Birth Records Town of Lyndon (Abbott - Currie)  

Birth Records for town of Lyndon for surnames Abbott - Currie.

Compiled by Jerry Babcock from Lyndon Vital Records. These are mainly the early records, I will add the records from the 1880's to the 1930's as time permits.
Lydia Lovina Abbott Nov. 19,  1849 Stephen Abbott       Lydia Carr Ischua    
  Adams Sept. 2, 1848 Walter Adams       Ruth      
Florella Adams Oct. 29, 1848 Lafayette Adams       Elvira A.      
  Alesworth Dec. 10, 1848 William Alesworth       Matilda      
Milton Ashton Mar. 25, 1847 James C. Ashton       Ethalinda      
Edna May Austin Jan 9, 1880 William Austin Lyndon 1840 N. Y. S. Rhoda S. Fisk Lyndon 1843 NYS
Leonard N. Ayers July 5, 1848 John M. Ayers       Sally      
Robert Lee Baker July 5, 1894 Lewis A. Baker Lyndon 28 America Eva Estella Page Lyndon 28 America
Theodore Chester Baker July 30, 1905 William E. Baker Lyndon 1869 Michigan Lillian V. Brooks Lyndon 1871 NYS
Ambrose Beckwith Sept. 2, 1849 Ambrose Beckwith       Julia      
Charles Henry Bennett Jan. 4, 1900 William T. Bennett Lyndon 1847 Lyndon Betsey E. Clayson Lyndon 1864 Rushford,NY
Clarence Lyman Bennett Jan. 2, 1895 William T. Bennett Lyndon 1847 Lyndon Betsey E. Clayson Lyndon 1864 Rushford, NY
Harold William Bigelow Nov. 8, 1908 John O. Bigelow Lyndon 23 West Vally Ida Zeliff Lyndon 19 Hornell, NY
Westly F. Bigelow Apr. 29, 1899 William Bigelow Lyndon 1862 Ashford, NY Anna Eckert Lyndon 1871 West Valley
Angeline L. Bishop June 1, 1848 Jonas G Bishop.       Ester Ann      
Byran Bissell Nov. 3, 1849 Aaron Bissell       Delila      
Eugenia Bissell July 24, 1847 Aaron Bissell       Delila      
Hariet Laranea Blood May 7, 1849 Marvin G. Blood       Samantha      
Lucy Blood Dec. 24, 1847 Marvin Blood       Samantha      
Roy Breadon June. 2, 1887 Wellington Breadon Lyndon 1857 NYS Eva Little Lyndon 1862 NYS
Mary L. Brockway May 27, 1848 Horace Brockway       Anna Eliza      
  Bythenburg May 1, 1849 Burr Bythenberg       Elmira      
Sally Maria Campbell Dec. 22, 1848 John Campbell       Annis      
Eli D. Carpenter Jan. 20, 1848 Seymour Carpenter       Sophia      
Calvin Lafayette Carter Apr. 26, 1850 Arehibala B. Carter       Betsey      
Stanley Nelson Carter Nov. 17, 1885 John C. Carter Lyndon 1850 NYS Grace Ryther Lyndon 1858 NYS
William Carter Feb. 15, 1849 William Carter       Grace      
Jason Daniel Case Oct. 3, 1847 Thomas Case       Betsey      
Joel Case Apr. 4, 1848 Luke Case       Jane      
Not Named Case Dec. 14, 1850 Luke Case       Jane      
Decimal W. Caswell Aug. 19, 1848 Anthony Caswell Ischua     Sally Lockwood Ischua    
Jonathan L. Chatfield Dec. 26, 1847 Coradan Chatfield       Ester      
Amanda Church May 26, 1848 Lorenza Church       Mercy      
George F. Clark Feb. 1, 1902 Cortland Clark Lyndon 33   Ella Baker Lyndon 20 Olean, NY
Harold Forest Clement Aug. 20, 1886 Frank M. Clement Lyndon   NYS Sally Beebe Lyndon   NYS
Leo Newton Clement July 31, 1909 Arthur Clement Lyndon 25 NYS Ruth Clement Lyndon 24 Lyndon
Eliza Ann Congdon June 2, 1849 Gardner Congdon       Emeline      
  Cronk Nov. 18, 1849 William Cronk       Abelana      
Amanda Melvina Cumings May 3, 1847 Thomas Cumings       Mary      
Louisa Cummings Mar. 18, 1849 Thomas Cummings       Mary      
Mary Jane Currie July 14, 1850 Alexander Currie       Julian      
William Currie Mar. 3, 1849 Andrew Currie       Agnes      

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