Chittenango Falls Cemetery, Town of Fenner, Madison County, NY
Chittenango Falls Cemetery, Town of Fenner, Madison County, NY
(aka Chittenango)
 Field Check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, October 6 and 7, 1994
 MNI = 143, names = 122, 1830 - 1921
(old lists include: Gallup 1948, ammended by Meyer, et al.)
posted 7/19/1999
corrected 3/20/2000
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        This cemetery has been occasionally maintained over the years.  Today it is somewhat overgrown but mostly with tall grass and weeds, with the back part of the cemetery is overgrown with larger shrubs.  The site is very pleasant, but the surroundings are quite messy, with abandoned fields and a former junkyard adjacent.  The cemetery has a fine stone fence on the north, east, and south sides and this wall may have continued along the front west side but could have been taken away during road widening.  Today a set of rickety iron steps leads up a short bank to the cemetery.  There are large old maple trees just inside the wall and indications are that the trees marked the original edge of the cemetery and the walls were put up later.
        The cemetery is 300 feet deep east to west and 100 feet wide north to south.  There is a 10 foot wide walkway leading down the center, with the headstones arranged in rows on either side.  The rows are 12 feet apart and the stones are not closely spaced with about 3 to 3.5 feet allotted for each grave.  The headstones are at the west end of the grave and face westward (toward the road.)  No unmarked fieldstones were found but many sunken areas indicating unmarked graves were seen; at least 11 on the north side and at least 20 on the south side.  A large area in the eastern center portion of the cemetery, 65 feet wide and extending across the cemetery, has no tombstones and no evidence of burials.
        An old list of this cemetery had been made by Clezzie Gallup in 1948 and this was apparently modified by Meyer, et al.  In the 1994 field check seven stones from her list could not be found: Lilly Cross, Charlotte Nurse, Mariete F. Nurse, John Preston, Caroline Tuttle, Carrie E,. Winchell, and Mary Winchell.  The 1994 search found 22 stones that were not on the old list: Eli_____ ______, Catherine H. Blowers, Polly Clay, Thomas Clay, Achsy Combs, Brazil Combs, Chancy Cook, F_____ D______ Fisher, F_____ V_____ Fisher, Adeline A. Gibbs, Deward Hale, Lewis Hamblin, Polly Hovey, Ann A. Ives, Derinda Nourse, Barbery Ann Page, William B. Page, Rush W. Putnam, James Rodgers, Mary Rodgers, Elizabeth Twogood, and Joseph Twogood.
Those buried in the Chittenango Falls Cemetery include:

______, Eli______, died April 18, 184(1 ?), age 21 years.
Adams, Ada, wife of William Adams, died September 8, 1875, age 22 years.
Brown, Myrtie M., daughter of Burton and Mary Brown, died May 25, 1878, age 15 years 7 months.
Blowers, Catharine H., wife of C.M.Blowers, died April 25, 1870, age 42 years 10 months 23 days.
Blowers, Chauncey M., born December 18, 1824, died January 3, 1891, (age not given), Corp., Co. C., 2nd NY Cav.
Clay, Polly, wife of Thomas Clay, died April 25, 1852, age (76), (age from Cazenovia Gazette, April 28, 1852).
Clay, Thomas, (died March 31, 1852, age 75 years), (only a portion of the stone found, death date and age from Cazenovia Gazette, April 14, 1852, and Madison County Whig, April 14, 1852).
Combs, Achsy, wife of Brazil Combs, born 1846, died 1921, (age not given).
Combs, Brazil, born 1840, died 1891, (age not given).
Cook, Chancy, died August 15, 1836, age 29 years.
Cress, Frances Emogene, wife of John H. Cress, died January 29, 1874, age 26 years 3 months.
Crosby, Dorcus, wife of Royal Crosby, died October 30, 1855, age 85 years.
Crosby, Royal, died February 6, 1850, age 84 years.
Cross, Lilly, daughter of William and Mary Jane Cross, died June 5, 1856, age 1 year 8 months, (stone not found in 1994).
Culver, Richard, died August 23, 1874, age 83 years 5 months.
Culver, Submit, wife of Richard Culver, died November 26, 1885, age 91 years 4 months.
Fargo, Emogene, daughter of G. and U.J. Fargo, died June 18, 1866, age 8 years 1 month 4 days.
Fargo, Eugene, son of G. and U.J. Fargo, died January 11, 1863, age 8 years 1 month 27 days.
Fargo, Giles Jr., son of G. and U.J. Fargo, died June 19, 1863, age 5 years.
Fargo, Uretta J., wife of Giles Fargo, died July 2, 1876, age 44 years 10 months 19 days.
Farnham, Almeda, daughter of Daniel and Edosha Farnham, died December 9, 1846, age 16 years.
Farnham, Eliza, daughter of Daniel and Eudosha Farnham, died June 16, 1848, age 16 years.
Farnam, Emily, daughter of Daniel and Udosha Farnam, March 1, 1845, age 17 years.
Farnam, Udosha, wife of Daniel Farnam, died November 28, 1845, age 45 years.
