MAYVILLE, NY (located on Main Street.)

Update on Mayville Cemetary, Sat, 21 Nov 1998


My great great grandmother is buried in the Main Street Mayville Cemetary,  in Mayville, New York.

When we checked out the web-site in the Mayville Cemetary she was not listed. We took a  trip to Mayville and checked at the clerk's office to see if she was infact buried there, and she was.  We went to her grave to find a stone with no name on it and that is why she might not have been listed.

On November 19, 1998, last Friday, my husband and I placed a stone on her grave.

Olive James
and her year of birth and death.

And thank you, Donna Mills, for if it were not for you, we would not have ever found her.  I will always thank you.  Cheryl

Correction on Mayville Cemetery, Tue, 09 Apr 2002
From: Dolores Davidson

Edmond DEARING, born July 17, 1802 Parish Yulupton, England landed in America (14 Sep 1840)came to Chautauqua County, NY,Lived at Westfield, Portland for three years, Mayville on the Bloomer farm, Hartfield for two years, Stockton, Portland in the spring of 1854, and later purchased the Dibble farm in Mayville.
Died in Mayville July 29, 1863
Wife Lydia SAMPSON 14 NOV 1804 in Parish Otterton, England; (near Exter)
Died Mayville, 22 FEB 1872 Lydia's obituary states "She leaves three sons and two daughters, having followed to the grave three of the sons who came to this country with her." Five of their children are identified. We don't know who the other daughter was.Notes indicate that Lydia was a relative of the Willing family in Westfield. Sam Willing had a family of eight children, lived in Oneida Co. before moving to Chautauqua around 1825.
Son William DEARING Birth: 23 MAR 1827 in Yealampton Devon England
Death: 8 NOV 1849 in (Chautauqua), NY

Son John Sampson DEARING 25 MAY 1829 in England
Death: 26 FEB 1866 Mayville
his wife, Jane Elizabeth BOLDS
Birth: 1 JAN 1831 in Mayville, NY
Death: 27 JUL 1917 Mayville
H. Edwin, their s. Mar.20,1861;inf.
J. Arthur, their s. Jan.3,1856, ae 2

Son Henry DEARING Birth: 1 AUG 1831 in England
Death: 23 MAR 1852 Mayville

Son Edmond DEARING
Birth: 17 AUG 1836 in Exmouth, England
Death: 14 MAY 1922 in Mayville (Chautauqua) New York
Note: Birth date also given as 17 Aug 1843/4.
Note: First name also spelled "Edmund"
His wife Mary Martha BENTLEY
Birth: 25 AUG 1849 in Mayville (Chautauqua) New York
Death: 20 JUL 1924 in Jamestown New York buried Mayville
Their Son Frederick Edmond Dearing, b 23 JAN 1869 Mayville
Death: 30 DEC 1926 in Jamestown (Chautauqua) New York buried Mayville
Wife, Helen Eleanor "Nellie" REARDON b: 8 FEB 1877 in South Dakota dau of Dennis William REARDON and Olive A COBB (Olive is buried here also) Nellie died 6 DEC 1951 May or not be here; probably is (she died after the cemetery was read)

Son David Emanual DEARING b 3 AUG 1839 in Yealampton, Devon, England
Death: 1 OCT 1904 1 Burial: Mayville Cemetery

Son William DEARING died Nov.8,1849,ae 22-8 born 23 MAR 1827 in Yealampton Devon England
Death: 8 NOV 1849 in Mayville NY

Dau Mary Jane DEARING wife of Morris BENTLEY b 31 DEC 1845 Chautauqua Co NY d Mayville 9 OCT 1929 Husband Morris BENTLEY is also buried Mayville b 13 SEP 1843 d 23 APR 1927

Thank You

More Additions:
Grandfather -Claude W. Dearing 1913- 11/8/1978
Mother- Anita Jean Dearing Carlson 1933-1/7/1997
Grandmother -Beulah Hess Dearing 1912- 2/17/1998

Last Name  First Name  Maiden Name Birth       Death       Age     Notes Benjamin   Mary                    1859        1899                w. E.W.
Burdick    Elizabeth H.                        Jan 28 1873 49      w. J.M.
Clark      Benjah P.                           Oct 28 1864 63-3-23
Clark      Sarah                               Jul 29 1894 85-7-8  w. Benjah P.
Francis    Jennie M.               1892        1909
Gleason    Ella                    1863        1904                w. G.C.
Gleason    Mary                    1837        1898
Johnson    Clarence H.             1902        1907
Johnson    John H.                 1862        1918
Lawson     Augusta                                                 da. J. & M.
Lawson     Huldah                              Sep 3 1871  19
Lawson     John E.                             Jun 17 1872 7-3-20  s. J. & M.
MacKenzie  Alexander               May 28 1910 Jun 10 1910
MacKenzie  Droze A.                Nov 3 1913  May 7 1923
MacKenzie  Henry B.                Jan 22 1912 Feb 24 1912
MacKenzie  William S.              May 21 1908 Sep 15 1916
Parkhurst  Perry P.                1811        1893
Parkhurst  Thankful                1846        1922
Rowe       Melvina     Parkhurst   1849        1906
Shearman   N.                                  Sep 9 1879  80
Swanson    Eliza                   1808        1885
Swanson    Father                  1812        1897
Swanson    Mother                  1812        1891

SOURCE: Compiled by Glenn E. Griswold, Cleveland, OH. 1931

Josiah Hale
HALE, JOSIAH--Born Aug. 21, 1756, at Enfield, Mass. Family records say that
he came to Chautauqua County in the early part of the 19th century, settled
on a farm in the town of Chautauqua where he died and is buried in Mayville
Cemetery. He was a soldier in the American Revolution, serving as private in
Capt. Noah Lankton's Company, Col. John Ashley's 1st Berkshire Co. Reg't.
Enlisted July, 1777, and also in Sept., 1777. He was the son of William and
Hannah Hale and a cousin of Nathan Hale, the famous Revolutionary patriot.
In 1780, he married Abigail JOSLIN. Their children were: Nathan, 1st,
Josiah, James, Nathan, 2nd, Esther, Jesse, Achsa, Abraham. The sons, Nathan
and James, each settled on farms in the town of Chautauqua, near Mayville.
James was a soldier in the war of 1812 and some years later left Chautauqua
County and located in Michigan, where he died. He had two sons, James and
Horace, also several daughters, who retained their residence in Chautauqua
County. Horace Hale became a resident of Westfield at an early age and was
one of the founders and a deacon in the First Baptist Church. His death
occurred in 1895, leaving many descendants now living in Chautauqua County.
John W. Hale, for many years a prominent and honored citizen of Jamestown,
was the eldest son of Horace Hale. At the first call for troops, at the
commencement of the Civil war, he enlisted in Company B., the first company
to leave Chautauqua County in May, 1861.

in 1840 town of Chautauqua census is JOSIAH HALE
JOSIAH was a male AGED 80-90 and 1 FEMALE in house 70-80
living beside son Nathan HALE

Josiah HALE
Cemetery:Mayville Cem
Location:Mayville, Chautauqua Co NY 76
Reference:Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.2, p. Serial:
; Volume:

Additional stones:

Charles J Sackris 1816 1895

Johanna Ll Sackris 1821 1897

Rhinehold Sackris 1851 1911

Ericka Sackris 1857 1924

Morris Sackris 1915 1983

Delores Sackris 1918 1993

Emma Sackris (Johnson) 1857 to 1942

Charles Adrian Johnson 1858 1915

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Hettie Ereka Johnson 1886 to 1857


Karl MacEachron

Fresno CA