William Haswell Burial Lot

William Haswell Burial Lot

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Located on the hillside east of the Haswell homestead, Feura Bush Road, opposite Murray Ave.

Elizabeth Udell wife of William Haswell d. Sept 17, 1856
age 62 yr. 8 mo

Charles F Haswell, son of William and Elizabeth
d. June 15, 1858
ae. 17 yrs

Edward Haswell Burial Lot

This cemetery is located on a farm at the junction of Wemple Road and Feura Bush Road. While the stones are on the sand hill in back of barns, near a power pole, Mrs. Fortis Martin (Naomi Hanney) stated that the stones were moved by a sand company.

Edward Haswell
d. Jan. 17, 1848
ae. 74 yrs. 9 mo. 12 dy. Wife Ann ae. 81 yr.

Margaret dau. Of John and Margaret (Haswell) Boyd
d. Jan. 2, 1841
ae. 12 yr. 2 mo. 8 da.

Groesbeck Family Burying Ground
Was moved to the Bethlehem Cemetery from the village of Elsmere 1935-1936.

John I. Groesbeck
d. Mar. 3, 1880
ae. 84 yr. 11 mo.

Jane Ann Van Der Heyden, wife of Peter Hallenbeck and John I Groesbeck

Jane A Groesbeck

John V.D.H. Hallenbeck

Magdalena Mynderse

Mary A Hallenbeck

Susanna Groesbeck
b. Sept. 23, 1821
April 5, 1873

Maria Groesbeck

Washington Groesbeck

George, son of William T. and Sally Ann Congdon
d. Sept. 3, 1830
1 yr. 1 m. 4 dy

Reuben, son of William and Sally Ann Congdon
d. Dec. 15, 1836
age 5 yr, 10 mo, 11 dy

Thomas P Esmay
d. Jan. 13, 1841
age 42 yr

Harriet Simmons wife of Andrew Fisher
d. Mar. 25, 1847
age 39 yr, 26 dy

Elizabeth Winnie
d. April 20, 1864
age 76 yr.

Garret W. son of Garret and Hannah Groesbeck
d. April 14, 1864
1 yr. 2 mo. 12 dy

Stephen W. son of Garret and Hannah Groesbeck
d. Aug. 7, 1870
age 5 mo. 5 dy

Alvin C. son of William and Sally A. Congdon
d. Feb. 24, 1837
ae. 1 mo, 29 dy.

Creble Burying Ground
From Elsmere Ave, turn right onto Feura Bush Road. Go .5 miles to Kleinhans farm, on the left, southwest from the barn.

Son of Henry and Ann Eliza Creble
d. May 29, 1843
ae. 6 yr. 4 mo.

Fisher Family Burying Ground

Take Delaware Ave. to Meads Lane, turn right, turn next right. Cemetery is on top of hill at right surrounded by iron fence with gate, "Fisher 1871".

Duncan Fisher, Sr.
his wife

Duncan Fisher, Jr.
b. Dec. 5, 1817
d. Dec. 9, 1880

David Fisher
b. Aug. 12, 1811
d. May 23, 1888

Daniel G Fisher
d. Feb. 24, 1860
ae. 51 yr. 2 mo. 18 dy.
his wife

Elsie Adelia, wife of John J Maher
d. Mar. 4, 1863
ae. 26 yr. 8 m. 8 dy.

Isabella C. Fisher wife of Abram M. Sager
d. Jan 10, 1870
ae. 31 yr. 9 mo. 29 dy.

Henry M. son of Abram and Isabella C. Sager
d. Sept. 17, 1864
age 1 yr, 4 mo, 15 dy

David A. son of Abram and Isabella C. Sager
d. May 22, 1870
age 4 mo

Christine Fisher, wife of John D Long
d. Feb 9, 1869
age 22 yr, 11 mo

Houghtaling Burial Ground
On Houghtaling Homestead in Clarksville, Town of New Scotland

Teunis Houghtaling
d. May 20, 1806
ae. 68 yr (?)

Lena Houghtaling
Consort of
Teunis Houghtaling
d. Aug. 26, 1819
ae. 71 yr.

Jonathon Houghtaling
d. June 28, 1825
ae. 49 yr. 8 mo.

Jonathan S. Houghtaling
d. Dec. 17, 1851
ae. 80 (81, 31?) yr. 7 m. 10 d.

In Memory of Ephraim, son of Teunis and Rachel Houghtaling
d. Feb. 14, 1835
ae. 4 yr. 1 m. 20 d.

Michael W. Houghtaling
d. Dec. 25, 1862
ae. 29 yr. 10 mo.

Teunis, son of ? and Elizabeth Robertson
d. May 11, 1845
ae. 2 mo. 17 da.

