Index and partial information for the

1875 State Census

Town of Fleming

Cayuga County, New York

Note: This index provides only name, page, sex and nativity

Last Name First Name   Page # Sex Nativity
Adams Nelson   16 Male Cayuga
Adams Silas   16 Male Cayuga
Adams Vincent B.   24 Male Cayuga
Alexander Edward   18 Male Kentucky
Alpin Michael   7 Male Ireland
Aumock Ichabod   13 Male Cayuga
Austin Paudence   12 Female Cayuga
Babbitt Nancy   6 Female Cayuga
Babbitt William   4 Male Cayuga
Babcock Hiram   17 Male Cayuga
Bailey Franklin   20 Male Onondaga
Bain George   7 Male Scotland
Baker Charles C.   10 Male Cayuga
Baker David   21 Male Cayuga
Baker E.C.   12 Male Dutchess
Baker Fred A.   5 Male Cayuga
Baker Ida   2 Female Cayuga
Baker Lyman S.   27 Male Oswego
Baker Maggie E.   27 Female Cayuga
Baker Olive   27 Female Tompkins
Baker Ovid A.   10 Male Cayuga
Bame John F.   14 Male Cayuga
Barnes John   5 Male Cayuga
Barnes W.S.   2 Male Cayuga
Barnes Zipera P.   23 Female Saratoga
Barns Angeline   5 Female Cayuga
Beach Ephriam   19 Male Erie
Beady Edward   28 Male Ireland
Beebe Elmira   2 Female Vermont
Bettys John Y.   22 Male Onondaga
Bingham Frederick   27 Male Cortland
Bliss William   21 Male Wisconsin
Blowers Benoni   29 Male Cayuga
Blowers Charles   6 Male Cayuga
Blowers Eleazer   9 Male Cayuga
Bowen Aaron   21 Male Mass.
Bowen Henry D.   21 Male Cayuga
Bowen Scott   21 Male Cayuga
Bowen Smith   21 Male Cayuga
Bowhan Dennis   1 Male Ireland (Cork)
Brackenbury Edward   20 Male England
Brackenbury William   20 Male England
Bradmire John   14 Male Cayuga
Brannen Henry E.   27 Male Cayuga
Brannen Solomen C.   27 Male Cayuga
Breese James H.   19 Male Onondaga
Breese William   8 Male England
Brennen Luke   4 Male Ireland
Brigden Timothy   19 Male Cayuga
Brooks William   23 Male NYC
Brown Menzo A.   14 Male Herkimer
Brunson George T.   2 Male Cayuga
Bruten Michael   12 Male Ireland
Burk Michael   11 Male Ireland
Burlew Charles   13 Male Cayuga
Burns Michael   10 Male Ireland
Burns Patrick   9 Male Ireland
Burns Patrick   13 Male Ireland
Burns Thomas   29 Male Ireland
Bush Charles C.   4 Male Onondaga
Cady Elizabeth   2 Female Rhode Island
Carlin Thomas   6 Male Cayuga
Carter George   5 Male England
Carter Jessie   4 Male England
Case Ada A.   11 Female Cayuga
Case John   22 Male Ireland
Case Mildred D.   26 Male Cayuga
Case Rodney M.   5 Male Cayuga
Casely William A.   17 Male New Orleans
Casler Ella   11 Female Cayuga
Castelo Patrick   22 Male Ireland
Caston Edward   28 Male Virginia
Chamberlain Phebe A.   13 Female Cayuga
Chase Edward   8 Male Cayuga
Chatfield Amy   27 Female Onondaga
Chatfield Lucinda   5 Female Onondaga
Clark Alanson   17 Male Cayuga
Clark Charles E.   20 Male Oneida
Clark Seth C.   17 Male Cayuga
Clark William   12 Male Cayuga
Colinwood William   21 Male Michigan
Collin Spencer   25 Male Virginia
Collins Margaret   29 Female Ireland
Comley Thomas H.   15 Male Penna.
Condon Thomas   11 Male Cayuga
Conklin A.D.   27 Male Tompkins
Conklin John   5 Male Cayuga
Connell C.L.   28 Male Wayne
Connell Edward   6 Male Cayuga
Conoly Delazon   28 Male Seneca
Conoly Martin   9 Male Ireland
Cook Joseph   23 Male England
Cornell Asa   2 Male Cayuga
Cornell William   14 Male New Jersey
Cougan James   11 Male Ireland
Cougan Mary   21 Female Cayuga
Cowan John   1 Male Ireland (Cork)
Crawford George   28 Male Cayuga
Crawford James   16 Male Ireland
Crawford Thomas   27 Male Cayuga
Crocker Mabel A.   22 Female Conn.
Crofut George   12 Male Cayuga
Crofut Luther   12 Male Cayuga
Culver Marvin   1 Male Cayuga

