Black Creek Cemeter, New Hudson, Allegany, New York E-G
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Black Creek Cemetery

Black Creek Cemetery

New Hudson, Allegany, New York

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Eastwood, Carlisle18991836--x-x
Eastwood, Edgar6 Dec 18991836-Born: Otsego, NY
Wife: Jemima Crawford
Father: Reuben, b. Otsego co.
Mother: Lydia, b. Otsego
Eastwood, EdwinDec 1919-86yFather: Reuben
Mother: Lydia
Undertaker: W. L. Carter
Eastwood, Emma J.19041852--Cxx
Eastwood, Jane---Husb 1: Reuben Eastwood
Husb 2: William Eastwood
Eastwood, Jemina13 Jun 19156 Feb 1835-Husb: Edgar
Father: John Crawford
Mother: Lucinda Partridge
Undertaker: F. A. Loveridge, Cuba, NY
Eastwood, Nicholas C.19001846-Co. G 98th NY Vol Cav.x-x
Eastwood, Reuben W.17 Jan 18941 Oct 1830-Occupation: Wagon Maker
Born: Chenango, NY
Wife: Jane
Father: Reuben
Mother: Lydia
Eastwood, William H.6 Mar 1903-80y 3m 14dWife: Jane
Father: Jonas Eastwood
Mother: Ann
Occupation: Black Smith
Co. F, 17th Ill. Vol. Cav.
Eaton, Anna---Lot OwnerC-72
Eaton, Carrie26 Feb 19021882-Born: New Hudson
Father: Frank, b. Rushford, NY
Mother: Ann Gee, b. New Hudson, NY
Eaton, Frank2 Oct 189012 May 1856-Born: Rushford, NY
Wife: Ann Gee
Father: Josia Eaton
Mother: Jane Swift
Eaton, Jessie19561886--C-159
Eaton, Melvin19531886--C-159
Edwards, Baby1959---C-172
Edwards, Jane H.20 Jul 1990--Cremated Ashes on this lotC-125
Edwards, Richard---Lot OwnerC-172
Edwards, Scott David8 Apr 195928 Jan 1959--C-172
Edwards, Wesley Alan2 Jan 197527 Dec 1960--C-172
Elliot, Madge14 Jul 198827 Feb 1900-Mother: Minne Gage
Father: Michael Sullivan
Newphew: Glenn Clark
Emerson, Baby30 Apr 194030 Apr 1940-Father: Lewis
Mother: Harriet Moyer
Emery, George F.16 Nov 18496 Sep 1845-Father: Rev. J. S. Emery
Mother: Lucy
English, Ida May1969--SoldierB-140
Ensinger, Joyce E.---Lot owner
Mother: Ida Ramsey
Erwin, Charles D.13 Nov 18581844-Father: Robert
Mother: Amarilla Erwin Coon
Evans, Benjamin W.27 Nov 1940-69y 10m 11dBorn: Franklinville, NY
Father: Thomas J. Evans
Undertaker: Glenn Loveridge, Cuba, NY
Evans, David29 Apr 1897-64yMother: Minervax-x
Evans, Miranda G. (Hillman)15 May 193712 Aug 1849-Born: Farmersville, NY
Husband: Thomas G.
Father: Harley Hillman
Mother: Lucy Strong
Undertaker: G. Loveridge, Cuba, NY
Evans, Thomas4 Nov 1929-85yCo. D 2nd NY Heavy Artillery
Wife: Miranda J. Hillman
Undertaker: G. Loverige, Cuba, NY
Ewing, Peggy1924---C-54
Ewing, Andy19841909--C-54
Fairbanks, Philip L.19751956--C-191
Feuchter, Harold19831916-WWII
Wife: Bethel Williams
Feuchter, Jean (Christ)19761925-Husb: Robert C.
