If you look at the map
you will see that Reed
Cemetery is on route 63.
Go east out of South
Alabama. It is just a
smidgen over the
Alabama town line into
the Town of Oakfield.

Reed Cemetery is located in the town of Oakfield. Its first known burial is 1830. Since many of
our South Alabama people were buried here; I felt I should at least include the names and dates of
death. Reed is still an active cemetery.
The following records were provided by the Genesee County History Department. I have been to
Reed Cemetery several times, but have not verified every inscription as of yet. There are over 1100
The third column, titled "Page Number", refers to the page in the book at the History Department.
On these pages are the cemetery plot cards. There are usually 10 plots to each of the Reed Cemetery
lots. This is helpful if you are trying to connect branch family names; or you find a tombstone missing.
This list is current as of 1988. That should do for genealogy sake eh?
Once again I thank my niece, Tammy Scheidweiler, for volunteering her time and typing skills.
Without her help I would not have been able to post this cemetery as quickly as I did.