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      Riley Farm Cemetery,      
      Windsor, NY
      (aka Blatchley Cem)      
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Located on Dunbar Road, on the Riley Farm about 1/2 mile east of North Road in Windsor, New York. (Note: This cemetery is one of two cemeteries nicknamed Blatchley cemetery. The other cemetery is Hazardville cemetery, which is also online.

Andrews, Addie died at 47 yrs.of age dau.of Wm. and Clarissa Andrews
Barney, William died Oct. 26,1836 @ age 77  
Benn, Sherman d. March 1864 @ 1yr.of age son of Aaron and Mary Benn
Benn, Sophia 1800 - 1860 wife of Hugh I. Benn maiden name, Grant
Blatchley, Andrew A. d.July 7, 1862 @ 21y,1mo,29days died in service ar Roanoke Island Co. G 89th NY Vols. son of Wm. and Eunice
Blatchley, Daniel died Apr.27,1854 @ 94y,5m,18 days  
Blatchley, Eliza d 1844, age 5y,4m,11 days dau of Wm. Blatchley
Blatchley, Elizabeth d. Oct.29,1832 @ 64yrs 2nd wife of Daniel maiden name , Hubbard
Blatchley, Eunice d.Dec.1, 1881 @76y,7m,22d wife of Wm.Blatchley maiden name, Benn
Blatchley, Eunice d. Apr. 6, 1843? dau of Wm. and Eunice Blatchley
Blatchley, Hannah E. d. Aug.2,1830/1836?not clear Wife of Austin Blatchley
Blatchley, Judson d.March 20,1836 @5Yrs. son of Jemima Knowlton
Blatchley, Laura b.Nov.27,1804, d.Oct.1,1889 wife of Luman Blatchley maiden name, Knowlton
Blatchley, Luman W. d. Sept.14, 1843 @ 38 yrs  
Blatchley, William H. d. Nov.12,1882 @ 80y, 7m, 15d  
Brown, Louie d.May 15,1888 @ 5y 7m son of H.W.and M.E.Brown
Campbell, Charlie d.June 2, 1862 @ 2yrs son of J.N. & Hannah Campbell
John Campbell d. Aug.14,1886 @ 91yrs  
Campbell, Lydia d. Aug.11,1851 @ 50 yrs wife of John Campbell
Church, Joshua d. May 5, 1866 @ 56y,11m,7d  
Clark, Alfred d. Apr.10,1862 @ 21yrs Civil War Soldier
Croffut, Egbert J. b. Aug.26,1831, d.Sept.1,1912 son of Daniel Jr. and Laura
Croffut, Dannie E. b. Nov.3,1878, d.Oct.6,1883 son of Egbert and Mary
Croffut, Mary A. b.July 26,1836,d. Apr.24,1924 wife of Egbert Croffut dau of James & Mary Wetmore
Croffut, Willard R. b.July 8,1861,d. Apr.6, 1890  
Davey, Thomas b.Nov.22, 1777,d.Nov.18,1857  
Donohue, John d.Nov.19,1890 @ 45yrs  
Dyer, Polly d. July 12,1859@72y,3mo. wife of Rev. Moses Dyer
Dyer, Rev. Moses d.June 22,1860 @ 72y,8mo.  
Edson, Avery d.Nov.17,1907 @68y,9m,11d in 5th NY Vol. Cavalry Civil War Veteran
Edson, Barzina (Louisa? not clear) died 1880 @ 69yrs wife of Luther Edson
Edson, Cyrus d.June 4, 1828 @ 41yrs  
Edson, Desire dates unreadable wife of Seth Edson
Edson, Elbert b. June 13,1842,d. June 9, 1875 Son of Rufus and Mary Edson
Edson, Ely O. 1891 - 1904)  
Edson, Ettie 1891 - 1896  
Edson, Harley d.March 7,1838 @ 42y,23days  
Edson, Hiram b.1806,d.Apr.9,1888,@ 80y,7m. ( from Colesville vital records)
Edson, Jane 1853 - 1951 wife of Joseph Edson
Edson, Joseph C. d.March 12,1843 @ 24y,7m,4d son of Harley & Phebe Edson
Edson, Joseph 1853 - 1951 son of Hiram Edson
Edson, Luther d. June 6, 1865 @ 59y,12days  
Edson, Lydia b.May 25,1832,d.Aug.25,1892 wife of A.Edson dau of Zacheus Phillips
Edson, Mary E. 1888 - 1904  
Edson, Mary H. born 1812 - d. ? wife of Hiram Edson
Edson, Mary b.Aug.6,1812 wife of Rufus Edson maiden name,Phillips
Edson, Reuben b.Feb.18,1849,d.June 6, 1880 Civil War Veteran son of Hiram Edson
Edson, Rufus b.Aug.20,1809,d. Feb.18,1863 Civil War Weteran
Edson, Seth d.Oct.25,1849 @ 88yrs Revolutionary War Veteran
Edson, Seth b.Aug.28,1839,d. Nov.11,1869 Civil War Veteran
Edwards, Almira d.1897 @ 74(?) Maiden name, Benn
Edwards, George W. no dates son of John
Edwards, John T. 1796 - 1869 Son of Luther Edwards
Edwards, Luther d.May 31,1864 @73(?)  
