Other possible places to look if children seem to
have dropped off the census with the family and
you find no record of them being dead.
How to search through deeds, what all the jargon on
the deed means, there's more genealogy clues in a
deed besides where your ancestor lived, even
mortgages can hold hidden clues as well.
You know that GGGGrandpa Harry Goodyear owned
land in a certain town, but you can't find a deed.
Why? Plus there's other things in deeds then deeds.
Also, the reason to check Miscellaneous Records.
"Betterment" land or otherwise known as a land
grant or contract through a Land Company.
These are different than deeds.
"The Will is nice Monty, but I'll take the Probate File
behind door number two !" What a person intends
to happen after they die is often different then what
really happens.
This will cover other records held in the County
Clerks Office, and Surrogate's Court that you may
not have know existed or did not think to look in.
(The first five topics are completed, the last one is in progress.)