CHAUTAUQUA, NY (Bloomer Road)

The Bushee Cemetery is located on the farm of Claude Harrington on the Bloomer Road just outside Mayville.  I used the first road past the school house which brought me close to the farm.  In 1947 when I copied this cemetery, one drove into the barnyard, circled the pig pen on foot and the cemetery was about 50 feet beyond, under the trees.
This cemetery reminds me of the little girl who was regaled with the feats of her ancestors in the early days of our country’s history.  According to the family, the family heroes won the battles almost singlehanded and were bosom companions to all the generals of that day, including Gen. George Washington.  When she reached the school age of history books she was horrified and chagrined to find no mention of a single ancestor.  We have looked for Bushee, Chace, Aspinwall and Preglitzer families without success.  They just aren’t in any of the numerous Chautauqua County history books nor is there such a name in the telephone book.  Like the old adage, they must have "pulled the hole in after them."  Isn’t there a single descendant in all Chautauqua County?
In the Mayville Cemetery is George Pregitzer with wife Rosa.  Is he the same George with a second wife.  There, too, is Joseph Clackner (1794-1866) and wife Angeline with a list of his children and their dates of birth and death, but no B.  Did I miscopy it?  Eroded stones are hard to trace, so probably, and hopefully, it is not a B.  Is little Benny a grandson of Dr. W.C. Chace buried in the Peacock section of the Mayville Cemetery?
A woman in Sugargrove has searched for a female Chace ancestor in this locality without success.  The only Esek of Isaac Smith we find is the father of Rodney of Smith Mills, neither of whom were presumably in the Mayville area.
For whom is the footstone P.M. with the headstone broken off leaving "died May 9, 1841?"  The Daniel persistently traces DAIILL.  Daniel is merely a guess on my part.  Is Minor Aspenwall in the Mayville Cemetery a son of Caleb and Martha and a brother of Lafayette?  The Mayville Sentinel for Jan. 3, 1850 gives this item:  "In this town, December 30 by Rev. Leonard Halsey, Mr. LaFayette Aspinwall and Miss Jane Bloomer, all of this town."  Lafayette died at age 35.  What happened to Jane?  Was she a daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth?
There is a beautiful block fallen on its face from its pedestal.  We were told it was a Bushee monument.  What does it say?  Is Benjamin a brother of Anthony Bushee in the Doty Cemetery at Stebbins Corners, town of Hanover?
We were more successful with the Bloomer line.  Our call to the Bloomer family in Sinclairville brought a quick affirmative that they were descendants of the Bloomer Road Bloomers.  Grandfather John Bloomer (1824-1911) and wife Fannie (1832-1917) buried in the Sinclairville Cemetery were as far back as they knew.  Subtracting dates, I was sure John was a son of Benjamin. But no.  A call to the town clerk of Charlotte proved John was the son of John bloomer born in Vermont and his wife Rhoda Darrow, also born in Vermont.  John Jr. was born in Mayville.  Was John Sr. a brother of Benjamin?
Gomer Pyle says "decisions, decisions" – we say "questions, questions."
One year ago this month on May 18th we started this series of cemeteries.  While we have not had as many queries answered as we had hoped, we have had much family data shared with us for which we are very  grateful.  Since this is our second year we are going to use the letter B on our queries and answers.  It might prove easier to find a query when a belated answer comes in.


B1  ARNOLD (1) Wanted the names of parents of Charles Arnold who died 27 Feb. 1864 age 82-5-14 and is buried in the Dewittville Cemetery.  He married (1) Keziah Arnold (her maiden name also), married (2) Mrs. Ruby Cheney Sears.  (2) Known children of Charles and Keziah Arnold were Dr. Horatio N. Arnold, died 11 Sept. 1850, buried Dewittville Cemetery and Hannah who died 11 March 1909, wife of Norman Griswold Enos.  From early census records there were at least three more boys and two more girls.  Can anyone give the names of these missing children?  DB Florida

B2  When was the Mayville House built and when did it burn down?  VN

B3  HOUSE.  Saw your ad for Henry House.  I, too, am looking for a House-Obedore House.  Think he was in the Ripley area around 1853.  He was a railroad man.  VB

B4  BURCH.  My great grandfather Sylvester was born in Town of Ripley 16 May 1819 and died somewhere 2 Feb. 1909.  He is buried in the Frewsburg Cemetery.  He married Huldah Webster born 2 Aug. 1824 and died 11 May 1908 (where?).  She, too, is in the Frewsburg Cemetery.  Who were her parents?  Sylvester’s parents are buried three miles south of the village of Ripley.  What are the dates on their stones and in what cemetery are they? What are their names?

