Union Cemetery, Town of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY
Union Cemetery, Town of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY
 (aka George Kenyon Farm)
Field Check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, April 23 and 24, 1994
 MNI = 137+, names = 128, 1807 - 1910
(old lists include: Gallup 1950; Leon M. Peters July 27, 1960)
updated 8/5/1999
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        This cemetery, like many of the cemeteries in the town of Cazenovia is in poor condition.   Various attempts through the years to restore or  clean the cemetery has only hurt many of the  stones and much valuable archaeological evidence has been lost.  The Cazenovia cemeteries in  particular seem to first have suffered much neglect and then a little attention (which was unintentionally damaging to the cemetery fabric).
        Apparently some records of this cemetery exist, as a plan of the cemetery (or a copy) as it  appeared about 1814 is found in the New Woodstock Historical Society.  The cemetery is said to have been established in 1812 or 1813, although the earliest known burials are of Deborah Bradt and Dr. Luther Waterman who died in 1807.
        The oldest list that I could find of the Union Cemetery is that made by an unknown person at some time before 1950 when Clezzie Gallup made a list.  The inscriptions were again transcribed by Leon M. Peters, July 27, 1960.  Both of these lists had numerous errors but provided names that are no longer found since the cemetery was "cleaned up."
        The cemetery is located several hundred feet south of the Delphi Road just southeast of the small cross road hamlet of Union.  The cemetery measures 175 feet east to west and 250 feet north to south and is situated on a broad but low rise of land which somewhat sticks up from the undulating glacial outwash plain.  A small round high spot in the northeast part, near the entrance, may be the original burial ground as this is where the two oldest stones are to be found, those of Dr. Luther Waterman and Deborah Bradt, both of whom died in 1807.  This northernmost part of the cemetery also has few marked graves but many sunken areas that may indicate unmarked grave sites.  The western most 30 feet of the cemetery also has few stones (Colegrove and Partello groups in the southwest) but the ground is uneven and may contain many more graves.
        No attempt has been made to correctly count the number of unmarked fieldstones (at least 5) and the ground is so uneven in places as to make the accurate counting of sunken grave pits impossible (at least 4 are positive).  One of the other problems with assigning a Minimum Number of Individuals to this cemetery is that many stones have been removed from their grave sites and an unmarked grave may go to a stone that has been placed somewhere else.  A pile of broken stones was found in the northwest corner, and while several of these could be placed back to their original locations (based on fragments or footstones), several could not.  Two pieces in particular could not be identified from the lists or the existing stones: one fragment with part of "died" and "years" on it, and one for someone who was 41 years of age when they died (not Abigail Bliss).  Several stones are set upright in the wrong location as evidenced by them being out of line with the other stones or that their footstone is many feet away (the footstones seem to have survived the ravages of "restoration.")  Also, what is to be done when one considers the base of the broken marble headstone between Richard and Albert Card - it must be a member of the Card family, but is the stone missing, or is it for a married daughter accounted for under a different name?
        Two sets of stones are lying flat and embedded in concrete (which has only helped them decay faster).  In the set near the entrance of the cemetery are the stones of Abigail Bliss, Demis Cobb, Amanda Hopkins, Jeduthan Perkins, Alsena Robertson, Ariel Robertson (2), Asenath Robertson, Priscilla Robertson, footstone "S.P.L.B / S.A.L." (neither of whom are accounted for with headstones), footstone "M.C.", and footstone "J.P.".  In the central- east-side set of concrete-set-stones are Celestia Bliss, Anna Card, Mary Cobb, Esther Lacy, Jacob Lansing (shale stone fragmented), Elizabeth Mirick (footstone "E.M." also), Jay Perkins, Julia E. Robertson, Lucien H. Robertson, Mary Robertson, and footstone "P.R.".
        Several stones were not found in 1994: "S.P.L.B.", "S.A.L.", Diedama Partello, Emma E. Perkins, Unace E. Perkins, Ellen Sweetland, Polly Sweetland, Seth S. Sweetland, Hiram K. Taylor, and Ashil Webster.  The stones that are additional in 1994 are: Artimissa Bliss, Israel Bliss, Sylvanus Cobb Jr., B.F. Colegrove (footstone only), Helin E. Colegrove, Ariel Robertson (1), and "S.W." (Wilcox).  Marcia Bramer was identified as another name.
Those buried in the Union Cemetery include:
B_____, S______ P______ L______, (footstone only, "S.P.L.B. / S.A.L.", set in concrete, headstone not found for either set of initials).
