Black Creek Cemetery, New Hudson, Allegany, New York H
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Black Creek Cemetery

Black Creek Cemetery

New Hudson, Allegany, New York

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Habgood, Charles14 Aug 1910-80y 8m 26dBorn: Dorset, England
Wife: Helen
Father: William Habgood, b. England
Mother: Elizabeth Barrett, b. England
Habgood, Cora Bell19601873-Husb: HarryD-30
Habgood, Harry19551870--D-30
Habgood, Helen (Hammant)5 Jun 18981832-Born: England
Husb: Charles
Father: Henry Hammant, b. England
Mother: Eliza, b. England
Haggerty, Minota Campbell19801902-1st Husb: Clarence Campbell
2nd Husb: Sumner
3rd Husb: Haggerty
Hall, Grant H.19621894-Wife: VivianB-145
Hall, Charles W.24 Apr 191723 Apr 1855-Occupation: Cattle Dealer
Born: New Hudson, NY
1st Wife: Fannie
2nd Wife: Alice
Father: Charles R., b. New Hudson
Mother: Susan Marie Mosier, b. Portage, NY
Hall, Clair25 Dec 199013 Dec 1896-Born: Allen
Member: Cuba Lodge 691, IOOF,
Orien Encampent 53
Wife: Leah Van Guilder
Father: Hiram
Mother: Ella Mack
Son: Richard Hall
Daughter: Helen Clayson
Hall, Clara B. (Alexander)9 Mar 193824 May 1888-Born: Black Creek, NY
Husb: Hulbert F. Hall
Father: Pitt Alexander
Mother: Fannie VanSchaick
Hall, Leah V. (Van Guilder)14 Aug 19681893-Husb: Clair Hall
Son: Richard
Daughter: Mrs. David (Helen) Clayson
Hall, Vivian19721885-Husb: Grant HallB-145
Halsey, Alice (Giles)16 Dec 1901186041y 5m 28dBorn: Belfast, NY
Husb: Charles W. Halsey
Father: Benjamin Giles
Mother: Sarah A.
Halsey, Charles N.2 Aug 1895-75yBorn: Portage, NYx-x
Halsey, Fannie26 Jan 1877-19yHusb: Charles W.B-120
Halsey, Jefferson B.22 May 19301852-Wife: Ruth Burlingame
Father: Charles N.
Halsey, Ruth (Burlingame)14 Mar 19341854-Born: New Hudson, NY
Husb: Jefferson B.
Father: Linus Burlingame
Mother: Catherine Elmira, from Block Island,
      New England
Hamilton, Kathleen----B-145
Hamilton, Byron---Lot ownerD-126
Hamilton, Cindy---Lowt Owner Site #2 north
1st Husb: Byron Hamilton
Hamilton, Guy E. Jr.19761930--D-104
Hamilton, Kathleen----B-144
Hamilton, Martin---Lot Owner, except Site #2 northD-82
Hamliton, Marvin---Lot ownerB-144
Hamilton, Mrs. Guy---Lot OwnerD-104
Hamilton, Melissa19751975BabyParents: Cindy and MartinD-182
Harbeck, Hazel M.4 May 189330 Apr 1893-Born: New Hudson
Father: Jay B. Harbeck, b. New Hudson
Mother: Lillian Hat, b. Lyndon, Catt. Co., NY
Harbeck, Amorette19301894-Husb: Robert L. HarbeckC-38
Harbeck, Baby19 Oct 1958--Father: Floyd
Mother: Katherine Swift
Harbeck, Beverly (Barber)---Husb: Richard
Father: Wayland Barber
Mother: Lila
Harbeck, C. Elbert1942--not buried here
Buried in Valoris, NY
Harbeck, Carter7 Apr 18703 May 1867-Father: Joseph R.
Mother: Louisa
Harbeck, Catherine E.27 Jan 1900183267y 9mBorn: Dryden, Tompkins Co.
2nd Husb: John Harbeck
Harbeck, Claude Melville6 Apr 192818 Jun 1905-Born: Black Creek
Wife: Louise Dehrman
Occupation: U.S. Navy and Musician
Father: Jay B. Harbeck, b. New Hudson, NY
Mother: LIllian Hatch, b. Catt., NY
Harbeck, Deborah18421784-Husb: JohnA211b
Harbeck, Edna V.13 Sep 1943-72y 7m 21dBorn: West Almond, NY
Husb: Fred
Harbeck, Elijah S.18951824-Wife: Ellen C. Lindsay
Father: John
Mother: Deborah
Harbeck, Ellen C. (Lindsay)Mar 19161842-Husb: ElijahC-98
Harbeck, Elva (Harker)-1899-Husb: John Emmett Harbeck
Brother: Charles Harker
Harbeck, Florence (Miner)Feb 19211869-Father: Cornelius W. Miner
Husb: William A. Harbeck
Mother: Betsey M. Dudl
Harbeck, Floyd---Lot OwnerE-15
Harbeck, Frank4 Aub 188921 Aug 1863-Father: Joseph R.
