Earlier names were Old French Creek: Merry in 1866; Evergreen in 1876. Tefft is the name for many years from the Tefft property.
__________________________________________________NORTH END___________________________________________________
Lydia wife of Eli Belknap d. May 25, 1866 ae 82 yrs.
Mary wife of . Bemis d. 1887 ae 81 yrs.
Maurice Bennett b April 4, 1856 ae 10mos
Jabish Beckwith d. Aug 28, 1858 ae 79 yrs 5 mos. 2 ds.
Polly wife of Jabish Beckwith d. Aug 15, 1883 ae 48 yrs.
Denisa J. daugh. of Jabish and Polly Beckwith d. May 15, 1851 ae 13 yrs. 6 mos. 17 ds.
Richard Beckwith Co. G 76th Vol. Civil War 1827 - 1902
Oscar Colburn b. Feb 22 1854 d. Dec 31, 1886
Abiah wife of Oscar Colburn b. June 30, 1826 d. Dec 16, 1890
Paul Colburn d. Feb 22, 1854 ae 78 yrs 2 mos.
Ferdinand Coe d. Sept 3, 1848 ae 43 yrs. 7 mos.
Lydia daugh of F. & Mary Coe d Dec 20, 1818 ae 6 yrs 5mos 22ds.
Polly E. wife of William Coe d Dec 6, 1874 ae 18yrs 6 mos.
Carrie B. dau of V. & L. Davis d Mar 7, 1879 ae 1 yr 1mo 5 ds.
Reid Dean d Jan 3, 1851 ae 24 yrs 8 mos.
Margaret Golding d April 14,1897
Mother (Golding) Samuel Golding April 1865 aged 32y 4m 29d
Lorenzo Golding d Jan 22, 1884 ae 68y
Nancy Johnston, his wife d Mar 26, 1887 ae 66y
Joamie d Aug 10, 1853 ae 8ds.
Susanna D. Bristol formerly wife if Isiah Golding Sr. d JAn 25, 1841 ae 83y
Isiah Golding Jan 1850 ae 67y __m 25ds.
Betsey Golding d Mar 17, 1860 ae 67y 11m 11ds.
Daniel J. Hulett b Sep 14, 1817 d Apr 27, 1885
Lusebe his wife b Mar 30, 1826 d Apr 8, 1900
Ruth, daut. of Henry and Edith Hulett b Aug 8, 1899 d Apr 14, 1901
Harvey Kellogg d April 22 1860 ae 60yrs 5mos 19ds.
George B. son of W.H. and MAria Miller b1853 d 1885
Ernest B. son of George B and Ann Miller b Aug 20, 1878 d Oct 18, 1878
James M. Reid Mar 29, 1815 d ________
Adaline M. wife of James M. Reid d Oct 12, 1846 in 25th yr. of her age.
Anna B. dau. of Nathan and Olna M. Shove (or Shore) d Dec 13, 186_ ae 4m3d this is cut into a small native rock.

____________________________________In centerof driveway are 2 markers for Revolutiionary War Soldiers___________________________
William Adams Pvt Massachusetts Regiment - Revolutionary War Oct 19, 1754 April 1, 1841 placed Nov 1972
Eunice Pease Beebe wife of Amon July 1749 Circa 1827
Amon Beebe Pvt Co B Regt Conn Line Revolutionary War May 7, 1750 Jan 21, 1830 placed July 1981

____________________________________________________ SOUTH SECTION______________________________________________
Nellie Avery d Aug 28, 1888 ae 23yrs 4 mos
Mary J. Avery d April 1864 ae 18yrs 11mos
Edward Belknap 1824-1893 aged 69yrs.
Louisa, wife of Eli Belknap, formerly wife of William M. Kimball See K for Kimball marker
In memory of Mary Arena Dean who died Oct 1, 1823 ae 19mos 9ds.
Altany M. 3rd wife of Orlando Durkee d May 13, 1856 ae 39yrs
George Garfield 1809-1865
Ann wife of Abram Smith, formerly wife of George Garfield 1816-1891
Willie, son of G. and Ann Garfield 1854-1865 (top is gone) Died July 11, 1856 ae 55yrs 9mos 23ds (in row next to Garfield)
Willie M. son of George and Ann Garfield d 7/18/1865 ae 11yrs 2mos 10ds
Gurtha dau of J.W. and M.F. Gross d July 9, 1888 aged 10yrs 10mos 3ds
Eliza M. Harroun d Feb 18, 1888 ae 74yrs 6mos 20ds.
William W., son of N.D. & E.M. Harroun d 10-10-1855 ae 11mos 11ds.
Mary L. dau of N.D. & E.M. Harroun d Aug 4, 1861 ae 17y 2m 11d
Lucy J. dau of N.D. & E.M. Harroun d 8-24-1861 ae 12y 8m 15d
Sarah Ann dau of N.B. and E.M. Harroun d 7-20-1861 ae 13y 8m 22d
Thomas Jones d 6-15-1866 ae 35yrs 3mos. 16ds.
Mary Jane wife of Thomas Jones 1862 ae 26yrs.
Thomas D. Jones d 7-14-1859 ae 62yrs 20ds. Masonic Emblem
Morris William son of William H. and Mary A. Jones d 11-16-1861 ages 14yrs 10ms 6ds.
Henry S. Kellogg d Dec 3, 1861 ae 24yrs 2mos 16 ds.
George, son of Warren and Lois Kellogg d Dec 15, 1862 aged 2y 7m 22d
Sally dau of R.W. & Laura Kennedy 1844-1872
John R. son of R.W. & Laura Kennedy 1853-1869
John R., son of R.W. & LAura Kennedy d 5/18/1869 ae 15
Sally T., dau of R.W. & Laura Kennedy d Apr 4 1872 ae 27
Laura, wife of R.W. Kennedy 1818-1855
William M. Kimball died June 1, 1863 aged 43years 7mos 15ds (see Belknap)
Sobrina Loveless 1823-1906
James A. Merry d July 5, 1889 aged 71y 10m 11d Masonic Emblem
Mary J. Merry Dau of Isaac & Sarah Bigelow Springfield, NY on reverse side
Mary J. wife of James A. Merry d Jan 22 1871 aged 42yrs 7mos
Mary A. wife of James A. Merry d 2-14-1864 aged 41yrs Masonic Emblem
Delavan Merry 1845-1870 Masonic Emblem
Anna A.M. dau of David and May More d Aug 15, 1861 aged 16y 2m 11d
Eva, dau of Dennis and Adell Parsons d 1-22-1871 ae 1yr. 24ds.
Lydia, wife of Calvin Rous d May 22 1811
John Y. Rouse died 5-22-1882 ae 84yrs 7mos 27ds.
Martha wife of J.Y. Rouse d 8-15-1878 aged 81yrs 4mos 15 ds.
Daniel Tefft d 4-19-1888 ae 75yrs 10mos 5ds.
Lydia, his wife d 10-25-1896 ae 87
Sarah J. dau of David and Lydia Tefft d Jun 4, 1853 ae 8yrs 28ds
Martha A. dau of David and Lydia Tefft d 5/18/1853 ae 10yrs 3mos 16ds.

There are many lost and missing markers/ One large section is open with no ind ications of graves. Report is that families removed several bodies etc.
Cemetery is maintained by Town of French Creek

SOURCE: Records made by Alice V. Peterson while the Town Historian in 1972