Angelica Collectanea Obits
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DAMON, EVA D.   Lot 55.

DAMON, JULIA A.  Lot 55.

DAMON, LUCY A.  Lot 55.

DAMON, LUCY S.   Lot 55.



DARIN, ELLA DODSON  Died at Riverside, Los Angeles, Calif., in July 1919.  Born in West Almond and lived in this vicinity until her marriage to Dr. S. I. Darrin of Tacoma, Wash.  They lived in Oregon and Los Angeles and spent much time abroad in travel.  Dr. Darrin died in 1918.  Survivors:  two brothers, David Dodson, Angelica, and Dr. John W. Dodson of Rochester.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 806.

D'AUTREMONT, ABIGAIL DODSON  Born in Conn., October 30, 1781; married Alexander H. d'Autremont in Dodgeville, N.Y.  Issue:  Adeline, Amelia, Louis Paul, Victor duPont, Caroline, Janet, Charles, Alexander, Virginia, and Sophia; died Jan. 12,1866, Angelica, NY.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 520.


D'AUTREMONT, ALEXANDER HUBERT  Alexander Hubert d'Autremont was the second son born to Hubert and Marie d'Autremont, born March 12 Mar 1776, in Paris, France.  He, along with his father, Hubert, was among the patriots who stormed the famous Bastille in July 1789.  He came to America in 1801, and three years afterward he married Miss Abigail Dodge of Connecticut.  They came to Allegany County in 1806, and here ended their days.  Ten children were born to them - as listed above with Abigail Dodson d'Autremont.  He fought in the War of 1812.  He was a Freeholder in 1808, 09, 11, 12, 14; Highway Commissioner, 1810; Highway Overseer, 1811; town Clerk, 1813; Election Inspector, 1813; Licensee, 1810-13; Commissioner of Schools, 1814; and Pound Master, 1816.  Alexander died Aug. 4,1851 at his home that he built Angelica, NY.  He is buried in Angelica.  Lot 520.

D'AUTREMONT, ALEXANDER  Born of Alexander and Abigail Dodge d'Autremont on Apr. 2, 1821 in Wirt.  Married Diana Howard.  Issue:  four daughters:  Frances, Caroline, and twins, Adelaide and AdelineMr. d'Autremont was a farmer; died Aug. 5,1888 in Allen, NY.  Survivors:  widow and children.  Burial in Angelica . Lot 212.

D'AUTREMONT, AUGUSTUS FRANCOIS CECIL, Sr.  Auguste Francois Cecil, 3rd son of Hubert and Marie, was born July 7, 1783 at St. Sulpice, France.  In the late 1700's he came with his mother, Marie d'Ohent d'Autremont, and his older brothers, Louis Paul and Alexander.  Their husband and father, Hubert, was a royalist and died in the French Revolution.  Marie and her sons settled in this area.  On July 15, 1816, Augustus married Sarah Ann Stewart at Brandywine.  Issue:  Matilda, Josephine, Augustus Jr., Mary Amanda, Francis Paul, Caroline Elizabeth, Victorine, Eveline Ellen, Glodine, and Sarah AndrinaAugustus Sr., was a Freeholer in 1808, 11; Licensee, 1810; Pound Master, 1820.  Auguste died January 28, 1860, at Hume, NY.  He is buried in Angelica.  Lot 515.

D'AUTREMONT, AUGUSTUS JR.  Augustus D'autremont was born in Angelica of Augustus and Sarah Ann Steweart d'Autremont on Feb. 29, 1822; died Mar 29, 1889 at Fillmore, aged 67.  Married Adaline Mather, who died.  Then married Mary Hubbard.  He leaves two sons and a daughter by the first wife, and two daughters of his surviving wife.  He is buried in Angelica.

