Franktown Cemetery

Franktown Cemetery

Located on Rte 219, north of Ashford Hollow, in Cattaraugus County, NY.

This information was gathered over many years, by the late  Dean Williams,
and with the assistance of John Pfeffer was presented to the NYGenweb for your use.
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Jennie ABERS/BRIDENBACKER         Gilbert Bridenbecker        
Thelma AHRENS 8/19/1919 Ashford NY 3/10/1920 Ashford NY unmarried  Albert Ahrens Florence Frank    
Charity BALLOU 1849   11/20/1876   Herbert         
Matilda BLOWERS-HOPKINS         Merritt Hopkins        
Alta BOND 5/21/1885 Ashford NY 8/25/1943 Springville NY Clifford Bond Earl Ditcher Olive Frank    
Clifford D BOND 8/17/1881 Ashford NY 3/18/1972 Springville NY Alta M Ditcher Warren Bond Linda Goodemote    
Alice BRIDENBAKER 8/3/1889   10/13/1889   unmarried  Charles Bridenbaker Mary    
Ella E BRIDENBAKER 1870       unmarried        6 MOS
George BRIDENBAKER 1858   1888  
Gilbert BRIDENBAKER 1844 Ashford NY 10/16/1932   Jennie Abers        
Jennie BRIDENBAKER   Ashford NY     Gilbert Bridenbaker Abers      
Jerry BRIDENBAKER 1841   12/20/1895  
Lillie BRIDENBAKER 1852   1852   unmarried        2 WKS OLD
Martha BRIDENBAKER 1839   1/5/1915  
Nellie BRIDENBAKER 1805   12/27/1874   George         
William BRIDENBAKER 1835   1898  
Rachael BRINDENBACKER/VEDDER         John A Vedder        
Dean D BROWN 1888 Ashford NY 5/10/1930  
Spencer Brown Nancy Ellis    
Nancy F BROWN 1858   1917  
Spencer L BROWN 1854   1896  
Joseph CAPRON 1820 Vermont 1900   Mary Frank        
Mary CAPRON 1829 Germany 2/6/1899   Joseph Capron Jacob Frank Mary King    
Emmons L CRANDALL 9/7/1902   6/4/1936  
James A CRANDALL 9/5/1863 Springville NY 10/9/1947 Springville NY Mary Hobbs Norman Crandall Soule Hammond    
Mamie M CRANDALL 1/16/1871 Brooklyn 5/20/1934 Ashford NY James A Crandall Charles Hobbs      
Norman E CRANDALL 5/30/1891   8/6/1983 Springville NY Pearl Fronheiser James Crandall Anna Sherman WW1 2nd wife Mary Colf
Alice DITCHER 12/17/1855 Ashford NY 12/1/1929 Ashford NY James B Ditcher Frederick Frank Anna Skinner    
James B DITCHER 9/17/1859 Ashford NY 7/8/1923 Ashford NY Alice  Stephen Ditcher Nancy Howe    
John DITCHER 1836 Germany 6/1/1885  
Stephen Ditcher Nancy Howe CIV CO B 154 NYSVOL
Nancy DITCHER 1810 Germany 1/22/1861   Stephen Ditcher HOWE      
Sarah DITCHER 10/1/1845   1/13/1889   John Ditcher        
