An important year for Alabama! It marks the
25th birthday of our town museum, as well as
the 175th anniversary of the founding of our
town. Happy Birthday & Anniversary to us!
Established 1976
In 1976 the Town of Alabama formed a Historical Society. It
was the town's 150th anniversary. The society held a large
Sesqui-Centennial event. They also began receiving items from
the town residents with no place to put them.
The Society approached the Town Board and asked for a
room in the Town Hall in which to put a museum. Their request
was granted. The town Hall is Alabama's original "one room"
school house #12, built in the late 1800's.
An addition was added to the front in 1916 which created two
new class rooms. The back portion, the original structure, was then
used as a recreation room. If you look in the photograph above in
the bottom right corner you will see a photograph of the school
before the addition. It is this portion of the building which now
houses the Alabama Museum.
Our small museum contains a fine collection of artifacts. We have a large number of photographs such as the one
show at right. Taken in 1927 which shows some of the students of District #12 school. The museum also has school
minute ledgers for some of the districts back to 1839.
There are several other items of interest for the lovers of history. A dulcimer, which is a musical instrument, was
manufactured in South Alabama by Perry Wight Sr. in
the late 1800's. A collection of old wooden farm
implements, turn of the century kitchen utensils, and
articles of clothing from the 19th and 20th century. We
even have a wreath made of human hair! Hair weaving
was quite popular for personal mementos.
For the genealogist, there are diaries, voter records,
and property assessment logs. These are quite handy
when trying to find an ancestor between census years.
A gentleman named William Toulson kept a daily
account of the goings on about town, on a daily basis,
from 1880 - 1887 and 1910 -1921. Written in seven
ledgers, Mr. Toulson's accounts make for interesting and
useful reading.
The museum is located in the Alabama Town
2218 Judge Road, Route 63
in South Alabama.
The museum is open the first and third
Sunday's of every month from noon to 3 p.m.
(except holidays)
For more information on the Alabama
museum, contact: Museum Director
Ellen Bachorski
7162 Alleghany Road
Basom, NY 14013
or call: (716) 948-9773
Drawing by Cindy Amrhein
For information on the Alabama Historical contact Ellen Bachorski, who is also the Society President.
The Historical Society recently reprinted the "Alabama Sesqui-Centennial 1826 - 1976" which has been out of print
for several years. The book measures 5 1/2" by 8 1/2", softcover, 100 pages. It contains historical information on the
town as well as several black and white photographs. The book sells for $5.00 plus $2.00 for shipping and handling.
There is also an Alabama Cookbook, GBC bound, hard cover, 5 1/2" by 8 1/2", 70 pages. It contains useful
cooking tips, recipes from our current residents, and some from the 1895 Alabama Cookbook. Cookbooks are $8.50
plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Proceeds for the sale of both books go to benefit the Town of Alabama
. If you care to order either of these books, yes you guessed it, mail your order to Ellen Bachorski at the
address above.
The Alabama Historical Society does not do genealogy requests. Their sole purpose is to maintain and
preserve the artifacts of the Town's Museum.