Town of Humphrey - 1836

Town of Humphrey - 1836

The Town of Humphrey, was named after Charles Humphrey, from Tompkins County, who was Speaker of the Assembly, at the time it was formed. It was formed from Burton, now called Allegany, May 12, 1836. It is an interior town, lying southeast of the center of the county. Its surface is a broken and hilly upland. The hills are 600 feet above the R.R. at Olean. Great Valley, Five Mile, Wright and Sugar Town Creeks are the main streams

Humphrey Center is a hamlet, and Humphrey and Sugar Town are post offices.

The first settlers were Russel Chappell, in 1815; and also Alonzo Berry, Abijah Rowley, Nathan Howe, Thomas Scott, and Stephen S Cole. The first religious association was formed in 1834.

The first school was taught by John Howe, at Sugar Town, in 1820. John later went out to serve Congress from the state of Pennsylvania. Russell Chappell kept the first inn, in 1824. Averill Lawyer set up the first store in 1848, in Humphrey Center . A sawmill was built by Foster Salisbury on Wright Creek.

Humphrey Town Historian

Humphrey Town Clerk

Rosemary Hathaway
3654 Bozard Hill Rd
Great Valley, NY 1474
(716) 945-4725 (H)
Mary M. Weber
4875 Humphrey Rd.
Great Valley, NY 14741
(716) 945-4008 (H)<
Information from 2015 Cattaraugus County Directory

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