Obit of Hosmer Wilcox
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Hosmer Holmes Wilcox

Sept 10, 1849 - Aug 27, 1911
Son of Lansing Hyde Wilcox and Miranda Holmes. 

Hosmer H. Wilcox, who died a week ago Sunday morning and was buried a week ago Thursday afternoon, was born in Napoli in the year 1847, September 10.  He was the youngest of seven children and his love was so strong for the old home that he lived there practically all his life, only moving to Little Valley a couple of years since.

He is survived by one brother, Charles, of Pasadena, CA and three sisters, Mary Wilcox, Mrs. Lucy Peacock, and Miss Helen Wilcox of Little Valley.  He also leaves to mourn his loss his good wife, Mrs. Ella S. Wilcox, three daughters, Miss Itha Wilcox, Miss Helen Wilcox, and Mrs. Carrie Waite of Little Valley and also three sons, Burt and Charles of Napoli and Walter J of Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Wilcox was a man of sterling character, not given much to talking of what he did but one who went ahead and did what he thought was the right thing, letting his actions do the talking.  At an early age, in fact, about sixteen, he manifested an interest in religious matters, and was converted and joined the Methodist church at Napoli. He has always shown how strong his conversion was by taking an active part in the work of the church.  For something like thirty years, he was superintendant of the Sunday School.  In fact, the school did not seem like it ought to when he moved away and was no longer its head.

Mr. Wilcox was united in marriage to Miss Ella S. Burt in 1875.

During the short time the family have lived in Little Valley they have taken an active interest in the work of the Methodist Church with which they at once identified themselves.  Mr. Wilcox was a member of the official board and filled other positions in the church, and his advice was much sought and appreciated. 

In the last week of his life while he was having the attacks which had been with him occasionally, and they were more frequent and severe he would not complain and said nothing about them.  He kept up almost to the very end, although one cannot help but feel he knew the end was near.

Such men make the world better, give people more faith in the church and show the younger generation an example worthy of emulation.

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