Mother: Louisa
Harbeck, Frank Martin5 Aug 194222 sep 1891-Divorced
Undertaker: R. H. Marble, Olean, NY
Harbeck, FredOct 1935186965yWife: Edna Warner
Father: Elijah
Mother: Ellen Lindsay
Occupation: Cheesemaker
Harbeck, Gertrude (Van Fleet)19861900-Husb: Maurice
Daughter: Elsie
Sons: Raymond, Floyd and Ralph
Harbeck, Harriet E.31 Jul 19281928-Father: Robert Lindsay Harbeck
Mother: Maude Amorette Thomas
Harbeck, Howard19061898-Father: Roscoe
Mother: Eliza Frazier
Harbeck, Jay B.29 Dec 193022 Apr 1867-Born: Black Creek, NY
Wife: Lillian Hatch
Father: John
Mother: Catherine Beem
Harbeck, Jay Jr.22 May 190912 Mar 19---Father: Jay B.
Mother: Lillian Hatch
Harbeck, John18431788-Wife: Deborah
War of 1812
Harbeck, John7 Jan 1900182073yBorn: Wyoming Co.
Father: John
Mother: Deborah
Wife: Catherine E.
Harbeck, John Emmett19741902-Wife: ElvaE-12
Harbeck, Joseph R.16 Nov 190231 May 1823-Wife: LouisaB-137
Harbeck, Lillian (Hatch)4 Dec 1943183770y 1m 9dHusb: Jay B. HarbeckC-151
Harbeck, Lillie Amania27 Dec 1928-68yHusb: C. Elbert HarbeckD-30
Harbeck, Louisa6 Jul 189515 Dec 1833-Husb: Joseph HarbeckB-137
Harbeck, Louise (Dehranan)1989--Husb: Claude M. Harbeck
She is not buried here.
Acutally buried in Haw
Daughter: Claudia J. Brand Keanaaina
Harbeck, Maude Amorette (Thomas)24 Apr 19301894-Husb: Robert L.
Fther: Theodore S. Thomas MD
Mother: Eugenia Williams
Harbeck, Maurice E.27 Dec 198220 Aug 1896-Wife: Gertrude Van Fleet
Father: Jay Harbeck
Mother: Lillian Hatch
Daughter: Elsie Schulz
Sons: Raymond, Floyd and Ralph
Harbeck, Ralph---Lot OwnerE-61
Harbeck, Richard---Lot Owner
Wife: Beverly Barber
Father: John Emmett Harbeck
Mother: Elva
Harbeck, Robert E.17 Dec 1933-66y----
Harbeck, Robert L.189319---Lot OwnerC-36
Harbeck, Roscoe19081867-Wife: Eliza Frazier
Father: Elijah
Mother: Ellen C. Lindsay
Harbeck, Virginia---Lot Owner
Husb: Ralph Harbeck
Harbeck, William Arnold28 Aug 19375 Sep 1860-Wife: Florence Miner
Father: Joseph
Mother: Louisa
Harker, Charles A.19691898-Sister: Elva HarbeckE-12
Harvey, Elmer30 Aug 1939186474y ??m 23dBorn: New Hudson, NY
Operated a billiard room
Sexton of cemtery grounds
Harvey, Emily (Quick)14 Mar 191424 Mar 1824-Born: Penn.
Husb: Lyman L. Harvey
Mother: Hannah Van Gorter
Harvey, Lyman L.18951818-Wife: Emily QuickB-128
Haskins, Alexander14 May 197819 Nov 1975-Father: Gary HaskinsD-101
Haskins, Gary---Lot OwnerD-123
Haskins, Gary---Lot OwnerD-101
Haskins, Joanne---Lot Owner
Husb: Gary Haskins
Haskins, Joanne (Brockel)---Husb: GaryD-101
Haskins, Philys J.24 Oct 198816 Mar 1986-Father: Gary
Mother: Joanne Brockel
Hatch, Arthur Austin25 Dec 1943187073y 6m 14dBorn: Lyndon, NY
Wife: Nina Tripp
Hatch, Arthur Burdell1960---C-97
Hatch, Ernest E.19451879--C-33
Hatch, Frank M.6 Jul 1895187520yFather: Melville V.
