Located behind the old Fluvanna Church, on the curve,
now called The Fluvanna Church Youth Center,
on Route 430, Town of Ellicott, Fluvanna,
Chautauqua County, NY.

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Burials updated to June 2001.

A daunting task;
This cemetery at one time was in tiers and at some point in time, the stones were all removed and the land plowed flat, so this does make for a lot chance for error; the old records we had online were found to have many errors and we hope this new record will help you find your kinfolk. There also were removals from other cemeteries buried here. As with any old data, this material to be used only as a guide and is certain to still have mistakes. This is a very large file so be sure to use your EDIT / SEARCH feature and all surnames will also show in the search engine on the main GenWeb page, As with any family, a lot of names are all mixed together.
Dahlbeck, Jannette "Jan" (Rich). b. Nov. 1, 1952 Jamestown. d. Friday, April
13, 2001. Age 48. d/o Rodman V. & Dorothy B. (Ritch) Rich. w/o Donald

Dahlgren, Alton S. b. June 28, 1871 in Denmark. d. Feb. 9, 1946. w/ Anna
Christine Anderson. He had made his home here 55 years and was a member of
the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and Gerry Grange. FATHER.

Dahlgren, Anna Christine (Anderson). b. 1874. d. 1937. d/o John & Matilda
(Johnson) Anderson. w/ Alton Dahlgren. MOTHER.

Dahlgren, Harry A. 1893 - 1941. s/o Anton S. & Anna Christine (Anderson)

Dahlgren, Clayburn A. b. 1901. d. July 7, 1999. s/o Alton S. & Anna
Christine (Anderson) Dahlgren. m. Sept. 23, 1931, Edith L. Jacobson.

Dahlgren, Edith L. (Jacobson). b. Aug. 2, 1906 Town of Ellicott. d. July 16,
1999. Age 92. d/o Peter & Louise (Sampson) Jacobson. w/o Clayburn A.

Damer, Faem. 1890 - 1965. w/ Isabell.
Damer, Isabell. 1896 - 1971. w/o Faem Damer.

Danberg, Evelyn F. 1898 - 19??. d/o Victor & Sofia (Carlson) Danberg. In
1950 Miss Danberg resided in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Danielson, Agnes. 1883 - 1966.
Danielson, Emelia. 1872 - 1959.

Danielson, Richard A. "Dick". b. Dec. 9, 1924 in Town of Ellery. d. Dec. 1,
1991, WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 66. s/o Arthur & Esther (Anderson)
Danielson. w/ Marilyn Eckstrum. Richard and Marilyn were married Nov. 20,
1951 in Falconer, NY. Brother to Duane "Dewey" Danielson, Clayton A.
Danielson, Seibert Danielson, and Ruby Danielson Johnson. He was a World
War II Army veteran, having served in the European Theatre, with the 17th
Airborne Division, the 82nd Airborne Division, and the 101st Airborne
Division. He served with the gliders and the paratroopers. Was a member of
the Experimental Aircraft Assoc., the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoc. and
the Silver Wings Assoc. Before his retirement he was employed as an
operating engineer with Local 17.

Davidson, Jack. b. May 30, 1917 Tulsa, Okla. d. Aug. 25, 1981 at his home on
East Lake Road, Bemus Point, NY. s/o William E. & Flora A. (Bogle) Davidson.
w/ Marian D. Neilly. Jack and Marian were married Sept. 12, 1942. He had a
brother, William E. Davidson Jr. of Fullerton, Calif. and a sister Nell
Reed. Before his retirement he had been employed by Proto Tool Co. for 15
years. He had lived in California for 10 years before moving to this area
18 years ago.

Davidson, Jay W. ?? - ??. w/ Ruth E. Dahlgren.

Davidson, Ruth E. (Dahlgren). 1898 - 1938. d/o Anton and Anna Christine
(Anderson) Dahlgren. w/ o Jay M. Davidson.

Davis, Benjamin C. 1896 - 1961. w/ Helen L.
Davis, Helen L. 1901 - 1976. w/o Benjamin C. Davis.
Davis, Sybil J. (Nordlund). 1910 - 1974.

Davis, Carl L. "Lewie". b. Oct. 11, 1926 in Jamestown. d. Apr. 18, 2001
Jamestown, NY. Age 75. s/o of Carl L. and Bernice (Mosher) Davis. He was a
veteran of World War II, serving in the U.S. Army with the 62nd Signal
Battalion. He received the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal. Survived by wife,
Lois Williams Davis, whom he married Sept. 11, 1948, others. (PJ Obits)

Dawley, Milton. b. 1844. d. Mar. 12, 1845. Age 13 months, 25 days. s/o P.T.
& E. Dawley.

Dawley, Milford E. b. 1853. d. May 4, 1853. Age 3 months, 19 days. s/o P. T.
& B. Dawley.

Dawley, Jeffrey. b. 1851. d. Nov. 25, 1851. Age 6 months. s/o P. T. & B.

Dawley, Anda. b. 1850. d. June 16, 1850. Age 4 months. s/o P. T. & B.
(Some records indicate that P. T. should be T. P. for Thomas Peleg Dawley
and B. for Elizabeth "Betsey" Davis)

Dennison, Gerald H. 1899 - 1979. s/o Ray & Lucina (Harrington)
Dennison. w/ Geraldine Stevenson.

Dennison, Geraldine (Stevenson). b. Mar. 19, 1902 in Reno, Pa. d. Apr. 29,
1966, WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 64. d/o Adelbert & Claire (Davis)
Stevenson. Geraldine came to Jamestown, NY, when 10 years old and had
resided in the area since that time and for the past 35 years in Greenhurst,

Denslow Willard T. b. 1831 in Batavia. d. 1913 at home of T. H. Price at
Denslow Park near Fluvanna. Age 82/5/2. w/ Laura Jane Smiley. Willard
Denslow lived for several years at Sinclairville, NY. Willard Denslow had
brother: Jerome Denslow of Mich. and sisters Mrs. James Sanders of Cleveland
and Mary Morton of Mich.

Denslow, Laura Jane (Smiley) 1841 - 1913. d/o Asel & Charlotte (Johnson)
Smiley. w/o Willard T. Denslow.

Denslow, John C. 1868 - 1873. s/o Willard T. & Laura Jane (Smiley) Denslow.

Denslow, Lottie. 1881 - 1881. d/o Willard T. & Laura Jane (Smiley) Denslow.

Denslow, George. 1875 - 1942. s/o Willard T. & Laura Jane (Smiley) Denslow.
w/ Gertrude Olmstead.

Depledge, Doris L. 1909 - 1992. w/o Kenneth E. Delpledge.
Depledge, Kenneth E. w/ Doris L. 1907 ? .

Dewey, Perry B. b. 1908. d. Feb. 21, 1970. w/ Dorothy M. Dahlgren.

Dewey, Dorothy M. (Dahlgren). b. May 10, 1908. d. May 1, 2000. Age 91. d/o
Anton S. & Anna S. (Anderson) Dahlgren. w/o Perry B. Dewey. Dorothy had
sisters: Louise Olander, Ruth Davidson and brothers Harry and Clayton

Dewey, Baby Davie. ? - 1940. s/o Perry B & Dorothy (Dahlgren) Dewey.
Dewey, Ethel P. 1890 - 1961. w/o Laverne G. Dewey.
Dewey, Laverne G. 1888 - 1950. w/Ethel P.

Dexter, Adelbert L. b. Sept. 2, 1854 Gerry, NY. d. Jan. 4, 1934 in Busti,
NY, at home of Frederick Palmer. s/o _______& Marion B. ( ) Dexter. w/
Alta Marie Wilbur.

Dexter, Alta Marie (Wilbur). b. 1867. d. at the family home at Ellery, Feb.
2, 1931. Age 63. d/o Riley David & Betsey B. (Warren) Wilbur. w/o Adelbert
L. Dexter. Survived by sisters, Mrs. M. C. Lord and Mrs. F. C. Morgan of
Jamestown, NY and one brother, Robert J. Wilbur in Pa. She was a member of
Union Grange of Jamestown. (Jamestown paper Feb. 3, 1931)

Dibble, Janie L. 1945 - ?.
Dibble, Wesley H. 1931 - 2000.

Dickerson, William S. b. 1830. d. June 27, 1907. Age 76/7/23. w/ Olive M.

Dickerson, Olive M. (Parker). b. Nov. 1836. d. June 7, 1917 at Fluvanna.
Age 80. w/o William S. Dickerson. Olive was the last of a family of 17

Dickerson, Franklin. 1879 - 1879. s/o William S. & Olive M. (Parker)

Dillingham, Jacob John. b. Nov. 6, 1807. d. June 30, 1886. w/ Mary Ann.