D'AUTREMONT, CHARLES  Charles d'Autremont, son of Alexander and Abigail Dodge d'Autremont was born June 26, 1818.  He here married Sarah Collins daughter of the Hon. John Collins and Ann Gregory.  To this union two children were born, a son Charles Jr., of Duluth, Minn., and Mary, at home Mr. d'Autremont became engaged in mercantile trade; and for awhile conducted a Banking business.  Then he began dealing in stocks in New York.  He also made investments in western real estate.  In 1848, he crossed the ocean and traveled on the continent, and through France- the land of his ancestors, being in Paris during the revolution and exciting time of '48.  Survivors:  wife and children.  Lot 100

MRS. CHARLES D'AUTREMONT  Died, Monday, February 5th, 1912, at her residence in Angelica, New York, Mrs. Sarah Collins d'Autremont in the 90th year of her age.  Mrs. d'Autremont's father-the Hon. John Collins - was born in Litchfield, Conn., moved to Geneva, N.Y., in early life, and married Miss Ann Gregory, whose birthplace was Whitechurch, England.  In Geneva, the daughter Sarah was born Nov. 19th, 1822.  In 1850 Miss Collins was married by the Reverend Lewis Thibou in St. Paul's Church, Angelica, to Mr. Charles d'Autremont.  Soon after the marriage, Mr. d'Autremont purchased property at the south of the village and there built on the hill-side near the well known mineral spring, the comfortable house that became from that time forward the d'Autremont residence; and where, with brief exception, Mrs. d'Autremont passed her remaining years.  Mrs. d'Autremont in early life became much interested in the anti-slavery cause and continued this interest until the emancipation proclamation of President Lincoln made freedmen of the slaves.  The customary service of the Episcopal Church will be held by the Reverend J.H. Herendeen, rector of St. Paul's, at the late residence of Mrs. d'Autremont this Thursday afternoon; after which the interment in the Angelica Cemeetery.  Two children survive their mother- Hon. C. d'Autremont, Jr., of Duluth, Minnesota, and Miss Mary d'Autremont, Angelica.  Lot 100

D'AUTREMONT, DIANA HOWARD Diana Minerva Howard was born in Mass. Aug. 9, 1821.  Married Alexander d'Autremont Jr.  Survivors:  four daughters:  Frances, Caroline, and twins, Adelaide and Adeline.  Buried in Angelica.  Lot 212.

D'AUTREMONT, MRS. ISABELLA COMMON  Died Jan. 21, 1889, aged 77.  Isabella Common was born in Northumberland County, England, Aug. 8th, 1811, and came to this country with her parents in 1817.  They settled about two miles outside this village, on what is now called Common Street.  She was married to Victor D. d'Autremont, Dec. 20th, 1832.  She left a husband and three daughters living in this village, and one son in Denver, Colorado.  Buried in Angelica.  Lot 321B.

D'AUTREMONT, MADAME MARIE D'OHENT  Born in France 1745; died in Angelica Sept. 29, 1809.  Married to Hubert d'Autremont Feb. 5, 1770.  He lost his life amid the storms of the French Revolution.  In 1792 Mrs. d'Autremont, with her 3 sons, Marie's sister, Marie Genevieve (d'Ohent) and husband Antoine Bartholemy Louie LaFevre, and other French refugees, sailed from Havre for America.  In 1806 they purchased land of Judge Church on the Genesee River near Angelica and built what was known as “The Retreat.” She died here August 29, 1809, being 64 years of age.  Buried in Angelica.  Lot 520.



D'AUTREMONT, SARAH A. STEWART  Born September 10, 1794; married Augustus d'Autremont Sr., July 15, 1816 at Brandywine.  They had ten children.  (See obituary of Augustus d'Autremont Sr.)  Died September 4, 1840, Angelica.  Lot 515.



D'AUTREMONT, VICTOR duPONT  Born on Aug 16, 1807 of Alexander and Abigail Dodge d'Autremont.  Entered into rest, on Thursday, Apr. 21st, 1892, aged 84 years, 8 months - at the time of his death was the oldest settler here.  Married Isabella Common.  He had been a member of St. Paul's church from his youth, and was senior warden for many years, and never failed to attend service when he was well.  Was a Justice in 1845-48, 53, 67, and Supervisor, 1851.  He leaves three daughters and one son to mourn him.  He now rests by the side of his wife, (who passed away three years ago last January,) and to whom he was very devoted.  Buried in Angelica.  Lot 321B.

D'AUTREMONT, VIRGINIA  Born of Alexander and Abigail Dodge d'Autremont on July 30, 1824.  Was never married.  Lot 100.