Mother: Mary
Hatch, Louise (Gee)19461961--C-33
Hatch, Mary A.19071851-Husb: Melville V.C-86
Hatch, Melville Vorman22 Dec 191926 May 1845-Born: Lyndon, NY
Wife: Mary A.
Father: Joseph
Mother: Sarah Vorman
Occupation: Wagonmaker
Hatch, Nina (Tripp)19451861-Husb: ArthurC-97
Hatch, Ray M.28 Mar 189918971y 8mFather: Arthur, b. Lyndon
Mother: Nina M. Tripp
Hathaway, Andrew Jackson9 Dec 185310 Oct 1832-Born: Black Creek, NY
Father: John M. Hathaway
Mother: Rebecca DeKay, b. Ora [?] Co., NY
Hathaway, Elizabeth (Miller)2 Jan 19177 Jan 1842-Born: Lyndon, NY
Husb: John
Father: Ansel Miller, b. Seneca Co., NY
Mother: Artimeria Congdon
Hathaway, Frances A.11 Mar 191622 Dec 1847-Born: Black Creek, NY
Father: John M. Hathaway, b. Orange Co., NY
Mother: Rebecca DeKay, b. Orange Co., NY
Hathaway, Frank19061850-Born: Black Creek, NY
Wife: Eva Riley
Father: John M.
Mother: Rebecca DeKay
Hathaway, Hannah E. (Miller)5 Jan 1917184274yHusb: John
Middle Name: Elizabeth
Hathaway, John10 May 190515 Nov 1834-Born: New Hudson, NY
Wife: Elizabeth Miller
Father: John M.
Mother: Rebec DeKay
Hathaway, John M.28 Jun 188414 Mar 1794-Born: Orange Co., NY
1st Wife: Naomi Paddock
2nd Wife: Rebecca DeKay
Hathaway, Rebecca (DeKay)24 Dec 1893-83yHusb: John M.
Father: Thomas DeKay, b. Orange Co.
Mother: Christina Ro-, b. Orange Co., NY
Hathaway, Thomas DeKay8 May 187628 Apr 1844-Born: Black Creek, NY
Father: John M.
Mother: Rebecca DeKay
Hauck, Karl Oscar19831899-Veteran WWIID-97
Hauck, Marie----D-97
Hauck, Marie E.-1907--D-97
Havens, Irvin Fenley III23 Jul 19933 Jul 1956-Father: Irvin Fenley Havens Jr.
Mother: Maxine Wells
Sister: Kimberly W. Havens
Buried 30 Jul 1993
Murdered in Augusta, GA
Havens, Irvin Fenton15 Aug 199414 Feb 1909-Wife: Ida M. VanSlyke
md. 19 May in Cuba
Father: Ralph M. Havens
Mother: M. Pearl Fenley
Son: Irven F. Havens Jr.
Dau: Mary (Mrs. Denzel Perkins
Dau: Beverly J. (Forrest)
Brother: Chester B.
Member: Western Union Lodge 146
      F&AM, Belfast
Hendryx, Albert Van Buren23 Apr 189618 Mar 184749yBorn: Cuba, NY
Wife: Mettie C. Bradley
Father: James Hendryx, b. Woodstoc,
     Madison Co., NY
Mother: Cynthia Sibley
Hendryx, Anna E. (Buckman)13 Feb 190511 Aug 1849-Husb: Lemuel T.
Father: Franklin Buckman
Mother: Martha Hampton
Hendryx, Baby1901---C-144
Hendryx, Fred11 Sep 187918 Dec 1857--B-132
Hendryx, Lemuel T.24 Dec 18981897-Father: Dayton
Mother: Rose Rock
Hendryx, Lemuel Tryon24 Jan 190314 May 1851-Born: Cuba, NY
Wife: Anna E. Buckman
Father: James Hendryx
Mother: Eunice Tryon
Hendryx, Mettie (Bradley)Jan 19171849-Died: Gowanda State Hospital
Husb: Albert V.
Father: Ulysses H. Bradley
Mother: Jeannett Scott
Hibbard, Adeline29 Sep 189727 Mar 1814--A511b
Hibbard, Cynthia6 Mar 192812 Nov 1840-Husb: Perryx-x
Hibbard, Gracy14 Aug 184710 Oct 1777-Husb: Thomas F. HibbardA411b
Hibbard, Harry16 Oct 189327 Jul 1808-Born: Vt.