Father: Lesley Christ
Mother: Vera McElheny
Daughters: Linda Noether; Judy Karst
and Nancy Brinkwart
Feuchter, Jerrine (Christ)---Lot OwnerE-14
Feuchter, Robert C.21 May 199015 Oct 1924-Born: Portville, NY
Died: Olean, NY
Veteran US Air Force WWII
Wife: Jean Christ
Father: Feuchter
Mother: Belle Hamilton
Daughters: Linda, Judy, and Nancy
Brothers: Harold, Joseph and Clifford
Undertaker: Nicholson, Cuba, NY
Folson, Abraham---Lot OwnerB-46
Ford, Fannie Rosella19621871--B-77
Ford, Grace (Kellogg)12 Mar 19261853-Undertaker: Sherman H. Crane, Hornell, NYB-144
Ford, John D.29 Mar 19391 Sep 1872-Wife: Fannie Rosella (Rosa) Marsh
Father: Julius Ransom Ford
Mother: Augusta Louise Covell
Son: Marshall Keith Ford
Undertaker: J. A. Benjamin, Rushford, NY
Ford, Fannie Rosella (Rosa)20 May 196211 July 1871-Lot Owner
Husband: John D. Ford
Father: Nelson S. Marsh
Mother: Mary Jane Gleason
Son: Marshall Keith Ford
Fox, James20 Mar 18541854--C-150
Fox, Monroe1932--Brother of Sarah Ann SwiftC-150
Frank, Bernice E.19831895--D-80
Frank, Harry19731894-Wife: Bernice E.D-80
Frank, Hazel (Briggs)30 Mar 192222 Feb 1897-Born: New Hudson, NY
Husb: Harry
Father: Wallace Briggs
Mother: Ida M. Pratt
Freeborn, Hannah1 Apr 188017 Aug 1809-Father: Stephen
Mother: Lucy
Freeborn, Lydia A.16 Jul 18953 Apr 1814-Husb: SamuelB-70
Freeborn, Rowena23 Feb 188417 Jun 1806-Father: Soloman
Mother: Lydia
Freeborn, Samuel24 Sep 188020 Nov 1807-Wife: LydiaB-70
Freeman, Eri Wilber19301855-Born: Rushford, NY
Wife: Lydia Marilla Brown
Father: Eri Bethuel
Mother: Harriet Taylor
Undertaker: W. S. Davis, Arcade, NY
Freeman, Genevieve25 Feb 189512 Sep 1887-Father: Eri WilberFreeman
Mother: Lydia M. Brown
Freeman, Lydia (Brown)19381860-Husb: Eri Wilber Freeman
Undertaker: F. A. Loveridge, Cuba, NY
French, Ann Eliza (Bacon)Nov 19151832-Husb: George W.
Undertaker: F. A. Loveridge, Cuba, NY
French, George W.Jun 19181830-Wife: Ann Eliza Brown [sic]
Undertaker: F. A. Loveridge, Cuba, NY
Fuller, Andrew G.16 Nov 189122 Oct 1821-Born: Vermont
Father: Nathan E. Fuller
Fuller, Geroge B.18891818-Wife: Mary A.C-24
Fuller, Jay---Lot Owner - Mary A. FullerC-24
Fuller, Jay W.9 Nov 189721 Dec 1844-Wife: Sarah Louise MarshallC-24
Fuller, Mary A.19021830-Husb: George B. FullerC-24
Fuller, Sarah Louise30 Aug 1924184589yHusband: Jay W. Fuller
Father: Amos Marshall
Mother: Melissa Comfort
Undertaker: C. C. Roseboom, Carthage, NY
Fuller, W. M.---Lot owner
Buried: Tuscon, Arizona
Gaebler, Robert W.19 Jan 1995abt. 192273Born: Altoona, Pa.
Died: Oswego, NY
Father: Robert L. Gaebler
Mother: Mary G. Shoop
Wife: Rhoda Christ
Daughter: Patricia Nalette
Son: Robert L. Gaebler
Sister: Marnee Karl
Undertaker: Letro-McIntosh-Spink, Cuba, NY
Dain: Cullinan Funeral Home, Oswego, NY
Gage, Angeline (Steward)4 Feb 1938-83yHusb: Wilbur
Father: John Steward
Mother: Harriet Waite
Gage, Carey31 May 191230 Nov 1888-Father: Monroe, b. Smethport, Pa.
Mother: Nora B. Daley
Occupation: Railroad Section man
Gage, Charlotte6 Apr 1930-90yHusb: GeorgeB-50
Gage, Demis (Pendleton)25 Jan 187212 May 1821-Husb: Wilber
Father: Pendleton
Gage, Donna1964--Husb: GeorgeC-131
Gage, Genie1 Mar 18787 Dec 1874-Father: George
Mother: Charlotte
Gage, George19741891--C-131
Gage, George18831838-Wife: Charlotte
Father: Wilber
Mother: Demis Pendleton
Gage, HenryNov 19171847-Father: Wilber
Mother: Demis Pendleton
Gage, Lottie (Morton)1899--Father: J. W. Morton
Mother: C. M. Morton
Gage, Monroe15 Jan 192016 Jun 1857-Born: Smethport, Pa.
Wife: Nora B. Daley
Father: George, b. Pa.
Mother: Charlotte Thompson, b. Steuben Co.
