VR recorded in Clerks office - Chenango 1847

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Clerks office Vital Records
Recorded in Chenango - 1847

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Chenango Marriages
Date Husband name Husband data Wife name       Wife data Official
1847-01-04 Alonzo Harris Age 19; of Chenango Laura Ann Handy Age 22; of Chenango Rev. Jeremiah Woodruff, of Chenango Forks
1847-02-04 Cyrus Keaten(?) Age 25; of Chenango Harriet Carman Age 18; of Chenango Edward C. Kattell, Esq., Binghamton
1847-02-11 Philander Spencer Age 23; of Chenango Elisa Eaton Age 21; of Union King Elwell, of Chenango
1847-02-13 Martin Hawley Age 72; of Binghamton Joanna Cotter Age 27; of Binghamton Rev. Dr. Andrews, of Binghamton
1847-02-20 George W. Tucker Age 20; of Chenango Malencia(?) Carman Age 16; of Chenango John Holmes Gage(?)
1847-03-10 Norman Bacon Age 26; of Chenango Caroline Rummer Age 23; of Chenango Samuel Lee, Esq., of Chenango
1847-03-10 William A. Stiers(?) Age 25; of Chenango Sally French Age 16; of Chenango King Elwell, of Chenango
1847-04-11 Daniel Abbott Age 28; of Athens, PA Emmaline Groat(?) Age 22; of Athens, PA
1847-04-11 Obia(?) B. Dimmick Age 28; of Chenango Pamelia A. Knapp Age 19; of Barker Rev. J. W. Van Horn, of Castle Creek
1847-06-13 George Simons Of Union Tryphena Andrews Age 18; of Chenango Edward C. Kattell, Esq., Binghamton
1847-07-01 George Roby(?) Age 20; of Binghamton Maryah A. Cousin(?) Age 16; of Binghamton Rev.Mason Tupper, of Binghamton
1847-07-04 Dexter Hawks Age 22; of Chenango Maryann Smith Age 19; of Chenango King Elwell, of Chenango
1847-07-04 Isaac(?) Griffith Age 28; of Silverlake, PA Catharine Ann McLeod Age 18; of Chenango Rev. Henry Brownscomb, of Vestal
1847-07-04 William V. McLeod Age 20; of Chenango Mary Jane Kelly Age 20; of Chenango Rev. Henry Brownscomb, of Vestal
1847-07-16 William Andrews Age 22; of Chenango Clarilla(?) Hull Of Union John Carvin(?)
1847-07-26 Henry Hull Of Union Elisa Andrews Age 21; of Chenango Edward C. Kattell, Esq., Binghamton
1847-09-01 George Hamlin Age 28; of Forest Lake, PA Lucyann Blair Age 29; of Chenango Rev. E. Puffer, of Castle Creek
1847-09-18 Daniel Purdy(?) Age 63; of Conklin Eunice Hayes Age 51; of Binghamton Benjamin Loomis, Esq., Binghamton
1847-09-20 Robert Smith Age 19; of Chenango Catharine J. Wilson Age 22; of Chenango Rev. Chauncy Darby, of Binghamton
1847-10-05 Patrick Sheehy(?) Of Binghamton Mary Ann Reynolds Of Binghamton Rev. James Hannigan
1847-10-14 Lewis S. Abbott Age 23; of Binghamton Amelia Moore(?) Age 22; of Binghamton Rev. Dr. Andrews, of Binghamton
1847-10-17 Adil(?) A. Lister(?) Age 38; of Mt. Pleasant, PA Nancy Wyant Age 39; of Binghamton Rev. Mr. Dana, of Binghamton
1847-10-26 Frederick A. Stone Age 27; of Chenango Harriet Dedrick(?) Age 18; of Union Rev. Chauncy Darby, of Binghamton
1847-11-03 Harvy Lyon Age 29; of Barker Pamelia A. Livermore Age 23; of Barker Rev. T. D. Winn, of Castle Creek
1847-11-17 Wightman(?) Williams Of Vestal Catharine Decker Of Vestal Benjamin Loomis, Esq., Binghamton
1847-11-19 Lorenzo Blair Age 21; of Colesville Cornelia Dunn Age 20; of Barker Rev. J. W. Van Horn, of Castle Creek
1847-11-28 James Huddy(?) Of Binghamton Bridgett Gains(?) Of Binghamton Rev. James Hannigan
1847-11-28 James Hufsey(?) Of Smithport, PA Bridgett A. Gumin(?) Of Binghamton Rev. Mr.Hannagan, of Binghamton
1847-11-28 Peleg Buts(?) Age 70; of Liberty, PA Judy Duel Age 50; of Liberty, PA Rev. William Delong(?), of Binghamton
1847-12-05 David Warner Age 24; of Binghamton Nancy M. Fuller Age 16; of Binghamton Rev. Mr. Dana, of Binghamton
1847-12-25 William K. Caleb(?) Age 21; of Towanda, PA Mary E. Montgomery Age 21; of Athens, PA Rev. A. J. Dana, of Binghamton