Wife: Lavinia Comfort
Father: Richard
Mother: Nancy
Hibbard, Lavinia (Comfort)8 Aug 189720 Sep 1817-Husb: HarryB-85
Hibbard, Perry S.17 Jan 1872-31y 8m 15dWife: CinthiaB-98
Hibbard, Thomas F.12 Oct 185111 Dec 1777-Wife: GracyA311b
Hickey, Evelyn19831915--D-61
Hickey, Harold L.19781908--D-61
Hickey, Mary E.19761895--x-x
Hicks, Edith19641869--D-25
Hicks, Edith Baby16 Nov 1959---D-25
Hicks, Flossie Mae19691895--D-25
Hicks, Frank A.2 Nov 192615 Mar 1861-Born: Lyndon, Catt. Co., NY
Wife: Edith Ricker
Father: Royal Hicks
Mother: Helen
Occupation: Merchant
Undertaker: G. E. Stanley, Frewsburg, NY
Hicks, Fred Schaefer Mrs.---Lot OwnerD-25
Hicks, Robert R.19561862-Veteran WW ID-25
Hill, Ellen11 Dec 1877-37yHusb: Jackson D. HillB-101
Hill, Jackson D.21 Mar 190529 Jun 1828-Wife: EllenB-101
Hillabush, David R.---Lot OwnerE-8
Hillabush, David R.17 Feb 1989190682y-x-x
Hillabush, Mildred S.-1910--x-x
Hilyer, Charles7 Nov 19331854-Born: New Hudson
Father: John, b. nr Nunda, NY
Mother: Rosina Brown, b. New Hudson
Hilyer, John1 Feb 18902 Dec 1826-Wife: Rosina BrownC-26
Hitchcock, C. E.---Lot OwnerB-47
Hitchcock, Julia Ann1 Jun 1865182540yHusb: C. E. HitchcockB-47
Holcomb, Maria (Westfall?)Oct 19241851-Born: New Hudson, NY
1st Husb: Henry Norman
Undertaker: R. M. Marble, Portville, NY
Hopkins, Baby1926---x-x
Horner, Fred28 Apr 19887 Jul 1894-Wife: Thurzy Searl
Father: Fred
Mother: Lena Fedick
Veteran WWI
Horner, Fred1983--1st Husb: Guy SearlD-57
Hosford, Julia E.6 Apr 1933-76yUndertaker: H. F. Halwig, Olean, NYD-12
Howell, Baby1919--Do no know whether this baby is Howell or
Campbell or parents at this time.
Howell, Burton9 May 198815 Jul 1917-Father: Charles
Mother: Cloie Campbell
Howell, Charles J.21 Dec 19291880-Wife: Cloe CampbellD-7
Howell, Gordon Baby1950--son of Betty and Gordon HowellD-7
Howell, Hubert M.13 Jan 198521 Feb 1924-U.S. Army WWIID-7
Howell, Paul19531942--C-148
Howell, William HenryFeb 1921Mar 1920-Father: Charles J.
Mother: Cloe Campbell
Howell, Yvonne Ann19601939--C-147
Hurd, Fannie2 Feb 1949-62y-C-62
Hurd, Isabel1 Mar 1851-61yFather: Rev. Reuben
Mother: Jane
Hurd, Jane3 Jan 186629 Feb 180065yHusb: Rev. Reuben HurdA24
Hurd, Rev. Reuben22 Jul 185014 Feb 1782-Wife: JaneA34
Hutchings, John A.4 Jan 190514 Jan-Wife: MelindaB-45
Hutchings, Melinda (Reynolds)30 Sep 189115 May 1835-Husb: John A.
Father: Eli Reynolds
Mother: Mary
Brother: Orson J.
Sister: Catherine Reynolds Luce
Hyde, Blanche (Rowely)24 Nov 192220 May 1870-Born: Willet, Cortland co., NY
Husb: Charles
Father: Hartson A. Rowley,
    b. Freetown, Cortland Co.
Mother: Mary E. Tiffany,
    b. Delaware, Delaware co., NY
Hyde, Charles---Lot OwnerC-13
Hyde, Charles22 Nov 1927186265yBorn: Black Creek, NY
Wife: Blanche Rowley
Mother: Winnie Cannon
Father: Perry Hyde
Hyde, Emma7 Jun 187416 May 1851-Father: James
Mother: Fanny Keyes
Hyde, Fannie (Keyes)14 Jun 18655 Jan 1813-Husb: James HydeB-136
Hyde, Horatio19451866--D-37
Hyde, James11 Apr 18976 Apr 181484yBorn: Burlington, VT
Wife: Fannie Keyes
Father: Eri Hyde
  came to Rushford abt. 1830 from
   Burlington, Vt.
