Tracy (F.O's son) Fairchild
Theodore Tracy Fairchild
22 June 1865 - 17 Oct 1950
  Oscar Llewellyn Crandall Fairchild
Winnifred Elizabeth Pitchford

The online history of the TUSCARORA LODGE # 21 of the Masons of Tuscarora NV written in 1939 indicates that T. T. Fairchild served recently as a deputy sheriff for a number of years. It also provides us with the comment, "In addition to its mineral deposits, Tuscarora is valuable as a ranching and stock raising district, and contains some extensive territory devoted to these enterprises, the most well known of which is that of T. T. Fairchild. a resident of this section of Nevada for many years." It also indicates that Tracy T. Fairchild was Grandmaster 1936-57.

Elko County 1921 Delegation to the Nevada Legislature standing on the State Capitol steps. Included in the photograph is Senator A.W. Hesson, Assemblymen Harry L. Bartlett, James Byrd, T.T. Fairchild, and E.E. Lutts. Also shown is Committee Clerk Miss A.C. Henderson. From the Nevada State Library and Archives. Though I'm not sure which one is Tracy!


I ambled down toward Tuscarora and stopped at the Fairchild Ranch. The elder (T.T.) Fairchild was a state senator then. He had four boys. They was all like the old man, no matter who you was, you was always welcome to put your feet under the table. When it came time for bed, there came the Senator, hisself, with an armload of blankets, quilts and a pillow.

Dave Abel, a cattle buyer, was at the breakfast table the next morning. He said he had a bunch of steers at Beowawe, at the Horseshoe Ranch, and asked me if I was looking for a job.

It was a two-day ride from the Fairchild place to Beowawe and was all new country to me. Abel drew me a map and said I couldn’t go wrong. That night, I stopped at the St. John Field and showed the map to Lige Bingham, an old one-eyed cowboy, and he told me he could show me a shortcut. Lige said to cross Boulder Flat, instead of going around and, when I came to a big round hill, to take the cow trails over it instead of following the road. He said I could see the road from the top of the hill.


This portion of the Nevada State Senate Records sums up Tracy's history pretty well!

70th session of the Nevada State Senate
       CARSON CITY(Friday), April 2, 1999  -  By Senators Raggio, Amodei, Care, Carlton, Coffin, Jacobsen, James, Mathews, McGinness, Neal, O’Connell, O’Donnell, Porter, Rawson, Rhoads, Schneider, Shaffer, Titus, Townsend, Washington and Wiener:
    Senate Resolution No. 7—Inducting T. Tracy Fairchild into the Senate Hall of Fame.
    WHEREAS, The Senate of the Legislature of the State of Nevada has established a Senate Hall of Fame whose members are selected by leadership from former state Senators who have served with distinction with exemplary contributions to the State of Nevada; and
    WHEREAS, Tracy Fairchild, a leader in the Republican Party in Elko County and this state, served in the Nevada Legislature with distinction and fairness for 18 years as an Assemblyman from 1914 through 1918 and 1920 through 1922, as a Senator from 1922 through 1934, and as President pro Tempore of the Senate in 1929; and
    WHEREAS, Former Senator Fairchild was Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Ways and Means for every legislative session he served as a Senator and was instrumental in establishing tax levies, providing appropriations for the operation of government, adopting biennial state budgets and setting the salaries of state officers and employees; now, therefore, be it
    RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, That T. Tracy Fairchild, a powerful and influential leader who set many of the fiscal policies for the State of Nevada, is hereby inducted into the Senate Hall of Fame of the Legislature of the State of Nevada.
    Senator Rhoads moved the adoption of the resolution.
    Remarks by Senator Rhoads.
    Senator Rhoads requested that his remarks be entered in the Journal.
    Thank you, Mr. President pro Tempore. I am quite privileged and honored to share some of this information with you. The great grandson of Mr. Fairchild has provided me with a handbook of the 36th Session of the Nevada Legislature in 1933. The order of business is almost identical to what it is today.
    Tracy Fairchild’s father was born in New York City, came out west in 1852 and got into the newspaper business in 1863 in Austin, Nevada. It was named the Reese River Reveille which is the oldest newspaper in the state.  In 1871, he went to Oakland, California, and was part owner of the Oakland Daily News. In 1877, he returned and bought the Tuscarora Times.  Many of you do not realize it but Tuscarora had two newspapers at one time which were the Tuscarora Times and the Tuscarora Mining-Review. The two newspapers merged in 1877 and was then called the Daily Times-Review. Tracy was 31 years old and took the newspaper over.  The mining had dwindled down by 1905; the paper was suspended, and Tracy expanded his ranching operation and probably made a mistake when he entered politics.
    Tracy Fairchild was born in California in 1855. He moved to Austin, Nevada with his family in 1863 which was just one year before Nevada became a state. He relocated to Tuscarora in 1877.  As a resident of Tuscarora, Senator Fairchild represented Elko County in the Legislature for 6 years in the Assembly and 12 years in the Senate. When he became a Senator, he immediately became Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee and continued as chairman for 12 years.  In 1923, Senator Fairchild gained passage of S.B. No. 110 which emphasized the importance of high school education in Nevada by providing additional funding. As Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, he was responsible for the setting of tax levies, providing appropriations for the operation of the government, adopting the biennial state budget and setting the salaries of state officers and employees.
    In 1929, Senator Fairchild served as President pro Tempore of the Senate. It is very interesting that some of the committees he served on were: Agriculture, Irrigation, Reclamation of Arid Lands (which maybe we need to start again), Military and Indian Affairs, Banks and Banking, Livestock, State Prison, Mental Health and Taxation.
    In 1943, the Fairchilds announced that they were leaving Elko County and the ranching business. This ended an era of one of the most influential pioneer families in Nevada. It is very interesting to note that (Sharon) my wife’s parents bought that ranch in 1943, and we are living in the same house that Senator Fairchild built in the early 1900s. One of Tracy’s sons married Sharon’s grandmother’s sister. So, in a way, Sharon and I are related to the Fairchilds.
    There are four surviving grandchildren and a number of great and great-great grandchildren. It gives me great honor to welcome Tracy Fairchild into the Senate Hall of Fame.
    Resolution adopted.
    Senator Rhoads moved that the Senate recess subject to the call of the Chair.
    Motion carried.
    Senate in recess at 11:15 a.m.

Nevada State Senate Record for the 61st day of the 70th session.