Bliss, (maiden name), see Mary J. Bliss Perkins.
Bliss, Artimissa, consort (1) of Solomon Bliss, died April 22, 1839, age 57 years.
Bliss, Abigail, consort (2) of Solomon Bliss, died April 8, 1848, age 41 years, (stone set in concrete).
Bliss, Celestia, died January 11, 1857, age 50 years, (stone set in concrete).
Bliss, Ellen, born March 30, 1850, died September 7, 1886, (age not given).
Bliss, Israel, died January 26, 1829, age 90 years, (headstone found 18 feet from footstone).
Bliss, Jane Mann, wife of Samuel C. Bliss, born February 21, 1812, died April 6, 1878, (age not given).
Bliss, Juliette, born January 9, 1842, died July 1, 1847, (age not given).
Bliss, Samuel C., born March 1, 1808, died May 21, 1893, (age not given).
Bliss, Solomon, died October 14, 1849, age 82 years.
Bowers, Mary E. Post, wife of Sidney L. Bowers, born 1832, died 1908, (age not given).
Bowers, Sidney L., born 1833, died 1905, (age not given).
Bowers, Sylvia M., died February 10, 1846, age 20 years.
Bradt, Deborah, wife of Julius Bradt, died April 6, 1807, age 26 years (in 27th year).
Bramer, Marcia, wife of David Bramer, died June 2, 1831, age 37 years.
Card, Albert, died July 18, 1868, age 62 years 6 months 18 days.
Card, Albert T., son of Albert and Catharine Card, died May 6, 1848, age 4 years 1 month 2 days.
Card, Anna, wife of Richard Card, died December 7, 1848, age 66 years, (top set in concrete, bottom in pile at northwest corner).
Card, Catharine, wife of Albert Card, died January 25, 1898, age 88 years 11 months 28 days.
Card, Mary P., died February 27, 1832, age 7 years.
Card, Richard, died November 11, 1830, age 60 years.
Carpenter, (maiden name), see Celestia Carpenter Post.
Cobb, Demis L., died of consumption, died December 23, 1842, (age not given), "stone erected by her friend M.J.G.", (stone set in concrete).
Cobb, George E., died September 7, 1850, age 17 years.
Cobb, Jonathan, died February 13, 1838, age 31 years.
Cobb, Mary, died May 12, 1852, age 74 years, (stone set in concrete).
Cobb, Mary Catharine, born October 8, 1828, died January 21, 1831, age 3 years 9 months.
Cobb, Peter P., died August 31, 1858, age 28 years.
Cobb, Sylvanus, died November 21, 1836, age 57 years.
Cobb, Sylvanus Jr., died May 6, ____, (stone fragmented and parts missing)
Colegrove, Benjamin F.?, (footstone marked "B.F.C." only, found next to Helin E. Colgrove, part of possible headstone reads "6 months").
Colegrove, Helin E., daughter of Park and Margaret Colegrove, died September 20, 1819, age 1 year 2 months.
Everts, (maiden name), see Dora L. Everts Turvery.
Everts, Helen Louise, daughter of Manly and Louisa Perkins Everts, died July 23, 1899, age 56 years.
Greenman, Eliza Sweetland, wife of Seth S. Greenman, died July 28, 1879, age 51 years.
Greenman, Seth S., died May 27, 1881, age 60 years.
Hitchcock, Martin S., son of S. and L.M.Hitchcock, died April 16, 1859, age 1 year 1 month.
Hopkins, Amanda, wife of John Hopkins, died May 13, 1862, age 57 years, (stone set in concrete).
Kenyon, William H., died October 26, 1863, age 26 years 10 months 22 days.
L_____, S______ A______, (footstone only, "S.P.L.B. / S.A.L.", set in concrete, headstone not found for either set of initials).
Lacy, Esther, mother of J. Sherman Lacy, died January 17, 1834, age 79 years, (top part set in concrete).
Lacy, Esther E., daughter of J. Sherman and Laura Lacy, died October 12, 1826, age 1 year 1 month.
Lacy, J. Sherman, died June 15, 1851, age 70 years.
Lacy, Levi R., son of J. Sherman and Laura Lacy, died February 20, 1812, age 3 years 4 months.
Lacy, Sarannes, W., child of J. Sherman and Laura Lacy, died July 23, 1811, age 8 months.
Lacy, Sherman A., son of J. Sherman and Laura Lacy, died February 21, 1816, age 1 year 6 months.