Mother: Pamelia Keyes
Hyde, James M.19501864--D-17
Hyde, Nora B.12 Feb 194011 Mar 1873-Born: Otto, Penn.
Husb: Horatio A.
Hyde, Perry1 Apr 191815 Jun 1837-Born: Mich
Wife: Winnie Cannon
Father: James Hyde
Mother: Fanny
Hyde, Rachel (Norman)5 Mar 191726 Jun 1870-Born: New Hudson, NY
Husb: James M. Hyde
Mother: Marie Westfall, b. New Hudson
Ikhin, Charles D.18 May 1858---BCxx
Ingalls, Clara J. (McElheny)6 Jul 193725 Jan 1882-Husb: Frank
Father: Newell C. McElheny,
    b. Black Creek, NY
Mother: Florence Dulap
Clara's middle name Josephine
Ingalls, Elizabeth H.8 Feb 18878 Jul 1804-Husb: John W. IngallsB-135
Ingalls, Emma M.15 Sep 186518 Jun 1849-Father: John Ingalls
Mother: Elizabeth H.
Ingalls, Hibard J.9 May 184229 May 182912y 11m 18dFather: John W.
Mother: Elizabeth H.
Ingalls, John W.26 May 189331 Dec 1806-Wife: Elizabeth H.B-135
Ingalls, Orpha J.9 Jul 184015 Dec 1838-Father: John W.
Mother: Elizabeth H.
Isted, Stephen20 Feb 1891-80y-B-141
Jameson, James16 Mar 1837176176y-A2510
Jameson, Margaret10 Jun 1846174997yHusb: Hugh JamesonA2410
Jenks, Washington9 Jun 1855-30y-A612
Jennings, Lola A. (Treusdell)19451874-Husb: Lyman
Father: Beebe Burt Treusdell
Mother: Ethel Hedden
Jennings, Lyman19511876--D-19
Jewell, Elizabeth B.10 Jan 188230 Sep 1824-Husb: LeanardA65
Jordan, Clara G. (Green)19551905--C-169
Jordan, Clora (Watts)27 Dec 19268 Jan 1864-Husb: Franc M.
Father: David Lewis Watts
   b. Orange Co., NY
Mother: Cor, b. Orange Co.
Jordan, Elizabeth27 Jun 1944185588y 11m 9dHusb: Layfaette
Father: --- Bartoo
submitted by Ruth Thoden
Elizabeth Fairbanks Wilbur Jordan
Father: Perry Wilber
Mother: Jane
Husb: Lafayette R. Jordan
Jordan, Frank Henry19591887--C-62
Jordan, Frank M.1959---D-47
Jordan, George Robert27 Aug 19261906-Father: Ernest Jordan
Mother: Mary
Undertaker: W. D. Grover, Dansville, NY
Jordan, Grace Elizabeth11 Jan 1935Oct 1934-Father: Mearl
Mother: Clara Green
Jordan, Henry MearlJan 19351898-Wife: Clara Green
Father: Ernest
Mother: Mary
Jordan, Mary24 Oct 193919 Jun 1928-Father: Mearl
Mother: Clara Green
Jordan, Minerva Elizabeth2 May 1912-7mFather: Ernest
Mother: Mary
Jordan, R.Nov 19291852-Middle name: LafayetteB-108
Kayes, Ethel (DeKay)19721888-Husb: William H.D-48
Kayes, William D.26 Jan 199510 Jan 191579y-D-70
Kayes, William H.12 Jan 1944187766y 5y 8mWife: Ethel DeKayD-48
Kazanjian, Agha---Lot OwnerC-166
Kazanjian, Agha-7 Jul 1925-Lot OwnerC-166
Kazanjian, Grace (Lockwood)20 Feb 198821 Jul 1932-Father: Jay Lockwood
Mother: Carrie Niles
Husband: Agha Kazanjian
Keller, Frances Muriel (Jordan)198517 Sep 1890-Born: Otego, NY
1st Husb: Robert Briggs
2nd Husb: John Keller
Mother: Cora Watts
Daughter: Neysa Briggs Randolph
Father: Frank Jordan
Kellogg, Elmond L.3 Mar 192225 Aug 1841-Born: Eagle, NY
Wife: Eunice PLierce
Father: John W. Kellogg, b. Pultney
Mother: Sarah L. Nash, b. Saratoga, NY
Kenwell, John J.19131868-Wife: Carrie Norman
Occupation: Veterinary Surgeon
Kerman, Mary L.& Jan 187813 Mar 1849-Born: Dansville, NY
Mother: Hannah Torkington, b. Vernon, NY
King, Bernice1972--C-82
King, Sarah B.18941842-Husb: Frank KingA78
Koch, Dorothy (Payne)---1st Husb: Cassford
2nd Husb: Robert Henry Koch
Son: Corey Cassford
Koch, Mary J. (Moot)---Lot OwnerD-71
Koch, Robert Henry28 Dec 198925 Sep 1961-Born: Buffalo, NY
Wife: Dorothy Payne Cassford
Father: Francis X Koch
Mother: Mary Moot
Brothers: Frances (sic), Kenneth
Sisters: Kathleen Valenti, Mary Ann Jauch,
   Elizabeth Ann Koch
Step sisters: Karla Cassford,
   and Christ Cassford
Step son: Corey Cassford
U.S. Army 1979-81
Member Legion Post 5, Shinglehouse, PA.
