ELLICOTT, NY (Moon Road, by Moon Creek, off North Main Street)

ALDRICH, Flora, adopted daughter of J.M. and M.J. Aldrich died June 21, 1858, age 4 years.


A1  BROWN.  Who were Wm. H. and Catherine Brown?  Who was Emerette? Are there any descendants?

A2  EGGENBERGER.  Who were the Eggenbergers?

A3  HOLLENBECK.  Would someone have Hollenbeck genealogy on any children except Daniel Jr.?

A4  HOUGH.  Who was Mary Hough?

A5  OAKLEY.  We were told this stone was taken from a farm lot and placed in this cemetery.  Who were the Oakleys?

A6  WAMPLE.  Who were Wm. And Mildred Wample?  C.B. Sampson called her Minderd instead of Mildred.

A7  WELLINGTON.  When did Levi die?  Also when did Samuel and Eliza E. die?  We would like to know of the Wellington descendants.

A8  MOON.  Are Augustus Moon and wife Olive Clark buried here?

A9  HOLLENBECK.  Who was Phebe Hollenbeck who died 1859?  If the mother of Daniel, then who was his father?  We would like to have his ancestry.

A10  Who else is in this cemetery?


A3  HOLLENBECK, Almira, daughter of Daniel and Phebe, was born Oct. 19, 1826.  She was the first wife of Andrew J. Loucks and is buried beside him in the Fluvanna Cemetery.

A4  HOUGH, Mary was Mary Keneth, born 1787, wife of Levi Hough and gt. Grandmother of Bert Hough.  The stone was lying on the ground and was transferred to the Falconer Cemetery.  Levi died in Tully, NY.

A9  HOLLENBECK, Ida E., died Dec. 31, 1865, age 11 years, 9 months, died of diphtheria.  She was a daughter of George and granddaughter of Daniel and Phebe.  The family has always presumed that the older Phebe was Danielís mother.  Iva Hollenbeck supplied this information.

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 18 May 1968, compiled and written by Edna Ingham