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      Old South Windsor Cemetery,      
      Windsor, NY
      (aka Wake Cem)      
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Located on Rt. 79, five miles from traffic light (is just south of Windsor Golf Course.)

Atwell, Abigail no dates old map shows that she and husband Paul were buried here
Atwell, Paul no dates Revolutionary War Veteran - no headstones for either Atwell
Beavan,Elizabeth died May 24, 1864 @66 yrs Wife of Thomas Beavan
Beavan, Thomas b. abt.1841, d.Nov.14,1863 son of Thomas and Sarah in Co.F, 144th, NY.Vol.Inf.
Beebe, Capt. Timothy died Sept.8, 1844 @76 yrs. Revolutionary War Veteran
Beebe, Oliver. b. Nov.9, 1834,d. Apr.25,1863 @28y,5m,16d son of Lyman Beebe
Beebe, Orange d. Aug.28, 1842 @59 yrs. 2nd wife of Capt.Timothy Beebe
Beebe, Sally died July 7,1831(?) @63yrs 1st wife of Capt. Timothy Beebe Maiden name Leveredge
Beebe. Sarah M. d. Oct.1,1843 @ 4y,6m,19d dau.of Charles and Betsey Beebe
Brush, Emeline died 1853 @32 yrs. wife of Calvin Brush dau.of Lyman Beebe
Buel, Anna b.Sept.19,1765, d.July 14,1816 1st wife of Capt.Simon Buel sister of Elijah Smith
Buel, Capt.Simon died April 4,1842 in his 78th yr Veteran of the War of 1812
Buel,"Charray"(Charity) died Sept.23, 1851/54 not legible 3rd wife of Capt. Simon Buel Maiden name, Peete
Buel, Grover b.April 4, 1732, d. Sept.14,1818 in his 87th yr Son of Nathaniel and father of Simon Buel
Buel, Julia Louisa d.Oct.6,1843 @ 6mo. Dau. of Simon and Lorinda
Buel, Patience died March 12,1839,in her 69th yr. 2nd wife of Capt.Simon maiden name Coville m.1st Mr. Rowley
Davenport, William died May 5, 1858 @ 92yrs.  
Dewey, Lucinda (1846 - 1864?) wife of M.M. Dewey Dau.of Alvin & Polly Stevens
Edwards, Albert H. died Sept.9,1831 @ 4y,4m,8d son of Lodama and Wm. Edwards
Edwards, Lodama A. died May 12,1866 @72y 2m 26d dau.of Elijah and Lydia Smith
Edwards, Lydia G. d.March 14,1825 @ 7y,7m,27d dau. of Lodama and William
Edwards, Munson s. d.Dec.8, 1843 @ 18y,8m,2d son of Wm. and Lodama
Edwards, William d. Dec.23,1857 @ 69yrs "one of the old pioneers"
Frost, Lester d.Sept.11, 1859 @ age 50  
Frost Merritt d.June 30,1862 age 19 Civil War Vet. in Co.G,89th Regt. son of Lester and Lavinia
Hupman, Michael d. Jan. 1850, age (81?)  
Hupman, Roxanna d. Feb.27, 1872 @ 86yrs wife of Michael Hupman
Hupman, Roxy died Oct.14,1852 @ 38 wife of John Hupman
Myers, Lucy b.March 18,1787,d. Apr.17,1852 @66 wife of Wm. H.Myers m 1st Eliad Waller dau.of Col.John Franklin,Wyoming.Pa.
Myers, William H. b.Feb.4,1794, d. Feb.19,1853 @ 59 son of Philip Myers of Hamburg, Ger. Wm. born in Hamilton, Pa.
Payne, Archibald died 1822, (age 3?)  
Payne, David died Aug.6, 1815 Aged 61  
Payne, Mary died Jan.18, 1836 wife of David
Peet Anson died June 14,1858 @ 64y,9m,18d  
Peet, Polly d. Sept.30, (1864?) wife of Anson  
Pultz, Emily d.Apr.20,1848 @ 11 mo's Dau of Peter and Catherine
Pultz, Philena died June 16,1850 @ 25y, 4m  
Purdee, Walter d.July 27,1840 son of William
Scoville, Samuel died Feb.18,1851 in his 98th yr. Veteran of the Revolutionary War
Smith, Amanda d.Oct. 12,1851 @ age 55 Wife of Parlee Smith maiden name, Waller
Smith, Edie d Oct.5, 1834 @ 24 wife of George Smith maiden name,Brownson b.in Colesville,NY
Smith, Elijah d. Dec. 1849 @ 80 Rev. War Veteran
Smith, Elizabeth d. June 8, 1852 @ 74 yrs 2nd. wife of Elijah Smith maiden name Lane
Smith, Julia d. Nov.9, 1834 @ 28 dau of Elijah and Betsey
Smith, Lydia d. July 2,1798 @ 26 yrs 1st wife of Elijah maiden name Garnsey
Smith, Naomi d. May 27,1868 @ 46 dau.of Amanda and Parlee Smith
Smith, Parlee d. Aug. 31, 1861 @ 69yrs  
Smith, Platt d.Apr.23,1808 @ 13 yrs son of Elijah and Lydia
Spoor, Adarial (?) d. July 7, 1853 @ 3 wks. Dau of John and Caroline Spoor
Spoor, Charles d. Feb.4, 1862 (1863?) @ 3mths,3days  
Stevens, Capt. Alvin d. Feb.24, 1857 @ 42yrs, 5mths Veteran of the Mexican War
Stevens, Sidney J. d. Aug.11, 1848 son of Polly and Alvin Stevens
Swagart, Adam d. June 7, 1853 @ 80yrs  
Swagart, Jane no dates, broken stone  
Swagart, Mary d. Feb.29,1844 @ 63yrs wife of Adam
Swagart, Polly d.June 12, 1853 @ 44yrs,11mths 1st wife of Richard (he's buried in New Windsor Cem.)
Swagart, Robert D. d. Jan.18,1852 @ 22 yrs son of Richard and Polly
Tannery, Ann A. d.Jan.4, 1656 @ 21y,5m 7d wife of R.F.Tannery Dau.of Wm. and Lodama Edwards
Waller, Elizabeth d. Sept.18, 1822 @ 68yrs 1st wife of Capt.Nathan Waller maiden name Weeks (Capt. Waller buried in Wilkesbarre,Pa)
Watrous, Leonard d. May 1844 age 8 son of John B. and Anna
Weeks, Margery d. Jan 14, 1844 @ 62 or 63 Wife of Philip Weeks
Weeks, Philip d. Dec. 11, 1849 @ 75 yrs. Revolutionary War Veteran
Williams, Caroline d. March 15,1858 @ 44yrs wife of H.A. Williams maiden name Brown
Williams, Caroline d. Sept. 1842 @ 6 mths. dau.of Caroline and H.A. Williams

This information on the cemetery was compiled by Town Historian Helen Osborne and Village Historian Charles English.

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