Stephen DITCHER 1810 Germany 2/5/1869   Nancy Howe        
Alta DITCHER-BOND         Clifford Bond        
Emma Dora DUNKLEMAN 1872   1/8/1929   John Dunkleman Ploger      
John DUNKLEMAN 11/23/1864 West Otto NY 12/19/1927 Ashford NY Emma Ploger John Dunkleman Mary Simons    
Cora EDIE-PLOGER         George Ploger        
Mary ELLIS 2/25/1836 Ashford NY 1/25/1915 Ashford NY Peter Ellis Fredric Frank      
Peter ELLIS 5/26/1829   6/18/1896   Mary Frank William Ellis Polly Finster    
Minnie ERDMAN-FRANK        
Minnie ERDMAN-FRANK         Frend Frank        
Alice Eliza EVERETTS 6/15/1837 England 12/1/1926 Ashford NY Norman Everetts Charles Skinner Eliza    
Eliabeth FERNCROOK-FRANK         Peter Frank        
Adeline FOLTS 10/22/1836   4/23/1920   Oliver Folts Peter Multer Elizabeth Widrig    
Oliver FOLTS 8/18/1833   2/12/1900   Angeline Multer Joseph Folts Elizabeth Clapsaddle    
Nancy E FOLTS-OYER         Jacob Oyer        
Abigal FRANK 10/5/1813 Frankfort NY 7/25/1871   Warner Frank John Frank Anna Gerlach    
Alice Eliza FRANK 1838 England 1926   Henry Frank Skinner      
Annie M FRANK 11/22/1836 Fredonia NY 2/14/1916 Ashford NY Frederick F Frank Joseph Skinner Margaret Frank    
Armenia FRANK 1820   2/7/1863   Peter Frank        
Betsy E FRANK 1857   8/26/1858  
William Mary    
Byron FRANK 1849   9/30/1850  
Catherine E FRANK 4/19/1804   2/11/1848 Ashford NY Henry Frank        
Catherine M FRANK 1826 NYS 1913 Ashford NY
Peter A Frank Elizabeth Forncrook    
Charney H FRANK 10/24/1860   9/20/1862  
Lawrence Helen    
Daniel FRANK 1834   6/23/1845   unmarried  Jeremiah Frank      
Elizabeth FRANK 1800   5/1/1866   Peter A  FERNCROOK      
Ella FRANK 2/20/1863   4/3/1875   unmarried  Fredrick F Annie    
Eva M FRANK 12/9/1882 Ashford NY 7/27/1976 Springville NY Manley Frank Lyman Frank Julia Sanford    
Franklin FRANK 8/20/1843   12/18/1865  
    CIV CO 9 9TH CAV
Frederick F FRANK 7/20/1826 Ashford NY 9/11/1904 Ashford NY Anna Skinner Frederick Frank Nancy Rankel    
Frend FRANK 6/6/1850 Ashford NY 7/23/1908 Ashford NY Minnie Erdman Henry Frank Catherine Oyer    
Helen FRANK 12/20/1841 Montgomery Co 1/11/1901 Ashford NY Lawrence/Ernes  Peter Frank Elizabeth    
Henry FRANK 1804   9/4/1876   Catherine         
Henry FRANK 1823 Ashford NY 1884   Alice Skinner        
Henry Jr FRANK 1762   7/20/1830  
Henry Sr FRANK 1752   1/10/1840 Ashford NY
Hiram Jr FRANK 1849   1897  
    CIV CO B 64 REGT
Jacob J.