Last Name First Name   Page # Sex Nativity
Darrow Isaac   13 Male Cayuga
Davids Joseph   11 Male Seneca
Davis D.D.   28 Male Wayne
Davis Edward   6 Male England
Davis Lavina   26 Female Cayuga
Davis Nelson   25 Male North Carolina
Davis Sanford   27 Male Tompkins
Day George   22 Male England
De Groff Jeremiah   11 Male Cayuga
De Long Merritt   13 Male Canada
Dean Artemas   16 Male Orange
Dean Lewis M.   25 Male Otsego
Dean Robert B.   6 Male Ireland
Decker Benjamin   14 Male Orange
DeGroff Thomas   21 Male Cayuga
Delaney Bridget   4 Female Ireland
Delaney John   19 Male Ireland
Devonshire George   29 Male England
Devonshire Henry   18 Male Cayuga
Didos Lizzie   1 Female Virginia
Doe Josephine   5 Female Cayuga
Doren Eliza   27 Female Ireland
Doty Mary E.   11 Female Cayuga
Doty Sarah   19 Female NY
Dougal Alexander   5 Male Cayuga
Doyle John   15 Male Ireland
Driscoll John   2 Male Tompkins
Duncan Amaneal   23 Male Dutchess
Duncan Chauncy   23 Male Dutchess
Dunn Thomas   7 Male Ireland
Eddy Abigail B.   28 Female Conn.
Edson Delano A.   20 Male Cayuga
Edson Philena   27 Female Cayuga
Eggleston Ellen   20 Female Onondaga
Eldridge John J.   9 Male Mass.
Ennis Hicha (?)   4 Male Cayuga
Farley Owen   28 Male Ireland
Farmer John   25 Male New Hampshire
Farmer John Henry   22 Male Cayuga
Feeney Ann   2 Female Ireland
Feltman John   25 Male Germany
Floyd Patrick   7 Male Ireland
Foote Daniel   18 Male Otsego
Freeman James   26 Male Cayuga
Fuller Julia   29 Female Oneida
Furlong Patrick   4 Male Ireland (Kildare)
Ganey Jeremiah   10 Male Ireland
Garity John   15 Male Ireland
Garity Richard   9 Male Ireland
Garity Ted   4 Male Ireland
Gasten Orrin   29 Male Cayuga
Gaston Horace   27 Male Cayuga
Gilbert Ebenezer   13 Male Otsego
Gildersleve John   1 Male Not Listed
Gilmore Samuel   27 Male Herkimer
Glenchie Peter   24 Male Germany
Goss William   5 Male Cayuga
Goulder George   16 Male Cayuga
Gray Charles   5 Male Washington
Gray Margaret   10 Female Ireland
Greene Rufus   2 Male Tompkins
Gregery Charles   15 Male Cayuga
Gregery Richard   15 Male Otsego
Gregery Yadoe   15 Male Otsego
Griffiths Jonathan   19 Male Amsterdam
Griggs Samuel   24 Male Conn.
Grover Abraham G.   3 Male Cayuga
Haffey Dennis   7 Male Ireland
Hale John   27 Male Steuben
Hale Luther   27 Male Genesee
Hall John   8 Male Oneida
Hall Sarah E.   29 Female Oswego
Halverson Cornelius   12 Male Norway
Hamilton Trafton   17 Male Mass.
Hammond Phila   12 Female Onondaga
Harris Gabrella   25 Female Virginia
Harris Gilbert   19 Male Cayuga
Hatzell John N..   21 Male Mass.
Hasbrook Abel   20 Male Ulster
Haskill Daniel R.   9 Male Tompkins
Head Michael   3 Male Ireland
Herring Hannah   28 Female Cayuga
Herring John   18 Male Ireland
Herring John   29 Male Cayuga
Hickey Andrew   7 Male Ireland (Kildare)
Hickey Martin   4 Male Ireland
Hicks Hiram   17 Male Mich.
Hicks Lizzie   3 Female North Carolina
Higley Prudence   8 Female Cayuga
Hill Edwin J.   1 Male Cayuga
Hitchcock Emmet   18 Male Rensselaer
Hitchcock George   12 Male Cayuga
Howe Jessie   16 Female Cayuga
Howell David C.   18 Male Orange
Howell Elliott   27 Male Ulster
Hoyt Daniel W.   25 Male Cayuga
Hoyt Lewis   25 Male Conn.
Hoyt Mary   27 Female Conn.
Hoyt Stephen C.   23 Male Cayuga
Hulahan Michael   3 Male Ireland
Hulbert Simeon   8 Male Cayuga
Hunter Douglass   21 Male Cayuga
Hurd Charles   19 Male Cayuga
Hutchinson Helen   29 Female Cayuga
Hutchinson James   15 Male Dutchess

