Morse, Abby Morian, daughter of Thomas and Mary Morse, died July 11, 1842, aged 8 years.
Morse, Job, died August 29, 1851, aged 61 years.
Russ, Abby, wife of John Russ, died April 1, 1851, aged 32 years, 3 months.
Tuttle, John Edward, son of Aaron and Jemima Ann Tuttle, died December 17, 1841, aged 1
year, 5 months and 22 days.
Warren, Patty, wife of Augustus Warren, died October 23,1838 aged 35 yrs. 8 months.

Until a recent discovery, by yours truly, this cemetery was thought to be part of another
property. During my research of our early schoolhouses, cemeteries and churches I discovered
that the "Basom Plot" was its own parcel with its own separate deed. It was established in 1842.
Augustus Warren, one of the towns first Baptist ministers, deeded 58 square rods of land (aprox.
125' x 125') to the Trustees of the Burying Ground of School District #8.
In this deed there is a stipulation that Augustus Warren reserves a plot for himself next to
where his first wife Patty Warren was buried, who died in 1838. Up to this point there was no record
of Patty Warren being buried here! Her and her husband, as well as others, were moved to the
"Alabama Cemetery" when the road was widened. (Which was not uncommon in rural areas) Who
else is buried here that is not recorded?
So now I proved ownership... the town owns it, so its their
responsibility. I collected proof by deed, maps, any records of
inscriptions left etc. I then presented it to the town board. Frankly
they were quite pleased to find it was theirs. It had always
bothered the residents, who knew it was a cemetery, that the
stones had disappeared.
The town supervisor and myself approached the alleged
landowner. I explained my discovery, and gave him a copy of
my presentation, saying what a wonderful historical find this was.
I also said we would like to clean it up and the town would put it
on their mowing list. He had no objections!

My husband, Jody, bought some pressure treated lumber and
built me a sign. Since I use to be a sign painter, I did the lettering
after my children helped to paint the white base coat. Jody spent 6
hours on a Saturday mowing, chain-sawing, trimming, and weed
whacking. The next day the sign went up! The next step is doing a
fund raiser to purchase a stone with the inscriptions of the known
burials. The sign reads:

-The Amrhein Family History Project-
My daughter Storm, son Zac, and husband
Jody adding the finishing touches after
erecting the new sign.