Fisher, Durand D., died May 19, 1849, age 25 years 27 days, (stone fragmented in 1994).
Fisher, F_____ D_____, (only footstone "F.V. & F.D.F." found next to Durand D. Fisher).
Fisher, F_____ V_____, (only footstone "F.V. & F.D.F." found next to Durand D. Fisher).
Gibbs, Abigail, wife of William Gibbs, born January 14, 1797, died June 8, 1863, (age not given).
Gibbs, Adeline A., daughter of William and Abigail Gibbs, died February 4, 1852, age 20 years 17 days.
Gibbs, Myron H., died at Andersonville, GA, August 28, 1864, age 27 years 4 months.
Gibbs, William born June 21, 1802, died August 28, 1866, (age not given).
Hale, Deward, son of J. and S.A. Hale, died June 24, 1864, age 1 year 2 months 28 days.
Hamblin, Lewis, died May 18, 1846, age 42 years.
Hamblin, Rhoda Maria, wife of Lewis Hamblin, died September 20, 1830, age 25 years.
Hodge, Ann, wife of Solomon Gibbs, died February 25, 1852, age 59 years.
Hodge, Solomon, died July 2, 1850, age 63 years.
Hollenbeck, Lucinda, wife of D. Hollenbeck, died March 23, 1875, age 55 years.
Hovey, Polly, wife of Simeon Hovey, died July 9, 1845, age 34 years 3 months 16 days.
Howard, Carrie, "Little Carrie," daughter of Nelson and Rebecca Howard, died November 1, 1862, age 1 year 4 months 14 days.
Howard, Sarah, wife of Nelson Howard, died March 25, 1848, age 31 years.
Humiston, (maiden name), see Lucy E. Humiston Mead.
Humiston, Asaph, died November 7, 1853, age 81 years.
Humiston, Betsey, wife of Asa Humiston, died September 10, 1870, age 72 years.
Humiston, Rhoda, Mrs., wife of Mr. Asaph Humiston, died January 9, 1831, age 63 years.
Hutchinson, Philo, died June 26, 1856, age 50 years 5 months.
Ives, Ann A., daughter of Samuel and Clarissa Ives, died November 24, 1831, age 20 years.
Keeler, Alanson, born 1800, died 1880, (age not given).
Keeler, Anna Woodruff, wife of Alanson Keeler, born 1804, died 1878, (age not given).
Marshall, Charlotte A., wife of Gilbert Marshall Jr., died February 10, 1884, age 59 years.
Marshall, Clemency, wife (2) of Gilbert Marshall, died July 21, 1840, age 42 years.
Marshall, Eunice, wife (1) of Gilbert Marshall, died November 28, 1839, age 46 years.
Marhsall, Gilbert, died July 9, 1861, age 70 years 5 months.
Marshall, Gilbert Jr., died March 29, 1881, age 60 years.
Mead, Almira, wife of Levi Mead, died January 10, 1860, age 63 years.
Mead, Calvin, born June 26, 1815, died April 16, 1887, age 72 years.
Mead, Eliza, born 1851, died 1921, (age not given).
Mead, Emily (1), wife of Calvin Mead, died November 23, 1873, age 57 years 6 months.
Mead, Emily (2), daughter of Levi S. and Almira Mead, died April 14, 1852, age 24 years.
Mead, Lina A., born 1883, died 1902, (age not given).
Mead, Lucy E. Humiston, wife of S.G.Mead, died March 18, 1877, age 42 years.
Mead, Melvina C., wife of Francis Mead, born March 28, 1844, died October 22, 1859, (age broken away).
Mead, Phinellia A. Van Patten, wife of Jason Mead, died February 1, 1858, age 19 years.
Mead, S.G., born 1834, died 1898, (age not given).
Miller, Malita A., wife of Chauncey Miller, died October 25, 1851, age 22 years.
Myers, (maiden name), see Sallie Myers Rodgers.
Nichols, Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Nichols, died April 24, 1857, age 84 years.
Nurse, Charlotte, daughter of Lysander and Sabrina Nurse, died June 10, 1847, age 3 years, (stone not found in 1994).
Nurse, Cordelia A., daughter of Joel and Naomi Nurse, died August 13, 1843, age 3 years 5 months 22 days.
Nourse, Derinda S., died January 26, 1851, age __ years, (age illegible).
Nurse, Joel, died September 6, 1834, age 56 years.
Nourse, Lysander, born 1816, died 1892, (age not given).
Nurse, Mariete F., died October 14, 1865, age 56 years 5 months, (stone not found in 1994).
Nurse, Mehetable, wife of Joel Nurse, died April 4, 1847, age 65 years.
Nourse, Sabrina M., wife of Lysander Nourse, born 1819, died 1902, (age not given).
Page, (Alinda), wife of Daniel Page, died March 10, 1857, age 68 years 9 months 10 days, (stone broken, first name missing).
Page, Barbery Ann, (stone rotten and part missing, next to William B. Page).