Last Name First Name Page # Sex Nativity
Ide Leander 16 Male Otsego
Ingraham Henry 6 Male Cayuga
Ingraham Henry 16 Male Cayuga
Jacquett William 12 Male Cayuga
Jones James 3 Male Maryland
Jones Laura 18 Female Cayuga
Jones Lewis 20 Male Virginia
Kayho (Kayko?) Patrick 15 Male Ireland
Kelley James 7 Male Cayuga
Kelmer Caroline 29 Female Columbia
Keneley Henriette 17 Female Cayuga
King John 6 Male England
King Matilda 6 Female Cayuga
Kinsley Martin 29 Male Ireland
Koon Joseph B. 21 Male Rensselaer
Langan George 29 Male Ireland
Langan Sarah 27 Female Cayuga
Langana John 11 Male Cayuga
Lannen Henry S. 16 Male Cayuga
Large Leonard 7 Male England
Large Louisa 17 Female Cayuga
Lattin Clark J. 18 Male Dutchess
Lawler Mary A. 29 Female NYC
Leister Mary A. 27 Female Cayuga
Luydan J. Watson 26 Male Penna.
Luydom Lollie 26 Female Cayuga
Mabey Byron W. 27 Male Mich.
Mabey G.W. 18 Male Cayuga
Mabey George 28 Male Chemung
Mabey K.D. 6 Male Cayuga
Mabey Nelson 12 Male Cayuga
McCarty Timothy 25 Male Ireland
McDonala Michial 10 Male Ireland
McKensie Stewart W. 23 Male Scotland
Mahr Catherine 12 Female Ireland
Malcomson Samuel 5 Male Ireland
Mallally Richard 9 Male Ireland
Mann Frank 10 Male Onondaga
Marshall Robert 11 Male Ireland
Marshall William H. 14 Male NYC
Maxwell Lina 9 Female Renssalaer
Maxwell Mahalan 22 Female Canada
Maynard Wales C. 22 Male Mass.
Mead J. Warren 25 Male Cayuga
Mead James 25 Male Cayuga
Melon Webster 22 Male Cayuga
Merritt Caroline 7 Female Cayuga
Merritt Charles 7 Male Cayuga
Merritt Elias 3 Male Cortland
Merritt William 12 Male Cayuga
Miller Frederick 5 Male Washington
Mobbs William 23 Male England
Moe Roderick 17 Male Cayuga
Morgan Jerome F. 15 Male Cortland
Morgan Mary 27 Female Washington
Morland Malvina 2 Female Onondaga
Mosher Amos 26 Male Cayuga
Mosher Nelson 16 Male Cayuga
Mosher William 16 Male Cayuga
Munger George 21 Male Penna.
Myers Charles 18 Male Cayuga
Myers Charles H. 13 Male Cayuga
Myers David 10 Male Cortland
Myers Edgar 18 Male Cayuga
Nunn Daniel J. 28 Male Ohio
Oakley John 21 Male Rensselaer
O'Brien Martin 10 Male Cayuga
O'Brien Owen 24 Male Ireland
O'Brien Thomas 26 Male Ireland
O'Brion Annie 17 Female Cayuga
Offenburg Garritt 21 Male Russia
O'Harra John B. 2 Male Cayuga
Olmsted Abba 4 Female Cayuga
Olmsted George W. 21 Male Cayuga
Olmsted John 25 Male Cayuga
Osborn Clarence H. 17 Male Cayuga
Osborn Samuel 10 Male England
Osborn William B. 13 Male England
Ousterout Ira 5 Male Cayuga
Overhiser Wesley 17 Male Columbia
Padbury John 20 (2) Male Onondaga
Palmer George G. 20 Male England
Parker Sarah 25 Female Maryland
Pastor Christopher 25 Male Germany
Pastor Rebecca 22 Female Cayuga
Patchen Lewis H. 8 Male Cayuga
Paul Asman 18 Male Cayuga
Pease Amon A. 1 Male Cayuga
Pease Chauncey 27 Male Columbia
Pease Ethen 9 Male Saratoga
Pease Marcus 8 Male Cayuga
Pease Stanley 6 Male Cayuga
Pease Volnay 6 Male Cayuga
Perry Frank 13 Male Cayuga
Perry George 24 Male Cayuga
Perry William 1 Male Not Listed
Peterson Cornelius 14 Male Cayuga
Peterson George 23 Male Cayuga
Peterson Ida 24 Female Cayuga
Phillips E.R. 28 Male Cortland
Plunket Thomas 13 Male Ireland
Post David 14 Male Cayuga
Post George 5 Male Cayuga
Post George S. 24 Male Cayuga
Post Horace 26 Male Cayuga
Post Jacob 15 Male Cayuga
Powers Daniel 10 Male Ireland
Pullman Charles 10 Male Cayuga
Pullman Kenyon C. 10 Male Washington
Purdy George 25 Male Canada

