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1880 Mortality Schedule - Allegany County, New York

The 1880 Mortality Schedule, transcribed by Vivian Karen Bush, from FHL film 1,415,136. 



Schedule 5, Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in Town of Burns in the County of Allegany, State of N.Y., Atwood T. Peabody.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
2Beadle, Isabelle A.37FWmdNYScotlandScotlandKeeping HouseJuneConsumption of Lungs23y  
28Phillips, Fanny B.23FWsNYNYNYTeachingNovDropsy of Heart12y  
74Harris, Lydia A.90FWwidNJNJNJBoardingSeptCholera Morbus30y  
97Stebbins, George F.14MWsNYMassNYFarm LaborerOctTyphoid Pneumonia4y  
100Pelton, Calista51FWmdNYPennPennKeeping HouseNovAbcess of Bowels20y  
121Walker, Samuel90MWmdVtVtVtCarpenterMarHeart Disease45y  
157Windsor, Robbert C.21MWsNYNYNYSchool TeacherJulyConsumption of Lungs10y  
228Dimick, Mary23FWmdNYNYNYKeeping HouseOctDied from injuries12y In the case of Mary Dimick (No 8) she was about to be confined!! Accidently fell down stairs producing a still birth and death of the Mother.
251Bailey, Leonard42MWmdNYFarmerJuneConsumption of Lungs42y  
268Webb, Julia37FWmdNYNYNYKeeping HouseMarConsumption of Lungs14y  
268Webb, Clara1FWsNYNYNYAplConsumption of Lungs1y  
270Merrick, Wheeler69MWmdR.I.R.I.R.I.FarmerJuneParylisis30y  
321Avery, Frank2MWsNYNYNYFebyScarlet Fever2y  
370Edminister, Joseph78MWmdNYNYNYFarmerJanConsumption of Lungs40y  
384Hubbard, William H.29MWmdNYNYNYFarmerNovScarmca of the Oral - of the eye16y  
164Lampman, Emeline58FWmdNYConnNYKeeping House[illeg]Ovarian Tumor52y  

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Schedule 5, Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in Town of Caneadea in the County of Allegany, State of N.Y., Lucius N. Brainard.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
6Kellogg, Walter R.9MWsNew YorkNew YorkNew York FebuaryDiptheria9y  
6Kellogg, Dwight S.4MWsNew YorkNew YorkNew York FebuaryDiptheria4y  
8Pride, Mertie D.13FWsNew YorkMichiganNew York DecemberDiptheria12y  
76Bigalow, Francis A.29FWsMassachusettsVermontMass.Dress Maker & Mill.MarchDiptheria29y  
128Denio, Celina67FWwidVermontVermontVermontKeeping HouseFebConjesting50y  
145Sfees, James52MWmdNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkFarm LaborerMayLung Desease4y  
148Randall, John1mMBsNew YorkVirginiaNew York MarchLung Desease1m  
158Shanks, Julia6FWsNew YorkNYNY DecCroup6y  
161Covill, Annie S.35FWmdPennNYNYKeeping HouseFebBlood Poison18y  
183Luther, Dora37FWmdGermanyGermanyGermanyKeeping HouseMarchAploxy (crossed out); Coma12y  
222Raymond, J. E.1MWsNew YorkNYNY MayBrain Fever (crossed out); Coma1y  
228Atherton, James78MWmdPennPennPennFarmerSeptemberBlood Desease75y  
230Abilay [?], Mary83FWwidIrelandIrelandIrelandKeeping HouseMarchRheumatism31y  
264Halbrook, Mahala43FWmdNew YorkNYNYKeeping HouseMaychild birth4y  
269Yongs, William86MWwidNew YorkNYNYRetired FarmerAugustOld Age2y Youngs on population schedule
290Parker, Charles10mMWsNew YorkNYNY MarchAct Liver (crossed out) Dis of Bowels10m Clyde Parker on pop. schedule
345Crank, Corry5FWsNew YorkNYNY MayShort (?) Fever5y  
347Alworth, Walter77MWmdMassachusettsMassMass.Retired FarmerMayKidney [illegible]44y  
348Butler, Robbert60MWmdPennsylvaniaPennPennFarmerMayTyphoid fever(40y)  
353Cultz, Peter67MWmdHanoverHanoverHanoverFarmerDecHeart Desease  Latz on pop. schedule
360Curtice, Charles14 daysMWsNew YorkNYNY JanExhustion14 days  
367Loules, Aaron71MWmdNew YorkNYNYRetired FarmerMayHeart Desease40y  
378Frasher, Olive[68]FWmdNew YorkNYNY DecConsumption, Pneumonia9y  
379Parmer, Truman55MWmdNew YorkVt.Vt.FarmerAugust[illegible]13y  
385Coleman, Christer80MWmdBrunswickBrunswickBrunswickFarmerDecConjestion of Lungs30y  
397Redman, John11MWsNew YorkIrelandIreland FebDiptheria (crossed out) coma11y  
[397][Redman], Anstaesa7FWsNew YorkIrelandIreland MarchDiptheria (crossed out) coma7y  
 Nobles, Frances Ann35FWsN.Y.   SeptemberOrgan & Dis of heart   
PRHill, David29MWmdNY  CarpenterJuneFell   
PRYoung, Abraham84MWmdNY  FarmerJulyGastritus   