Gage, Nora (Daley)18971864-Husb: MonroeC-131
Gage, Wilber1 Apr 19367 Jul 1856-Wife: Angeline Steward
Father: Wilber
Mother: Demis Pendleton
Gallagher, Dorothy (Daisey)19501884-Husb: Frank M.B-66
Gallagher, Frank M.19521885-Wife: DorothyB-66
Gardon, Mae (Whitney)19491880-Husb: Willis B.x-x
Gardon, Willis B.19561865-Wife: Mae Whitneyx-x
Gaston, Ebenezer26 Jan 18631782-Wife: HannahA48
Gaston, Hannah9 Nov 18531790-Husb: EbenezerA38
Gay, Clara M.2 Oct 188331 Dec 1868-Father: Stephen
Mother: Ruth*
*record says Sylvia Lyon who was her stepmother
Gay, Ruth3 Jan 1869-43y 7m 19d-B-42
Gay, Silvia (Lyon)19 May 19178 Sep 1824-Born: New Hudson
1st Husb: George Rogers
2nd Husb: Stephen Gay
Father: Spencer Lyon, b. Waterbury, VT*
Mother: Betsey Ricker, b. Waterbury, VT*
*record incorrectly says Conn.
Gay, Stephen10 Dec 189415 Oct 1822-Born: Mass.
Wife: Sylvia J. Lyon (Rogers)
Gee, Aaron L.10 Feb 189518 Sep 1832-Sg. Co. A 136 Reg. NYV
Occupation: Carpenter
Wife: Grace Upham
Father: Soloman Gee
Gee, Adrian L.26 Feb 19361860-Born: Black Creek, NY
Father: Isaac
Mother: Alice Jane Brown
Gee, Alice19141837-Husb: IsaacB-81
Gee, Blanche1867-20m 2dFather: Aaron L.
Mother: Garcie Upham
Gee, Clarence---Lowt OwnerC-34
Gee, Clarinda (Crabb)21 Oct 18913 Feb 1836-Husb: Moses
Father: Abram Crabb*
Mother: Martha Ann
Record incorrectly gives
Abram's birthplace as Rushford, NY
Gee, Frank L.30 Apr 192974y--D-50
Gee, Freeborn A.29 Nov 189431 Aug 1858-Born: New Hudson, NY
Wife: Louise Space
Father: Isaac
Mother: Alice Jane Brown
Gee, Isaac L.18661836--C-34
Gee, Isaac L.1866-9m 23dFather: Isaac
Mother: Alice Jane Brown
Gee, Janey18951888-Father: Clarence
Mother: Harriet M.
Gee, Lena A.9 Oct 18821871-Born: Black Creek, NY
Father: Lucius
Mother: Kate Johnson
Gee, Mary Ann27 Aug 1878181959yHusb: William A.
Mother: Betsy Ricker
Gee, Moses---Lot OwnerB-32
Gee, Moses14 Jun 190615 Sep 183176y 7mWife: Clarinda Crabb
Father: Soloman
Mother: Sarah Andrews
Occupation: Mason
Gee, Nora18651864-Daughter* of Isaac and Alice
Record incorrectly states Son
Gee, Ora M.---Lot OwnerD-50
Gee, Perry186618659m 23dFather: Isaac
Mother: Alice Jane
Gee, Pheobe1901--- B-39
Gee, Sally11 Feb 18467 Nov 1788-Husb: Derozel GeeA812
Gee, Sarah25 Apr 187625 May 1798-Husb: SolomonA46
Gee, Solomon24 Oct 1860179268yWife: SarahA56
Gee, William A.15 Jan 1878-55yWife: Mary AnnB-44
Gee, William Carl-1853-Raised by Derosel Gee
Wife: Phoebe Patterson
Genung, O.S.13 Nov 188320 Mar 1813--B-142
Gere, Laura (Hyde)19481867-Husb: Williston GereD-37
Gere, Williston F.24 Oct 1937-77Wife: Laura Hyde
Father: Mashall Gere
Occupation: Telegrapher (RR)
Giles, Mary M. (Gray)29 Dec 189814 Jun 181880y 6mHusb: Orrin Giles
Father: Aaron Gray
Mother: Lucy Fischer
Giles, Orrin31 Dec 188625 Nov 1815-Wife: Mary M. GrayB-35
Gilmour, Julian F.19601895--C-3
Gilmour, Lucy Thomas19751893--C-3
Gleason, Aby E. (Hilyer)Jun 1933185974Husb: Robert S. Gleason
Father: John Hilyer
Mother: Rosanna Brown
Gleason, Edith May (Marsh)4 Dec 192312 Feb 1888-Born: New Hudson
Husb: Fred
Father: Otis Marsh
Mother: Edith Sears
Gleason, Eva B. (Coughlin)28 Dec 199329 Oct 1911-Husb: Leonard R. Gleason, d. 26 Oct 1985
Son: Robert J. Gleason
Dau: Marie Gleason
Father: Fredrick J. Coughlin
Mother: Neala B. Bernard
Sister: Mary (Mrs. Irving LaRuche
Sister: Florence (Mrs. Herbert Rinker), b. Belfast, NY
Gleason, Eva B. (Coughlin)28 Dec 199329 Oct 1911-Husb: Leonard R. Gleason
Dau: Marie Gleason
Son: Robert J. Gleason
Father: Frederick J. Coughlin
Mother: Neala B. Bernard
Sisiter: Mary Florence
Died: Jones Mem. Hop., Wellsville, NY
Gleason, Fred19661884--D-13
Gleason, Gladys (Briggs)9 Apr 192728 Dec 1888-Husb: True Gleason
Father: Wallace Briggs
Mother: Ida M. Pratt
Gleason, Leonard19851908--D-75
Gleason, Robert S.5 Dec 1929185773Wife: Aby Hilyer
Father: Starkey Gleason
Gleason, Truman---Lot OwnerC-61
Gordon, Julia (Niles)-1 Aug 1911-Husb: Otho
Married: 29 Aug 1933
Born: Lyndon, NY
Sons: Paul, Frank and John
Daughter: Mabel Colley
Gordon, Mae Isabell (Whitten)14 Jun 194923 Dec 1880-Husb: Willis Bird Gordon
Married: 14 Mar 1907, Galesburg, Ill.