Dillingham, Mary Ann. b. Sept. 18, 1811. d. Jan. 12, 1892. w/o Jacob John

Dowd, Jonathan. b. Aug. 25, 1788. d. Sept. 25, 1878. Age 90/1/0. The first
Dowd in the Ellery area. w/ Amy C. Age 60 on the 1850 Ellery Census.

Dowd, Amy C. b. in VT. Age 63 on the 1850 Ellery Census. w/o Jonathan Dowd.

(The following children of Jonathan & Amy C. Dowd are listed on the 1850
Ellery Census: Caroline Dowd, b. Chautauqua Co. Age 7; Elizabeth Dowd, b.
Monroe County, Age 20; Theda Dowd, Age 35; and James Dowd, Age 1).

Dowd, Ralph J. Sr. b. May 26, 1928 Sinclairville, NY. d. Oct. 6, 1986 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 58. s/o Clarence Jr. & Marjorie (Simpson) Dowd.
He married Thelma Benson on May 27, 1949. He had been employed as a tool
and die maker with Ring Division of Producto of Jamestown for over 15 years
and was a World War II veteran, having served in occupied Japan. He was a
member of Ellery Baptist Church. A licensed pilot, he was a member of the
Pilot's Club at Dart Field, Hartfield, NY. He resided on the Ellery
Centralia Road. Ralph J. Dowd has sisters: Beverly Rhodes of Lakewood,
Delores Church of Gerry, Virginia Milks of Orlando, Fla. and brothers,
Harold Dowd of Lakeland, Fla., Robert Dowd of Jamestown and Clarence Dowd
III of Randolph. (Jamestown Post Journal 10/7/1986).

Dowd, Thelma (Benson). b. 1931 - ?. d/o Axel C. & Libby O. (Faiman) Benson.
w/o Ralph J. Dowd, Sr.

Driscoll, Roy. b. 1874 in Orange Co., Vt. d. 1929. w/ Ida B. Clark.

Driscoll, Ida B. (Clark). b. Jan. 25, 1879. d. 1976. d/o Albert J. & Kate E.
(Moon) Clark.

Due, Martin. 1898 - 1952. Married June 10, 1918 or 1919 Beulah Barclay.
World War I 1917 - 1918. FATHER.

Due, Beulah (Barclay). b. June 10, 1902. d. Sept. 2, 1929 Jamestown, NY. d/o
John Spencer & Jennie (Simmons) Barclay. w/o Martin Due. MOTHER.

Dunn, Jason Burton. b. Oct. 17, 1879 Tidioute, Pa. d. Apr. 25, 1961 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 81. s/o Simeon & Eleanor (Conarro) Dunn. w/
Myrl Croce. Prior to retirement in 1959 Jason Burton Dunn had been employed
by the Hotel Jamestown. Had lived in Fluvanna for 38 years.

Dunn, Myrl (Croce). 1877 - 1972. w/o Jason Burton Dunn.

Dunn, Ronald C. 1902 - 1954. w/ Gertrude E. Brandt.

Dunn, Gertrude E. (Brandt). 1904 - 1990. In 1962 was living in Jamestown,

Dunn, James. b. June 1, 1932 Mt. Clemens, Mich. d. Dec. 1, 1962 Greenville,
Mich. s/o Ronald C. & Gertruce E. (Brandt) Dunn. w/ Joyce Brajcki. James
Dunn was a brother to Thomas B. Dunn, and Richard Dunn. He was a member of
the Greenville Episcopal Church and the American Legion. FATHER.

Dunton, Ebenezer. b. 1786. d. Feb. 25, 1874. Age 88/10/18. 1st w/ Melinda.
2nd w/ Ann Palmiter;
Ebebezer Dunton was in the War of 1812.

Dunton, Melinda. b. 1789. d. May 3, 1830. Age 41. 1st w/o Ebenezer Dunton,
Melinda was from the "East".

Dunton, Ann (Palmiter). b. in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY. d. Nov. 18,
1862. Age 68/1/26. 2nd w/o Ebenezer Dunton. Ann and Ebenezer were married in
the Town of Ellicott.

Dunton, Almond. b. Apr. 26, 1825. d. Apr. 1, 1871. s/o Ebenezer Dunton & one
of his 2 wives.

Dunton, Albert. ?? - ??. s/o Ebenezer Dunton and one of his 2 wives. w/ Amy
Denton. Grace Lockwood, granddaughter of Albert Dunton died at her
grandfather's of Dyptheria on Dec. 21, 1881. Buried at Fluvanna.

Dunton, Amy (Denton). b. 1819. d. Aug. 11, 1851. Age 32/7/13. d/o Amos
Denton. w/o Albert Dunton.

Dunton, Ada. b. 1845. d. Apr. 20, 1873. Age 28/7/5. d/o Albert & Amy
(Denton) Dunton.

Dunton, Bryon. b. 1851. d. Oct. 26, 1851. Age 0/2/13. s/o Albert & Amy
(Denton) Dunton.

Dunton, Murray. 1853 - 1907. s/o Albert & Amy (Denton) Dunton. w/ Mary

Dunton, Mary (Heath). b. 1850. d. May 10, 1922. d/o Isaac & Lucretia (Lee)
Heath. w/o Murray Dunton.

Dunton, Jane. b. ?. d. July 24, 1880. d/o Ebenezer Dunton and one of his 2
wives. w/o Albert Denton.

Dunton, Adelphia. b. 1840. d. Dec. 6, 1863. Age 23/2/2. w/o Richard Marvin
Johnson. Richard was the s/o Jacob & Sally (Swan) Hills Johnson. Sally was
md 1st to Truman Hills.

Ecker, Claude W. "Bill". b. 1921. d. 1999. s/o William H. & Nora Bell Ecker.
Married Nov. 14, 1941, Eileen _____. U.S. Navy World War II.

Ecker, Eileen. b. 1922. w/o Claude W. "Bill" Ecker.

Eckholm, Oscar. b. May 6, 1854 in Sweden. d. Dec. 7, 1916 in Ellery. Age
62/7/2/ w/ Signe O. DuRees. Oscar Eckholm was a farmer and lived on the
Townline Road in the Town of Ellery.

Eckholm, Signe O. (DuRees). b. Nov. 22, 1875 in Sweden. d. in 1935 at her
home, 170 Barrett Ave. Jamestown, NY. Age 59. w/o Oscar Eckholm. She is
survived by a brother, William DuRees of Jamestown and two brothers in
Sweden: three nieces, Mrs. S. O. Swanson, Mrs. Otto Warner and Mrs. Henning
Anderson of Jamestown, NY.

Ecklund, Edna. 1903 - 1983. w/o Gustaf Ecklund.
Ecklund, Gustaf. 1903 - 1992. w/ Edna.

Ecklund, Tracy Ann. b. Nov.16, 1987 in Highland Hospital, Rochester, NY. d.
Mar. 2, 1991 at her home after an extended illness. Age 3. d/o Douglas
Richard & Loretta Jean (Wescoat) Ecklund.

Eckstrom, Anna M. 1862 - 1942. MOTHER SOFIRO.

Eckstrom, Norman C. 1933 - 1941.

Eckstrom, Edward Norman. 1886 - 1960. w/ Sylvia White.

Eckstrom, Sylvia (White). 1890 - 1972. w/o Edward Norman Eckstrom.

(Children of Edward Norman & Sylvia (White) Eckstrom included: Mildred,
Millicent, Marilyn, Marian, Alton, Clayton, Howard, Kenneth, Robert, Edmond,
Carl, Ernest, and Richard.)

Eckstrom, Alton M. b. June 19, 1923 in Jamestown, NY. d. Oct. 2, 1982 in
Jamestown, NY. Age 59. s/o Edward Norman & Sylvia (White) Eckstrom. Cpl. US
Army WW II. Alton Danielson attended Bemus Point High School and was active
in sports, winning several letters. He was a member of the Bemus Point
first six-man football team.

Eckstrom, Edmond J. "Jiggs". b. Dec. 14, 1917 in Jamestown, NY. d. Dec. 1,
1975 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. s/o Edward Norman & Sylvia (White)
Eckstrom. Married Dec. 30, 1967 Jeanette Wain. Sgt. FC US Army WW II Korea.

Eckstrom, Richard "Dick" David. b. May 2, 1925. d. Aug. 21, 1944 during WW
II, at Aix in southern France. Body returned in 1948 for burial. Richard
David Eckstrom served in the infantry, landed in France during the southern
invasion, having been stationed in Italy. Inducted in the Army the day
following his graduation from Bemus Point High School in 1942. He left for
Camp Croft, S.C. on Oct. 9 of that year, and went overseas in March,
arriving first in North Africa, later going to Italy, where he saw action
and joined and infantry division at the Anzlo beachhead. He also
participated in the march on Rome. While in Italy, he enjoyed a reunion
with an older brother and had their photo sent home. The young soldier had
won many friends through his pleasing personality, and was active in the
Bellview 4-H Club, serving for some time as secretary. He was also a member
of the National Honor Society.