Krivulka, Alexander22 Jan 191927/28 Feb 190--Born: Hungary
Father: Charles, b. Hungary
Mother: Julia Demeter, b. Hungary
Krivulka, Charles19541871--D-4
Krivulka, Georga A.19871919--D-4
Krivulka, Julia19541871--D-4
Krivulka, Julia Mrs.19511871-Husb: CharlesD-4
Lacy, Carlos16 Dec 1893-87yBorn: Madison Co., NY
Father: Sherman
Mother: Lorra
Lacy, Clarence J.2 Mar 193431 Jan 1859-born: Black Creek, NY
Father: Oscar J.
Mother: Julia A. Carpenter
Lacy, Julia A. (Carpenter)17 May 1896182671yHusb: Oscar
Father: Willard Caprenter
Mother: Hannah W. Dewey
Lacy, Lorena14 Mar 1868Feb 1785-Husb: ShermanB-83
Lacy, Oscar J.17 Aug 1900182576yWife: Julia CarpenterB-83
Lane, George21 May 18921820-Born: England
Wife: Sarah Roberts
Lane, Sarah (Roberts)19041820-Husb: GeorgeC-29
Lanning, Charles H.18701857--B-105
Lanning, Richard19011812-Wife: Susan S.B-105
Lanning, Susan S.19041828--B-105
Larrabee, Adrian Burdette28 Sep 1897--Born: Eldred, Pa.
Wife: Jennie Rogers (bur. Belfast, NY)
Father: Jacob
Mother: Mariah Holcomb (bur. Portville, NY
Larrabee, Carroll19551894-Father: Adrian
Larrabee, Jennie (Rogers)25 Jan 19251860-Born: New Hudson, NY
Husb: Adrian Burdette
Father: George D. Rogers
Mother: Sylvia Lyon, b. New Hudson
Learn, Adam1958---E-11
Learn, Harold Allen18961896-Father: Ernest
Mother: Ella Allen
Lewis, Dale Z.13 Jan 197327 Nov 1951-Father: Richard M.
Mother: Ruth N. Fish
Lewis, Isaac17 Jan 18721 Apr 1851-Father: Gideon
Mother: Bethia
Lewis, Manerva8 Aug 185027 Dec 1845-Father: Aaron
Mother: Nancy A.
Lewis, Richard---Lot Owner; also owns lot 103D-81
Libbey, Emma J.19001834-Husb: IsaacC-79
Libbey, Isaac4 Nov 1889181970yWife: Emma J.C-79
Libbey, LillianAug 19171852-Husb: WilliamC-79
Libbey, William H.Sep 19241853-Wife: Lillian
Father: Isaac
Mother: Emma J.
Lindsay, Caroline24 Apr 1874-81y-B-138
Lindsay, James C.23 Oct 1931-77SoldierB-138
Lindsay, Mary H.24 Apr 187415 Aug 1828--B-138
Lockwood, Allen M.4 Aug 19338 Jul 1860-Born: Ischua, NYC-170
Lockwood, Archie19771914--C-172
Lockwood, Arthur Monroe1 Jul 193923 Apr 1883-Father: Allen M.
