4/11/lot 41;lot 28/3/11/lot 63;north part lot 64;south part lot 65
Smith, Arnold/4/11/north part lot 45
Silvester, Melzer (?)13/11/north part lot 56
Spenser, Daniel/4/11/north part lot 49
Stone, Ceorge/1/10/lot 59
Stickney, Thomas/1/10/south part lot 33
Shilleto, Edward/2/11/east part lot 5
Simons, Ephaim/6/12/south part lot 22
Sawin, John/5/12/middle part lot 23
Sever, Robert W./4/11/south part lot 37
Simmons, Jonas/2/11/west part lot 59
Tucker, Samuel/6/11/lot 10
Tucker, James/6/11/south west part lot S
Tucker (?),Samuel/6/11/north part lot 59
Tucker, Moses/5/12/north part lot 7/5/11/north part lot 63
Tubs, Martin B./6/10/south east part lot SO
Tyler? Joel/1/11/lot 51
Taylor,Olover/5/11/north part lot 55
Terry, Isaac/6/12/lot 14
Turner, Hezekiah/6/12/east part lot 20
Unknone/6/12/north part lot 10
Vanhorn, John/non-res./6/10/west part lot 26
Vollintine,Robart/1/10/north part lot 42
Vinton, John/510/lot 29
Vantassle, John/5/12/middle part lot 7
Webster, Cuy/6/10/lot 10;middle part lot 9;west part lot 18
Weeb (Webb?), Joshua/6/10/middle part lot 18
Webster, Orreng (Orange?)/non~res./5/10/north part lot 8
Webber, William/non-res./6/10/west part lot 27
Walker, John/6/11/east part lot 67
Wipple, Daniel/5/10/south part lot 3
Wells, Rodrick/5/10/east part lot 20
Watrus, David/6/10/north east part lot 58
Wright, Ruben/5/10/lot 28
Wright, Thomas/6/10/south part lot 57
Wright, Amos/5/10/west part lot 39;east part lot 57
Willougby, Bethel/6/11/west part lot 31
Wilcox,William/5/11/west part lot 40.
Wjlliams, John/6/10/middle part lot 73
Weller, Benjaminl6/10/middle part lot 73
Webber, Francis/6/11/west part lot 17
Wright, Noah/6/10/south west part lot 43.;north west part lot 42
Wilcox, Riverus/6/12/east part lot 26
Williams, Richard/5/12/east part lot 24; north part lot 33
Williams, Ami/5/12/west part lot 40; east part lot 49
Webster, Elisha/5/12/west part lot 36
Webster, Eli/5/12/east part lot 47
Webster, Allen/5/12/middle part lot 54
Walton, Able/1/10/lot 41
Winter, Aseph/1/10/north part lot 33
Wilson, William/2/11/west part lot S
Wilcox, Avon (Aaron?)/5/11/middle part lot 56
Whight (White?), James/6/11/south part lot 65
Whight, James Jun/6/11/south part lot 59
Wight, Daniel/6/11/north part lot 55 (?)
Whight [White], Squire/6/11/north east part lot 3
Washburn, Rufus/5/10/north west part lot 36
Weller, Preseved/6/11/middle part lot 4
Webber, William/5/12/east part lot 1
Whight (White?), Ezra/4/11/south west part lot 52
Waterman, Charles/4(5?)/11/middle part lot 61
Wright, Meritt/non-res./4/11/south east part lot 49
Woodcock, Olover/5/12/middle part lot 40
Young, Foster Village Lots/6/10/lot 10; lot 44