Eddy, Raymond C. Jr. b. Sept. 20, 1921 North Harmony. d. Apr. 26, 1975
Jamestown General Hospital. Age 53. s/o Raymond & Jessie (Card) Eddy.
Married in Aug. of 1946 Marjorie Marie Costello. In 1975 Raymond C. Eddy
lived on the Fluvanna Townline Road. He was employed for 24 years at
Marlin-Rockwell Div. of TRW Inc., retiring in Feb. 1974 because of ill
health. He was an Army veteran of World War II, and served with the European
Theater of War. A resident of Fluvanna area the past 20 years. He has a
brother, Albert Eddy of Panama, and a sister Mrs. Hazel Eidens of Ramsey
Road, Ashville. He was preceded in death by 3 brothers: Harold, Kenneth and
Gordon Eddy, and a sister, Mrs. Louis Ecker.

Eddy, Majorie Marie (Costello). b. 1927. d. ??. d/o F. Edward & Merna F.
(Chambers) Costello. w/o Raymond C. Eddy.

Edlund, Carl. 1899 - 1977. w/ Ellen.
Edlund, Ellen. 1900 - 1975. w/o Carl Edlund.

Edmunds, Henry B. "Shorty". b. Sept. 6, 1874 Town Charlotte. d. Mar. 19,
1939 by sucide at home of daughter, Edith (Edmunds) Hallberg on Dutch Hollow
Road. Age 64/6/13. s/o William Edmunds. w/ Jennie Anderson.

Edmunds, Jennie (Anderson). b. Dec. 2, 1882. d. June 9, 1932 at home in
Ellery Center. Age 49/6/6. d/o John & Matilda Anderson. w/o Henry B.
"Shorty" Edmunds. Jennie had brothers: Aaron & Marvin Anderson of Ellery
Center, sisters: Mrs. Minnie Munson of Ashville and Mrs. Anna Dahlbren of

Edmunds, Lawrence H. b. Dec. 4, 1906 Ellery. d. Nov. 29, 1950 Ashville,
NY. Age 43. s/o Henry B. & Jennie (Anderson) Edmunds. m. Sept. 17, 1932
Gladys Mabelle Fisk.

Edmunds, Gladys Mabelle (Fisk). b. June 28, 1910 Jamestown, NY. d. Feb. 3,
1974 Ithaca, NY. Age 63. d/o Theodore & Edith (Underwood) Fisk. Gladys Fisk
m. 1st to Paul Nordland. Divorced June 15, 1932 at Little Valley. m. 2nd
Lawrence H. Edmunds. m. 3rd Harry K. Waid who died Dec. 1961.

Edmunds, Edith. b. May 24, 1902 Town of Ellicott. d. May 31, 1939 at home on
Dutch Hollow Road, Ellery, NY. Age 37/0/7. d/o Henry B. & Jennie (Anderson)
Edmunds. m. Aug. 11, 1928 Frank Oscar Hallberg. (Frank m. 1st to Reba

Eggleston, Alyce L. 1911 - 1958.
Eggleston, Anna B. 1880 - 1965.
Eggleston, Charles M. w/ Edna M. 1916 ?.
Eggleston, Edna M. w/o Charles M. Eggleston. 1915 - 1996.
Eggleston, Edward C. w/Hazel D. 1905 1977.
Eggleston, Hazel D. w/o Edward C. Eggleston. 1906 - 1963.
Eggleston, Van C. 1880 - 1938. US Brass Marker.

Elmeer, Eskil A. R. Sr. b. Sept. 19, 1907. d. Aug. 17, 1988 Warren Manor
Nursing Home, Warren, Pa. Age 80. s/o Reynold & Hanna (Bulow) Elmeer. m.
Aug. 10, 1935 Alice M. Anderson.

Elmeer, Alice M. (Anderson) b. Aug. 5, 1916 Ellery. d. Oct. 24, 1993 Warren
Manor Nursing Home. Age 77. d/o Aaron P. & Minnie A. (Wing) Anderson. w/o
Eskil A. R. Elmeer.

Elmeer, Eskil A. Jr. b. 1936. 1988 living on Dutch Hollow Road, Town of
Ellery. s/o Eskil A. R. & Alice M. (Anderson) Elmeer. m. June 30, 1979
Greta M. Benson.

Elmeer, Greta M. (Benson). b. Sept. 2, 1922 Getinge, Sweden. d. Feb. 4,
1994 WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 71. d/o Gust & Maria (Sandstrom)
Benson. w/o Eskil A. Elmeer Jr. Greta came to the U.S. in 1927 from Sweden.
Surviving besides her husband are two sisters: Ruth Parthow of Austintown,
Ohio; Elsie Ghert, Mesa, Ariz; and two half-sisters, Astrid Carlson & Iris
Nelson, both of Boardman, Ohio. (Jamestown Post Journal 2/4/94)

Engwall, Sophie T. b. June 2, 1876. d. June 19, 1972.

Engwall, A Laverne. b. 1901. d. Dec. 27, 1956. m. Mar. 14, 1925 Lillian J.

Engwall, Lillian M. (Peterson). b. June 1, 1904 Jamestown, NY. d. Apr. 12,
1992 Greenhurst Health Care Center, Greenhurst, NY. Age 87. d/o Axel & Josephine (Anderson) Peterson. w/o A. Laverne Engwall. Mrs. Engwall was
formerly of Elmhurst Road, Fluvanna. She was employed in former years at
Ramsey's Restaurant and Viking Lodge. She was confirmand of Zion Covenant
Church, class of 1919 and a member of Viking Lodge. She was preceded in
death by a brother Rudolph W. Peterson, who died Nov. 19, 1989.

Engwall, Brenda Sue. b. 1956. d. Jan. 1957. Granddaughter of A. Laverne & Lillian J. (Peterson) Engwall.

Erickson, John. 1846 - 1925.

Ernewein, Clarence Edson. b. Nov. 2, 1901. d. Feb. 26, 1990. US Army Air
Corps World War II. He has a sister Norma J. Sharp of Canterbury, Fla.
(Jamestown Post Journal 6/5/1986)

Fagerstrom, Linda H. 1875 - 1956.

Fargo, George R. 1863 - 1948. w/ Minnie F. Brown.
Fargo, Minnie F. (Brown) 1866 - 1933. w/o George R. Fargo.

Farr, Christopher M. b. Feb. 11,1974. d. Aug. 26, 1989. SON

Fellows, Charles A. 1871 - 1936. w/ Ella D. Hazzard.

Fellows, Ella D. (Hazzard). 1877 - 19__. d/o Laberton & Louisa L. Hazzard.

(Children of Charles A. & Ella D. (Hazzard) Fellows were: Lee, Chauncey,
Kenneth, and Lloyd)

Fellows, Royce E. 1916 - ?. w/ Helen G. Williams. DAD

Fellows, Helen G. (Williams). b. Sept. 2, 1918. d. Oct. 27, 1992 in her
home, following an extended illness. Age 74. d/o Marshall & Florence
(Hedlund) Williams. w/o Royce E. Fellows. MOM

Feltell, Herbert Harry. b. 1896. d. Apr. 1, 1970. w/ Clara Barclay.

Feltell, Clara (Barclay) b. Nov. 27, 1896 Ellery Center. d. Nov. 1, 1982
Fenton Park Nursing Home, Jamestown, NY. Age 87. d/o John Spencer & Jennie
(Simmons) Barclay. w/o Herbert Henry Feltell. Clara had been a Buffalo
resident for 30 years before moving to Florida in 1955, and returning to
Jamestown, NY in 1963. She was preceded in death by four sisters: Nettie
McMaster, Beulah Due, Mary Clinton and Lillian Dailey. She was preceded in
death by two brothers: Roy Barclay and Bert Barclay. (Post Journal notice

Fenton, Henry. b. Aug. 4, 1795. d. ?.

Fenton, Jacob. b. Nov. 5, 1765 at Mansfield, Conn. d. Jan. 21, 1822 at
Fluvanna, N. Y. Age 58 years. s/o Ebenezer & 2nd wife Lydia (Conant)
Fenton. He enlisted in the Continental Army at about the age of 15 years
and served during the remainder of the war. Was a pensioner. Was a brother
of Nathaniel Fenton. He married Lois Hurd of New Milford, Conn., Sept. 13,
1790. Eight children were born to them. Soon after his marriage, moved to
New Haven, Conn. where he manufactured stoneware. In 1801 moved to
Burlington, NY where he carried on pottery business several years. In 1812
moved to Mayville, NY. In 1813 moved to Jamestown, NY. In 1817 moved to
Fluvanna, NY, where he was in the pottery business. Upon his death his son,
William H. Fenton, continued the business.