Last Name First Name Page # Sex Nativity
Rainhart Phillip H. 22 Male Cayuga
Reid Anthony 21 Male Switzerland
Reid John W. 25 Male Maryland
Reynolds Albert 10 Male Cayuga
Reynolds Jeremiah 28 Male Madison
Reynolds Phelia F. 29 Female Cayuga
Rice Franklin 25 Male Tioga
Robinson Catherine 29 Female Oneida
Robinson John 24 Male Cayuga
Rogers Edward 23 Male England
Rosa Lafevre N. 12 Male Onondaga
Ross Sylvester 25 Male Tioga
St. John Peter 18 Male Penna.
Sanders Frank 19 Male Onondaga
Sanders Thomas 1 Male Rhode Island
Scott Wesley 28 Male Tompkins
Secoy Samuel 19 Male Poughkeepsie
Senomey Samuel Cady 17 Male Cayuga
Shankwiler Jacob 24 Male Penna.
Sharp Harlow 10 Male Cayuga
Sharp William 13 Male Cayuga
Sharpstein Alexander 19 Male Cayuga
Shaw John H. 24 Male Cayuga
Shehan John 1 Male Ireland (Cork)
Shelby Andrew 28 Male Canada
Stephen Minnie 16 Female Cayuga
Shepherd Amiza 8 Male Madison
Shepherd Carrie 4 Female Cayuga
Shepherd Emily F. 29 Female Cayuga
Sherman Henry O. 26 Male Cayuga
Sherrill Charles A. 1 Male Cayuga
Shirlock Nicholas 18 Male Ireland
Shout Nancy 6 Female Herkimer
Simons Martha C. 21 Female Conn.
Smith Asa 8 Male Conn.
Smith Carson E. 3 Male Cayuga
Smith Clinton 16 Male Cayuga
Smith D.A. 7 Male Cayuga
Smith Harvey 6 Male Bucks (Pa.?)
Smith Jane 5 Female Cayuga
Smith John 1 Male Cayuga
Smith Loren 11 Male Cayuga
Smith Wheeler 5 Male Cayuga
Snell Charles 19 Male Cayuga
Southward Umphrey 8 Male Cayuga
Sperry Edwin M. 16 Male Cayuga
Standish Henry 11 Male Seneca
Stevens Homer 17 Male Cayuga
Stewart Hariet 25 Female Maryland
Stillwell William 6 Male New Jersey
Stranger Gertie 25 Female Cayuga
Sturtevant John F. 3 Male NYC
Sulivan Bridget 9 Female Ireland
Tallman Jane 28 Female Cayuga
Tate William M. 23 Male NYC
Taylor Freddie 4 Male Cayuga
Taylor R.E. 21 Male Livingston
Taylor Susan 13 Female Ireland
