1900 Census - County Jail Inmates

County Jail Inmates - 1900 Census
Mayville, Chautauqua County, NY

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WIFE MARY B APRIL 1858 AE 42 m 16 years Mother of 3 children;
2 in census She born PA, parents both b NY
Dau Edna D Griswold, b June 1887 ae 12 NY
Dau Rachel b July 1892 age 7 NY
Servant, Selma ERICKSON, b Sweden March 1876

William J CASSIDY b June 1898 ae 28 b PA parents b Ohio
Edward SCOTT, b August 1840 ae 59 b NY father England, Mother NY
Frank M WENNERHOLM, b 1872 Sweden
Alfred JOHNSON, b July 1861 ae 38 b PA father b VT, mother Ireland
James KELLEY, b March 1865 ae 35 b NY Father Ireland Mother England
James CLIFFORD, b May 1850 ae 50 b Ireland
Albert STONE, b Sept 1869 ae 30 b Sweden
Gust COOK b April 1880 ae 20 born Germany, both parents also b Germany
John SLAW, b May 1865 ae 35 b NY Father Canada mother, Sweden
Frank MILLER, b April 1873 ae 27 b Iowa, Father mother both Germany
Lewis HOPPE, b Nov. 1878 ae 21 b Germany
John BUDI b 1881 Ae 18 b Austria
Abraham MURPHY, b August 1876 ae 23 b Kansas, Father Ohio, Mother PA
James HENRY b March 1859 ae 41 b NY father/Mother Ireland
Charles LEACY or LACY b Jan 1860 ae 40 b NY father PA Mother NY
Joe S. WORK b April 1876 Ohio, both parents b Ohio
Rhubin MANN Sept. 1842 ae 57 b England, both parents b England
Edward FITZGERALD, age 55 b Ireland, both parents b Ireland
William TYLER, Oct 186? Ae 38 b PA father PA mother DC
Charles WOOLSON, ae 35
Walter HOLLISTER, ae 35
Anderson MURPHY ae 33 b NY parents b Ireland
Martin HOFFMAN, April 1853
William ANDERSON ae 31 b Sweden
Charles BUCK 54 b Unknown parents Unknown married
Thomas MURPHY 43 single b NY parents Ireland
FEMALE Inmates
Jennie HUBER b October 1869 age 30 married, b NY father England, Mother, born at sea
Mary BAKER July 1875 married, ae 25 born PA, parents b PA
ADAMS, female cannot read first name, Sept 1877 ae 22 b NY father NY mother Germany

Provided by Dolores Davidson, 2001.