Fenton, Lois (Hurd) b. 1769. d. Nov. 11, 1845. Age 76. w/o Jacob Fenton.

Fenton, William H. Esq. b. Mar. 7, 1796 in New Haven, Conn. d. Sept. 22,
1891. Age 95. s/o Jacob & Lois (Hurd) Fenton. Came with his father to
Jamestown in 1813. m. in 1817 Hannah Tracy. Upon the death of his father
Jacob, William carried on the pottery business in Fluvanna, NY. He obtained
clay for the pottery from Burtis Point across Chautauqua Lake, and when his
source of supply there gave out, he hauled clay from Levant, NY, in wagons.
He manufactured crocks, milk pans, cups and saucers. In 1826 Samuel
Whittemore entered into partnership with him and the business flourished
until about 1846. A kiln of ware worth from $200 to $250 was turned out
every two weeks. William Fenton was appointed deputy sheriff in 1817 and was
commissioned, first ensign & then lieutenant in the state militia by
Governor Clinton. He also served as commissioner of deeds and in 1823 was
named justice of the peace in which office he served until 1871. A tall,
shaft-type monument marks the burial plot of William H. Fenton and his wife
Hannah (Tracy) Fenton in Fluvanna Cemetery.

Fenton, Hannah (Tracy). b. Sept. 19, 1797 Washington, Orange Co. Vt. d.
Nov. 1, 1880. Age 82. d/o Elias Tracy. (Elias Tracy came to Jamestown, NY
from Vt.) w/o William H. Fenton, Esq.

Fenton Ella Amanda. b. 1849. d. Feb. 15, 1849. Age 0/10/6. d/o Erasmus & Amanda Fenton.

Fenton, William Henry. b. 1847. d. Feb. 25, 1849. Age 2/10/0. s/o Erasmus & Amanda Fenton.
(*Erasmus d. Oct. 29, 1900, Age 81) afterwards went to Austin, Minn. He was
a son of William H.(1796-1891) and Hannah (Tracy) (1798-1880). Fenton,.
Grandson of Jacob Fenton, the Revolutionary War soldier).

Fenton, Henry N. b. 1832. d. Apr. 30, 1876. Age 44. m. Mar. 27, 1856 in
Fredonia, NY. Anna Malvina Martin of Ellery.

Fenton, Anna Malvina (Martin). b. Feb. 11, 1857. d. Oct. 24, 1861. w/o
Henry N. Fenton.

Fenton, Nelson Orrin. 1836 - 1926. s/o Orrin & Lucy J. (Avery) Fenton. w/
Melissa (Klock) Smiley.

Fenton Melissa (Klock) Smiley. (Melissa widow of J. Wallace Smiley of
Ellery) b. 1837. d. Aug. 2, 1913. Age 74. w/o Nelson Orrin Fenton. Melissa
had brothers: Elliott & George Klock of Sheffield, Ill, sister, Mrs. Elna
Richards of Kansas, Mrs. Sarah Saunders of Chicago, Mrs. Emma Mudge of
Princeton, Ill. A brother, Martin Klock died July 4, ?.

Fenton, Dora Elizabeth. 1876 - 1921. d/o Nelson Orrin & Melissa (Klock)
Fenton. She m. Oct. 15, 1904 in Westfield, NY, Willis W. Hubbard.

Ferguson, Amy "Amie" (Arnold). b. Jan 28, 1782 in RI. d. Apr. 11, 1872. Age
90/3/9. w/o Amos John Ferguson.

Ferguson, Amos John. b. July 23, 1775. d. Aug. 3, 1859. Age 84.
w/ Amy "Amie" Arnold. (*See his bio).

Ferrin, Stephen. b. 1857. d. June 14, 1912. w/ Ellen V. Smiley.

Ferrin, Ellen V. (Smiley) ? - ?. Buried in family lot at Fluvanna. d/o
Freeburn Lewis & Ann (Brown) Smiley.

Finson, Marietta J. (Miller) 1923 - ? w/o Marvin S. Finson.

Finson, Marvin S. b. June 20, 1918 Jamestown, NY. d. Sept. 27, 1996 in his
home at East Ave., Greenhurst, NY. Age 78. s/o Arthur & Carrie (Shaw)
Finson. m. June 24, 1950 Marietta J. Miller. A Greenhurst resident since
1946. Was a self-employed carpet layer for more than 30 years, retiring in
1981. As a child, he lived in Bradford, Pa., and during the summers lived in
Sheldon Hall in Greenhurst, NY, assisting his father as boat driver for the
Sheldon family. A 1936 graduate of Bradford High School. Was a veteran of
World War II, honorably discharged as Machinist Third Class in the U.S.
Navy. Preceded in death by a brother, Arthur Finson, who died serving in WW

Fisher, Amanda. b. Oct. 5, 1809. d. Apr. 7, 1864.

Fletcher, Clayton W. b. Feb. 26, 1917. d. Jan. 1, 1970. PVC. Co. D 181st
Inf. WW II.

Ford, William H. 1869 - ?. w/ Lottie A. Parker.

Ford, Lottie A. (Parker). There is a stone for her in Fluvanna Cemetery. d/o
Charles D. & Sylvia (Norton) Parker.

Ford, Mary L. (Ketchum). 1900 - 1930. d/o Edward Ketchum. MOTHER.

Ford, Nathan. b. May 14, 1927. d. Mar.25, 1997.

Forsberg, Carl V. 1895 - 1977. w/ Gunhild M.

Forsberg, Gunhild M. 1898 - 1977. w/o Carl V. Forsberg.

Fox, Ella S. ?? - ??. Buried on the Enos Warren lot at Fluvanna Cemetery.

Fox, John Allen Jr. b. Aug. 6, 1915. d. Dec. 31, 1972. s/o John Allen Sr. & Mary Isbel Fox. m. Martha Vivian Johnson in Aug. 1952. John graduated from
Jamestown High School, served 4 1/2 years in the U.S. Army. WW II. 1952
employed by Jamestown Post Office. Chautauqua Branch National Assn. of
Letter Carriers.

Fox, Martha Vivian (Johnson). 1924 - ??. d/o Paul A. & Belva (Cowing)
Johnson. w/o John Alen Fox Jr. Martha a graduate from Bemus Point High

Fralick, Harriett J. b. 1939. d. Sept. 29, 1956. w/o Robert R. Fralick.
Fralick, Robert R. 1935 - ??. w/ Harriett J.

Frank, Miram M. (Wilson). b. Feb. 19, 1866 Isle of Man. d. Aug.11, 1919
Jamestown, NY. w/o Ernest Frank. Miriam a sister of John Joseph Wilson.

Frost, Nelson. 1838 - 1910. w/ Jeanette Heath. Civil War.
Frost, Janette (Heath). 1842 - 1915. d/o Isaac and Lucretia (Lee) Heath.
Sister of Mary Heath and Ira Heath.

Furlow, Frank H. b. Oct. 12, 1869 in Ellery. d. Apr. 8, 1942. s/o Charles
H. & Amelia (Kibbe) Furlow. m. Mar. 28, 1896 at Levant, Nellie Ballou of
Ross Mills. He was survived by his wife, a son, and two sisters: Mrs. Esther
Luce of Poland, NY and Mrs. Ruth Ostrander of Gerry, NY. He had been a
farmer in the Town of Ellery all of his life.

Gane, Anna "Evelyn" (Johnson). b. Dec. 16, 1885 in Ellery Center. d. May 30,
1948 in Town of Ellicott. Age 62. d/o Charles & Augusta (Johndahl) Johnson.
w/o William A. Gane.

Gane, William A. 1883 - 1956. w/ Anna "Evelyn" Johnson.

Gane, Howard W. b. Dec. 3, 1919 Town of Chautauqua. d. May 20, 1988. Age
68. s/o William A. & Anna "Evelyn" (Johnson) Gane. m. July 16, 1943 in
England, Gwendolene Crisp. Howard Gane attended area schools and was a 1937
graduate of Jamestown High School. A veteran of U.S. Army, he served in
World War II in Europe from 1942 to 1945 with the 275th engineer
photomapping company. He was employed by Dahlstrom Manufacturing Co. prior
to his retirement, in 1953. He was a champion speed skateer in the county
before and after the war and was a member of National Ski Patrol at Peak'N
Peak from 1956 to 1987. He was preceded in death by a brother, Robert Gane.
(Post Journal 7/19/1985)

Gates, Albert Clinton. b. Feb. 26, 1854 Town of Ellery. d. Dec. 1928. s/o
Grandison & Lucy (Dawley) Gates. m. in 1883 Corinne A. Brown.