FRANK     1868   Mary Weber Henry Frank Gertraut Clapsaddle    
Jeremiah FRANK 1811   6/23/1866  
Jerry FRANK 11/30/1835 Ashford NY 8/23/1927 Ashford NY
John Frank Mary Putnon    
Jerry FRANK 1805   9/26/1860  
Jerry Jr FRANK 10/2/1870   6/20/1934  
John J FRANK 1854   3/3/1924  
Julia M FRANK 1850   1913   Lyman Frank SANFORD      
Katherine M FRANK 6/11/1826   9/11/1913  
Lawrence FRANK 4/22/1824 Ashford NY 6/18/1907 Ashford NY Lydia Multer Frederick Frank Nancy Wrauke    
Lawrence H FRANK 1838   7/20/1887  
Lawrence W FRANK     9/18/1862  
Lawrence Frank Helen    
Louise FRANK 1825   3/26/1880   Peter Frank        
Lydia Ann FRANK 1828 Ashford NY 3/8/1894   Lawrence Frank MULTER      
Lyman B FRANK 3/22/1849 Ashford NY 2/4/1919 Ashford NY Julia Sanford Lawrence Frank Liddy Multer    
Manley Jacob FRANK 11/11/1877 Ashford NY 2/21/1971 Springville NY Eva  Henry Frank Alice Skinner    
Martha FRANK 12/23/1847   12/20/1899 Ashford NY
Mary FRANK 1797   11/3/1886   Jacob Frank        
Mary Ann FRANK 1840 Germany 6/6/1932  
George Gampt Christine Kech    
Mattie FRANK     12/1/1873  
Henry Nancy    
Minnie FRANK 10/30/1864 Buffalo NY 10/8/1936 Ashford NY Frend Frank William Erdman Minnie Langford    
Nancy FRANK         Frederick Frank        
Nancy FRANK 1825   1875   Henry Frank        
Nettie FRANK 1871   1875  
Frederick Annie    
Peter A FRANK 1797   3/31/1868  
Richard FRANK 2/5/1840   7/26/1862  
Robert FRANK 2/25/1831   4/11/1907  
Sally FRANK 2/28/1822   11/17/1897  
Warner FRANK 1938   1/26/1939   unmarried         
Warner FRANK 2/13/1808   6/7/1876  
John Frank Anna M Gerlach    
Wealthy FRANK 2/13/1834   7/31/1918   Robert Frank        
Charity FRANK 3/29/1858 Ashford NY 10/4/1943 Ashford NY Lyman Frank Jerry Frank Elizabeth Miller    
Mary FRANK-CAPRON        
Alice FRANK-DITCHER         James Ditcher        
Mary FRANK-ELLIS         Peter Ellis        
Mildred L FRANK-HINTZ         Herman Hintz        
Charity FRANK-MULTER         Gilbert Multer        
Mary FRANK-OYER         Hiram Oyer        
Mary Ann GAMP-FRANK        
Agnes M GOODEMOTE 11/29/1899 Ashford NY 7/24/1935  
Frank Goodemote Cora Oyer    
Cora A GOODEMOTE 4/20/1870 Ashford NY 8/2/1939 Ashford NY Frank Goodemote John Oyer Loretta Butler    
Frank GOODEMOTE 1869   1904   Cora Oyer        
Addie A GUILD 8/31/1874   9/3/1874   unmarried  D M    
Frank E GUILD 1865   7/16/1877   unmarried  D M    
Catherine HANSEN 3/20/1865 East Otto NY 10/23/1940 Salamanca NY Jacob Hansen Martin Oyer Katherine Quigley    
Edward J HANSEN 1/19/1890 Otto NY 7/24/1936 Ashford NY Esther Block Jacob Hansen Catherine Oyer    
Jacob E HANSEN 12/26/1851 Ellicottville NY 2/4/1924 Ashford NY Kate  Hudson Hansen Abigail Vedder    
Jacob E HANSON 1852   2/4/1924  
Lester HANSON     10/13/1939  
    WW1 PFC 325 INF
Herman Henry HINTZ 1895 East Otto NY 1987   Mildred Frank        
Mildred Leola HINTZ 6/20/1906 Ashford NY 7/28/1991 Springville NY Herman Hintz Elbert Frank Nettie Yost    
Mamie M HOBBS-CRANDALL        