On a long stone: JH HJ TH

Rebecca Slingerland
Consort of John V.N. Houghtaling
d. May 3, 1822
ae. 23 yr. 8 mo. 5 da

Jacob Hocksley
d. April 30 , 1846
ae. 76 yr.

John Hocksley
d. June 18, 1846
ae. 51 yr

Lanah, wife of John Huxley
d. Oct. 4, 1831
in her 35 yr.

Philip Huxley
d. Nov. 15, 1847
ae. 22(5) yr. 2 mo. 18 da.

David Huxley
d. May 23, 1852
ae. 22 yr. 9 mo.

Abraham Fort son of Cornelius and Eleanor Schermerhorn
d. 1818
(broken stone)

Abraham E. son of Cornelius and Eleanor Schermerhorn
d. July 29, 1830
ae. 6 yr. 9 mo.

Magdelane, dau. Of Cornelius and Eleanor Schermerhorn
Departed this life Sept. 17, 1836
Ae. 1 mo. 19 da.

Clapper-Lasher-Osterhout Burying Ground
Located in what is now Dowerskill Village, Route 9W, Selkirk, a short distance on road on right on knowl in trees.

Marcus Lasher Jr.
Age 65 yr
d. (July 30, 1835-Lasher Family Bible)
wife Elizabeth K......
age 83 yr.
d. (1852-Lasher Family Bible)

Peter Clapper
d. Nov. 6, 1821
ae. 81 yr.
wife Mar....

Henry Osterhout
d. Aug. 1, 1810
ae. 62 yr. 10 m 22d
wife Catherine W....

Elias Osterhout
d. Feb. 2, 1861
ae. 75 yr. 3 m 27 d
wife Sus....

Children of Jacob Osterhout (son of Elias and Susannah) and Margaret Clapper Osterhout.
d. May 8, 1842
ae. 11m 11d
Infant Daughter
d. May 18, 1852
ae. 1m 2d

footstones: L.O. M.A.O. E.O.

There are additional unidentified graves. According to the Osterhout family, some Osterhouts were removed to Albany Rural Cemetery.

Conning Burial Ground
From Slingerlands Post Office drive toward Albany. Turn in lane at crest of hill, opposite Maple Ave. The burial ground is on high wooded land, 150 feet to left of lane and .2 miles from the highway.

Andrew Conning (Rev. War)
b. (1747)
d. Aug 8, 1827
ae. 80 yr. 3 m. 23 d.
(he m. 1. ? McBride.....

Andrew D. Conning
b. (1797)
d. June 4, 1864
ae. 66 yr. 7 m
his wife ......

Andrew C. Conning
Son of John and Margaret Conning
d. June 12, 1813
ae. 1 yr 6m 7d

Matilda Ann
dau. of John and Margaret Conning
d. July 24, 1812
ae. 2 yr. 3 m 18d

Robert, son of Andrew and Betsey Conning
d. Feb 13, 1832
ae. 9 yr. 11m

John Shipp
d. Feb. 1, 1860
ae. 31 yr

Kasper son of G. Philip and Frdrk Hinterthuer Altrutz
d. Aug. 27, 1849
ae. 8 yr. 1m 21d

( ) not on tombstone

Material donated by Tracy Hogan

Socks, Kemp, Reed Cemetery
Colonie, Albany Co., NY
The cemetery is visible from the Northway, US Route 87, south of Americana Inn, Albany-Shaker Rd., Colonie, Albany Co., NY. Feb. 21, 1999

M.S. footer to Mary Socks, born July 8, 18109, died Sept 16 1833, ae 23-2-8, footer marked with initials M.S.

Headstone for S____ Socks, bn Sept (?) 1807. Footer marked S.S.

Cracked dark red slate stone, ___n Wolf Socks, Peter & Catherine, who died 30 ___, aged 3 years, 4 months, 7 days

Peter J.C. Socks, born Oct 23 1820, died Nov 16 1822, Footer marked PJCS.

John Kemp died Sept 17 1837, ae 59.

Gravestone with double reverse curves, "shoulders" Aug 4 1821, 1y 2m 26d

Same design, 17 Apr 1814, 3y 7m 15d

In corner of lot, William ____ Reed, died 1285_ aged 35 (?)

John J., son of ___ Kemp, died Aug 10 1815, 3y 1m 9d. Footer marked JR.

Michael Kemp Dec 8 1815 63y.

Gravestone, mended, with hole in center, John Wolf Kemp, d Jan 20, 1811, __y, __m, 14d. Footer marked JWK.

Elizabeth Kemp, bn Sept 10 ___. Footer marked ER.

In memory of (illeg.) small white stone.

Small rectangle, J. Kemp

Narrow rectangle, illegible

Larger rectangle, footer marked SK.

Gravestone in back of others, alone, near entrance in fence, Henry Kemp, d July 29 1852, 2m 289d

Submitted by Nancy Curran

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