Edwards, Mary (Polly) d.July 1,1850 @ 73y wife of Phineas Edwards Maiden name, Stanley
Edwards, Phineas d.July 18,1851 @ 77  
Edwards, Sarah d.May 24, 1872 @ 63y, 3mo. Wife of Luther Maiden name, Norris
Edwards, Sally 1798 - 1862 Maiden name, Benn
Edwards, William K. d.1886 @ 70yrs  
Edwards, William M. d.Dec.24,1841 @ 17yrs Son of John E. Edwards
Eldred, Sarah J. 1830 - 1903 dau. of Asa and Naomi
Fenn, Olive d.Sept.2,1879 @ 86 (89?) Wife of Lyman Fenn
Galusha, Charles died 1861  
Hall, Agnes 1867 - 1932  
Hall, Amelia d.Jan.9,1868 @ 19y,2m,13d Dau.of Erastus Hall
Hall, Anner 1834 - 1912  
Hall, Anner d.Sept.25,1849 @ 62yrs Wife of Elisha Hall
Hall, Benjamin 1829 - 1913  
Hall, Caroline b.Nov.17,1829,d.Feb.25,1873 @ 43y,3m,8d Wife of Elisha (2nd?) Maiden name, Watrous
Hall, Deacon Henry d.March 2,1871 @ 62yrs  
Hall, Elijah d.April 12,1871 @ 42y,4m  
Hall, Ellen J. d.Nov.11,1877 @ 12y,8m,4d Dau of Erastus and Fanny
Hall, Emma G. 1882 - 1922 Wife of Myron Hall
Hall, Erastus b.July 15,1826,d.Aug.13,1895 Son of Elisha and Hannah
Hall, Fanny d.Dec.1,1904 @ 77yrs Wife of Erastus Hall
Hall, Jerome 1856 - 1926  
Hall, Julia Anner d.Sept.10,1813 @ 2y,9m,16dys Dau.of Henry and Jane Hall
Hall,Lawrence d.Sept.11,1881@10y,11m,26dys Son of Erastus and Fanny
Hall, Levi no dates, 66yrs,10mths
Hall, Milo d.Dec.30,1895@12y,5m,12dys Son of Jerome and Agnes Hall
Hall, Myron E. 1858 Son of Erastus and Fanny
Hall, Otis R. no dates Infant son of Myron and Emma
Hall, Ruth d.May 12,1884@76yrs Wife of Levi Hall Maiden name, Phillips
Hall Susan H. d.May 20,1883 @ 47yrs Wife of George Hall
Heath, Harriet E. b.Feb.13,1855,d.Dec.21,1901 2nd wife of Irving Heath Maiden name, West
Heath, Irving b.March18,1848,d.Sept.10,1905  
Heath, Sarah Jane b.March 16,1845,d.Nov.9,1869 1st wife of Irving Hall Maiden name, West
Hicks, Ella 1860 - 1879  
Hicks,Ellen 1852 - 1857  
Hicks, Enos 1823 - 1911 buried at Sanitaria Springs,NY
Hicks, Harriet 1830 - 1872 Wife of Enos Maiden name, Blatchley
Hicks, Sanford 1855 - 1857  
Hoadley, Delilah b.Aug.22,1837,d.Dec.3,1914 Wife of Edwin Hoadley Maiden name, Blatchley
Hoadley, Edwin b.Oct.22,1838,d.Dec.15,1892 Son of Deacon Asa Hoadley
Hoadley, Ernest stone fallen
Hotchkiss, Jane d.Dec.6,1850(?) Wife of David Maiden name, Campbell
Hubbard,Margaret G. d.June 15,1885 @ 34yrs Wife of Andrew Hubbard Maiden name, Edwards
Jenkins, Amy no dates Wife of Jonathan
Jenkins, Abby d.Nov.23,1888 @89yrs Wife of John Jenkins
Jenkins, B.A. d.Oct.27,1896 @ 76yrs  
Jenkins, Clarissa d.April 12,1912 @ 90yrs Wife of B.A.Jenkins
Jenkins, Dewitt d.Dec.16,1879 @ 14y,7m,10dys Son of Clarissa and B.A.Jenkins
Jenkins, John d.1864 @ 73yrs  
Jones, Marian S. 1855- 1899 Wife of E.J.Jones
Knowlton, John d.Sept.14,1864 @69yrs  
Knowlton, Mary d.March 28,1885@87y,10mths 2nd wife of John m.1st Mr.Lamb nee Crab
Matteson, Abiather d.July 22, 1853, @49 yrs. father of Spicer
Matteson, Sarah A. b 1818 - ? Wife of Spicer nee Ainsworth
Matteson, Spicer W. 1818 - 1890 Co.F,137th Reg.NYS Vol's Civil War