Gates, Corinne A. (Brown). b. Mar. 3, 1861. d. Oct. 30, 1899. Age 38/7/27.
d/o Samuel & Abigail (Gates) Brown.

(Albert & Corinne (Brown) Gates had two sons that were named Albert H.

Gates, Albert H. b. June 14, 1857. d. Sept. 26, 1861. Age 4/3/12. s/o Albert
& Corinne (Brown) Gates.

Gates, Albert H. b. Feb. 9, 1888. d. Apr. 11, 1888. s/o Albert & Corinne A.
(Brown) Gates.

Gates, Thereas Birdena. b. 1895. d. Apr. 12, 1900 at parents home, Fluvanna,
NY. Age 5yr. 1 mo. d/o Albert C. & Corinne A. (Brown) Gates.

Gates, Edgar Osmon. b. d. Sep, 26, 1861. Age 4-3-11. s/o E.M. & L.A. Gates.

Giffin, Isaac O. b. 1830. d. July 3, 1870. w/ Ann.

Giffin, Ann. ?? - ??. w/o Isaac O. Giffin. Thought to be buried in Fluvanna

Giffin, Catharine. b. 1849. d. Feb. 12, 1865. Age 16/0/9. d/o Isaac O. & Ann

Giffin. Agnes A. 1862 - 1940. Thought to be the d/o Isaac O. & Ann

Gifford, Holder. 1802 - 1830. w/ Abigail Simmons.

Gifford, Agigail (Simmons). b. Sept. 6, 1804. d. 1874. d/o Jonas & Elsie
(Strunk) Simmons. (She m. 2nd John Camp.)

Gifford, Thomas Holder, Sr. 1830 - 1907. s/o Holder & Abigail (Simmons)
Gifford. m. Sept. 5, 1854 in Jamestown, NY, Mary R. Jones.

Gifford, Mary R. (Jones). 1831 - 1911. d/o Abram Jones. Mary sister to Rev.
Emory Jones.

Gifford, Dr. Herman L. 1866 - 1924. s/o Thomas Holder & Mary R. (Jones)

Gifford, Thomas W. b. 1859 - ?. s/o Thomas Holder & Mary R. (Jones)

Gifford, Adelia G. 1856 - 1927. d/o Thomas Holder & Mary R. (Jones)
Gifford. w/ Frank Edward Staples.

Gilligan, Levina (Norton) b. Nov. 6, 1881 Jamestown, d. Apr. 11, 1953 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 71. d/o Joseph & Elizabeth (Gowan) Norton. 1st
w/o Joseph Gilligan. 2nd w/o Leon Simmons.

Gilligan, John R. b. Dec. 24, 1908. d. Jan.26, 2000. s/o Joseph and Lavinia
(Norton) Gilligan. m. Sept. 18, 1935 in Ripley, Una L. Hunt. John preceded
in death by sisters, Julie Cullen and Marian Dahlbeck.

Gilligan, Una L. b. May 16, 1912 Columbus, Ohio. d. Mar. 8, 1994 WCA
Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 81. d/o John & Lela (Carhart) Hunt. w/o John R.
Gilligan. Una a graduate of Jamestown High School and had been employed in
the Fluvanna Elementary School Cafeteria for 12 years. Preceded in death by
brother John Hunt who died in 1954; and sister, Gwendolyn Hunt who died in
1929. Survived by sister Dorothy Wilson, Gray of Zephyr Hills, Fla.

Glover, Charles M. 1880 - 1956. w/ Hattie M.
Glover, Hattie M. 1878 - 1955. w/o Charles M. Glover.

Goldstein, Abraham. 1863 - 1929. w/ Gertrude Furlow.
Goldstein, Gertruce (Furlow). 1863 - 1934.

Gray, Huldah. b. Mar.10, 1766. d. July 6, 1849. Age 80/3/26. w/o John Gray.

Gray John. b. Feb.6, 1767. d. Apr. 6, 1847. Age 80/2/10. (Other records
have John & Huldah buried in the Bemus Point Cemetery.)

Greek, Julia (Earll). b. Apr. 30, 1897 in Limestoen, NY. d. Dec. 4, 1955,
WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 98. d/o James and Allie (Hough) Earll. w/
_________Greek. A Jamestown resident since 1921. Prior to retirement in 1959
was a long time employee of the Automatic Voting Machine Corp. Julia
survived by 9 nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by brothers: William,
Henry and Fred Earll; & sisters: Ellen Milks, Iva Drew, Anna Sheldon, Eva
Hill and Chloe Earll.

Green Minnie M. (Clark). 1871 - 1924. d/o Charles Wesley & Martha L.
(Putnam) Clark. w/o David Green.

Green, Arthur H. 1885 - 1953. w/ Lilian M.

Green, Lilian M. 1888 - 1997. w/o Arthur H. Green.

Green, Raymond E. b. Aug.6, 1916. d. Mar. 23, 1983. 1st Lt. US Army WW II.

Gregg, A. Conrad. b. Apr. 24, 1903 Brockston, Pa. d. 4:30 a.m. Thursday,
Nov. 5, 1981 Westfield Memorial Hospital, Westfield, NY. Age 78. s/o Arthur
C. and Seora (Anderson) Gregg. w/ Ada Feather. Mr. Gregg had 2 sisters: Inez
Bliss and Marian Hennas, and a brother Peter Gregg. Mr. Gregg was a resident
of Dutch Hollow Road for many years. Before retiring in 1968, he had been
an erection manager at Hopes Windows, Inc. where he had been employed for 53
years. Following his retirement he lived in Mayville for six years, and in
Sinclairville the past three years. An avid sportsman, with interest in
baseball, football and bowling.

Gregg, Ada (Feather). 1906 - ??. w/o Conrad A. Gregg.

Gregg, C. Thomas. 1928`- 1956. US VETERAN.

Gregg, Douglas C. 1932 - 1941.

Gregory, Charles "Henry". b. Dec. 19, 1834. d. Nov. 21, 1912. w/ Lucy M.
12th Ohio Lt. Inf. Civil War.

Gregory, Lucy. b. Feb. 5, 1842. d. Dec.25, 1899. w/o Charles "Henry"

Griffin, Hattie B. b. d. Feb. 7, 1893. Age 11/5/10. d/o W. S. & M. J.

Griffin, Catherine. b. 1849. d. Feb. 12, 1865 of diphtheria. Age 16y 9d. d/o
Justin & Ann Griffin.

Griffin, Charles. 1841 - 1905.

Griffin, Isaac O. b. ?. d. July 3, 1870. Age 67. m. Ann Crick Aug. 17,

Griffin, Ann (Crick). b. Nov. 4, 1811 South Lopham, England. D. Jan. 20,
1881 as a result of a fall. Age 62/9/15. d/o Jonathan Elijah & Ann Crick.
Came to America with parents in spring of 1830. m. 1st Isaac O. Griffin. m.
2nd V. R. Thompson.

Griffith, Albert (5). b. Aug. 23, 1844. d. Mar. 27, 1920. s/o William Bemus
(4) & Mary (Dunton) Griffith. (Albert (5), William (4), John (3), Jeremiah
(2), Seth (1) Griffith) m. Aug. 27, 1867 Mariette Walkup.

Griffith, Mariette (Walkup). b. Mar. 2, 1848. d. Sept. 2, 1921. d/o _____& Marinda (Andrews) Walkup. w/o Albert (5) Griffith.
(Child of Albert (5) & Mariette (Walkup) Griffith was: Florence D.)

Griffith, Jeremiah (2). b. July 28, 1758, at Norwich, Conn. d. June 10,
1842. Age 83 years and 10 months. s/o Seth (1) & Polly (Wescott) Griffith.
He enlisted in the American Army in 1775 and served for five months as
private in the company of Captain Hezekiah Baldwin, Connecticut Militia.
Re-enlisted and served under Capt. Beebe, Connecticut Militia, for six
months, and again in 1776 under Capt. Link Hanford, and in 1777 was on the
northern frontier in the winter campaign in Canada. Again re-enlisted and
served in 1778 under Capt. Hamcrack, N. Y. State Militia. At the time of his
application for pension, which was granted, he was 68 years old, and it is
recorded that he made the trip from Griffith's Point, Chautauqua County, N.
Y., to Washington, D. C., on horseback. In February, 1806, with his wife and
six children, and all his family possessions stowed away on a wood-sled,
drawn by oxen, he took up his line of march from Madison County, N. Y., for
the west. He reached Chautauqua in due time and leaving his wife and
children at Mayville proceeded down the east shore of Chautauqua Lake where
he found William Bemus who had made a settlement near what is now known as
Bemus Point. On the advice of Bemus he decided to settle at the place now
known as Griffith's Point. At that time it was an unbroken wilderness from
that section to Warren, Pa. Returning to Mayville he started with his family
down the lake side and was for a time lost in a blinding snow storm, but
finally reached the log cabin of Wm. Bemus. The next day they all started
for Griffith's Point, and in three days' time had erected a log house. He
married Mary Parable Crapsy, who was born Feb. 8, 1764. They had six
children: John, Seth, Samuel, Mary "Polly", Jeremiah, and Alexander. He is
mentioned in the Pension List of 1840, aged 82, residing with A. Griffith in
the town of Ellery.