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Remarks.  Dr. Charles of Rushford is verry sick & is unable to attend to any Business.  Dr. Libby was at Short Tract but he is not there now & Dr. Todd is at Home.


Schedule 5, Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in Town of Centerville in the County of Allegany, State of N.Y., Jonathan C--ch.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
17Weston, Olive82FWwidNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkKeeping houseAprilErysipelas40y  
46Wilcox, John60MWwidNew York(New York)(New York)Farm LaborerMarchAneurism12y  
194?Veazey2 daysMMsNew YorkNew YorkScotland JanuaryPremature birth   
196Miller, Nathaniel60MWmdNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkFarmerSeptemberAppoplexy45y  
122Higgins, Ioma76FWwidConnecticutConnecticutNew YorkKeeping houseJanuaryCancer60y  
265?Durkee, Hannah C.64FWmdNew YorkNew YorkGermany H.Keeping houseMayParalysis of the heart5y  

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Schedule 5, Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in Town of Clarksville in the County of Allegany, State of N.Y., Jacob F. Zimmerman.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
17Swarthout, Sally73FWmdNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkKeeping HouseOct.Consumption48y  
17Swarthout, Henry83MWwidNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkFarmerAprilConsumption50y  
15Kinney, Margaret49FWmdNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkKeeping HouseAugustTyphoid Fever25y  
24Waterbury, Lucinda76FWwidNew YorkNew YorkNew York MarchPneumonia40y  
54Ayrs, John B.47MWmdNew Yorkdon't knowdon't knowFarmerAprilTyphoid Feber30y  
65Beckwith, Homer3mMWsNew YorkConnecticutNew York JanCosumption   
 Holmes, Infant1 dayFWsNew YorkNew YorkNew York MayDebility   
111Compton, William J.5mMWsNew YorkNew YorkNew York AugustConjestion of Brain; Whopping Cough   
118Briggs, Perry82MWmdNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkFarmingJulyOld Age   
132Ashley, Lura65FWmdMassachusettsMassachusettsMassachusetts OctoberIntermitant Fever   
147Otto, Mariah23FWsNew YorkNew YorkNew York NovermberConsumption   
149Looney, Betsey86FWsVermontVermontVermont AprilOld Age; Heart [illegible]   
PRPalmer, Geo.75MWmdN.Y.  CooperApr.Heart Disease   
PRLagrand, Geeman?70MWmdN.Y.  FarmerSept.Dyspepsia   