Lacy, Sherman R., son of J. Sherman and Laura Lacy, died July 30, 1829, age 2 years 2 months.
Lansing, Jacob, died February 9, 1813, age 15 years, (shale stone fragmented into about 15 pieces, set in concrete).
Mann, (maiden name), see Jane Mann Bliss.
Mann, Joel, Dr., died May 10, 1812, age 26 years, (stone later).
Mann, Sally, wife of Joel Mann, died May 16, 1861, age 72 years 6 months 8 days.
Mirick, (Merrick), Elizabeth, wife of Solomon Mirick, died September 13, 1820, age 44 years, (stone set in concrete).
Partello, Alfred M., son of Asahel and Diadama Partello, died June 9, 1860, age 19 years 7 months.
Partello, A.S., Dr., died August 12, 1825, age 58 years, (stone erected by A.M.Partello).
Partello, Charles, born 1834, died 1904, (age not given).
Partello, Diedama, wife of Asahel Partello, died July 5, 1869, age 73 years, (stone not found in 1994).
Partello, Mary E. Davis, wife of Charles Partello, born 1834, (death date and age not given).
Partello, Phebe P., wife of Dr. A.S. Partello, died September 20, 1833, age 45 years.
Pease, (maiden name), see Sylvia H. Peas Perkins.
Perkins, (maiden name), see Helen Louise Evarts.
Perkins, Abiezer, Deacon, Private in Ward's MA Regiment, Revolutionary War, died September 20, 1825, age 71 years, (veteran data on recent stone).
Perkins, Admiral A., son of Stillman and Delana Perkins, died June 16, 1848, age 23 years.
Perkins, Albert, son of Joseph and Hannah Perkins, died November 3, 1861, age 11 years 10 months 23 days.
Perkins, Alice L., daughter of J. and H. Perkins, died November 30, 1861, age 5 years 7 months 27 days.
Perkins, Almon, died January 25, 1865, age 45 years 10 months.
Perkins, Austin, son of J. and H. Perkins, died December 26, 1861, age 3 years 2 months 13 days.
Perkins, Byrum, died June 30, 1864, age 85 years 10 months.
Perkins, Cynthia, wife of Byrum Perkins, died October 16, 1867, age 83 years 8 months.
Perkins, Delana S., wife of Stillman Perkins, died July 6, 1878, age 78 years, (see Elizabeth Squire).
Perkins, Eliab, died November 9, 1830, age 48 years.
Perkins, Emma E., died March 28, 1849, age 34 years, (stone not found in 1994, footstone "E.E.P." next to Pamelia Perkins).
Perkins, Hannah, wife of Joseph Perkins, born 1830, died 1908, (age not given).
Perkins, Irene, wife of Abiezer Perkins, died September 6, 1836, age 75 years.
Perkins, Jay, died December 29, 1860, age 39 years, (stone set in concrete).
Perkins, Jeduthan, died November 19, 1853, (age 72 years), (age not readable), (footstone "J.P." next south of Pamelia Perkins), (stone set in concrete).
Perkins, Joseph, born 1822, died 1900, (age not given).
Perkins, Julia A., daughter of Stillman and Delana Perkins, died August 13, 1852, age 20 years.
Perkins, Louisa B., wife of Manley Perkins, died January 9, 1888, age 67 years.
Perkins, Manley V., died January 30, 1872, age 60 years 6 months.
Perkins, Mary J. Bliss, wife of Willard F. Perkins, born September 28, 1839, died December 22, 1910, (age not given).
Perkins, Pamelia, died June 3, 1843, age 57 years.
Perkins, Patty D., wife (2) of Jeduthan Perkins, died March 14, 1854, age 62 years.
Perkins, Polly M., died September 25, 1876, age 67 years 3 months, (stone is next to and matches Acsah Sweetland).
Perkins, Rhoda, wife (1) of Jeduthan Perkins, died December 18, 1841, age 33 years.
Perkins, Stillman, died September 29, 1863, age 67 years.
Perkins, Stillman M., died December 9, 1886, age 75 years.
Perkins, Susan Jane, daughter of Stillman M. and Ann Perkins, died November 11, 1861, age 18 years 7 months.
Perkins, Sylvia N. Peas, wife of Almon Perkins, died February 2, 1899, age 77 years.
Perkins, Unace E., died June 28, 1810, age 69, (stone not found in 1994).
Perkins, Urbane, son of Byrum and Cyntha Perkins, died June 28, 1834, age 32 years.
Perkins, Wesley E., son of Almon and Sylvia Perkins, died August 2, 1862, age 6 years 11 months 21 days.
