Early Allegany Co. NY Marriages
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Early Allegany Co. NY Marriages

List of Marriages performed by Rev. L. Thibou, Episcopal Minister, 1831-1857 copied form his private record by his daughter Mrs. Scofield. Can be found pp 231-233, St. Paul's Episcopal Register, FHL 1420093

Marriages performed at Angelica, unless otherwise noted.

Adsit, MartinCharles, Esther J.8 Sep 1841
Allen, ParmelyAllen, Elizabeth25 Oct 1846
Allen, RichardSuers, Anna B.15 Oct 1844
Allen, WillardPierce, Mary13 Feb 1849
Bates, AlexanderO'Meara?, Mary S.31 Aug 1854
Beamish, Wm.Johnson, Mary10 Oct 1855
Blarley, RobertEddy, Edna L.27 Sep 1854
Brown, HenryBrown, Diantha R.16 Sep 1850
Brown, Saml. H.Allen, Lucinda13 Feb 1849
Bullock, Geo. W.Parker, Lucy M.24 Mar 1846
Cammaun, Henry J.Peters, Mary S.1847md. at Geneva
Charles, HenryRockwell, Eleanor25 May 1843
Charles, Richd. M.D.Henry, Hannah E.22 May 1856
Cooper, ElihuGreen, Elmina12 May 1845
Crego, LesterMatthews, Susan5 Dec 1848
D'Autremont, CharlesCollins, Sarah28 May 1850
D'Autremont, Victor D.Baumon?, Isabella20 Dec 1832
Davenport, DwightHickman, Margaret31 Jan 1855
Day, George W.Susanna Engle21 Nov 1844
Dikeman, GeorgeJewett, Minerva26 Jan 1854
Eggleston, J. H.Purdy, Jane29 May 1853
Engle, Ivan C.Kinghorne, Alice8 Aug 1833
Fisk, GeorgeHooker, Mary J.5 Jan 1850
Green, Joel R.Gregory, Jane25 Nov 1850
Grover, MartinWhitmore, Emily W.22 May 1845
Harwood, Geo. W.Bixby, Margaret A.20 Sep 1852
Harwood, Rufus H.Bixby, Hannah1 Jan 1851
Helme, Wm. B.Dean, Caroline C.26 Dec 1849
Herrick, Norman D.Brockway, Amy11 Sep 1850
Hewitt, FrancisSnow, Mary A.18 June 1846
Hodgkinson, HenryBrown, Louisa M.27 Dec 1847
Holley, AbnerRowell, Mercy1 Jan 1856
Hooker, LeviFord, Cordelia29 Nov 1848
Horton, CharlesSmith, Jeanette24 June 1846
Hosack, Nathaniel P.Church, Sophia H.21 Sep 1831
Howe, Israel N.Benton, Hannah E.30 Jan 1845
Hull, Henry D.Renwick, Isabella15 Nov 1855
Hyde, Ebenezer E.Norton, Phoebe W.1842
Lee, Lathrop L.Gardner, Harriet M.7 Oct 1848
Lindsley, Almon W.Rawson, Rhoda21 Oct 1841
Lindsley, L. O.Engle, Mary A.4 Oct 1854
Lindsley, M. W.Engle, Philena4 Oct 1854
Lyon, Willard C.Hooker, Jane A.28 Nov 1849
Maxwell, RichardSmith, Lucy A.3 Jan 1852
McArthur, WilliamHorne, Alice M.2 July 1851
McClusky, PatrickBlackburn, Mary7 Aug 1856
McParen?, PeterHull, Lucy A.5 Aug 1845
Meriman, Joseph Jr.Bennett, Sophronia M.22 Aug 1833
Middaugh,Wm.Clark, Jane D.30 Sep 1855
Moore, WallaceOliver, Sarah9 Aug 1854
Morris, Archibald S.Parker, Frances E.24 Sep 1846
Morris, Peter S.Ann M. Ramsay9 Apr 1849
Morse, Joseph Jr.King, Elizabeth A.3 Sep 1846md. at Ceres
Mudge, AsahelHicks, Pucelle25 Sep 1848
North, George B.Cotter, Jane2 Aug 1841
Park, Charles J.Charles, Cornelia4 Sep 1856
Parker, Noah H.Bullock, Hannah6 Jan 1846
Parks, Moses K.Bixby, Frances A.17 July 1854
Paxten, Charles R.Charles, Rachel A.27 Sep 1843
Perrin, AmosVan Wickle, Rachel23 Apr 1849
Rackliffe, Wm. H.Mapes, Emmeline M.7 Jan 1852
Rawson, SolomonBurr, Sarah J.15 Mar 1843
Reche, Vital C.Magee, Amerlia D.25 Jan 1854
Reynolds, Luther J.Cole, Catherine W.14 Sep 1831
Simons, Lewis D.Harriet Angel1 Jan 1846
Simons, Wm. B.Moore, Adaline5 Feb 1851
Smith, RobertWindsor, Mary C.11 Dec 1851
Stearns, Henry W.Bruce, Jane W.13 May 1841
Stedwell, JamesGraham, Hannah E.23 Feb 1852
Studevant, Chas. H.Brown, Amanda S.12 Jan 1857
Tibbitts, JohnStowell, Meodova A.1 July 1846
Warrell, JohnChurch, Angelica25 Oct 1847
Warren, Frances V. Rev.Thomas, Harriet A.14 June 1849
Welch, Joseph B.Collins, Mary20 Aug 1839
Wetherby, Lucian R.D'Autroment, Sophia6 Feb 1849
Whitcomb, Francis N.Hume, Elizabeth A.10 Sep 1850
Whitcomb, Silas H.Pitt, Jane T.2 Apr 1850
Whitney, Charles S.Parker, Clara A.13 May 1851md. at Belmont
Wilson, Robert S.Goodwin, Frances J.19 Nov 1833
Winans, Esten B.Marble, Mary6 June 1855
Wolf, JohnJermyn, Ellen19 June 1853

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