GERRY, NY (west side of Route 60 about 2 miles north of Gerry.)

"History of Evergreen cemetery" Gerry NY
the burying ground in District 2 Gerry 
The oldest stone there is a DAMON stone, erected at the grave of Roany SCOTT who died Jan 31st 1829, also buried there, James R ALVERSON, His wife Damaris, His brother William ALVERSON,  Gilbert STRONG who died age 92, here also are buried John McCULLOUGH, James LANGWORTHY, Robert LENOX , James HEATH, Dr Japtha HEMINGER, David COWDEN , Ephraim BELKNAP and Samuel WOODS, the last 4 soldiers of the War of 1812.  Charles LENOX a soldier of the Civil War, also here is Susannah WOODS who died June 15th 1873 at the advanced age of 100yrs 8 months and 22 days, In all there are about 80 interments in the ground;
 also says there was a Methodist meeting house about 2 miles S of Sinclairville, adjacant to it a burying ground, consisting of about 1/3 of an acre; set apart from this tract and dedicated to the public; it has long since passed as have the earnest and faithful fathers of the little society that built it. previous to the building of this church, there had been 3 deaths in this community, John McCULLOUGH, who died May 1827, his nephew JOhn McCULLOUGH who died in NOV 1827, and a child of Chancey SHAW after the dedication of the burial grounds(Heminger) they were disinterred and buried there;

BELKNAP, Ephraim, died June 18, 1885 age 92.  Ephraim was a Civil war veteran.
BELKNAP, Sally, his wife, died July 14, 1865, age 64. (She was Sally Terry, daughter of Levi and Sarah (Pelton) Terry
in 1870 census Ellington Ephraim lived ae 77 with Elihu PHELPS 64, Charlotte PHELPS 38 ( dau of Ephraim )  and Mary BELKNAP ae 13 b NY his name is spelled DUNLOP in 1860 Gerry Census wife SALLY dau CHARLOTTE 28, Joseph 24,still single in 1880 Cherry Creek  HIRAM  21, Emily 19, Martha 16 Mary 13 he is \there in 1850 as BELNAP ae 57, born CT
same children except PERMENUS? ae 28 a son, JULIA, 19 m Erastus FOX, d 19 MAY 1866  Charlotte, 18, m Elihu PHELPS, NANCY 15,d 1870  Emily m Erastus FOX 1867  and Martha who m Abraham PARK  and HIS Father JOSEPH BELKNAP aged 88 yrs born MASS (ca 1762)  he will also be in this Heminger cemetery
His mother was Ruth PRESTON, wife of Joseph BELKNAP
in 1880 Ellington, Ephraim lived with Erastus FOX and his 2nd wife EMILY BELKNAP dau of Ephraim and Sally
ELLINGTON Cemetery Ellington, Chautauqua CO NY
FOX            Erastus            b. 9-19-1827 – d. 4-22-1890
                    Emily               b. 5-4-1841 – d. 4-25-1900 nee Belknap – dau of Ephraim & Sally.
                    Fred                b. 10-6-1865 – d. 4-14-1934 – son of Julia, sister of Emily.
                    Nina May        b. 1875 – d. 2-18-1963 – dau of Emily

Above cemetery info is incorrect; Ephraim was a Soldier in the War of 1812;not the Civil War
Rank - Induction:PRIVATE
Rank - Discharge:PRIVATE
he was born in CT, about 1793
he was actually  born 03 MAR 1791  Connecticut

CANNON, Betsey, daughter of Stoddard and Polly Cannon, died July 3, 1832, age 14 months.
CANNON, Eunice A., daughter of William and Eliza (Wain) Cannon, died Sept. 18, 1851, age 4.
CANNON, Levi L., died Dec. 20, 1863 (CBS does not give age.) HE WAS BORN ABOUT 1847 IN GERRY IS GONE AFTER 1860 census son of William and his wife is ANN in 1860

In town of Charlotte EVERGREEN Cemetery  is William CANNON's wife ANN ELIZA Ann Eliza Cannon [wife of William Cannon] b.September10,1811d.Nov18,1885 lot 382 in 1880 she is the WIDOW Cannon so he is either with her or in Heminger with the ch But we'll probably never know he died about 1855 Levi died after that so he is probably near LEVI

There is a query on this site posted in 1968 for HEMINGER Cemetery

A-12  What happened to Stoddard and Polly Cannon?  We don’t find stones for them in any cemetery.  When did Levi die.  Child or adult? (see Levi above and Child of Stoddard CANNON )

STODDARD SR was married to Polly HEMINGER 

  • His Birth: ABT NOV 1783 in Massachusetts
  • Death: 22 JUL 1858 in Chautauqua Co., New York
  • Burial: 1858 Doty Cemetery, Silver Creek, Chautauqua Co., New York
  • HIS name is misspelled in Doty Cemetery data as CARMON it is CANNON
  • he is buried by his MOTHER Mary LEWIS CANNON not CARMON,
  • Birth: 22 FEB 1768 in Groton, New London Co., Connecticut 1
  • Death: 23 JUN 1858 in Chautauqua Co., New York the name is spelled CANNON in the 1925 reading of Doty Mary was married 1st to JOHN HEMINGER dau POLLY HEMINGER wife of her STEP son later son in law  STODDARD CANNON SR, son of SAMUEL CANNON and His first wife CHLOE DAVIS
  • Stoddard CANNON JR was killed in the Civil War, March 15, 1865. Mrs. Cannon  (Mary G. ) died at Marcellon, Nov. 15, 1892. - (From the Wisconsin GenWeb site - he lived in Wisconsn ) it's written; There is not enough room on a monument to tell all that so the lists of names speak for themselves, from William Atkinson to Harlow B. Wittum, the Jones boys, the Cooks and McDonalds, *Cannon and Smoke. Small town boys, mostly, who went off to war and never came home /Wisconsin

    SOURCE: Dolores Pratt Davidson, 2006