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This not a list of all cemeteries in Broome County. For example, there are no cemeteries listed for Barker. In addition, some towns, like Chenango, are only partially listed. These are only those cemeteries that show up in the GNIS system.

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Adams Street Cemetery 421555N 0755506W Whitney Point Alexander Hill Cemetery 420505N 0753236W Gulf Summit
All Saints Cemetery 420850N 0755712W Castle Creek Allentown Cemetery 421359N 0760100W Maine
Anthony Cemetery 420759N 0752723W North Sanford Arctic Cemetery 421052N 0752537W North Sanford
Bunn Hill Cemetery 420428N 0755936W Binghamton West Calvary Cemetery 420732N 0755801W Castle Creek
Cascade Valley Cemetery 420053N 0753442W Gulf Summit Chenango Valley Cemetery 420850N 0755249W Castle Creek
Coles Hill Cemetery
In Colesville, near Cole Park
420857N 0753954W Belden Edwards Cemetery 420340N 0753721W Gulf Summit
Floral Park Cemetery 420621N 0755722W Binghamton West Glenwood Cemetery 420703N 0755620W Binghamton West
Harpur Cemetery
In Colesville    now online
420813N 0753608W Afton Holy Spirit Cemetery 421132N 0755222W Chenango Forks
Huggins Cemetery 420821N 0753018W Afton Ingraham Hill Cemetery 420312N 0755712W Binghamton West
Itaska Cemetery 421748N 0755443W Whitney Point Kattellville Cemetery
On Route 12.  Lookup available
421140N 0755207W Chenango Forks
King Street Cemetery 421643N 0755429W Whitney Point Knox Cemetery 420658N 0753850W Windsor
La France Cemetery 420405N 0755338W Binghamton West Lilly Cemetery 421149N 0755418W Castle Creek
Maine Cemetery 421048N 0760403W Maine Maple Grove Cemetery 421343N 0755439W Castle Creek
Mount View Cemetery 420336N 0754321W Windsor Nanticoke Valley Cemetery 420902N 0760409W Maine
New Ohio Cemetery
Located in Tunnel
421341N 0754239W Belden North Windsor Cemetery 420545N 0753835W Windsor
Perch Pond Hill Cemetery
Located in Colesville
421002N 0753327W Afton Pine Grove Cemetery 420349N 0752545W Deposit
Polish Cemetery 420942N 0755641W Castle Creek Pratt Cemetery
In Colesville  now online
421124N 0753856W Belden
Riverhurst Cemetery
Located in Union  now online
420610N 0760201W Endicott Riverside Cemetery
">now online
420406N 0753826W Windsor
Riverside Cemetery
Located in Union  now online
420537N 0760332W Endicott Riverside Cemetery 421921N 0755741W Whitney Point
Sacred Heart Cemetery 421310N 0755523W Castle Creek Saint Cyris Cemetery 420550N 0755704W Binghamton West
Saint Johns Cemetery 420740N 0755743W Castle Creek Saint Josephs Cemetery 420317N 0752628W Deposit
Saint Marys Cemetery 420700N 0755615W Binghamton West Saint Marys Cemetery 420700N 0760232W Endicott
Saint Michaels Cemetery 420711N 0755605W Binghamton West Saint Patricks Cemetery 420553N 0755714W Binghamton West
Saint Patricks Cemetery 421947N 0755852W Whitney Point Slovak Cemetery 420614N 0755719W Binghamton West
Spring Forest Cemetery 420638N 0755532W Binghamton West Temple Israel Riverside Cemetery 420603N 0755115W Binghamton East
The Plains Cemetery
Located in Colesville
421056N 0753620W Afton Toombs Cemetery 421443N 0755105W Chenango Forks
Tracy Creek Cemetery 420226N 0760500W Endicott Vestal Hill Cemetery 420557N 0755846W Binghamton West
Woodlawn Cemetery 420615N 0755712W Binghamton West

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