1930 Census - Newton Memorial Hospital

Newton Memorial Hospital - 1930 Census
Pomfret, Chautauqua County, NY

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The earliest days of the TB Hospital in Cassadaga, where the Job Corp is now located;

PATIENTS; [there were more staff than patients]

WHITCOMB, Thelma 24 b NY father b NY single
CARLSON, Ruth, 11 b PA father b PA
CARLSON, Charlotte 13 b PA father PA
JOHNT, George, 54 b NY father Germany married
JOHNT, Woodrow, 16, b NY father NY
ROUNDS, Orey, b NY, father NY mother PA single
HENDRICKSON, Lester, 25 b Calif, father b US single
BAJDO, Philip 44 b Poland widowed
BAJDO, Henry 11 b NY father Poland
BAJDO, Raymond, 26 b NY father Poland single
JACKSON, Carl 22 Sweden single
JOHNSON, Carl, 52 married b Sweden
WENSKY, 21 b NY father Canada single
STOOP, Alphonse, 49 b France married father b Belgium
DOPLER, Frank 78 single b Austria
COYLE, Edward 51 married b NY father Ireland
McCLAIN, Henry, 35 Kentucky, father same single
DAHLMON, Jessie, female 60 b NY father b Sweden, single
CRANDALL, Clara, 47 b Canada, father b France widow
SWANSON, Evalina 18 b PA father b Sweden single
JOHNSON, Edith, 18, b PA father Sweden single
WAHLSTROM, Hugo 25 Sweden single
MORGAN, Peter, 41 Scotland, single
HOBER or HUBER, Day male, 55 b PA father PA widower
SANFORD, Lena, 65 b NY father NY widow
GATES, Mary 48 widow b NY father NY
ROSS, Teresa 25 b PA father Italy, single
SKINNER, Edward 15 b NY father NY
SKINNER, Gilbert 12 NY father NY
BARKLEY, Elsie 16 b NY father b Sweden
KELLY, Earl, 7 b US, father PA

Source: Provided by Dolores Davidson, 2003.