W H HOLDEN 3/10/1827   1912  
Ella P HOLDEN 12/26/1861   9/30/1883  
Ellen HOLDEN 1862   9/3/1863  
Philinda HOLDEN 10/7/1831 Ashford NY 11/14/1917 Ashford NY William Holden John Oyer Charity Frank    
William A HOLDEN 3/10/1828 NYS 6/11/1912 Ashford NY
Arnold Holden Patience    
Nancy HOWE-DITCHER         John Ditcher        
Alzina HUFSTADER 12/22/1850 Ashford NY 3/17/1926 Ashford NY Nelson Hufstader Hudson Hufstader Abigale Vedder    
Margaret HUFSTADER 1841   1/6/1916  
Nelson F HUFSTADER 3/8/1846 East Otto NY 9/13/1905 Ashford NY Alzina Hansen Andrew Hufstader Mary Oyer    
Adaliza HUGHEY 6/16/1849 Ellicottville NY 5/7/1924 Ashford NY George H Hughey John Vedder Rachael Brindenbacker    
Beverly Joyce LAMPHIER 3/16/1933 Ashford NY 3/21/1933 Ashford NY unmarried  Floyd Lamphier Eunice Wentworth    
Ruth H LEVIN 1893   1972  
Duane J LINTS 1843   12/1/1872  
John LINTS 1822   1904  
Mary LINTS 1824   1910  
Bertha A MILLER 8/11/1913 Ashford NY 10/9/1913 Ashford NY unmarried  Henry Miller Amanda Frank    
Edward G MILLER 1/15/1911 Ashford NY 3/22/1932 Ashford NY unmarried  Henry Miller Amanda Frank    
Elizabeth MILLER 2/10/1833 East Otto NY 8/2/1911   Peter Miller John Oyer Mary(Polly)VanSlyke    
Henry MILLER 3/21/1870 Ashford NY 7/7/1936   Amanda Frank Peter Miller Elizabeth Oyer    
Peter MILLER 1835   1913   Elizabeth Ann Oyer John Miller Mary Frank    
Mary MILLER-OYER         George Oyer        
Charity MULTER 2/12/1823 Ashford NY 10/1/1902 Ashford NY Gilbert Multer Henry Frank Catherine    
Elizabeth MULTER 1799   9/23/1880   Peter A Multer Widrig      
Gilbert MULTER 11/9/1823   12/8/1904   Charity  Peter A Multer Elizabeth Widrig    
Octavia MULTER 1859   4/1/1863   unmarried         
Oscar MULTER        
Gilbert Multer Charity    
Perry MULTER 1861   3/15/1863   unmarried         
Peter A MULTER 1795   12/24/1868   Elizabeth Widrig        
Adeline MULTER-FOLTS         Oliver Folts        
Lydia Ann MULTER-FRANK         Lawrence Frank        
Nancy E OYER 1823   1/30/1909 Ashford NY Jacob Oyer Peter Folts Nancy Schell    
Adam OYER 6/12/1823 Schuyler 4/13/1901 Ashford NY unmarried  George W Oyer Mary(Polly) Miller    
Charity OYER 10/5/1833   11/20/1848   unmarried  John P Oyer Charity Frank    
Charles A OYER 7/7/1863 Ashford NY 1935   Grace Fraley Simon Oyer Emily Sackett    
David OYER 4/12/1827 Ashford NY 8/9/1909 Ashford
George W Oyer Mary(Polly) Miller    
Earl OYER 1875   1895   unmarried  Simon Oyer Emily J Sackett    
Emily J OYER 12/24/1841 East Otto NY 9/14/1931 Ashford NY Simon Oyer Oscar Sackett Nancy Morrow    
Eugene S OYER 3/1867   1867   Nora Fox Simon Oyer Emily J Sackett    
George OYER 3/16/1797   7/19/1875   Mary(Polly) Miller Frederick Oyer Elizabetha    
Hiram OYER 6/18/1827   5/15/1880 Ashford NY Mary Frank John P Oyer Charity Frank    
Jacob J OYER 12/16/1824 NYS 10/12/1909 Ashford Nancy Folts John Oyer MaryAnn VanSlyke    
John OYER 10/16/1798   9/3/1872 E Otto NY MaryAnn VanSlyke Frederick Oyer Elizabeth Hochstatter    