DAVIDSON, MISS AGNES  Born and died in Angelica May 21, 1935.  Daughter of the late Mary and William Davidson.  Survived by two sisters, Mrs. Nellie D. Schenck and Miss Alice Davidson of Bradford and two brothers, William E. of Tulsa, Okla., and J. T. of Rochester.  Lot 800.

DAVIDSON, MISS ALICE  Born in Angelica and lived here many years; died Nov., 1949.  Survived by brother, William Davidson of Los Angeles, Calif.; and sister, Mrs. Nellie Schenck of Bradford.  Lot 800.

DAVIDSON, MISS JENNIE E.  Born in Angelica in 1862; died Jan. 25, 1922.  Spent most o her lifetime in Angelica.  Daughter of the late William and Mary Davidson.  Survived by mother and three sisters:  Mrs. Nellie D. Schenck of Bradford, Pa., Agnes I. Davidson of Akron, Ohio, and Alice C. Davidson of Angelica; brothers, James Davidson of Rochester and W.E. Davidson of Tulsa, Okla.  Lot 800.




DAVIDSON, WILLIAM  Born in Ireland Feb. 22, 1831; died on Dec. 15, 1918.  Survivors:  wife, daughters, Miss

Jennie Davidson

and Mrs. Nellie Schenck, Bradford, Pa; Agnes I. Davidson, Akron, Ohio, and Alice C. Davidson of Angelica; brothers, James Davidson of Rochester and W.E. Davidson of Tulsa, Okla.  Lot 800.

DAVIDSON, MRS. WILLIAM  Died Sept. 16, 1924, at the age of 89 years, 11 months, 16 days.  Lived in Angelica over 75 years.  Was mother of nine children, five of whom survive:  Mrs. Nellie Schenck, Bradford, Pa; Agnes I. Davidson, Akron, Ohio, and Alice C. Davidson of Angelica; brothers, James Davidson of Rochester and W. E. Davidson of Tulsa, Okla.; 7 grandchildren also survive.  Lot 685.

DAVISON, MRS. ADDIE CLARK  Mrs. Addie Clark Davison died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Almond Weaver Sunday, Jan. 6, 1935.  She had made her home there for the past ten years and had been practically an invalid for the past two years.  She was born in the town of Allen, September 5, 1848.  She is survived by four nephews and six nieces, all of whom live in the west with the exception of Mrs. John Bardwell of Garwoods and Mrs. Almon Weaver of Jersey Hill.  Interment in Angelica Cemetery.  Lot 318A.

DAVIE, CARRIE DUDLEY  Born in Angelica and later won most creditable success as a teacher.  Died at her home in Starke, Fla., Oct. 26, 1896 at the age of 27.  Married for two years to Dr. F.C. Davie.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 105.

DAVIE, GRACE FARNUM  Mrs. Grace Farnum Davie, age 28, died Jan. 2, 1909, at Angelica.  Married Fred E. Davie five years ago.  Survived by husband.  Burial in Angelica.

DAVIE, MRS. HETTIE E.  Born at Springwater, N.Y.; died Apr. 26, 1934.  Daughter of Eudras and Caroline Tucker.  Married Roscoe C. Spencer in 1888. Dr. Spencer died in 1898.  Married Dr. Frank C. Davie in 1904.  Survived by son, Dr. George Tucker Spencer of Dallas, Texas; three nephews, Elwin, Clarence, and Roy Tucker of Angelica.  Burial in Angelica.

DAVIS, ARVA  Lot 423.

DAVIS, ASA  Married Esther Terwilliger from Andover.  Soldier in the Civil War 85th, Private; died in Andersonville Prison during the Civil War.  Constable, 1834.  Lot 423.

DAVIS, CHARLES (1846-1910)  Excise Commissioner, 1895-97.’ Lot 95.

DAVIS, CYNTHIA MRS. (1812-1888)  Died Feb. 3, 1888 of congestion of the lungs, aged 76 years.  Widow of David Davis, deceased.  Lot 95.

DAVIS DAVID (1800-1885)  Married Cynthia C. Davis.  Highway Overseer, 1809, 13; Fence Viewer, 1810; Constable, 1830, 32; Assessor, 1834, 35.  Lot 95.

DAVIS, DORIAN H.  Lot 358.

DAVIS, LIEUT. E.F.   Lot 358.

DAVIS, EMMA G.  Lot 95.

