Beaver Lake Cemetery listing

Beaver Lake Cemetery
Windsor, NY

Beaver Lake Cemetery (also known as Flowers Cemetery or Sutliff Cemetery). A very old cemetery on Beaver Lake Rd. on top of the hill at the turn, east of Flowers District.

Name Dates Notes
Beebe, Ellen (nee Scott) (b. Aug. 1836 - d. March 4, 1876) - m. 1st Oliver Beebe (buried in Old South Windsor Cemetery) then Orlan Guernsey (the latter buried in Great Bend, Pa) Ellen and Oliver had a son, Edmund, buried in South Windsor Cemetery)
Guernsey, Ellen
(same as above) dau. of Ranslaer (sic) and Polly Scott)
Scott, Catherine (b. 1825 - d. Aug. 31, 1831) dau of Ranslaer and Polly Scott
Scott, David (1820 - Oct. 13, 1847) son of Ranslaer and Polly SCOTT
Scott, Ellen
same as Ellen Beebe and Ellen Guernsey (see above)
Scott, Polly (1798 - d. Feb. 26, 1845) Wife of Ranslaer Scott
Scott, Ranslaer born Aug. 7, 1789 - died June 28, 1863
Sutliff, Emery b. 14 March 1822 died Dec. 29, 1899
Sutliff, Minerva died July 7, 1882 @ 56 years (born in Conn.)

There are several small field stones marking unknown graves.
A return visit in 1998 found the area cleared of brush and a good fence erected around the perimeter.

Research donated by Helen B. Osborne, Town of Windsor Historian and Charles English, Village of Windsor Historian.

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