First Burial - circa 1810
Wheatville cemetery is on the north side of Lewiston Road, east of Alleghany Road (Route 77). The cemetery was
official established in 1834. However, burials occurred here well before that time. The deed for this cemetery can be
found at Liber 24 page 226 of Deeds, filed at the Genesee County Clerks Office.
Wheatville is an abandoned cemetery with several stones in need of repair. It is one of the two cemeteries on my
"Restoration Goals List". I recently walked this cemetery to document plot locations and verify tombstone information. If
you see an asterisk after an entry it is because the stone is no longer standing. This is due either to it being broken
and leaning up against one of the trees with a few others; or it no longer exists due to it having been destroyed beyond
repair. As the stones are repaired the asterisks will be removed.
Although this cemetery looks small from the road; there are quite a lot of burials here. Because of this, the list of
the names of people interred here are divided into letter groups. (There are no X, Y or Z names)