Sons: Otho and Earl
Step-dau: Bertha Smith, LaNora Coombs
and Sarah Voorhis Hunt
Gordon, Otho5 Feb 196424 Feb 1909-Wife: Julia Niles
Married: 29 Aug 1933
Father: Willis Bird Gordon
Mother: Mae Whitten
Brother: EArl
Sister: Irene Dillon
Sons: Frank, Paul and John
Daughter: Mabel Colley
Half-Sisters: Bertha Smith, Sarah Voorhis Hunt,
and LaNora Coombs
Gordon, Willis Bird25 Feb 195623 Aug 1865-Born: Rose Center, Mich
Died: Black Creek, NY
1st Wife: Mary Ellen Yorton
Daughters: Sarah Voorhis Hunt, Bertha Smith and
LaNora Coombs
2nd Wife: Mae Whitten, md. 14 Mar 1907
Sons: Otho and Earl
Daughter: Ire Dillon
Brothers: James and Nathaniel
Sister: Eliza
Gray, Aaron A.28 Jul 182923 Nov 1828-Father: Zoah Gray
Mother: Zebina
Gray, Alberta19011865-Father: Sylvester Gray
Mother: Harriet Wood
Gray, Betsey5 Oct 182714 Feb 1826-Father: Zoah
Mother: Zebina
Gray, Electa13 May 18378 Jan 1836-Father: Zoah
Mother: Zebina
Gray, Elen28 Mar 18435 Aug 1841-Father: Zoah
Mother: Zebina
Gray, Fred E.18951869-Father: Sylvester
Mother: Harriet Wood
Gray, Harriet (Wood)18 Aug 1899-67y 5mHusb: Sylvester
Father: Solomon Wood
Mother: Ann
Gray, Mary Ann12 Oct 184910 May 1833-Father: Zoah
Mother: Zebina
Gray, Sylvester19071831-Wife: Harriet WoodC-46
Gray, Zebina18841799-Husb: ZoahA124
Gray, Zoah18841801-Wife: ZebinaA114
Greek, Kathleen J.28 Nov 198719 Jun 1913-Born: Ischua, NY
Husb: Fred B.
Greek, Fred B.16 Oct 19892 Nov 1912-Born: Richburg, NY
Wife: Kathleen Reed
Father: James M.
Mother: Mabel Berton
Sons: Fred H. and Charles
Dau: Mabel Emch
Green, Grace (Trevarow)19621879-Husb: JamesD-59
Green, James1 Jul 194725 Sep 1873-Born: England
Wife: Grace Trevarrow
Green, Neva (Adams)1917---B-13
Gross, Neva---Lot Owner
Mrs. Leon Rork gave the balance
of this lot to Neva Aug 1967
Guild, Alice J.30 Jan 1920185763yDied: Salamanca, NYx-x
Guilford, Earle27 Jan 18601 Oct 1846--C-85
Guildford, Fern (Phillips)11 Jan 1907-19y 6mHusb: Roy Guilford
Father: Jerry Phillips, b. steuben Co., NY
Mother: Nettie Comfort, b. Catt. Co., NY
Guilford, Jane (Horten)10 Jun 185531 Mar 1819--C-85
Guilford, Orter24 Aug 189130 Jun 1812-SoldierC-85
Guilford, W.24 Aug 189130 Jun 1812-SoldierC-85
Guilford, W.---Lot OwnerC-85

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