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Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Cuba, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, James B. Hatch.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResNote
81Hills, Reuben61MWmdNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkMerchantMarchHematonusis (crossed out) Hermmorage40y 
88Bond, Lawrence1MWsNew YorkNew YorkNew York AprilCerebritis1y 10m 
134Armstrong, Grace7FWsNew YorkNew YorkPennsylvania JuneDiptheria (crossed out) Hemmorage7y 
Armstrong, Mary9FWsNew YorkNew YorkPennsylvania JuneDiptheria (crossed out) Paralysis9y 
Armstrong, William39MWsNew YorkIrelandIrelandBrick MasonFebParaysis of heart30y 
156Horrigan, Hannah31FWmdNew YorkIrelandIrelandKeeping HouseSeptPneumonia8y 
186Caraway, Margaret10FWsNew YorkIrelandIrelandat SchoolFebInflamation of bowels (crossed out) Peretonitis7y 
172Roberts, Ella13FWsNew YorkNew YorkNew Yorkat SchoolJuneDiptheria13y 
185Bresneham, Nono26FWmdIrelandIrelandIrelandKeeping HouseNovRemittent Fever10y 
188Ashley, Edward13MWsNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkStudentJuneDiptheria10y 
202Savage, Ellen28FWsNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkServantFebUterine Tumor5y 
211Keeft (baby)2 daysMWsNew YorkIrelandIreland Marchoverfeeding  
220Kellogg, Orlena5FWsNew YorkNew YorkNew York JulyDiptheria5y 
223Judson, Ephraim51MWmdOhioN.Y.N.Y.FarmerMayUramic poisoning25y 
258Crosby, Mary C.7FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. JuneDilptheria7y 
261Curtindall, Jehial37MWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. DecConsumption20y 
272Roberts, Richard13MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.SchoolJuneDilptheria13y 
Roberts, Edward12MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.SchoolJuneDiptheria12y 
Roberts, Maggie10FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. JuneDiptheria10y 
Roberts, Lizzie5FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. JuneDiptheria5y 
283Campbell, [ ]mi[]ly41MWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.FarmerNov[illegible] entry crossed out; died at Rushford
302Grady, William84MWwidAtlanicScot.Scot.Retired CarpenterMayOld Age40y 
13Sheldon, Caroline50FWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.Keeping HouseOctUterine Cancer11y 
167Russell, William56MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.FarmerDecHeart Disease25y 
35Little, Chloe20FWmdNew YorkIrelandN.Y.Keeping HouseAugPartunios?13y 
89Witter, Joseph36MWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.FarmerJuneTyphoid Pneumonia9y 
150White, Thomas29MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.FarmerSeptFever Brain10y 
195Wycoff, Emily51FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.Keeping HouseNovBrain Fever30y 
198Andrews, Willie23MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.InvalidJanBrain Disease20y 
198Watson, Harvey77MWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.FarmerNovOld Age57y 
[?]Renwick, Edward9MWsNew YorkN.Y.Ireland JuneDiptheria7y 
165[?]McKinnie, Willie7MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. JuneDiptheria7y 
McKinnie, Maggie5FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. JuneDiptheria5y 
McKinnie, Margaret37FWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.Keeping HouseNovAnaemia20y 
60Hendryx, F. H.22MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.Farm HandSeptRemittent Fever20y 
317Grady, Esther40FWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.Keeping HouseAugHeart Disease20y 
Brooks, Esther22FWmdNew York   SeptG[illegible] consumption]  
PRBrendle, Mary46FWmdNY  HousekeeperFebPneumonia  
PRRichardson, Baby1FWsNY   AugMeningitis1y 2m 
PRRichardson, Emaline41FWmdNY  Ho. KeeperJuneHeart Disease  
PRReynolds, Mrs. Cl[illegible]71FWmdNY  Ho. KeeperApr.Cancer  

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Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Friendship, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, S. E. Latta.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
113King, Caziah74FWwidN.Y. N.Y. MayApoplexy50y  
120White, Thomas31MWmdIrelandIrelandIrelandFarmerSeptAsma8y died in the town of Cuba but his family lives here.
150Dana, Orscar44MWmdN.Y.NY BarberMayDropsey (crossed out) [illegible]44y  
170Burs, Almina69FWmdMassMass  FebConsumption (crossed out) [illeg.] of heart48y  
162Warden Mariah?77FWwid    OctDropsey (crossed out) [illegible]20y  
185Potter, Voltey8mMWsN.Y.NYN.Y. MaySpinal Fever   
234Stevens, Lacy76FWmdN.Y. NJ JuneParalisis  Chataugua co.
251McDermont, Ella10 daysFWsN.Y.NYNY AugColic   
245Phinney, Silus41MWmdN.Y.NYNYLiverymanFebShot (suicide)41y shot in a room with his wife supposed by his own hand by some and not by others.
268Cross, Elia1FWsN.Y.NYNY NovCoilary Bro[illegible]   
Weaver, Florence22FWs    OctExaustion Washingtonlived in Washington D.C.; came here for her health a few days before her death from Washington in very poor health; family reisdes in Washington D.C.
207Burt, Ann67FWwidN.Y.NY  AugHeart & Brain15y  
296Ostrander, Walter26MWmdN.Y.NYNYFarmerAprilshot by Accident14y  
420Reese, Charley4mMWmsN.Y.NY  JanCynosis   
Babock, Sim[illegible] M.70MWmdMassMassMassF[illegible][illegible]20y  entry crossed out; lived here but died away and his family are gone.
397Scott, Alfred78MWwidN.H.N.H.N.H.FarmerJan 10Consumption (crossed out) [illeg.] of heart50y has no family.
[?]Beard, Mary23FWmdN.Y. N.Y.TailoressJan 10Sephoenia?23y  
[?]Cherriman, Wm.46MWmdN.Y.  FarmerJan 14Pneumonia(65)y  
Anson, Adelbert27FWsN.Y.Con.N.Y.LaborerMayConsumption (crossed out) [illeg.] of heart27y lived and died here but his family have gone away.
Ashley, Lura65FWmdMass   Oct 14Remiting fever  is a resident of Cuba but died here; family lives in Cuba, Allegany, N.Y.

