Taynter Cemetery, Town of Eaton, Madison County, NY
Taynter Cemetery, Town of Eaton, Madison County, New York, 1821 - 1855
Transcript from an old, undated and unsourced list
posted 6/20/2000
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I have not visited this cemetery,  having only learned of its existence in 2000.  Since I have not been to the site to confirm its location I am not positive that it falls within the one mile periphery boundary set for my cemetery study.  It is shown on the 1859 Gillett map of Madison County and preliminary research indicates that it lies on or very near the one mile limit of my study area.  The location is on a dead end road which runs west of West Eaton and the cemetery is shown on the 1859 map to lie on the north side of the road near the center of Lot 79 of Township #2 (Eaton).

Because I have not visited this cemetery and there are many clear errors in the copy of the undated and unsourced list that I obtained, I am not responsible any errors which remain.  Use at your own risk!

1859 Gillett's Map of Madison County
Modern Topographic Map of the Same Area
The old list (with some corrections and clarifications) says:

Located 1 1/2 miles west of West Eaton, School District #3.  This is a very old cemetery in an orchard on the hill above west Eaton, toward the old Jesse and Rob Jones place.  This cemetery has grown up to apple trees, and there is no fence, thus the farmer's cattle roam though it at will.

Those reported buried in the Taynter Cemetery include:

Bennett, Amy, wife of David Bennett, died (March or May) 30, 1852, age 78 years.
Bennett, David, died November 11, 1852, age 78 years.
Buckley, Albert E., (son of Dwight and Orpha Buckley) died May 3, 1848, (stone similar to Joseph F. Buckley's).
Buckley, Joseph F., son of Dwight and Orpha Buckley, (stone broken).
Foster, Samuel, died January 30, 1848, age 60 years.
Hatch, Ira (L. or B.), died May 21, 1849, age 38 years.
Hopkins, Cornelia, daughter of Parley and Sally Hopkins, died November 11, 1827.
Hopkins, Elizabeth, daughter of Parley and Sally Hopkins, died April 9, 1823, age 1 year 1 month 19 days.
Hopkins, G. Addiner (?), son of Isaac and Jerusha Hopkins, died February 28, 1840, age 6 years.
Hopkins, Emmarett, daughter of Daniel and Mary Jane Hopkins, died August 27, 1852, age 3 years 4 months 21 days.
Hopkins, Parley, Mr. (stone fragmented, only "Mr. ____rley ____kins" legible).
Hopkins, Patience, wife of William Hopkins, died September 6, 1839, age 63 years.
Hopkins, Sally, daughter of Parley and Sally Hopkins, died February 1, 1821, age 21 days.
Hopkins, Williams, died July 26, 1855, age 90 years.
Hutchins, Asa V., son of Horace and Lucretia Hutchins, died July 22, 1841, age 4 years.
Omans, George Riley, died April 9, 1849, age 21 years.
Parker, Adolphus, son of William L. and Hannah Parker, died July 2, (1843 or 1848), age 13 years.
Taynter, Abigail, wife of Joseph J. Taynter, died June 18, 1838, age 57 years.
Taynter, Joseph J., died December 22, 1846, age 75 years.
Taynter, Margaret E., daughter of (Lomzo) and Louisa Taynter, died April 10, 1852, age 2 years 7 months 8 days.
Taynter, Rufus H., son of (John or Joseph) and Abigail Taynter, August 21, (1841 or 1847), age 21 years, (beside the stone of Joseph J. and Abigail Taynter).
Westcott, Jeremiah, died March 18, 1852, age 56 years.
Westcott, Jeremiah J., son of Jeremiah and Julia Westcott, died July 1, 1824, (age 16 years?)
Westcott, Paul, died August 17, 1847, age 57 years.
Westcott, Salem, son of Paul and Elizabeth Westcott, died October 12, 1848, age 18 years 6 months.

END of Taynter Cemetery from an old undated transcript