Perkins, Willard F., born April 26, 1844, died April 12, 1897, (age not given).
Post, (maiden name), see Mary E. Post Bowers.
Post, Celesta Carpenter, wife of John Addison Post, born 1820, died 1881, (age not given).
Post, Darius, died November 3, 1831, age 23 years 10 months 3 days.
Post, Jacob, died May 7, 1841, age 60 years.
Post, John Addison, born 1814, died 1870, (age not given).
Post, John A., son of John A. and Celesta Post, died April 2, 1848, age 1 year 23 days.
Post, Lydia, wife (1) of Jacob Post, died September 2, 1830, (age 43 years), (age unreadable in 1994).
Post, Malinda Ann, died November 23, 1834, age 7 years, (footstone "M.A.P." near Cobbs).
Post, Mercy Wallis, wife (2) of Jacob Post, died March 3, 1864, age 71 years.
Post, Willard J., son of John A. and Celesta Post, died October 13, 1843, age 11 days.
Robertson, Ariel (1), died April 20, 1851, age 77 years.
Robertson, Ariel (2), son of Ariel (1) and Asenath Robertson, died April 16, 1841, age 37 years, (stone set in concrete).
Robertson, Asenath, wife (1) of Ariel Robertson (1), died July 16, 1809, age 35 years, (stone set in concrete).
Robertson, Alsena, wife (2) of Ariel Robertson (1), died July 20, 1832, age 48 years, (stone set in concrete).
Robertson, Julia E., daughter of Ariel (1) and Asena Robertson, died September 20, 1827, age 2 years, (stone set in concrete).
Robertson, Lucian H., son of A. (1)  and Asena Robertson, died February 16, 1828, age 10 months, (stone set in concrete).
Robertson, Mary, daughter of A. (1) and Asenath Robertson, died August 10, 1809, age 3 years, (stone set in concrete).
Robertson, Priscilla, wife of Ephraim Robertson, died April 16, 1838, age 91 years, (stone set in concrete).
Squire, Elizabeth, died November 20, 1857, age 93 years, stone erected by her daughter D.S. Perkins.
Sweet, William C., son of C. and B.E. Sweet, died September 22, 1863, age 1 year 3 months 15 days.
Sweetland, (maiden name), see Eliza Sweetland Greenman
Sweetland, Abner, died August 7, 1854, age 84 years.
Sweetland, Achsah, died July 4, 1879, age 73 years 6 months, (stone next to and matches Polly Perkins).
Sweetland, Ellen, daughter of William and Marcy Sweetland, died March 3, 1860, age 3 months and 10 days, (stone not found in 1994).
Sweetland, Lucy, died September 6, 1856, age 25 years.
Sweetland, Lyman, died August 13, 1883, age 83 years.
Sweetland, Mary, died November 3, 1889, age 64 years.
Sweetland, Polly, wife of Abner Sweetland, died September 8, 1856, age 75 years, (stone not found in 1994, footstone "P.S." near Abner Sweetland).
Sweetland, Sally Ann, wife of Lyman Sweetland, died November 29, 1879, age 69 years.
Sweetland, Seth S., died March 27, 1867, age 60 years, (stone not found in 1994).
Taylor, Hiram K., died December 9, 1852, age 62, (stone not found in 1994).
Turvery, Dora L. Everts, wife of Walter J. Turvery, born 1872, died 1907, (age not given).
Van Dusen, Gertrude, born 1872, died 1877, (age not given).
Van Dusen, Minnie, born 1873, died 1877, (age not given).
Wallis, (maiden name), see Mercy Wallis Post.
Waterman, Luther, Dr., (no other data on stone, he died September 9, 1807, date of death found in a letter at the Cazenovia Public Library, Backus Letters).
Webster, Ashil, died March 7, 1825, age 39 years, (stone not found in 1994).
Webster, William W., son of Jared and Abigail Webster, died February 12, 1825, age 3 years.
Wilcox, S_____, died 1814, (age not given), this is a crude shale stone marked only "S.W. 1814", located on A. Wilcox Plot of 1814)
Williams, Fran____, daughter of Warren and Cynthia Williams, died December 19, 1853, age 3 years 2 months, (stone fragmented with part missing in 1994, part of first name and death date and age readable, stone matches that of Ida Williams).
Williams, Ida, daughter of Warren and Cynthia Williams, died September 1, 1856, age 1 years 6 months 13 days.
 END of Union Cemetery list by Daniel H. Weiskotten