Templeton Thomas C. 3 Male Canada
Thayer John E. 26 Male Niagara
Thornton Caroline 22 Female Saratoga
Thornton Frank 12 Male Cayuga
Thornton Hiram 28 Male Cayuga
Thornton Lyman 2 Male Cayuga
Tobias Edward C. 22 Male Cayuga
Townsend Daniel 22 Male Cayuga
Townsend Hiram 14 Male Onondaga
Trowbridge Charlotte W. 8 Female Oneida
Tryon William R. 15 Male Cayuga
Tummon Jacob 5 Male Germany
Tuttle Owen H. 11 Male Tompkins
Van Ness Maryette 27 Female Cayuga
Vanarsdale Henry 3 Male Burkley ?
VanArsdale Mary 26 Female Cayuga
Vanlieu Daniel 15 Male Cayuga
Waldo Harmon 11 Male Cayuga
Walker Alexander 8 Male Oneida
Walker John 16 Male Broome
Walker Silas 13 Male Steuben
Wallis John N. 27 Male Cayuga
Ward William 27 Male Oswego
Warwick Robert 17 Male Cayuga
Welsh John 7 Male Ireland
Welsh Patrick 4 Male Cayuga
West Clara A. 23 Female Cayuga
West Isaac L. 24 Male Cayuga
Weston Addison 20 Male Onondaga
Wetherby Ruth E. 21 Female Cayuga
Whalan Patrick 26 Male Cayuga
Whalan Thomas 11 Male Cayuga
Whalan Winnie 24 Female Cayuga
Whalen Patrick 29 Male Ireland
Wheaten Simon 19 Male Cayuga
Wheaton John 24 Male Cayuga
Wheeler Amanda 28 Female Cayuga
Wheeler Edward 2 Male Cayuga
Wheeler Eliza 17 Female Cayuga
Wheeler Erastus 7 Male Cayuga
Wheeler George 2 Male Onondaga
Wheeler K.E. 2 Male Monroe
Wheeler Lemuel C. 2 Male Cayuga
White William 8 Male Ireland
Williamson Peter W. 14 Male Cayuga
Winters Almond 2 Male Cayuga
Wirm Willard S. 2 Male Albany
Wise Henry G. 19 Male Cayuga
Witbeck Henry 9 Male Washington
Witbeck John 17 Male Tompkins
Wood Isaac 6 Male Mass.
Wood John 29 Male England
Woodard Henry 11 Male Washington
Woodburn John 23 Male England
Woods Frank 20 Male Oswego
Wyckoff Alonzo 10 Male Cayuga
Wyckoff Elizabeth M. 17 Female Otsego
Wyckoff Esther 13 Female Cayuga
Wyckoff Peter V. 13 Male Cayuga

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