DAVIS, ELLA E.  Wife of Joshua A. Davis. Lot 629.

DAVIS, ETTA M.   Lot 70.

DAVIS, MRS. F.C.  Born in 1852; died Mar. 26, 1892.  Married Dr. F.C. Davie in May 1882.  Lot 70.

DAVIS, GRANT  Born Dec. 14, 1868, Avon, N.Y.; died Aug. 9, 1910.  Married Miss Mae Lilly, Angelica.  Survivors, wife, and daughter, Mrs. Cecil W. Luffman of Hilton, N.Y.  Burial in Angelica.

DAVIS, HARRY  A Freeholder, 1808; Highway Commissioner, 1807; Assessor, 1809, 10, 12, 21, 22; Election Inspector, 1809, 10, 11, 12; Highway Superintendent, 1811, 15, 19; Fence Viewer, 1818, 19; School Commissioner, 1815, 16.

DAVIS, JANE K.   Lot 565.

DAVIS, JESSE   Highway Overseer, 1820; Fence viewer, 1820.   Lot 95.

DAVIS, JOHN A.   Born Mar. 7, 1850, and died Sept. 15, 1915.  Survivors:  wife and two children; brother, Jesse Davis of Angelica; sister, Mrs. Susan Burdick of Alfred.  Lot 70.

DAVIS, MRS. SARAH CHANDLER   Sarah Ann Chandler was born at Pultney, on July 6, 1839; died July 27, 1914 at Angelica.  Married Roswell Warner who died after a few years.  Married in 1889 to Joshua A. Davis, who died a few years ago.  Survivors:  sons, Dr. Frank W. Warner, Angelica, and William Warner, of Bradford.  Burial in Angelica.

DAVIS, JOSHUA A.   Born in 1832.  Came to Angelica in 1836.  Married Miss Ella E. Davis.  Lot 629.

DAVIS, LOIS   Lot 423.



DAVIS, MAE L.   Born in Allen Mar. 15, 1870; died Jan. 25, 1936.  Married Grant S. Davis of Wayland on Jan. 24, 1894.  Survived by mother, Mrs. Fred Lilly of angelica; daughter, Mrs. Cecil W. Luffman of Hilton, N.Y.; sister, Mrs. H. A. Renwick, of Rochester; brother, W. F. Lilly of Angelica. Burial in Angelica.

DAVIS, PATTY T.   Lot 358.


DAVIS, RHODA ANN (1796-1852)  Wife of Asa Davis.  Lot 488.

DAVIS, SETH THOMAS   Born 1845 in Allen; Died June 11, 1925 in Angelica at the home of his son.  Wife died ten years ago.  Survivors:  daughter, Mrs. Leon Dey of Fink Hollow, son, Ernest L. Davis of Angelica, and eight grandchildren.

DAVIS, SMITH   Born Oct. 7, 1808.  Married twice:  Prudence Wright, 1834, and Jane Kenderick, 1873.  President of the First National Bank of Angelica.  School Inspector, 1833-35; Constable, 1835, 36; Town Clerk, 1837; Justice, 1844-47; Sealer, 1847; Election Inspector, 1863, 64, 68, 71.  Lot 565.


DAVIS, COL. U.L.   Born in Columbia County in 1813. Lived there 40 years, then coming to Angelica; died in July 1897.  Fought in the Civil War and was a Colonel of the 85th.  Married three times and outlived all three wives.  Lot 358.

DAVIS, URAIN (1784-1878)  Fought in the War of 1812.  Lot 423.

DAVISON, MRS. ADDIE  Mrs. Addie Clark Davison died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Almond Weaver Sunday, January 7, 1935.  She had made her home there for the past ten years and had been practically an invalid for the past two years.  She was born in the town of Allen, September 5, 1848.  She is survived by four nephews and six nieces, all of whom live in the west with the exception of Mrs. John Bardwell of Garwoods and Mrs. Almond Weaver of Jersey Hill.  The funeral services were held Tuesday at 1 P.M. at Rices Undertaking room, Rev. B. L. Bixby, officiating. Interment in Angelica Cemetery.

DEAN, MRS. ADAH McGIBENY  Born Nov. 20, 1862 of Alonzo and Mary Watson McGibeny of West Almond; died Dec. 26, 1937.  Widow of Harmon Dean.  Burial in Angelica.