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Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Genesee, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, John H. Crandall.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
39Madison, Harriet R.3FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. JanInjury to (crossed out) In[illegible] to head3y  

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Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Granger, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, Moses Stockwell.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
50Scoville, George E.37MWmdNew YorkConn.New YorkFarmerOctInflamation of Bowels35y  
[?]Scoville, Warren D.20MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.FarmerFebBilious fever; Hermorrage of bowels20y  
69Douglass, Emolyn3FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. MayScarlet Fever3y  
69Douglass, Azina1FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. MayScarlet Fever1y  
88Wilcox, James74MWmdEnglandEnglandEnglandFarmerFebInflamation of lungs; Pleu[illegible]51y  
96Moses, Phebe84FWwidNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.House keeperAugIntermittent fever55y  
124Doolittle, Dexter5MWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. AprScarlet Fever5y  
136McCarting, Mary A.40FWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.Keeping houseMarchAppoplexy5y  
185Libbey, Ellen23FWsNew YorkMaineEnglandHousekeeperAprilMeasles1y  
190Utter, Henry84MWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.FarmerOctParalasys Hemphbgia?30y  
204Sanderson, Prudence93FWwidVermontVermontVermontHousekeeperAprOld Age26y  
206McMintry [?], Enfield77FWmdNew YorkR.I.R.I.Keeping houseFeb.Heart disease11y  
[?]Van Ostrand, Alfaretta26FWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.Keeping houseMayChildbirth26y  
258Caryl, Sally a.29FWmdNew YorkVermontVermontKeeping houseMarchChildbirth29y  
267Phipps, Johnathan56MWsPennsylvaniaPenn.Penn.FarmerAprilApoplexy20y  

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Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Grove, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, Sullivan F. Bardwell.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
1Coyne, Catharine23FWmdNew YorkIre.Ire.Keeping houseOctoberTyphoid Malarial Fever  Bradford, McKean, Pennsylvania
76Aylor, Elizabeth68FWwidGermanyGermanyGermany OctoberParalysis34y in feeble health many years, was once attacked with Gangrene, was insane before she died.
81Grunder, John87MWmdBadenBadenBavaria Feb.Paralisis59y  
83Guber, Catherine42FWmdN.Y.BadenBavariaHousekeeperDec.Cancer40y  
108Two Infants MWsN.Y.N.Y.N.Y. Dec.Stillbirth  The mother of the two infants mentioned above was engaged in killing and dressing turkeys the day before the birth. [Family 108 is William and Mary Kelly]
158Rogers, Gertrude3mFWsN.Y.EnglandN.Y. JuneWhooping Cough3m  
158Rogers, Myra A.3FWsN.Y.EnglandN.Y. SepDiabetis3y  
199Jenks, Calvin L.93MWwidN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.LaborerMayConjestion of the liver27y was an inmate of the Soldiers Home at Bath, Steuben County for aout one year. He left the home last February. His health was very poor for several years before his death.
210Davis, Willard8mMWsN.Y.N.Y.N.Y. Feb.Cerebral spinal fever   
 ---, Inft. MWS    Dec.Stillborn   
PRGeorge[ ], Schovel37MWmdN.Y.  FarmerOct.Enteritis   
PRWilson, Benjmain4MWsN.Y.   Oct.Worms   

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Schedule 5. Persons who DIED during the Year ending May 31, 1880, enumerated by me in the town of Grove, in the County of Allegany, State of New York, A. A. Miller.