Levi OYER 5/5/1820   11/3/1851   Betsey Vedder George Oyer Mary(Polly) Miller    
Mary Miller OYER 9/18/1798   7/10/1860   George Oyer        
Mary OYER 6/19/1827   3/26/1887 Ashford NY Hiram Oyer FRANK      
Nancy E OYER 1823 NYS 1/20/1909 Ashford NY Jacob Oyer Peter Folts Sr Nancy Schell    
Simon OYER 11/5/1831 Ashford NY 1900   Emily Sackett George Oyer Mary(Polly) Miller    
Cora A OYER-GOODEMOTE         Frank Goodemote        
Catherine OYER-HANSEN         Jacob Hansen        
Philinda OYER-HOLDEN         William Holden        
Elizabeth OYER-MILLER         Peter Miller        
Betsy OYER-VEDDER         Levi Oyer        
Adeline OYER-VEDDER         Cornelius Vedder        
Dora PLOGER 6/19/1846 Germany 12/8/1914 Ashford NY George Ploger Chris John Edie Mary Wendland    
George H PLOGER 7/8/1846 Germany 1/14/1929 Ashford NY Dora Edie Simon Ploger      
Emma Dora PLOGER-DUNKELMAN         John Dunkleman        
Catherine ROSENBERG 1815   7/26/1852   John Rosenberg        
Mary ROSENBERG 2/28/1849   9/29/1849  
Grace SAANDS 1874   7/1/1898  
Emily J SACKETT-OYER         Simon Oyer        
Julia M SANFORD-FRANK         Lyman Frank        
Alice Eliza SKINNER-EVERETTS         Norman Everetts        
Annie SKINNER-FRANK         Frederick Frank        
Eliza SKINNER-FRANK         Henry Frank        
Adeline O VEDDER 12/13/1825   1/14/1884   Cornelius Vedder Albert Oyer Mary Seaman    
Alice VEDDER 1/20/1852      
John Vedder Rachael Oyer    
Betsy VEDDER 9/6/1822 Herkimer Co 9/21/1908 Ashford NY Levi Oyer John P Oyer Charity Frank   #2 husband John Vedder
Cornelius VEDDER 1/21/1815   7/10/1871   Adeline Oyer Albert Vedder Mary Seaman    
John A VEDDER 9/3/1818   4/7/1870 EllicottvilleNY Rachael Oyer Jacob Vedder Margaret Gardinier   #2 wife Betsy Oyer
Mary E VEDDER 4/30/1857      
Rachel VEDDER 1/1/1828   7/24/1854   John A Vedder Brindenbacker      
Rachael A VEDDER 7/13/1854      
Jacob Vedder Margaret Gardinier    
Adaliza VEDDER-HUGHEY         George Hughey        
Michael M WIDRIG 1812   9/14/1860   Sarah         
Sarah WIDRIG 6/24/1817   3/27/1883   Michael Widrig        
Sarah C WIDRIG     4/20/1856  
Michael Widrig      
Martha WIDRIG-FRANK        
Elizabeth WIDRIG-MULTER         Peter Multer        
George WRANKLE 12/8/1838 Attica NY 12/3/1912 Ashford NY Harriett  Philip Wrankle Katherine Lutz    
Harriett WRANKLE 1843   12/22/1922   George Wrankle        
Charles YOST 1849   5/26/1851   unmarried        SON PHIL/EVE
Madison YOST 6/22/1861 Ashford NY 7/28/1923 Ashford NY unmarried  Philip Yost Eve Wrenchel    
Philip YOST 2/10/1819 Ashford NY 12/15/1902 Ashford NY Nancy Weast Jacob Yost Mary    
William YOST 12/27/1856   4/18/1950  
Amos P YOUNG 1821   5/17/1877  
EvalineFran YOUNG 8/27/1815      
      MRS AMOS
John ZEILMAN 2/19/1826   4/16/1910  
Margaret ZEILMAN 1/24/1829   4/17/1911   John Zelman        
John P ZETWICK 1/27/1860 East Eden NY 3/16/1927 Ashford NY Carrie Zeilman Fidel Zetwick Carrie    

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