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1880 Mortality Schedule - Allegany County, New York

The 1880 Mortality Schedule, transcribed by Vivian Karen Bush, from FHL film 1,415,136. 



Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Independence, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, Peter Chase.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
168Bassett, Jessie1FWsNew YorkNYorkNYork SeptCholera Infantum (crossed out) - titis   
168Bassett, Bessie1FWsNew YorkNYorkNYork SeptCholera Infantum; all of [ ] twins   
159Bledsoe, Grace11FWsNew YorkNYorkNYorkSchoolJanyDiptheria11  
159Bledsoe, Bessie6mFWsNew YorkNYorkNYork JanyDiptheria6m  
108Clark, Carrie E.42FWmdPennaNew YorkNew YorkKeep HouseMayEuterine disease38  
269Coats, Catharine74FWmdPennaPennaPennaKeeping HouseOctConsumption65  
[--1]O'Connel, P. J.8MWsNew YorkIrelandIreland JanyDiptheria8  
226Higgins, Catharine60FWwidIrelandIrelandIrelandKeeping HouseNovLiver Complaint35  
??Lee, George [K?]70MWmdNew YorkNew YorkNYorkFarmerSeptLiver & Kidney dis.; Rheumatism40  
??Richardson, Jonathan80MWmdMassMassMassFarmerAprilOld & [illegible] of cancer41  
??Mingus, Mary67FWmdPennaKept HouseJulyHeart Disease [illegible] of lungs38  
??Skinner, Hattie18FWsNew YorkNew YorkNYorkhelp at homeJanyDiptheria18  
??Skinner, Eva13FWsNYNY NYschoolJanyDiptheria13  
1Harigan, Adella3FWsNew YorkNY NY SeptDiptheria (suppose)3  
35Parker, Milford C.12MWsNew YorkNew YorkVermontschool boyAprilDiptheria12 family lives in Watson, Lewis Co., N.Y.
9White, Dougal C.59MWmdNYorkRhode IR.I.FarmerSeptHeart Disease (suppose)59 the first child born in the town of Independence & the Village of Whitesville was built around him.
12Dexter, Adolphus38MWmdNew YorkR IslandVermontDept SheriffSeptTyphoid Pneumonia38  
132Harris, [---][9]MWs[NYork][Penn][NYork]school[February]Diptheria[2]  
1[]0Lewis, Mary T.51FWmdNew York  Kept houseAugustCould not [ ]30  
137Moon, Jemima75FWwidNew York  Retired house keeperFebruaryTyphoid Pneumonia2 1/2 yrs  
PRInfant10mMWsN.Y.   AprilPneumonia10m  
PRCornwell, Eva4FWsN.Y.   MayPneumonia4  
PRInfant5mFWsN.Y.   AugustCholera Infantum5m  

Remarks: Visited Dr. A. Barney I found him unwell not able to make anap[ ]ion. Drs. Crandalss and Branard & Post are far off 2 [ ] much at home so I dnot try to find them.
The reason of those early Nos coming last on the Schedule is I made a pocket memorandum of them at the time of visiting the families in which they died with the hope of obtaining full particulars of the Physicians. The (sic) most of those cases were afflictive case (very) & I found the Physcians were not in agreement what ailed them. I also learned the Department was in Communication with each of them & will have the report of each respectively.... The family Harris was from home on day of my visit, they live quite [ ] on Pa line & C[ ]ate in that state. I learned a Dr. Roz attended the boy & was himself taken down & died either at Harris house or on the way home. I learned Dr. Nye of Wellsville NY was called to [?on} him. I could not find any one that visited Harris's house during the sickness.