DEAN, MRS. ALICE BUEHRING   Born in Angelica on Sept. 18, 1862 of Ernest and Dorothea Buehring; died on Jan. 14, 1953.  Widow of Charles Dean.  Survived by two cousins, Mrs. William Feller of Wellsville and William Seiver of Angelica; nephew, Donovan Buehring, Kinston, and niece, Mrs. Lula Burnette, Knoxville, Tenn.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 206


DEAN, CHARLES O.   Born in Allen and died on May 5, 1940.  He was the son of Apollos and Welthey Lincoln Dean.  Married Alice Buehring.  Survived by widow and one brother, W. H. Dean of Nicerson, Kansas.; P. S.& N. employee and coal dealer.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 206.


DEAN, MRS. CLIFFORD  Born in Alma, Aug. 14, 1909; died Dec. 14, 1947.  Survived by husband; daughter, Joyce Ann of Rochester; parents, Frank and DeEtta Olmstead of Transit Bridge; sister, Mrs. E. G. Murray, missionary in China; brother, Bruce Cartwright of Bolivar, and half-brother, Roy Olmstead of Transit.  Burial in Angelica.

DEAN, FLORA A.  Lot 11.

DEAN, FRANK   Lot 193.

DEAN, HARRIET A.   Lot 568.

DEAN, HENRY (1841-1915)  Died in West Almond at the age of 73 years, on July 26, 1915.  Married Miss Susan Carpenter, Aug. 14, 1864.  Survivors:  wife, daughters, Mrs. Clara Tucker of West Almond and Ella Crandall of Hornell; sons, Smith Dean of West Almond and John Dean of California; brothers, John Dean, Bradford; and George Dean of Silver Creek.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 218.

DEAN, JENNY LYMAN   Born at Jordansville on May 11, 1847; died Nov. 27, 1939.  Daughter of Dillon and Margaret Webber Lyman.  Married Frank Dean in 1877.  Survived by niece, Mrs. Mabel McKnight of Ilion.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 193.

DEAN, LEO C.   Lot 11.


(1829-1851)  Lot 454


DEAN POLLY   Lot 568.

DEAN, THOMAS M.   Lot 568.

DEAN, WILLIAM (1799-1847)   Died at the age of 48 years on Mar. 26, 1847.  Was Constable, 1845, 47; Assessor, 1846-47.   Lot 454.

DEMICK, MRS. DAISY V. BENHAM  Born on Apr. 5, 1877 at Milan, Mich.; died Aug. 10, 1940.  Daughter of Charles and Alice Benham.  Married George Demick.  Survived by husband and two daughters, Mrs. Alice McLean of Angelica, and Mrs. Ardath Ellison of Belfast; four sons, John, Floyd, Charles, and Gordon Demick of Angelica; three sisters, Mrs. Beulah Dubois of Cheboygan, Mich.; and Mrs. Belle Bordon of Oneway, Mich., and Mrs. Mary Swanston of Flint, Mich.; two brothers, Clair Benham, of Oneway and Guy Benham of Muskegon, Mich.  Lot 872A.

DEMICK, GEORGE F.   Born in Mason, Mich., Sept. 17, 1874; died in Yukon, Fla., Oct 31, 1943.  Survived by two daughters, Mrs. Alice McLean of Yukon, Fla., and Mrs. Ardath Bowers of Cleveland, Ohio; four sons, John Demick of Yukon; Floyd and Charles Demick of Angelica, and Gordon Demick of the armed forces.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 872A.

DEMICK, GEORGE HOWARD  Six weeks old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Demick; died June 28, 1948.  Survived by parents, four brothers and two sisters.  Lot 872A.

DEMICK, GORDON RICHARD   Born Nov. 9, 1943 of Floyd and Grace Demick; died Apr. 1, 1944.  Survived by parents and brother, Bennie George Demick.  Burial in Angelica.

DEMICK, GRACE ALICE (1947-1947)   Died at nine months on Dec. 7, 1947, of Burns.  Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Demick and brother Bennie.  Burial in Angelica.

DEMING, ALVIN O.   Lot 605.