Lockwood, Beulah---Lot OwnerC-159
Lockwood, Beulah M.-1910--x-x
Lockwood, Carl---Lot OwnerC-166
Lockwood, Carrie F.19871909-Husb: JayC-167
Lockwood, Elizabeth B.1945---C-171
Lockwood, Ellen A.19 Mar 186718 Dec 1908--x-x
Lockwood, Francis26 Dec 196823 Aug 1894-Veteran, WWIC-180
Lockwood, Geraldine (Perkins)1967--Husb: JackC-171
Lockwood, Harold---Lot OwnerC-167
Lockwood, Jack19601916--C-171
Lockwood, Jay19841903--C-167
Locwood, Mary O.-1920-----
Lockwood, Mildred---Lot OwnerC-184
Lockwood, Mildred L.19751933--C-191
Lockwood, Mildred Russell15 Jun 1989--Died at Raleigh, NC Wake Co.
Interred Black Creek 9 Sep 1994
Lockwood, Mrs. Archie---Lot OwnerC-172
Lockwood, Ralph L.19801898-SoldierC-167
Lockwood, Rufus M.19771800-Soldier, WWIC-168
Lookwood, Viola11 Nov 1902-51y 3m 32dBorn: Cortland Co., NY
Husb: Charles
Father: Orson J. Reynolds, b. Cortland Co.
Mother: Sarah Ann Hutchings, b. Cortland Co.
Lord, Eliza18591808-Husb: RobertA32
Lord, Orestis A.7 Aug 1844--Father: Robert
Mother: Eliza
Lord, Oscar S.31 May 1837Aug 1832-Father: Robert
Mother: Eliza
Lord, Robert18571803-Wife: ElizaA32
Lounsbury, Adalaide (Wakley)24 Jul 18661843-Husb: Charles
Father: Nathan Wakley
Lounsbury, Amy1 Feb 19151830-Husb: AndrewC-2
Lounsbury, Andrew5 Mar 1912Jan 1828-Wife: Amy
Father: Mathew
Mother: Eliza Shuart
Lounsbury, Catherine18421825-Father: Wesley
Mother: Marya
Lounsbury, Charles A.12 Feb 191822 Feb 1860-1st Wife: Mira Lawton
2nd Wife: Josephine Ackerman
Father: Andrew
Mother: Amy
Lounsbury, Eliza18861803-Husb: MathewA19
Lounsbury, Ella S.16 Apr 185614 Sep 1853-Father: Mathew
Mother: Eliza
Lounsbury, Eva S.18541851-Father: Wesley
Mother: Marya
Lounsbury, Margaret18611833-Father: Wesley
Mother: Marya
Lounsbury, Mary12 Jun 1864Nov 1795-Husb: SamuelB-67
Lounsbury, Mathew18841798-Wife: ElizaA89
Lounsbury, Melissa15 May 1884-50yHusb: SamuelB-67
Lounsbury, Myra (Lawton)29 May 18973 Apr 1868-Husb: Charles
Father: George Lawton
Mother: Marietta
Lounsbury, Sally18561822-Father: Wesley
Mother: Marya
Lounsbury, Samuel11 Feb 1874-78y 9m1st Wife: Mary
2nd Wife: Meliss Soldier
Lounsbury, Samuel AlbertJun 19141866-Wife: Cora Reed
Father: Samuel
Mother: Malisia
Lounsbury, Savilla18511846-Father: Wesley
Mother: Marya
Lowe, Bertha L.14 Jul 1988---x-x
Luce, Baby---Father: Elias
Mother: Catherine
Luce, Abigail20 Mar 18905 Oct 1808-Husb: Ozer LuceB-76
Luce, Catherine A.25 Mar 188414 Feb 1836-Husb: Elias
Father: Eli Reynolds
Mother: Mary
Brother: Orson J. Reynolds
Sister: Melinda Reynolds Hutchings
Luce, Charles H.26 Jul 1931-75y 7m 15dWife: Nellie Lewis
Occupation: Blacksmith
Undertaker: G. Barton Rochester
Luce, Cora (Thornton)19621875-Husb: EliC-156
Luce, Eli H.9 Nov 1940-72y 2dBorn: New Hudson
Wife: Cora Thornton
Luce, Elias15 Apr 189126 Dec 1836-1st Wife: Catherine Reynolds
2nd Wife: Phoebe L.
Luce, Elizabeth2 May 18863 Jan 1811--B-76
Luce, Harold E.19521897-Father: Eli
Mother: Cora Thornton
Luce, Herman B.14 Mar 192817 Mar 1899-Born: Belfast, NY
Wife: Roberta Wixson
Father: Eli Luce
Mother: Cora Thornton
Luce, Howard19521876--B-103
Luce, Mrs. Howard (Myrtie)19481881-Husb: HowardB-103
Luce, Nellie (Lindsay)19611863--B-138
Luce, Ozer12 May 18865 Oct 1808--x-x
Luce, Ransselar H.16 Feb 199618 Jan 1918-Lot Owner
Father: Howard
Mother: Myrtie Barber
Sons: Ardean W., Ronalk L., Clair A.