Negus, Alice M. d.March 21,1842@1yr,7mo's dau of R.C. and Elizabeth
Negus, Corwin d.April 7, 1866@11yrs,1mo. son of R.C. and Elizabeth
Negus, Elizabeth d.April 6, 1868@53y,7m,17d wife of R.C.Negus
Negus, Mary d.Feb.17,1848@1mo17days dau of R.C.and Elizabeth
Negus, R. C. d.June 12,1888@74y2m,12d
Page, Catherine d.Dec.12,1885 @ 77yrs wife of Joseph Page
Patterson, Ettie 1855 - 1938
Patterson, John 1880 - 19--  
Pease,Edward, d.Nov.21,1875@ 56y,2mths  
Pease, Eliza 1824 - 1911 Wife of Edward
Pease, Ella J. 1859 - 1905  
Pease, Emily V. d.May 26,1862 @ 16yrs dau of Edward and Eliza
Pease, Hannah E. d.Aug.2,1830 (or 1836?) wife of Austin Blatchley
Pease, Hannah dates oblitered  
Pease, Isaac d.July 1,1826 @ 11yrs  
Pease, Lucien L. b.1860 ----  
Phillips, Mary d.Feb.3, 1828 @ 42yrs wife of Zacheus
Phillips, Sarah Ellen d.Oct.28,1840(1849?)@1yr,9m  
Phillips, Zacheus b.Mar.8,1786,d.Feb.13,1865 Veteran of War of 1812
Prentice, Benjamin d.May 20,1858@16y,7m,8d Son of James & Sarah
Prentice, James d.1892 @ 77yrs  
Prentice, Philo no dates son of Nathan and Clarissa
Prentice, Phineas d.Nov.26,1869@23y,4m,20d son of James and Sarah
Prentice, Sarah d. 1904 @ 86yrs wife of James maiden name,Edwards
Prentice, Theodore d.Jan.10,1896 @ 6wks son of A.and S.J.Prentice
Prentice, William d.April 11, 1858@18y,9m,17d son of James and Sarah
Stilson, Sarah E. d.May 16,1864@25y,5m,5d wife of Alvin dau of Thomas and Olive Stilwell
Stilwell, Olive b.June 11, 1819,d.Dec.12,1883 wife of Thomas maiden name Phillips
Stilwell,Thomas b.April 25,1815,d.March 23,1905  
Suydam, Gratia G. d.Oct.3,1859@1y,9m,8d Dau of Henry and Harriet
Suydam, Herbert d.Oct.16,1859@7y,11m,24d Son of Henry and Harriet
Thompson, Betsey b.1835,d.July 10,1912 wife of Jacob dau of James Edson
Thompson, Jacob 1828 - 1888 Civil War Veteran
Thurston, John d.Feb.18,1855 @ 42yrs
Thurston, Lena b.May 18,1813,d.April 16,1885 wife of John maiden name, Edwards
Van Valkenburg, Amy no dates maiden name,Jenkins
Weeks, Ebenezer d.Jan.18,1872 @ 81yrs  
Weeks, Hiram 1803 - 1903 son of Ebenezer and Patience Civil War Veteran
Weeks, Patience d.Feb.18,1840@43yrs Wife of Ebenezer maiden name,Lewis
Weeks, Phebe A. b May 3,1823,d.July 28,1903 wife of Virgil
Weeks, Sarah J. 1830 - 1903 wife of Hiram maiden name Eldred
Weeks, Virgil b.Jan.12,1821,d.Feb.16,1864(?)  
Weeks, William H. Dec.1,1863?age 21y,3mo. son of Ebenezer & Phebe
Wilmot, Merrian L. no dates son of Oscar & Hattie
Wilmot,Rosa d.Dec.19,1887@19y,10d Dau.of Clark
Winn, Charles H. b.Dec.25,1864,d.Sept.21,1866 son of H.J. & Lottie
Winn, David E. 1867 - 1889  
Winn, Henry J. b.Dec.14,1834,d.April 14,1929  
Winn, Jennie E. b.April 13,1876,d.Aug.26,1876 dau of H.J.& Lottie
Winn, Lottie D. b.Jan.15,1838,d.Jan.8,1926 wife of Henry
Winn, Louis D. 1874 - 1959  
Wooster, Lura A. 1826 - 1886  

This information on the cemetery was compiled by Town Historian Helen Osborne and Village Historian Charles English.

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