Griffith, Mary Parable (Crapsey). b. Feb. 8, 1764. d. Apr. 12, 1854. Age 90
yr. 2 mo. d/o John Oldick Crapsey. w/o Jeremiah (2) Griffith.

GRIFFITH, Alexander (4). b. July 15, 1815. d. May 7, 1909 town of Ellery.
Age 94. s/o Samuel (3) and Elsie (Simmons) Griffith. (Alexander (4), Samuel
(3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. May 30, 1837 Martha Martin.

Griffith, Martha (Martin). b. 1819. d. Nov. 6, 1881. Age 70. d/o Henry & Anna (Fenton) Martin. w/o Alexander(4) Griffith.

(The children of Alexander (4) & Martha (Martin) Griffith were: Merritt F.,
Ella Philena, Edna Florence, and Marcus Alexander).

Griffith, Merritt F. (5). b. Dec. 7, 1839. d. June 5, 1921. s/o Alexander
(4) & Martha (Martin) Griffith. m. Mar. 1, 1863 Mary "Polly" Reed. Merritt
F. (5), Alexander (4), Samuel (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith)

Griffith, Mary "Polly" (Reed). 1838 - 1926. w/o Merritt F. (5) Griffith.

(The children of Merritt F. (5) & Mary "Polly" (Reed) Griffith were: Bertie,
Riley A. and Mary M.)

Griffith, Bertie (6). b. 1864. d. 1864 Infant. s/o Merritt F. (5) & Mary
"Polly" (Reed) Griffith. (Bertie (6), Merritt (5), Alexander (4), Samuel
(3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith.

Griffith, Riley A. (6). b. May 31, 1865 (stone says 1866). d. 1942. s/o
Merritt F. (5) & Mary "Polly" (Reed) Griffith. Riley A. (6), Merritt F. (5),
Alexander (4), Samuel (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. May 28, 1898
Julia Durant Stevenson.

Griffith, Julia Durant (Stevenson). b. 1857/58. d. Dec. 3, 1910. w/o Riley
A. (6) Griffith.

Griffith, Mary M. (6). b. Sept. 21, 1866 or May 9, 1866. d. Sept. 22, 1951.
d/o Merritt F. (5) & Mary "Polly" (Reed) Griffith. Mary M. (6), Merritt (5),
Alexander (4), Samuel (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. June 19, 1895
Milton Klock. Milton E. Klock. b. Aug. 3, 1862 Ellery. d. Feb. 21, 1949. Bd.
Fluvanna Cemetery. (Mary M. (6) Griffith & Milton Klock had a child Marian
S. Klock who was b. Feb. 10, 1897.

GRIFFITH, Ella Philena (5). b. Dec. 26, 1847. d. 1934. d/o Alexander (4) & Martha (Martin) Griffith. Ella Philena (5), Alexander (4), Samuel (3),
Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. Unmarried.

Griffith, Edna Florence (5). b. June 16, 1849. d. Sept. 14, 1922. d/o
Alexander (4) & Martha (Martin) Griffith. Edna Florence (5), Alexander (4),
Samuel (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. bd. probably Fluvanna
Cemetery. m. May 25, 1871 George L. Robbins. b. 1849. d. Sept. 14, 1944.
bd. Fluvanna Cemetery.

(Child of Edna Florence (5) Griffith & George L. Robbins was Mark Lysle

GRIFFITH, Marcus "Mark" Alexander (5). b. Mar. 14, 1852. d. Jan. 1937. s/o
Alexander (4) & Martha (Martin) Griffith. Marcus "Mark Alexander (5),
Alexander (4), Samuel (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith.
m. 1st Sept 14, 1881 Eva A. Lee. m. 2nd Sept 17, 1896 Ida King. m. 3rd
Minnie Eldora Brown Watson.

Griffith, Eva A. (Lee). b. April 27, 1856 (1857 on stone). d. Apr. 26, 1880
at Griffith's Point, Town of Ellery. d/o George & Julia M. Lee.
1st w/o Marcus "Mark" Alexander (5) Griffith.

Griffith, Ida (King). b. 1859. d. Aug. 27, 1917. 2nd w/o Marcus "Mark"
Alexander (5) Griffith.

Griffith, Minnie Endora (Brown) Watson. b. July 26, 1867 Ellery. d. Sept.
11, 1937. Buried Sept. 14, 1937, Lot 252 in the Bemus Point Cemetery beside
her first husband. d/o Joshua French & Cornelia (Haskin) Brown. Minnie m.
1st to Sherman L. Watson. 2nd w/o Marcus "Mark" Alexander (5) Griffith.

Griffith, Martha Arlene (6). b. Nov. 10, 1885. d. Mar. 26, 1888 Ellery. Age
2/4/15. d/o Marchu "Mark" Alexander (5) & Eva (Lee) Griffith. Martha Arlene
(6), Marcus "Mark" Alexander (5), Alexander (4), Samuel (3), Jeremiah (2),
Seth (1) Griffith.

Griffith, Nelson (4). b. July 31, 1823. d. Mar. 23, 1911. (stone reads Feb.
23, 1911). s/o Seth (3) & Polly Mary (Reynolds) Griffith. Nelson (4), Seth
(3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. Mar. 5, 1846 at Fluvanna, NY, Emily
Acocks Shaw.

Griffith, Emily Acocks (Shaw). b. May 12, 1828 in log cabin. d. Jan. 28,
1931 at home of daughter at Chautauqua, NY. Age 102/8/16. d/o Russell D. & Mary Ann (Acocks) Shaw. (Emily the oldest of 9 children.) w/o Nelson (4)

(Children of Nelson (4) & Emily Acocks (Shaw) Griffith were: Francis L.,
Mary Ann, Frederick Willard, Emma Minerva, Warner Shaw and Irving Nelson.)

Griffith, Mary Ann. (5). b. July 5, 1849 Griffith's Point. d. Oct. 17, 1938
at Chautauqua. Age 89/2/10. d/o Nelson (4) & Emily A. (Shaw) Griffith. Mary
Ann (5), Nelson (4), Seth (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. Never
married. Her father and brother built a boat named the Mary A. Griffith
later called the City of Erie.

Griffith, Franklin (4). b. July 1, 1814. d. Dec. 10, 1896 Dewittville, NY.
Age 82. s/o Samuel (3) & Elsie (Simmons) Griffith. Franklin (4), Samuel (3),
Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. 1st Dec. 11, 1836 Eliza (3) Griffith.
(Eliza (3) a cousin). m. 2nd Mar. 1, 1855 Sally Young. (Sally d. Sept. 19,
1869 and is buried in Dewittville Cemetery). m. 3rd Sept. 29, 1870 Janett
Garfield, d/o Minot & Sarah (Green) Hoyt. (Janett Garfield d. June 1916 and
is buried in Dewittville Cemetery).

(Children of Franklin (4) & Eliza (3) (Griffith) Griffith were: Emily,
Julia, Little Eliza.)

(Child of Franklin (4) & Janett (Garfield) Griffith was: George Sumner

Griffith, Eliza (3). b. Dec. 6, 1813. d. June 16, 1854 Ellery. Age 40/6/10.
d/o Samuel (2) & Nancy (Lewis) Griffith. Eliza (3), Samuel (2), Seth (1)
Griffith. w/o Franklin (4) Griffith. (Eliza & Franklin were cousins).

Griffith, Eliza (5). b. 1861. d. as an infant in 1866. d/o Franklin (4) & Eliza (3) (Griffith) Griffith. Eliza (5), Franklin (4), Samuel (3), Jeremiah
(2), Seth (1) Griffith.

Griffith, Emma Minerva (5). b. July 16, 1856. d. Jan. 15, 1876 (stone reads
Nov. 4, 1862) d/o Nelson (4) & Emily A. (Shaw) Griffith. Emma Minerva (5),
Nelson (4), Seth (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith.

