1850 Lyndon NY, Cattaraugus County Census Index

Index for 1850 Census of The Town of Lyndon,

Cattaraugus Co.

State of New York

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FIRST NAME of Head of Household LAST NAME of Head of Household
Nelson L. Adams
William Adams
George Albro
James S. Allen
John Allen Jr.
Charles R. Ashton
Thomas S. Atkinson
Alexander M. Ayers
William Ayers
John Barnhart
Zeptha Beebe
Harriet Bennet
Sylvester Bennet
Arron Bissell
Marvin G. Blood
Horace Brockway
Lydia Brockway
Henry Buttles
Chester Camp
Maud Camp
Dexter Campbell
Duncan R. Campbell
Jessie Campbell
Aaron Capen
Warren Carpenter
Robert Carr
William Carter
Luke Case
Phineas Case
Family listing con't on page 19
Thomas Case
James Chase
John Clayton
Family listing con't on page 14
Isaac Cool
George Cornish
Henry Corset
Byram Courtney
William Cronk
William Curey
Andrew Currie
Alexander Curry
William Curry
James Dalzell
George Davidson
Thomas Day
Thomas Delano
Charles Donaldson
Reuben Donaldson
Oleris Droun
William Dunbar
James Duncan
William Dunn
William Elsworth
Isaac Emery
Thomas Emery
Thomas Ferry
William G. Flagg
Jacob Ford
Samuel Ford
Mary Ann Frary
Lynus French
Aaron Gere
Family listing con't on page 11
Silas A. Gere
Daniel Goss
David Goss
George Goss
Family listing con't on page 20
Henry Goss
John Goss
Joseph Goss
William Gould
Clark Graves
Hiram Graves
Stephen Graves
Stephen C. Graves
Joseph Green
Isaac Hall
Lorenzo Hall
Elizabeth Hamlin
Joseph Hamlin
Family listing con't on page 7
Thomas Harris
Augustus N. Hayden
Thomas Haydon
William Hedding
George Herrick
Samuel Herrick
Conrad Hess
Michael Hibner
Abel Hicks
Family listing con't on page 23
David Higby
James O. Hill
Family listing con't on page 17
Elisha Hoag
Oren Hoffman
George Hogg
Thomas Hogg
Alexander Houden
Joel How
William Jacobs
James Jewel
Joseph Johnson
John W. Kellogg
Family listing con't on page 18
Aaron C. Kellogg
Josiah Kent
Ephraim B. Kidder
Frederick Landess
Richard Little
William Little
Edward Lockwood
Hezekiah Lockwood
Major Lockwood
William Lowry
George Lyon
Seth Markham
Seth Markham Jr.
James Maxwell
William Maxwell
Colin McClenon
Daniel McClenon
Orange P. McClure
John McCready
James McFarling
William McGeorge
John T. McIntosh
Kenneth McKenzie
Nicholas Melrose
Nelson Metcalf
Thomas J. Miller
Family listing con't on page 22
Allen Minard
Augustus P. Miner
John Mitchell
Mathew Mitchell
Arba Morris
Henry Morris
Jacob S. Nottingham
Family listing con't on page 15
Simeon Nottingham
William Nottingham
Simeon Odell
Cyrus Patterson
Philenas Patterson
E. P. Perry
Josiah I. Perry
Lewis Philleo
William E. Philleo
Charles Porter
Cyrus Porter
George Porter
Stephen J. Porter
Egbert O. Pratt
Harley Pratt
Jerimiah Pratt
Family listing con't on Page 3
Simeon Prentice
Newman Rathbun
Paris Rathbun
Charles Rawson
Elias Reed
Jane Reynolds
Family listing con't on page 26
John Reynolds
Nehimiah Rogers
Henry Rose
James Scott
Martin Scott
Abijah Scovill
Silus Seeley
Family listing con't on page 4
Angelvah Shaw
Family listing con't on page 2
Jason Sherman
Anthony Simmonds
Chauncy B. Slocum
Elisha Slocum
Harry Slocum
Henry Slocum
Sylvanus Slocum
William S. Smith
Family listing con't on page 16
Joseph Snyder
John Spencer
Champion Stebbens
Edmund Stone
Ichabod Strait
Joseph Strait
Asahel Taylor
Joseph Taylor
Billings Thayer
Charles Thompson
Clinton Thompson
Daniel Thompson
Russel Thompson
Elmer Toby
Alexander Turnbull
Thomas Tynel
Oren Upson
Catherine Van Schaick
James VanHousen
John Varnum
Family listing con't on page 13
Abraham Vaughn
Family listing con't on page 6
Henry Vaughn
Alphius Warner
Abijah Wheeler
Family listing con't on page 8
Harrison Wheeler
John Whitewright
David Winchell
James Winchell
Seneca Winchell
James Winchell Jr.
Gilbert Wood
Samual D. Wood
Solomon Wood
Elijah Yaw

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