DEMING, BRUCE R.   Born in Birdsall in 1873 of Lyman and Sarah Travis Deming; died in June 1943.  Survived by widow, Mrs. Clara Vedder Deming; four children, Mrs. Gladys Ames of Canaseraga, Mrs. Marcia Rassmusen of Cuba, Lyman Deming of Cuba, and Martin Deming of Belmont. Lot 598.

DEMING, MRS. CLARA VEDDER   Born in Hume in 1874; died Feb. 13, 1949.  Husband of Bruce Deming, deceased. Survived by four children:  Gladys Ames of Canaseraga, Mrs. Marcia Rassmusen of Cuba, Lyman Deming of Cuba, and Martin Deming of Belmont.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 598.




DEMING, JOHN NEWVILLE   Born on July 12, 1832 in Northampton, N.Y.; died in Birdsall on June 9, 1923.  On Oct. 29, 1862 he was married to Elmira Travis.  To them were born five children, one of who survives.  He enlisted in Co. G. 1st N.Y.  Dragoons in the Civil War.  Survived by daughter, Mrs. B. L. Weir. Lot 605.

DEMING, LENA M.   Lot 605.

DEMING, LYMAN, SPRAGUE   Born in Saratoga County, August 17, 1836; died in Belmont Feb. 24, 1916.  Married Clara Lyons, Sept 1858, who died in Apr. 1862.  Married Sarah Travis, Nov. 1870.  Was a Civil War veteran.  Survivors include his wife and son, Bruce of Angelica. Lot 605.

DEMING, PHILLIP  Had been working at Moline, Illinois for some months and died there in Nov. 1919 of typhoid fever.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 598.

DENNING, DANIEL D.   Born in Corning in Dec. 1844 of Daniel and Mary Denning, New Bedford Indians; died May 20, 1920.  His roving Indian blood brought him to Angelica and on the 3rd day of Apr. 1871, he married Miss Jennie Bolton, daughter of Samuel Bolton, a Narraganset Indian.  Aside from an occasional wandering trip his home has been in Angelica for 49 years.  When the Civil War broke out he enlisted and made a good soldier.  Besides his wife he is survived by his two children,


and Mrs. Vera Stewart; one sister, Mrs. Mary Nolan of Elmira, and two brothers, Dyer Denning of Bath and Charles Denning.  Lot 824.

DENNING, MRS. JANE  Born in Angelica in 1852 of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bolton; June 30, 1952.  Married to Daniel D. Denning on Apr. 3, 1871.  Mother of two children:  Elmer Denning, and Mrs. Percy Stewart.  Her husband died in 1920.  Lot 824.


DENNIS, MRS. LUCIA HARRIET   Died March 18, 1924 at Angelica.  Born at Union Corners, Livingston County, December 15, 1866, daughter of Samuel and Henrietta Bosley Bergen.  Married Rev. Joseph Dennis, June 9, 1887 in Mt. Morris.  Survivors:  husband; two daughters, Miss Esther C. Dennis, Superintendent of the Josephine Goodyear Home at Williamsville, N.Y. and Mrs. A. J. Kelsch of Williamsville. N.Y.; two sisters, Mrs. E. R. Creveling of Mt. Morris, Mrs. A. C. Dalrymaple of Rochester, and brother, John Bergen of El Paso, Texas.  Burial in Angelica Cemetery.   Lot 43.


DESMORE, ETTIE DUNBAR   Born in Independence, N.Y., Aug. 4, 1877; died Aug. 24, 1941.  She was the daughter of the late Delos and Harriet Dunbar, and widow of John R. Densmore of Elmira.  Survived by one son, Alton, Elmira Heights; daughter, Mrs. Louis Ettenberger, Elmira; three sisters, Mrs. Ada Buckley, Angelica; Mrs. Stella Lamberton, and Mrs. Hattie Austin of Niagara Falls.  Burial was in Elmira Heights.  Lot 193.

DEWEY, GEORGE W. S.   Lot 384 or 394.

DEWEY, K. M.   Lot 340.

DEXTER, OLIVE, A.   Lot 225.


DEY, HARRY A.   Lot 14.

DEY, JONCY   Born at Columbus, Pa., on July 17, 1849, and with his parents came to Angelica where he lived for a number of years.  Died in June 1920. On Sept. 9, 1885, he was married to Miss Myra E. Lyman.  He is survived by his wife; one sister, Mrs. John Engle, Angelica, and one brother, Richard Dey of Kansas.