Fam #NameAgeSexColorMaritalBirthplaceF BpM BpOccupationMon diedDiseaseResDisease PlNote
6Kingston, Lillie10FWsNew York   AugustThyphoid fever (crossed out) Exhaustion)10y  
14Curtis,1 dayFWsNew YorkNew Y.N.Y. MayWeakness (crossed out) Exhaustion   
14Curtis,1 dayFWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. MayWeakness   
23Bussell, F. Estella5FWsNew YorkN.Y.N.Y. MayDiptheria5y  
50Lane, Polly75FWwidNew York   MayApoplexy50y  
97Vedder, H. H.44MWmdNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.FarmerFebTyphoid fever44y  
131Skiff, Elizabeth87FWwidMaine  Keeping houseMarchHeart Disease   
136Beards, Cy[illegible]52FWwidNew YorkN.Y.N.Y.Keeping houseDecConsumption   
153Mack, Mary27FWmdPennPennPennKeeping houseMarchPneumonia9y  
151Severence, Emma84FWwidMassMassMass MayOld age   
180Holland,1 dayFWsN.Y.N.Y.Ireland Sepstill born   
193Porter, Geo.1mMWsN.Y.N.Y.N.Y. AprFeaver   
201Bennett, Mary E.56FWmdVtVtVtKeeping houseJuneConsumption38y  
128Hildreth, A.73MWmdVtVtVtFarmerJuneHeart Disease40y family resides in Hornellsville, Steuben co.
 Horton, T. D.60MWmdN.Y.N.Y.N.Y.MinisterJuneHeart Disease  family resides in Yorkshire, Cattaraugus, N.Y.
204Hopkins, Willie7MWsN.Y.N.Y.N.Y. JulyDiptheria   
211Johnson, Alta7FWsN.Y.N.Y.N.Y. AugustDiptheria   
133Snyder, P.64FWwidN.Y.VtVt OctConsumption   
 Eldridge, Willard74MWsN.Y.  FarmerFebParalisis  family resides in Angelica, Allegany, N.Y.
140Hitchcock, Frank20MWsIllNYIll AprKilled   
143Fletcher, Mary31FWsN.Y.VtN.Y.SeamstressAugustSpinal Complaint   
154Myers, Frederick13MWsN.Y.PennN.Y. JulyDiptheria   
167?Caldwell, Alice8FWsN.Y.NYN.Y. JanDiptheria   
177Campbell, Cora1dayFWsN.Y.NYN.Y. SepStrangulation (crossed out); Still born   
188Bennett, Lettie2mFWsN.Y.NYN.Y. JulyCholery Infantum (crossed out); H[illegible]   
188Hartman, Jacob76MWmdN.Y.NYN.Y.LaborerMayHeart Disease   
111?Mills, A. V.38FWmdN.Y.NYN.Y.Keeping houseJulyDiseased Liver   
234Burrell [?Burnell], S[illegible]86MWwidVtVtVtFarmerJanDropsy   
258Appleyard, Mary83FWwidEnglandEnglandEnglandKeeping houseJuneBurnt to death   
270Rorts [?Korts], Agusta24FWmdN.Y.NYN.Y.Keeping houseNovDiptheria (crossed out) coma   
271Chamberlain, P. S.14MWsN.Y.NYN.Y. OctDiptheria (crossed out) Suffocation   
297Scott, Willie9mMWsN.Y.EnglandN.Y. NovConsumption  entry crossed out; reported in Canisteo, Stueuben co., NY
303Utley, Harriet79FWsMassConnConnTailoressMarPneumonia   
 Robinson, Duane50MWmdN.Y.NYN.Y.LaborerMarConsumption   
341Hopper, Roy S.2MWsN.Y.NYN.Y. OctCongestion Brain [illegible]   
345Wells, N. [illegible]72MWwidN.Y.NYN.Y.FarmerMayHeart Disease   
 Clark, A. L.55FWmdN.Y.MassConnKeeping houseOctTyphoid Fever   
PRStone, Lilly11FWsN.Y.   Aug.Malaral Fever   
PRDudley, A. L.77MWmdN.Y.  GrocerDecHeart Disease   
PRHooper, Leroy2MWsN.Y.   OctConvulsions   

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