1900 Census - Gustavus Adolphus Children's Home

Gustavus Adolphus Children's Home - 1900 Census

2nd Street
, Chautauqua County, NY

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1900 Census data enumerated June 6th 1900
In this census the birth MONTH and YR are given but I have found many to be off by 1 year

SWENSON, JOHN A Superint, of Childrens home ae 41 b Dec 1858 ILL
SWENSON, Marie wife May 1860 ae 40 b Sweden
SWENSON, Signe dau ae b Apr 1891 Kansas
ERECKSON, Alfreda Servant, March 1854 Sweden, widow
JOHNSON, Beulah Servant, Oct 1876 ae 23 PA Parents Sweden
PETERSON, Ingred Servant, Jan 1858 Sweden Single
OLSON, Olivia Servant, July 1877 single b Sweden Single
OSTRUM, Hulda Servant, June 1882 Sweden Single
HANSON, Emelia Servant Oct 1882 Sweden Single

OLSON , William Aug 1883 ae 16 NY
HANSON, A,L, Oct 1882 PA
TURNELL, Joel July 10, 1885 Vermont registered WWI Draft Jamestown wife
Ethel May, he worked for the Erie RR as chief clerk d Nov 1973 in Panama
PETERSON, Oscar October 1888 Sweden
GUSTAFSON, Louisa July 1885 MASS
GUSTAFSON, Elise Oct 1886 MASS
CHRISTIANSON, Albert, April 1887 PA
BJORKMASS ? Nannie,Nov 1889 Sweden
OLSON, Erhard Jan 1886 NY
ANDERSON, Victoria March 1884 Rhode Island
ANDERSON, Fritz May 1886 b Rhode Island
ANDERSON Ellen August 1887 Rhode Island
GUSTAFSON, Jennie April 1873 NY
GUSTAFSON, Lydia Jan 1875 NY
FORSBERG, John June 1883 NY
FORSBERG, Andrew June 1885 NY
ERECKSON, Elise May 1889 NY
ERECKSON, Christine July 1891 NY
BRONSON, Esther March 1887 CT
BRONSON, Mina April 1889 CT
JOHNSON, Carl Oct 1882 Sweden
JOHNSON, William July 1886 Sweden
ERECKSON, Anna Aug 1883 PA
ERECKSON, Pehr? Or Peter Sept 1887
ERECKSON, Arvid Sept 1890 PA
ROSENBERG, Carl Jan 1888 PA
LINDSTROM, Jeanna Oct 1884 CT
LINDSTROM, Ellen April 1886 CT
LINDSTROM, Rudolph March 1889 CT
BERGRAIN, Victor May 1884 CT
BERGRAIN, Edward Sept 1886 CT
ROMULUS, George March 1887 Sweden
NYQUIST, Carl, March 1884 PA
NYQUIST, ???jelm ??? male Dec 1886 PA
NYQUIST, Harry Dec 1889 PA
PETERSON, Elenor Dec 1886 PA
PETERSON, Arthur March 1888 PA
P ??? BERG, Ernst Nov 1886 Born Unknown may be FRIBERG
FRIBERG, Andrew Oct 1883 PA
FRIBERG, Fritz, April 1882 PA
ANDERSON, 4 Anderson Children ages unknown, FRED, AUGUST, EDWARD AND OSCAR B NY parents born unknown
SMITH, Alma April 1885 Ohio
PETERSON, Adolph May 1890 CT
NELSON, Gust and Florence born unknown yr ages not known nor place of Parents birth
SWANSON, Alvina Nov 1891 NY
SWANSON, Axel Dec 1892 NY
SWANSON Albert and Leonard both born March 1895 NY
SKOGLUND, Ernst April 1889 Sweden
LARSON, Cecelia Sept 1885 NY
LARSON, Julia March 1890 NY
LARSON, Lilly Sept 1892 NY
ALDRIN, Harry May 1895 NY
JOHNSON, Edwin and Frank both born Nov 1893 MASS
LORENCE Alexander April 1889 NY
LORENCE, Andrew Aug 1890 NY
CARLSON, Charles Sept 1894 NY
CARLSON, Bessie Sept 1895 NY
NELSON, David, Oct 1888 Illinois
NELSON Daniel Jan 1890 South Dakota
NELSON, Ester August 1892 South Dakota
NELSON, Reuben June 1893 South Dakota
NELSON, Hulda March 1895 South Dakota

Source: Provided by Dolores Pratt Davidson, 2006.