DEY, MRS. MYRA LYMAN   Myra Electa Lyman Dey died Oct. 5, 1935, at the age of 73 years.  Survived by sister, Mrs. Frank Dean of Angelica.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 193.

DEY, LAWRENCE J. (1798-1876)  Fought in the War of 1812.  Husband of Margaret C. Dey.  Lot 717.

DEY, LUCENA (1773-1857)  Wife of William Dey.  Had two sons and two daughters.  Lot 491.

DEY, MARGARET C.  Wife of Lawrence J. Dey.  Lot 717.

DEY, MARY ANN (1806-1857)  Daughter of William and Lucena Day.  Lot 491.

DEY, MARY L.   Lot 14.

DEY, MERTIE E.   Lot 14.

DEY, WILLIAM (1768-1863)  Husband of Lucena Dey.  Had two sons and two daughters.  Lot 491.

DICK, DONNA MAE (1939-1947)  Drowned in Keshequa Creek on June 21, 1947.  Survived by mother, Mrs. Ralph Stevens; father, William E. Dick of Belmont; step-father, Mr. Ralph Stevens; two sisters, Mary Ellen and Barbara Ann of Nunda; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dick of Indiana, Pa, and Mr. and Mrs. John Brandes of Angelica.  Lot 878A.

DICKINSON, MELVINA   Born in Birdsall, June 5, 1866, of George and Maria Scholes Dickson; died Nov. 9, 1948.  Survived by sister, Mrs. Margaret Patterson of Bradford, Pa.; nephew, George Patterson of Bradford.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 178A.

DICKSON, DAWSON D.  Born in Ireland in 1855; died at the age of 83 years on Jan. 20, 1938.  Married Frances Jane Shaw in Arlington, N. J.  Mrs. Dickson died in Nov. 1920.  Burial in Angelica.  Supervisor in 1894, 1907.  Lot 774.

DICKSON, GEORGE   Constable, 1887-91.  Lot 178A.

DICKSON, FRANCES JANE SHAW   Died Nov. 2, 1920.  Married Dawson D. Dickson.  Lot 774.

DICKSON, MARGARET   Died in Birdsall, June 20, 1896, at the age of 86 years.  Widowed by the death of her husband nearly 40 years before in her native land, the North of Ireland.  Surviving children: Jane, James, George, John, Benjamin, Thomas and Dawson.  Burial in Angelica.   Lot 331.


DICKSON, SARAH JANE  Born in Fletcher, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 11, 1867; died May 3, 1932.  Daughter of John and Jane Suiter.  Married Thomas Dickson in 1896, who died in January 1932.  Survived by daughter, Mrs. Lintner Maxson; two sons, Frank and Dawson Dickson of Rochester; sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Suiter of Chatham, Ontario Canada.  Lot 846.

DICKSON, THOMAS HENRY  Born in Ulster County, Monaghan, Ireland; May 16, 1854; died at DuBois, Pa., Jan. 5, 1924.  Came to this country with his mother, one sister and his five brothers in 1874, and settled upon the farm where the family still reside.  Married on Nov. 26, 1897 to Miss Sarah Jane Suitor of Catham, Canada.  To this union were born two sons and one daughter.  Survivors: widow, children, and brother, D. D. Dickson.  Lot 846.

DODD, ADAM R.   Lot 678.

DODSON, ARTHUR H.   Lot 806.

DODSON, DORIS   Lot 796.

DODSON, JOHN   Lot 806.

DODSON, MARY E.   Lot 806.

DODSON, MAY M.   Lot 796.

DODSON, MRS. MYRA MORTON   Born in West Almond on Aug. 25, 1874 of George and Louise Morton; died in June 1924.  Married David Dodson 1898.  Survived by her husband; two sons, Charles and Donald Dodson; parents; sister, Mrs. Ethel May Dodson; brothers, Frank and Charles Morton.  Burial in Angelica.

DODSON, DR. WILLIAM   Born in Birdsall, Nov. 7, 1864; died in Rochester, Mar. 24, 1920.  In 1897 was married to Ethel May Morton.  Three children were born of this union, J. Morton Dodson, a sophomore in Rochester University; George W. Dodson, student in Rochester High School; daughter, Dori Lousie Dodson died in 1907.  One brother, David H. Dodson, survives him.