Chenango Deaths
Date Surname Given Notes Residence Cause
1847-01-04 Smith Joseph M. 82 M; Married; Farmer Chenango Pheumonia or Billious Pleurisy
1847-01-11 Hardy John T. 14mo. M Binghamton Fits
1847-01-21 Davis Mariah 26 F; Married; Farmer Chenango Childbirth Fever
1847-01-23 Harris Mary 16mo F Vestal Twp Scarlet Fever
1847-01-30 Fuller Lucinda E. 28 F; Married Binghamton Consumption
1847-02-09 Muckle(?) Elijah 75 M; Unmarried; Farmer Chenango Inflammation in the head
1847-02-10 Infant
2mo M
[not given]
1847-02-17 Marvin Maryett 19 F; Married
1847-03-06 Carhart Isaac 55 M; Married; Farmer Union [not given]
1847-03-08 Aldrich Hannah 28 F; Unmarried Chenango Consumption
1847-03-12 Aldrich Charles 78 M; Married; Brick Maker Chenango Inflammation in the lungs
1847-03-28 [not given] [not given] 1dy F Chenango [not given]
1847-03-29 [not given] [not given] 2dy M Chenango [not given]
1847-04-07 Fuller Samuel 18mo. M Binghamton Erysipelas
1847-04-08 Smith Rufus 21 M; Married; Farmer Chenango Inflammation in the heart
1847-04-11 Gleason William H. 18mo. M Binghamton Scarlet Fever
1847-05-26 Cole Sally 69 F; Widow Chenango Old Age
1847-06-24 [not given] Virginia 3mo. F Chenango Consumption
1847-06-26 Pierce Douglas 51 M; Married; Miller Chenango Crushed in Canal Lock
1847-06-29 Holdrich(?) Abijah(?) 10 M
1847-06-29 Smith [???] C. 11dy F Chenango [not given]
1847-07-11 Hemingway [not given] 8d Chenango [not given]
1847-07-29 Dunn Leah Eleanor 1 F Chenango Cholera Inflammation
1847-08-08 Smith Pamelia A. 18mo. F Binghamton Inflammation of the bowels
1847-08-23 Burtis Elisa M. 5mo. F Binghamton Inflammation in the lungs
1847-08-26 Handy Mary 2 F Chenango Consumption
1847-09-13 [???] Anna [???] 16mo. F New York Small Pox
1847-09-14 Brown Dorcas Deborah Jane 3y 10m 18d F Chenango Dysentery
1847-09-20 Eldridge Robert 11mo. M Binghamton Cholera Infantum
1847-09-20 Garry(?) Harriet 2 F Binghamton Measles
1847-09-24 Whiting Ira D. 9mo. M Binghamton Consumption
1847-10-26 Hitchcock Nancy S. 9 F Chenango Dysentery
1847-10-30 Cannon Polly 72 F; Married Chenango Apoplexy
1847-10-31 White William 18 M; Married; Farmer Binghamton Drowned in the Susquehanna
1847-11-04 Cole Josiah 2 M Chenango Canker Rash
1847-11-30 Cole Deborah 74 F; Widow Chenango Apoplexy
1847-12-06 Swan James M; Unmarried Chenango [not given]
1847-12-17 Fuller William J. 7mo. M Binghamton Erysipelas
1847-12-23 Holt Eliza 50 F; Married Chenango Tumors in the chest

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