Page, William B., son of Erastus and Barbery Ann Page, died October 9, 1863, age 20 years 4 months, Co. G., 12 Reg., NYSV, War of 1861.
Paige, Henry L., son of J.H. and D.P.Paige, died November 14, 1864, age 13 years.
Parisou, Harriet, died October 9, 1896, age 71 years.
Parisou, Joseph, died April 30, 1893, age 75 years.
Parker, Eldica, wife of Elias Parker, died November 14, 1855, age 88 years.
Pennock, Julia M., wife of William Pennock, died July 19, 1852, age 27 years.
Preston, John, died February 2, 1872, age 41 years, Co. K., 114 Reg., NYSV, (Civil War).
Puffet, Cathrine Woodcock, wife of Frederick Puffet, died November 26, 1853, age 25 years.
Putnam, Austin B., son of Benjaman and Sophia Putnam, died January 22, 1833, age 2 years 8 days.
Putnam, Benjaman, died January 18, 1888, age 77 years.
Putnam, Charles B., son of Benjaman and Sophia Putnam, died September 25, 185(7), age 16 years 7 months 9 days, (last digit of date covered by mortar).
Putnam, Hellen, daughter of Benjaman and Sophia Putnam, died April 16, 1831, age 2 years 2 months 16 days.
Putnam, Rush W., son of F. and Elizabeth Putnam, died December 13, 1869, age (2?) years 3 months.
Putnam, Sophia, wife of Benjaman Putnam, died March 9, 1855, age 49 years.
Rathbun, Hiram, died December 19, 1889, age 84 years.
Rathbun, Wilmuth, (no other data, on stone of Hiram Rathbun).
Reynolds, Clarissa P., wife of John Reynolds, born 1831, died 1903, (age not given).
Reynolds, John, born 1818, died 1889, (age not given).
Reynolds, Mary, (no other data), (old list says that she is buried in the Lenox Rural Cemetery, born December 19, 1874, died November 14, 1957).
Rodgers, James, died September 30, 1863, age 76 years.
Rodgers, John, born 1816, died 1871, (age not given).
Rodgers, Lydia A. (1), daughter of J. and S. Rodgers, died March 8, 1854, age 11 months 12 days.
Rodgers, Lydia A. (2), daughter of J. and S. Rodgers, died July 9, 1858, age 3 years 4 months.
Rodgers, Mary, wife of James Rodgers, died July 27, 1863, age 73 years.
Rodgers, Sallie Myers, wife of John Rodgers, born 1821, died 1875, (age not given).
Rogers, Zilpha A., daughter of J. and S. Rodgers, died February 10, 1862, age 3 years 4 months 20 days.
Twogood, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Twogood, died November 30, 1872, age 84 years.
Twogood, Joseph, died October 12, 1874, age 88 years.
Tuttle, Caroline, daughter of Grant and Olive Tuttle, died January 14, 1844, age 16 years 6 months 6 days, (stone not found in 1994).
Van Patten, (maiden name), see Phinellia A. Van Patten Mead.
Van Patten, Sumner, died May 9, 1850, age 26 years.
Walrath, Alice, daughter of James J. and Mary Walrath, died February 9, 1856, age 9 months 4 days.
Walrath, Mary, wife of James J. Walrath, died May 20, 1859, age 24 years 11 months.
Watson, Adelia, infant daughter of Dr. J. and L.M. Watson, (no other data given).
Watson, Amelia, infant daughter of Dr. J. and L.M. Watson, (no other data given).
Watson, Wendell L., infant son of Dr. J. and L.M. Watson, (no other data given).
Winchell, Carrie E., daughter of Luman and Mary Winchell, died September 23, (1863 or 1864), (stone not found in 1994).
Winchell, Joseph L., died May 4, 1847, age 34 years.
Winchell, Mary, wife of Luman Winchell, died March 21, 1864, age 62 years 5 days, (stone not found in 1994).
Woodcock, (maiden name), see Cathrine Woodcock Puffet.
Woodcock, Elizabeth, wife of Peter Woodcock, died December 20, 1849, age 43 years.
Woodcock, Peter, died February 8, 1892, age 86 years.
Woodruff, (maiden name), see Anna Woodruff Keeler.
Woodworth, Caroline, born 1824, died 1901, (age not given).
Wormuth, Benjamin, died November 5, 1875, age 75 years 6 months.
Wormuth, Eliza Jane, daughter of Isaac and Catherine Wormuth, died May 7, 1860, age (9) years 3 months 12 days, (age partly eroded).
Wormuth, Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Wormuth, died August 9, 1877, age 73 years 9 months 4 days.
Wormuth, Isaac, died April 6, 1860, age 51 years 1 month 22 days.
Wormouth, J. Lloyd, son of Alonzo and Eva L. Wormouth, died April 10, 1888, age 5 years 5 months 5 days.
Wormuth, Nancy M., daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Wormuth, died July 30, 1839, age 6 years 5 months 17 days.
Wurmuth, William C., died August 10, 1872, age 73 years.

END of Chittenango Falls Cemetery list by Daniel H. Weiskotten