D'OHENT, MARIE CLAUDINE   Marie Claudine d'Ohet, Madame d'Autremont's sister, was a nun in France; after the destruction of her convent, she joined her sister in Angelica; died January 10, 1810, age 52.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 520.

DOOLITTLE, ALBERT   Born in Dunham County, Pa.; died May 31, 1924.  Married Matilda A. Gibson in 1872; Civil War veteran.  Survived by son, Clarence; daughters, Mrs. Ray Arnold and Mrs. Ona Common.  Lot 202.


DORMAN, S. T.   Lot 628.

DORT, GRACE SCHOLES  Mrs. Grace Scholes Dort, daughter of John W. and Lydia Manning Scholes, was born in Angelica November 26th, 1866, and died at her home in Belfast early Friday morning, March 29th, 1940.  She was twice married; her first husband, Fred Black, passed away September 20, 1919; and Wallace W. Dort, one of Belfast's most prosperous and prominent business men, whom she married June 19, 1921, died in July of 1939. Since that time, Mrs. Dort has kept her home in order, living alone, and leaves no immediate relatives to mourn her loss.  Lot 145.


DOWD, ERWIN W.   Lot 64A.

DOWD, GEORGE P.   Lot 839B.

DOWD, MARY L.  Born in West Almond in 1865, daughter of Sherman H. and Margaret Engle Lord; died on Oct. 16, 1942.  Married to George Dowd on June 11, 1884.  Mr. Dowd died 15 years previously.  Survived by three daughters, Mrs. Mae Benjamin, Mrs. Myra Seiver and Mrs. Lucy Webster (another daughter, Mrs. Pearl Gibson died earlier); son, Lloyd Dowd Sr.; brother, Fay Lord.  Burial in Angelica.  Lot 839B.

DOWD, PAUL  Lived in Birdsall.  Died Mar. 25, 1883.  Was a Civil War veteran. Burial in Angelica.  Lot 54C.

DOWD, E. WILLIAM   Died June 30, 1942 at the age of 53 years.  Employee of Shawmut for 25 years.  Survived by widow, Mrs. Mary Lyons Dowd; two daughters, Mrs. Irene Mclean of Westfield, Pa.; Miss Ellen Dowd, at home; father, Harry Dowd, of Grawn, Mich.; step-sister, Mrs. Grace Phippen of Angelica; step-brother, Ernest Crawford of Angelica.  Was Constable in 1924-31.  Burial in Angelica.


DREHMER, J. G.   Constable in 1868.  Lot 588.

DREHMER, MRS. JULIA COMMON   Died in Bradford, Pa.  Her maiden name was Common.  Lot 588.




DUDLEY, ELIZA W.   Lot 548.

DUDLEY, GEORGE C.   Lot 548.

DUDLEY, HARRIET A. (1844-1888)  A daughter Mary, survives.  Lot 105.

DUDLEY, JAMES H.   Lot 548.

DUDLEY, MARY C.   Lot 548.





DUNCAN, HELEN N.   Lot 504.

DUNCAN, HENRY A.   Lot 504.

DUNCAN, JAMES C. (1816-1878)   Highway Commissioner 1851; Election Inspector, 1865-66; Overseer of Poor, 1867; Assessor, 1868.  Husband of Mary W. Duncan.  Lot 570.


DUNCAN, MARY W. (1820-1904)   Wife of James C. Duncan.   Lot 570.

DUNCAN, M. B.   Election Inspector, 1884-85; Justice 1888.


DUNHAM, STELLA DEY(1866-1947)  Wife of the late David Dunham.  Daughter of John and Rachael Rathbun Dey.  Born in West Almond, Sept. 11, 1866.  Married Dec. 24, 1884 to David Dunham.  Burial in Almond.  Lot 570.

DUNNING, ROBERT   Robert Dunning, aged 73 years, died at the County Home on February 7, 1914.  Burial was in Angelica cemetery.

DuPONT, VICTOR   Freeholder, 180; Town Clerk, 1807; Election Inspector, 1808.


DYKE, RANSOM   Lot 41.


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