An account of the old cemetery,  the land for which was deeded to the church in 1821, may be found in Patterson Library.  According to historians,  the last burial was in 1844, and this cemetery has long ceased to exist.  There are three lists of inscriptions:  one done in 1911,  one in 1947,  and the third not dated but probably between the other two. Included here is a composite of all three lists.  It should be noted that this is far from a primary source and should be used only as a clue for further research.

Name & Family                       Dates, age

ADAMS  Eliza Jane  dau of Geo. & Eliza  d. 1830  ae 4yrs 4mos 15days

AVERILL  Leman  d.  25 July 1838  ae 75yrs.
   Betsey  dau of Leman & Betsey  d.  17 Aug 1831 ae 18yrs
   Caroline  dau of Leman & Betsey  d. 24 May  1839
   Jared       son of Leman & Betsey  d. 7 April 1832  ae 3yrs

BABCOCK  Mrs. Betsey Dorman consort of Joshua R.
    d.  31 Dec 1821  ae 21yrs.

BARLOW  Solimena  dau of Abner & Eunice  d.  19 Nov  1827  ae 18yrs.

BEECHER  Deacon  David   d.  16 March 1834  ae 60yrs.

BELL   Mary Jane  inf. dau of Geo. & Wilba  d. 7 Feb 1835

BIRD   Elvira Janette dau of Capt Amos & Mary d. 1834 ae 18yrs
                                    another source says:  d. 13 May 1831 ae 17yrs.

BLACKBURN Liza E.  dau of Oliver & Susannah   d. 1834

BOURNE  Celia  no date

BRADLEY  Edwin A. d. 18 Dec 1832  ae 3yrs.
   Amrilla  no date
   children of Joel & Sophia

CHAMBERS  Lois Susan  wf of Robert   d.  12 Feb 1844  ae 21yrs.

CHILDSAY  Augustus C. d.  30 Sept 1835  ae 37yrs

DIBBLE  Ebenezer d. 7 April 1837  ae 58yrs

DORMAN  Ezra  d. 26 Dec 1826  ae 29yrs
   Phebe  d.  28 March 1831  ae 71yrs.
   Jared  d.  5 Aug 1825  ae 38yrs.

GOODWIN  Mrs. M.     d. 9 April 1835

HOPKINS  Hirzavith/Barzarvith   d. 9 July 1836  ae 70yrs

IRWIN   Samuel W.     d.  9 July 1835  ae 12yrs.

JOHNSTON  Nancy  consort of John   d. 22 Nov  1833  ae 53yrs 3mos.

KEEP   Mary E.  dau of J.M. & C.I.   ae  12mos.

LOWRY  Alexander ___X__
   Orlando G. son of H.W. & C.   d. 31 Dec 1836  ae 17mos.

Mc CLINTOCK Mary  consort of Thomas  d.  28 Feb 1831  ae 58yrs

MALLORY  Rollin C. son of Elias & Emily  d.  31 July 1836 (or 1830)
        ae 18mos.

MORLEY  Celecty  d.  19 June 1831  ae 35yrs.

NORTHRUP  Mary  dau of Daniel & Ann  d.  15 Oct 1827 ae 2yrs.

SHAW   Martha Eliza   d. 8 Sep 1836  ae 27yrs.*
* sister of Thomas

SHEARMAN  Mary  dau of Gideon & Deborah  d. 13 1834  ae 7yrs.

SMITH  Mrs. Philothe late of Amherst MA   d. 1 July 1831

STARKWEATHER Jefferson d.  6 Dec 1836  age 7 yrs.
   Charles W. d. 1831
                                    sons of John & Martha

STONE  Harriet E. consort of Austin Stone  d. 27 April 1829*

TINKER  Henry E. d. 22 Nov 1825  ae 22yrs.*
*  Harriet Stone and Henry Tinker were brother and sister

WALLACE  Ada d. 1835  ae 1mo

WHEELOCK  Mary S.  dau of Stephen & Susannah  d. 1836 ae 34yrs*

WILCOX  Mary S.  dau of Stephen & Susanne  d. 15 June 1836 ae 31yrs*
*  Wheelock /Wilcox entries:  coincidence or error?

WILTON  Sarah  d. 8 Aug 1832  ae 61 yrs.

WOOD  James R.   son of Samuel & Anna  d. 1829

SOURCE: Composite of lists by Virginia Washburn Barden.
                    Transcribed by Donna Mills of Fredonia, NY. 2000