MAYVILLE, NY (Jackson St.)

This is another reading of this cemetery it differs somewhat from the other reading. No note of when  or who did this reading.

BURROWS         Betsey/ Jabez /  C.E. /  John  B. /  Sarah  A.

HAWKINS         Nancy

HENRY   Albert / Laura Dodge / Orrin

                        Sacred to the memory of  Jabez Burrows
                        who died  15  March  1855  in his  83rd year
                        also footstone

                        Betsey,  wife of  Jabez
                        died 10  June  1838  in her  65th year.

                        Footstone:  CEB  (Charles  E.  son of Jabez)

                        John  B.  Burrows,  son of  C.E.  &  Sarah A.  Burrows
                        died  14  July  1837  age  2years  9 months  18 days.

                        Albert Henry  son of  Orrin  and  Laura  A.  Dodge
                        died  15  December  1839  aged  2 years  5 months  19 days.

                        [*  in my opinion Albert  Henry was probably  a Dodge
                             Albert Henry Dodge.  parents Orrin  & Laura.   dmm]

SOURCE: Information provided by Donna Mills, 1999.