Broome County Howland Hill cemetery

Howland Hill cemetery

Howland, Adelined/o Isaac and Amanda Howlanddied 4/10/1830ae. 2y 1m 8d
Mogilboxy, Archibalds/o Archibald Mogilboxydied 2/26/1831ae. 22y
Gibson, Laura H.w/o Wm H. Gibsondied 10/18/1864ae 46y 4m 7d
Gibson, Janetted/o of Wm. Gibsondied 2/10/1876ae 6y 11m 7d
Gibson, Oscar H.s/o Wm. Gibsondied 12/1863ae 22y
Gibson, Burdetts/o of Wm. and L Gibsondied 6/12/1851ae 5y 6m 1d
Monfore, Aliced/o Peter & Diana Monforedied 3/11/1854
Howland monument???1830-1928
Clarke, Lydiaw/o Abram Clarke
g.mother of Homer Glezen, Jr.
died 6/29/1872 ae 43y 7m 5d
Revolutionary Soldier, name and any info. Completely gone; only thing on the stone is the following: DJ 10W9. Stone is in the back of the cemetery. Flag on Memorial Day is always placed in the front of cemetery.
marker: "B.M."
marker: "A.A.M."
marker: "D.J." 1928
marker: "J E G"

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