Griffith, Francis "Frank" Lafayette (5). b. Dec. 9, 1846. d. Dec. 2, 1914
Jones Hospital, Jamestown, NY. Age 68. s/o Nelson (4) & Emily A. (Shaw)
Griffith. Francis "Frank" Lafayette (5) Nelson (4), Seth (3), Jeremiah (2),
Seth (1) Griffith. m. Oct. 20, 1869 Ellen Douglas Smith. From records of
Chautauqua Alms House & Asylum bk. 2 1867-1918, Pg 144. Frank L. Griffith
July 3, 1913, Age 65 Ellery, discharged July 19, 1913. Again admitted to the
Chautauqua County Poor Farm July 3, 1914, age 65. Married. Born Ellery, N.Y.
His father was a farmer who was born in Ellery. His mother was born in
Ellicott. Mother was Emily Shaw Griffith. Frank's occupation was a clerk.
He was admitted because he was sick.

Griffith, Ellen Douglas (Smith). b. July 25, 18 (47?). d. Feb. 28, 1924. at
Palm Beach, Fla. suddenly. Age 77. She is buried in the Bemus Point
Cemetery. d/o Daniel Eldridge & Mary Jane (Hale) Smith.
w/o Frank Lafayette (5) Griffith.

Griffith, Frederick Willard (5). b. Oct. 4, 1852. d. Jan. 15, 1876 in New
York City. s/o Nelson (4) & Emily a. (Shaw) Griffith. Frederick Willard (5),
Nelson (4), Seth (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith.
(Obit of Capt. Fred W. Griffith - In the death of Capt. Fred Griffith, which
occurred in New York City on Saturday, Jan. 15, 1876, at the residence of
Col. Alfred Dunham, the community sustained the loss of a persevering,
honorable and faithful young man. In many respects the brief story of young
Griffith's life is worthy of imitation. He was born a little more than 23
years ago and passed his youth at the residence of his father, Mr. Nelson
Griffith, on the shore of the lake (Chautauqua) and a few miles from the
city (Jamestown). The rediments of his education were gained at the district
school near his home. He was also a student in the U.S. & C. I. for a
number of years and was faithful in the performance of his duties as a
scholar. At the conclusion of his school-days he equipped and managed a
fleet of boats at Griffith's Point, which had become by that time a popular
resort. His second business venture was in the purchase of the steamer P.J.
Hanour, which was destroyed by fire in the fall of '74. With the
perseverance which was a distinguisthing trait of his character, he set
about building a better boat, and the steamer M. A. Griffith was the result
of this determination. He commanded the boat during the last busy season,
and his dangerous, and finally fatal illness commenced just as that season
was brought to a close. Upon his partial recovery, he threw himself with
renewed energy into the work of re-building the Griffith, which had been
half consumed during his sickness. His recovery, it seems, was so only in
name, for ulceration of the bowels had commenced long before he left home
for New York and his death was certain, and probably not accelerated by the
journey. Prominently identified with the interests of our lake, as he had
always been, his list of acquaintances was large, and those who knew him
once, became his friends ever after--attracted to him by the uniform
kindness and courtesy of his manner. There was certainly something in the
life of Captain Griffith to command our respect. Good habits, perseverance,
faithfulness, strict honor and a uniformly kind manner are traits of
character worthy of imitation, of commendation, of respect.)

Griffith, Samuel (2). b. May 15, 1775 Rensselaer Co., N.Y. d. Jan 9, 1855.
Age 80/7/25 at home of son Samuel (3) in Gerry. s/o Seth (1) & Polly
(Wescott) Griffith. Samuel (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. 1798 Mancy Lewis. War

Griffith, Nancy (Lewis. b. Nov. 4, 1777 Providence, R.I. d. Feb. 6, 1860
Gerry, NY. w/o Samuel (2) Griffith.

(Children of Samuel (2) & Nancy (Lewis) Griffith were: Flora, Lorinda, Ira,
Elmira, William, Samuel, Nancy, Harriet, Eliza, and Caroline).

Griffith, Samuel (3). b. May 8, 1791 Rensselaer, New York. d. Feb. 7, 1876
at Griffith's Point, Town of Ellery. Age 80/7/2. s/o Jeremiah (2) and Mary
(Crapsey) Griffith. Samuel (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. May 29,
1813 (first wedding on record in Fluvanna) Elsie Simmons. (In memorial
newspaper clipping. Samuel Griffith, the subject of the following memoir
was the son of Jeremiah and Mary Crapsey Griffith. He was born in Renssalear
Co., N.Y. May 1791. In 1800 he moved with his parents and their family to
Madison Co. In 1806 after a long and tedious journey of several days they
arrived at Mayville, at the head of Chautauqua Lake, where they found one
resident by the name of MacEntyre. Soon after the family consisting of
Jeremiah and wife and their five sons, and one daughter, located a home near
what is now known as Griffith's Point. Many obstacles presented themselves
to the hardy pioneers. With the resolute determination which rises above all
opposition they strove to accomplish that for which they entered the forests
of Chautauqua - a home. Obtaining possession of a large and fertile tract of
land Mr. Griffith established his sons around him on good farms. Samuel
Griffith was married to Elsy Simmons, May 29, 1813, and settled on the farm
where he lived and died. They had four children. His sickness was for only
four hours. The evening before his death he was around in apparently
perfect health; was at the barn and assisted in feeding and stabling the
cattle as usual. Got in his wood and arranged for lighting the fire as he
was accustomed to upon the following morning. He awoke about 2 a.m. with a
shortness of breath, and an oppression in the chest which continued until
his death, at fifteen minutes to five. He was conscious to the very last,
talked with his family and gave the encouraging evidence of a life fully
ripe for the harvest. Almost his last words were "I'm ready to go, why
detain me longer." He died at the ripe age of 84 years, nine months. In the
death of Samuel Griffith, or as he is more familiarly known, "Uncle Sam,"
the communtiy has met with an irreparable loss. He was always a great
reader, keeping himself well posted upon all the current events of the day.
He possessed more knowledge of the early history of the settlement of
Chautauqua County, especially the southern portion than any other man now
living among us. Much of this he has left in a tangible shape for the
history of the Griffith family. He was President of that family reunion
which has been of so much interest to all desirous of perpetuating the
history of the early settlement of our country. In political life he was,
during the existence of the Whig party, a staunch defender of their
principles. He was enthusiastic in the campaign when log cabin and hard
cider prevailed, as well as the cheering songs of "Tipecanoe and Tyler too,"
re-echoed from every hill top. He was of the leaders of that party in his
town. Upon the rise of the Republican party, he at a glance took in its
sterling principles and adopted them. He was one of those few people who
knew how to grow old.

Griffith, Elsie (Simmons). b. Mar. 31, 1798. d. Dec. 3, 1885. d/o Jonas Sr.
& Elsie (Strunk) Simmons. w/o Samuel (3) Griffith.

(Children of Samuel (3) & Elsie (Simmons) Griffith were: Franklin,
Alexander, Jeanette, and Christianna).

Griffith, Seth (3). b. Dec. 20, 1787 Rensselaer Co. N.Y. d. July 6, 1859
Town of Ellery. s/o Jeremiah (2) & Mary (Crapsey) Griffith. Seth (3),
Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. Oct. 1822 Mary "Polly" Reynolds. Seth
with his brother, Samuel, operated a grist mill at Greenhurst for many

Griffith, Mary "Polly" Reynolds. b. 1794. d. June 21, 1869. Age 75. w/o Seth
(3) Griffith.

(Children of Seth (3) & Mary "Polly" (Reynolds) Griffith were: Nelson, Sarah
Abigail, Minerva, Minnie, Julia).

Griffith, Minnie (4). b. 1862. d. Aug. 10, 1865. Age 3/4/13. d/o Seth (3) & Mary "Polly" (Reynolds) Griffith. Minnie (4), Seth (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth
(1) Griffith.

Griffith, Julia (4). b. Feb 1867. d. Mar. 7, 1867. Age lm/3d. d/o Seth (3) & Mary "Polly: (Reynolds) Griffith. Julia (4), Seth (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth
(1) Griffith.

Griffith, Jeremiah Jr. (3). b. Oct. 22, 1795 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Mar. 1,
1889 Ellery. s/o Jeremiah (2) & Mary (Crapsey) Griffith. Jeremiah Jr. (3),
Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. 1817 Margaret Loucks.

Griffith, Margaret (Loucks) b. Oct 14, 1797. d. Apr. 30, 1885. Age 87/6/16.
d/o Joseph & Margaret (Mabie) Loucks Sr. w/o Jeremiah Jr. (3) Griffith. She
came with her father from Madison Co., NY.