Daughter: Rosanne
Wife: Elizabeth H. Hurd
Died: Noyes Mem. Hosp., Dansville, NY
Luce, Royal E.19541898--B-109
Lyon, Lydia Ann (Pratt)19061823-Husb: Spencer D.B-55
Lyon, Marcia Ann
26 Apr 1902183270y 1m 1dBorn: Sharon, Vt.
Husb: Walter Spencer Lyon
Mother: Sophia
Father: Otis Rogers, b. Sharon, VT
Lyon, Alberta18621861-Born: Black Creek, NY
Father: Walter S.
Mother: Marsha Rogers
Lyon, Amelia21 Apr 19111848-Single
Father: Lemuel R. Lyon, b. New Hudson
Mother: Diadama Peterson, b. Trenton, NJ
Lyon, Bertha19681867--B-22
Lyon, Betsey12 Sep 18708 Sep 179377y 4dCame from Vermont
Husb: Spencer
Lyon, Chester---Born: New Hudson
Father: Wesley Spencer Lyon
Mother: Marcia
Lyon, Diadama (Peterson)15 Feb 189915 Jan 1819-Born: Truxton, NJ
Father: Jonathan Peterson
Mother: Dorothy Smith
Lyon, Emma J.18661853-Father: Walter S.
Mother: Martha Rogers
Lyon, Ethel Olive11 Jan 19101888-Father: Otis Spencer Lyon, b. Black Creek, NY
Mother: Mary Eva Brown
Lyon, Henry J.16 May 184625 Apr 181729y 21d-A1510
Lyon, Henry Jonathan5 Jul 192027 Oct 1847-Wife: Susie Alexander
Father: Ralph
Mother: Diadama Peterson
Lyon, Jessie D.3 Aug 19412 Aug 1876-Born: Birdsall, NY
Wife: Bertha French
Lyon, Lemuel R.5 Dec 193124 Feb 1856-Wife: Mary White
Father: Lemuel R., b. New Hudson, NY
Mother: Diadama Peterson
Lyon, Lemuel Ralph16 Feb 188925 Mar 1822-Wife: Diadama Peterson
Father: Spencer Lyon, b. VT
Mother: Betsy Ricker, b. Maine*
*Corrected entry, record says VT
Lyon, Lucius B.18 Aug 1895-69yBorn: New Hudson, NY
Wife: Susan M.
Father: Spencer
Mother: Betsy Ricker
Lyon, Martha M.25 Jul 191729 Nov 1859-Husb: ChesterC-132
Lyon, Mary Eva (Brown)15 Feb 192023 Jan 1864-Born: Erieville, Madison Co., NY
Husb: Otis S.
Father: Jerome Brown, b. Madison co., NY
Mother: Mary Wooten, b. England
Lyon, Mary H. (White)10 Apr 189912 Apr 188336yBorn: Tompkins co., NY
Husb: Lemuel R.
Father: Wesley White
Mother: Marinda, b. Sanborn, NY
Lyon, Otis Spencer17 Feb 19313 Jul 1859-Wife: Mary Eva Brown
Father: Walter Spencer Lyon
Mother: Marcia Rogers, b. Sharon, VT
Lyon, Spencer11 Aug 187811 Nov 1802-Came from VT in 1820
Wife: Betsy
Lyon, Spencer D.19031824-Born: New Hudson
Wife: Lydia Ann Pratt
Father: Spencer
Mother: Betsey Ricker
Lyon, Susan M. (Upham)14 Sep 1884183648yHusb: Lucius B. Lyon
Father: Joseph Upham
Mother: Harriet Baker
Lyon, Susie O. (Alexander)3 May 193515 Aug 1852-Born: Black Creek, NY
Husb: Henry J.
Father: John E. Alexander
Mother: Helen Angel
Lyon, Vina D.5 Apr 188714 Apr 1851-Born: New Hudson, NY
Father: Lemuel R.
Mother: Diadama Peterson
Lyon, Walter S.
19041829-Born: Black Creek, NY
Wife: Marsha Rogers
Father: Spencer Lyon
Mother: Betsy Ricker
Lyon, Wesley S.29 Oct 19301884-Born: Black Creek
Father: Otis Spencer Lyon
Mother: Mary Eva Brown

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