B5  PUTNAM, John Jr., son of Revolutionary War Soldier John Putnam and wife Rhoda was born 20 Sept. 1779 in Washington Co., NY and died in Westfield 22 Feb. 1859.  He is buried in the Lewis Cemetery.  He married Sabra Preston about 1800 (she was born 29 Jun 1780)  Wan her death date.  Am descended from their daughter Belveria who married Phineas Annis.  Trying to write up the family history and need more data on her brothers and sisters who were:  1-Candace 1801 married Myron Searls, moved to Illinois; 2-Leonard 1803 m. Sally Kelley moved to Crawford Co., PA; 3-Belveria 1805; 4-Maria 1807 m. John Hartwell moved to Crawford Co., PA; 5-Amanda 1808 m. Zadoc Waterman lived in Ellery; 6-Lewis 1810 m. Mary A. Russell moved to Crawford Co., PA; 7-Angeline 1811 m. Luther Jones of Ellery; 7-Harriet 1813 m. Joel Higby moved to Illinois; 8-Parmelia 1814 m. Leonard Jones (brother of Luther) moved to Illinois; 9-Caroline 1816m. Edwin Edgarton, lived in Westfield (no data at all on her); 10-Emeline 1818 m. J. Warren Himes moved to Illinois; 11 Sarah 1819 m. John Castleman moved to Wisconsin.  HTA

B6  STODDARD.  Matilda born 2 April 1830 at Watts Flats died 24 Dec. 1921.  Where did she die and where is she buried?  She was the daughter of Demis Stoddard and Elizabeth Hoag.  When were they born, and when did they die and were are they buried?  JLT

B6  NEWMAN, William D., husband of above Matilda Stoddard was born 18 April 1821.  When and where did he die and where buried?  He was the son of Nathaniel Newman and Esther Frost.  Did they ever come to Chautauqua County?  JLT

B7  TRACY, Elias (1763-1848) Revolutionary War soldier m. Lydia Gates (1765-1845), both buried in the Allen Cemetery on Willard Extension.  He was the son of Benajah Tracy and Lucy Herrick.  Does anyone have this line traced out?  Was Azariah Herrick in the same cemetery any relation?  JTL

B8  BILL, Jonathan (1751-1843) Revolutionary War soldier buried in the Dry Brook Cemetery married his cousin Asenath Bill 1759-1836.  Who were her parents?  He was the son of Jonathan Bill Sr. and Esther Owen.  Does anyone have data on this Bill-Owen ancestry?  Can anyone give Fenton Library material or leads on Jonathan and Asenath’s descendants?

B9  FENTON, Hiram born 6 July 1828 died 5 July 1862 of consumption and is buried in the Fentonville Cemetery.  He married Martha Feeney my great aunt.  She is buried in the Clendening Cemetery on Quaker Hill in Warren Co., PA.  She m. (2) Charles Rote.  After her death Charles Rote married Jane ? (she had been married before) I think they are buried in Lake View.  Hiram Fenton was a nephew of Governor Fenton.  Which brother was his father?  VB


B1  ARNOLD.  Will and probate records of Charles Arnold lists children other than Dr. Horatio and Hannah Arnold Enos.  There was Job, the eldest son (nothing known of him); Marquis W. 1814-1889, buried in Dewittville Cemetery with wife Hannah D. born 1816 (who is she?); Amy G. 1812-1885 also in Dewittville Cemetery, the second wife of Fowler Denton whom we list today with his first wife in the Pleasantville Cemetery; Mary Ann Arnold Green (could she by chance be the Mary 1821-1864 wife of Elijah Green buried in Dewittville?); and Eveline, the wife of Dexter A. Knowlton.  Unable to find the Knowltons in the 1874 directory for Chautauqua County.  Information wanted on above children.  Also wanted, the parentage of Charles Arnold.

B4  BURCH, Sylvester.  Mrs. LQS writes that her grandmother Elvira was a sister of Sylvester and that she has a genealogy written around 1950 which she will share with us.

B4  BURCH.  Correction:  Our typing was in error.  She was Elvira Burch Quaintance, not Quaint as given.

B6  STODDARD, Matilda.  Mrs. FJ, writes that Matilda was buried in the Fentonville or Frewsburg Cemetery as her mother went to the funeral.  She says that Elizabeth Hoag was the daughter of Amos and Susannah Hoag of the Hoag Road and they are buried in the Ashville Cemetery.  There is a lot of data in the letter but we need to confer and ask some questions.  Perhaps we will be able to give it in capsule form next mont.

B6  STODDARD:  Located the graves of Wm. and Matilda Stoddard Newman in the Frewburg Cemetery.  We have searched Watts Flats, Niobe, Ashville, Panama (both), West Town Line Road and Blockville Cemeteries for graves of Dennis Stoddard and wife Elizabeth Hoag.  Does anyone know where they are buried?  Or have their death dates?

B6  STODDARD, Matilda, born 2 April 1830 at Watts Flats, died 24 Dec. 1861.  She is buried in either Fentonville or Frewsburg.  My mother went to the funeral.  (Fenton:  Not listed in Fentonville, perhaps Frewsburg)  F.J.  The queryist also wishes to know where Dennis Stoddard and wife Elizabeth Hoag are buried and their dates.

BUSHEE CEMETERY:  Today we were given the names of two sisters who formerly lived on the Bloomer Road and who might have information for us.  We also had a letter from Fredonia mentioning the Aspenwall family.

BUSHEE CEMETERY:  May 31, 1969.  ASPINWALL.  There are also Aspinwalls in the Sherman Cemetery and some went to the Dakotas.  I think it was Baker, North Dakota.  The mother of my grandmother Belinda Stanton Ferguson was an Aspinwall girl.  They came from New Lisbon, NY and Belinda is buried in the Sherman Cemetery. WGS. Fredonia.

SOURCE: Fenton Historical Society Deserted Cemetery Series.  From the Jamestown Journal 31 May 1969, compiled and written by Edna Ingham