(Children of Jeremiah (3) & Margaret (Loucks were: Wellington H., George
Washington, Jane, Mary E., Mary M., Cordelia and F. Amotette.)

Griffith, Mary E. (4). b. Dec. 24, 1824. d. July 18, 1825. Age 1/6/10.
Probably buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery. Mary E. (4), Jeremiah (3),
Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith.

Griffith, Alexander Hamilton (3). b. July 17, 1805 Madison Co., NY. (see his
2 bios). d.June 30, 1879 in Town of Ellery. s/o Jeremiah (2) and Mary
(Crapsey) Griffith. alexander Hamilton (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith.
Married 1st Jan 5, 1832 Abigail Maria Strickland. Married 2nd Martha L.

Griffith, Abigail Maria (Strickland). b. May 18, 1816. d. Feb. 19, 1846. 1st
w/o Alexander Hamilton (3) Griffith.

(Children of Alexander Hamilton (3) & Abigail Maria (Strickland) Griffith
were Ellen E., Robert B., Guy s., Alisina A. and Richard A.)
Griffith, Martha L. (Sacket) b. Feb. 20, 1815. d. Nov. 6, 1891 Ellery. Age
70. d/o Filer & Deborah (Waterman) Sackett. 2nd w/o Alexander Hamilton (3)

(Children of Alexander Hamilton (3) & Martha L. Sackett) Griffith were:
Jeremiah Sackett, Norman R. and Harriet L.)

Griffith, Robert B. (4). b. April 1, 1836. d. Aug. 20, 1895 in Greenhurst at
home of his brother. Age 59/4/19. s/o Alexander Hamilton (3) & Abigail
Maria (Strickland) Griffith. Robert B. (4), Alexander Hamilton (3), Jeremiah
(2), Seth (1) Griffith. Unmarried. For 23 years was a pilot on Chautauqua

Griffith, Guy S. (4). b. Jan 9, 1838. d. Nov 14, 1913 at Fluvanna at home
of E. S. Sample. s/o Alexander Hamilton (3) & Abigail Maria (Strickland)
Griffith. Guy S. (4), Alexander Hamilton (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1)
Griffith. Married 1st Jan 10, 1877 in Fluvanna
Carrie Messenger. Guy Griffith married 2nd Oct 11, 1883 at Pickard Hotel,
Bemus Point, Loania Annette S. Briggs of Lottsville, Pa.

Griffith, Carrie (Messenger). b. Apr. 25, 1848. d. June 23, 1882 in Ellery.
Age 33/9/6. 1st w/o Guy S. (4) Griffith.

Griffith, Loania Annette (Briggs) of Lottsville, Pa. b. 1851. d. Oct. 1934
at home of son-in-law Edwin F. Sample at Sunnyside. Age 83.2nd w/o Guy S.
(4) Griffith.

Griffith, Richard A. (4). b. Jan. 28, 1844. d. May 5, 1862. Age 22. (may
not be buried in the Fluvanna Cemetery). s/o Alexander Hamilton (3) & Abigail Maria (Strickland) Griffith. Richard A. (4), Alexander Hamilton (3),
Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. Enlisted in Co. B, 72nd Regt., N.Y. S.V. in
the Civil War. Was killed in the battle of Williamsburg.

GRIFFITH, Jeremiah "Sackett" (4). b. Nov. 20, 1849. d. Feb. 14, 1914.
(stone says Feb 10, 1914) at Bemus Point. Ae 64/2/20. s/o Alexander Hamilton
(3) & Martha L. (Sacket) Griffith. Jeremiah "Sackett" (4), Alexander
Hamilton (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. 1st June, 1869 Louise H.
Smith. m. 2nd Mar. 6, 1907 Mrs. Ellen Armenia Hale Yorker. Jeremiah
"Sackett" (4) Griffith for 11 years was a mail carrier. He was survived by
a sister, Harriette (4) "Hattie" Gates, w/o Ernest E. Gates. and a half
sister Alisina (4) A. Griffith, w/o Franklin Bendict, and half-sister, Ellen
(4) Griffith, w/o Delos Chamberlain.

Griffith, Louise H. (Smith). b. 1849. d. Nov. 20, 1892. Age 42/8/12. 1st
w/o Jeremiah "Sackett" Griffith.

(Children of Jeremiah "Sackett" and Louise H. (Smith) Grtiffith were:
Lillian "Lillie", Grace and an infant son.)

Griffith, Infant Son (5). b. ?. d. 1887. s/o Jeremiah "Sackett" (4) & Louise
H. (Smith) Griffith. Infant son (5), Jeremiah "Sackett" (4), Alexander
Hamilton (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith.

Griffith, Grace (5). b. Feb. 18, 1886. d. Nov. 1911/12. d/o Jeremiah
"Sackett" (4) & Louise H. (Smith) Griffith. Grace (5), Jeremiah "Sackett"
(4), Alexander Hamilton (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith.

Griffith, Lillian "Lillie" I. (5). b. June 22, 1870. d. Nov. 19, 1894
Ellery. Age 24/9/22. d.o Jeremiah "Sackett" (4) & Louise H. (Smith)
Griffith. Lillian "Lillie" (5), Jeremiah "Sackett" (4), Alexander Hamilton
(3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith)

Griffith. Ellen Armenia (Hale) Yorker. Ellen married 1st to Anthony Yorker.
1858 - 1929. d/o Milton Alfred & Ariette (Arnold) Hale. 2nd w/o Jeremiah
"Sackett" (4) Griffith.

GRIFFITH, Norman R. (4). b. Sept 17, 1851. d. Jan 13, 1871. s/o Alexander
Hamilton (3) & Martha L. (Sackett) Griffith. Norman R. (4), Alexander
Hamilton (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith.

Griffith, John (3). b. June 2, 1785 Rensselaer Co., NY. d. Sept. 23, 1849
Ellery. Eldest s/o Jeremiah (2) & Mary (Crapsey) Griffith. John (3),
Jeremiah (2), Seth (1) Griffith. m. Feb. 28, 1809 Tryphena Bemus. After his
father's death, John operated the farm at Griffith's Point until his death.
John (3) Griffith is buried in the Bemus Point Cemetery.

Griffith, Tryphena (Bemus) b. Apr. 23, 1793 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NY.
d. Feb. 19, 1851. Age 57/9/25. d/o William & Mary (Prendergast) Bemus.
Tryphena is buried in the Bemus Point Cemetery beside her husband John (3)

(Children of John (3) & Tryphena (Bemus) Griffith were: Mary Bemus, William
Bemus, Martha (Patty), Clarissa, John, Jedediah, Nancy, Minerva, Catherine,
James, Daniel and Ophelia).

Griffith, William Bemus (4). b. Oct. 9, 1811. d. Mar 8, 1879. s/o John (3)
& Tryphena (Bemus) Griffith. William Bemus (4), John (3), Jeremiah (2), Seth
(1) Griffith. m. Dec. 6, 1836 Mary Dunton.

Griffith, Mary (Dunton). b. June 8, 1814. d. Oct. 16, 1881 Ellery. Age
67/4/8. w/o William Bemus (4) Griffith.

(Children of William Bemus (4) & Mary (Dunton) Griffith were: Charles, and

Griffith, Jedediah (4). b. Sept. 20, 1822 Ellery. d. Mar. 29, 1849. s/o John
(3) & Tryphena (Bemus) Griffith. Jedediah (4), John (3), Jeremiah (2) Seth
(1) Griffith. m. Jan. 9, 1844/45 Sarah Jane Arms.

Griffith, Sarah Jane (Arms). b. Sept. 6, 1821. d. Mar. 1, 1903. Buried in
Winong, Minn. d/o Oliver & Sarah E. (Hale) Arms. Sarah Jane went to live in
Winona, Minn. She m. 2nd Kemuel Holbrook.

(Child of Jedediah (4) & Sarah Jane (Arms) Griffith was: Lucy Isadora

Grimes, James L. Sr. b. Dec. 5, 1927 Jasper, Tenn. d. Oct. 5, 1999. Age 71.
s/o Benjamin & Lillian (Brown) Grimes. A veteran of U.S. Army serving from
1946 - 1947.

Gross, Albert V. 1902 - 1983. w/ Mary C.
Gross, Mary C. 1907 - 1985. w/o Albert V.

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SOURCE: Compiled and digitized by Dolores Davidson, 2001.
Data from many sources, including the old records of Minnie Cohen transcribed in1932 and from the Enchanted Mountains Genealogy Cemetery site, compiled by EMGS Member James J. Emborsky with permission of the President, Mary Bryant, in a shared database old obits and bios newspaper clippings etc. and current obituaries and the records of Loraine Smith, and by family data; and all data corrected and edited by Loraine Smith, Town of Ellery Historian; according to her records.