New Hudson

Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of New Hudson, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, Fred Wakeley.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
11McElheney, Rosa1FWsNew YorkNew YorkNew York JanCerebral Spinal Menengitis1  
11McElheney, Edna10mFWsNew YorkNew YorkNew York DecCerebral Spinal Menengitis10m  
12Arnold, Meletiah43FWwidNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkDress MakerJanCongestion of lungs40  
40Briggs, Elias70MWwidNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkFarmerJanTyphoid Pneumonia49  
60Sisson, Wellington34MWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.telegraph Typhus Feaver  entry crossed out; family lives in Perry, Wyoming co., N.Y.
46Harrington, Patrick26MWmdN.Y.IrelandIrelandBratmanJanBrain fever cancer by [illegible]  family lives in Bradford, Pa.
116Campbell, Clarissa E.21FWsN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.An invalid since birthNovTyphoyd Fever14  
138Savage, Ellen[88]FWsN.Y.Con.N.Y.ServantFeb 38 entry crossed out; family lives in Cuba, Allegany co., N.Y.
207Roy, Ann78FWwidIrelandIrelandIrelandhouse keeperJanchronic bronchitis complicated with asthma4  
206Strahan, Margaret54FWwidIrelandIrelandIrelandhouse keeperAprTumor of Liver`13  


Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Rushford, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, D. H. Brooks.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
23Droods, Emily68FWwidPennsylvaniaVermontConn.SeamstressSeptConjestion of Lungs62  
43Agett, Phoeba M.16FWsNew YorkEnglandEnglandStudentFebDropsy on Brain16  
58Hall, Micah72MWmdNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkFarmerSeptBrights Disease57  
59Pettitt, Emma1FWsNew YorkNew YorkMich. Sept.Cholea Infantum1  
91Clark, Fred5MWsNew YorkNew YorkN.Y. Feb.Dyptheria5  
101Barber, Clara4FWsNew YorkNew YorkN.Y. MarchDyptheria5 (sic)  
Barber, Bertha1FWsNew YorkNew YorkN.Y. Apr.Dyptheria1  
109Shafer, Johnie6MWsNew YorkNew YorkPenn. Jan.Dyptheria6  
111Baker, Emma9FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. Dec.Dyptheria9  
 Baker, Eddie4MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. Dec.Dyptheria4  
 Baker, May2FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. Dec.Dyptheria2  
151Rice, Aaron82MWmdVermontVermontVermontFarmerJuneOld age48  
174Armeson, Oliver19MWsNew YorkEnglandEnglandFarmerFebAbcess on Bowels19  
196Gordon, Cyrus52MWmdNew YorkVermontVermontFarmerJulyAccidental Injuries - Shock52  
225?Webber, Francis A---35FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.TeacherSept. 34 entry crossed out; family lives in Caneadea
229Peck, Igil56MWmdNew YorkVermontN.Y.FarmerAprilExhaustion14  
257Galpin, William65MWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.UndertakerMarch[illegible]25  
259Bell, William44MWsNew YorkN.H.N.Y.FarmerFebTyphoid Fever44  
270Talcott, Henry31WMsNew YorkConn.Conn.Clerk in storeJan.Typhoid Fever31Olean 
302Alderman, Mary M.55WFmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.House keeperJulyParalysis34  
307Blanchard, Barnes49WMmdNew YorkVermontMass.MachinistAprilOrganic diseas of heart49  
340Howe, Harry65WMwidNew YorkConn.Conn.Harness MakerOctParalysis40  
[?PR]Campbell, Connelly41WMmdNew YorkIre.Ire. Nov.Accident   

Remarks: R. Y. Charles is now and has been sick since the first of July with Inflamation of the brain and it is thought he will never recover hence it will be impossible to obtain his sygnature. The reason I did not obtain sygnatures was on his account and that O. T. Stacy was from home in Iowa visiting friends in that state.


Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Scio, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, William T. Allen.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
13?Clark, Harriet38FWsN.Y.N.Y.Penn. JunePhetusis Pulmon---38  
34Thomas, Octavie37FWmdN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.Keeping houseAprErysipelas37  
34Thomas, Hattie13FWsN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.ScholarMarPericarditis13  
54Reynolds, Mary J.31FWmdN.Y.EnglandEnglandKeeping houseAprPeritonitis31  
67Elwell, Clarissa76FWwidVTN.Y.N.Y. SeptDisease of heart34  
79Bradfield,21 daysMWsPennN.Y.N.Y. JulyWhooping Cough  family lives at Honeoye Po, Potter co., Penn.
90Thomas, Ralph67MWmdN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.FarmerMayParaysis46  
119Sherritt, William R.56MWmdN.Y.EnglandN.Y.FarmerNov   entry crossed out; family lives in Kingston, DeKalb co., Illinois
132Mills, Sarah J.62FWmdN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.Keeping houseDecTyphoid Pneumonia25  
Eastman, Lola69FWmdN.Y.MassMassKeeping houseAprParalysis14 died at Ward, Allegany, N.Y.
165Johnson, Chester M.24MWsN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.Tel. OperatorJanConsumption24  
193Stryker, Angenette43FWmdN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.Keeping houseFebDisease of Heart43  
199Mapes, Katie79FWmdN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.Keeping houseAprAnashrea?40  
213Chambers, Betsey75FWwidOhioN.J.N.J.Keeping houseJuneDropsy40  
272Linsey, Sarah S.72FWwidN.Y.N.J.N.J.Keeping houseJan.Cancer Stomach40  
297Clemons, Lodemia27FWmdN.Y.[NY][NY]Keeping houseSeptFever27Sciofamily lives at Prentiss Vale, McKean co., Penn.
314Neff, Jane71FWmdN.Y.HollandVTKeeping houseMarParalysis29  
321Coyle, Catherine52FWmdIrelandIrelandIrelandKeeping houseDecPneumonia34  
328Meek, Loyd72MWmdPennN.Y.N.J.Ret. FarmerMarTyphoid fever50  
340King, John65MWmdIrelandIrelandIrelandFarmerMarAsthma4  
PRHogan, Nancy C.73FWmdN.Y.Ire.Ire. JunePh[illegible]   
PRHenderson, Geo D.56FWmdN.Y.  DruggistAugBronchities   

Dr. Majors has absconded, Macken & Nye, live at Wellsville, Cutler at at Bolivar. It would be practically impossible to make this report more complete.


Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Ward, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, A. J. Fuller.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
55Doner, Naby82FWwidIrelandIrelandIrelandKeeping HouseFebruaryOld Age31  
65?Baker, Andrew62MWmdNew YorkNew HamshireConn.Cheese makerDecComa45  
88Cornelius, Gabriel62MWmdN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.FarmerJulyCancer50  
94Baker, Edward4mMWsN.Y.IrelandIreland NovCause not known4m  
111McGurl, Elizabeth38FWmdIrelandIrelandIrelandKeeping HouseAprDebility30  
114Babbitt, D. H.69MWmdN.Y.N.H.N.H.FarmerNovTyphoid Fever (crossed out) Paralysis40  
129Lucks, Wm. G.1MWsN.Y.N.Y.N.Y. JanyDiptheria1  
133?Chafee, James76MWwidN.Y.Vt.Vt.FarmerJanyTyphoid Pneumonia (crossed out) Coma31  
 Feathers, Catharine81FWwidN.Y.IrelandIreland OctParalysis   


Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Wellsville, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, Daniel L. Vaughn.

Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Willing, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, J. P. Beecher.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
 Demuth, E.2MWsNew YorkHanoverN.Y. MayInflamation Stomach   
 Boss, Dora79FWmdBadenBadenBadenKept HouseJanuaryOld Age29  
 Lenghan, D. F.1MWsNew YorkIrelandIreland AprilInflamation Lung   
 Rowley, Freddie3mMWsNew YorkNew YorkNew York AprilColera Infantim   
 Duffy, James24MWsNew YorkIrelandNew YorkFarmerAprilThyphoid Fever24  
 Marsh, James H.58MWmdNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkFarmerDecemberRheumatism23  
 Barnes, Philip13MWsNew YorkNew YorkHessenat HomeAprilDiptheria13  
 Dunn, Tezzie8FWsNew YorkNew YorkHessenat HomeAprilDiptheria8  
 Dunn, George6MWsNew YorkNew YorkHessenat HomeAprilDiptheria6  
 Dunn, Freddie2MWsNew YorkNew YorkHessenat HomeAprilDiptheria2  
 Arnold, Ablus4MWsNew YorkNew YorkHessenat HomeMarchDiptheria4  
 Rowley, Charles67MWmdPennsylvaniaNew YorkN.H.ClergemanJanuarynot known40  
 Houghland, James6MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.at HomeMarchSpinal Fever6  
 Oliver, Judson36MWsNew YorkMass.N.H.TannerJulyHeart Disease36  
 Cloner, Francis J.1MWsNew YorkIrelandIrelandat HomeJuneCroupe1  
 Williams, May8mFWsN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.at HomeOctoberColera Infantum   
 Parker, S. C.79MWwidN.Y.Mass.Mass.FarmerAprilConsumption12  
 Banister, Thomas21MWsN.Y.IrelandIrelandClerk in StoreMayInflamation Bowel21  
 Branas?, William7MWsN.Y.HaoverHanoverat HomeAprilDiptheria7  
 Gany?, Willie7MWsN.Y.IrelandIrelandat HomeAprilDiptheria7  
 Lebeck, Stephen1mMWsN.Y.DelewareMarylandat HomeSeptJaundice  
 Sackett, Geretrude2FWsN.Y.NPAat HomeMayInflamation 2  
 McIntire, Maud12FBsN.Y.N.J.N.Y.at HomeAprilDiptheria9  
 Kendall, Grace A.1FWsN.Y.N.Y.PAat HomeMayPoison1  
 Wildman, Caroline33FWmdConn.Conn.Conn.House KeeperMarchPheeumonia6  
 Agan, Joseph6MWsN.Y.IrelandIreland AprilJaundice6  
 Cornwell, Clara E.4FWsN.Y.NN.Y. MayInflamation Lung4  
 Freeman, Willemena17FWsNew YorkBavariaBavariaSchoolJanuaryInflamatory Brain   
 O'Leary, Mat2MWsNew YorkIrelandIreland NovScalded   
 Banister, Sarah15FWsNew YorkIrelandIreland NovHeart Disease Penn.family lives in Bradford, McKean, Pa.
 Cole, Margaret M.56FWmdNew YorkConn.New YorkHouse KeeperMarchHeart Disease   
 McDonald?, Henry42MWmdIrelandIrelandIrelandLaborurerAprilConsumption   
 Foster, Asa76MWmdNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkFarmerDecemberDeces of Brain   
 Foster, Susan71FWmdMassMass.Mass.Kept HouseFebConsumption   
 Snow, Coolly2MWsNew YorkNew YorkN.Y. FebCroupe   
 Niles, Henry2MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. June[illegible] Diptheria   
 Genong, Mary29FWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.House KeeperJuneConsumption   
 Jefferson, Benjamin76MWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.FarmerAugustHeart Disease (crossed out) Dropsy   
 Carroll, James26MWmdIrelandIrelandIrelandClerk HotelMayInflamation Stomach   
 Smith, Louis59WFmdNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkKeep HouseDecemberConjestion of [illegible]   
 Browning, Olin2MMsNew YorkNew YorkNew York AugustInflamation Bowels   
 Washburn?, Sarah3WFsNew YorkWitmburgWtimburg NovErysipilis   

West Almond

Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of West Almond, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, W. F. Engle.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
18Robinson, Nathan58MWmdNew York(N.Y.)(N.Y.)Retired farmerSep.Paralysis (crossed out) Apoplexy5 days Death occurred in Rochester, Monroe co., NY
22Smith, Elizebeth69FWwidNew York(N.Y.)(N.Y.)Helped in houseOct.Congestion of liver (crossed out) Diarrhea69  
32Nollton?, Nelly U.14FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.Attending SchoolAugInflamation bowles8  
56McGibony, Hispy67FWwidNew YorkR.I.R.I.Keeping houseAprGeneral Congestion40  
59Hills, Lyman50MWmd(Connecticut)N.Y.Con.FarmerFebCongestion of lungs; pneumonia45  
95Port, Ann S.47FWmdOhioPennPennHelped in houseAprCongestion of liver4mIll. 
124Welch, Benjamin88MWwidNew York(N.Y.)(N.Y.)Helped in houseDecGeneral Congestion; debility9  
128Adams, Mora80MWmdMarr.(Marr.)(Marr.)FarmerNovCongestion of lungs; pneumonia[30]  
128Adams, Sarah56FWmdNew York(N.Y.)(N.Y.)Keeping houseNovCongestion of lungs; pneumonia[15]  


Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Willing, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, Job Vanderbeek.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon
DiseaseResDisease PPhysicianTownPage #
13Emeline Wilson58FWMNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkKeeping houseMayHeart Disease49 Arvis A. ElliottWilling257
17Cora Dexter8mFWSNew YorkNew YorkNew York MarchConjestion of Lungs8m John ClarkWilling257
22Charity Silvernail99FWWNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkKeeping houseSepDirahrea10 Job SmytheWilling257
10Charles Fowler55MWMNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkFarmerAugStrangulated Hernia2PennsylvaniaMerrimanWilling257
65Semor Parkes8MWSNew YorkNew YorkNew York DecFits8 noneWilling257
183Robert Dunbar6MWSPennsyl.   JuneDiptheria5 O. L. BarnyWilling257
183Lewis Dunbar8mMWSNew York   JuneDiptheria8m O. L. BarnyWilling257
201Herbert Fosbury10mMWSNew YorkNew YorkNew York FebCroupe and Pneumonia10m Arvis A. ElliottWilling257
200John Gee1MWSNew YorkNYNY JanDiptheria1 Arvis A. ElliottWilling257
229Elnora Stephens36FWMVermontVermontMassKeeping houseAprCongestion of the Lungs20 Arvis A. ElliottWilling257
248Thomas Wright76MWMYorkshire, Eng  FarmerNovHeart Disease30 George BennettWilling257
262James Nolen56MWSIrelandIrelandIrelandFarmerFebCongestion of the Lungs22 George BennettWilling257
264Anthony Foster69MWWNew York  FarmerJanCancer50 Alpheus PennyWilling257
270Elnora J. Gleason9FWSNew YorkNew YorkNY MayDiptheria9 Arvis A. ElliottWilling257
PRHood, Fred2MWSNY   AugDysentery2 Geo. H. BennettWilling257


Schedule 5, Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in Town of Wirt in the County of Allegany, State of N.Y.,

The attending physicians all live in the town but one His name is F. B. Davidson and he attended in only two cases as you will see one a little girl was burned to death, the other an old man 85, so I did not get his statement.  W. J. Richardson, enumerator.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon
DiseaseResDisease PPhysicianTownPage #
59Kateman, Jonah26MWSNYNYNYfarmerSeptFever Typhoid26 Doc CutlerWirt259
53?Blain, Celia22FWMNYNYNYhousekeeperMayConsumption22 C. C. DemingWirt259
107Rogers, Lemuel84MWMCon.Con.Con.farmerSeptOld Age57 J. L. CutlerWirt259
128Fountain, Cora7FWSPennNYNY MarchAccident04/12 T. B. DavidsonWirt259
130Ackerman, Mary51FWSNYN. JerseyN. JerseyhousekeeperAprilConsumption40 James PittsWirt259
134German[?], Estelle28FWSNYNYNY MayConsumption28 J. L. CutlerWirt259
145Woodward, Walter14MWSNYNYNYworked on farmOctTyphoid fever14 E. H. WillardWirt259
148Williams, Dicit[?]22MWSNYCon.NYworked on farmDecConsumption22 James PittsWirt259
156Lester, Hannah79FWWCon.Con.Con.housekeeperOctCongestion of Lungs28 J. L. CutlerWirt259
159Hood, John85MWWNYNYNYCarpenterSeptParalysis30 F. B. DavidsonWirt259
160White, Gracie2FWSNYNYNY MayDiphtheria2 J. L. CutlerWirt259
237Peterson, Eva11FBSNYNYNY MarchConsumption11 C. C. DemmingWirt259
263Cleavland, Lumin73MWMNYNYNYfarmerMayDropsey30 J. L. CutlerWirt259
263Cleavland, Eliza71FWMNYNYNYkeeping houseJulyCancer30 J. L. CutlerWirt259
252Williams, Elias73MWMNYNYIrelandfarmerSeptApoplexy30  Wirt259
PRBabe04/12MWSNY   OctCyanois  James PittsWirt259
PRGerman, Mary3FWSNY   MayCommon fteard?  Curtis BrothersWirt259
PRSpenall, Mrs. Henry37FWmdNY  Hs. WifeAprilChildbirth  James PittsWirt259

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