Mines of Clark County, Nevada
Accident Mine   Goodsprings Mining District
Addison Mine   Goodsprings Mining District named for Addison Bybee
Alamo Copper Frenchman Mtn, was Johnny Stump
Alunite Alunite 2 miles west of Boulder City, Alunite Mining District
Anderson Gypsum W of Overton east side of Weiser Ridge
Apex   26 miles NW of Las Vegas, Apex Mining District
April Fool Mine Gold Fourth of July Mountain, 3 miles SE of Searchlight
Arden Gypsum, silican sand Arden Mining District 5 miles west of Arden in Spring Mountains 
Argentina Gold Goodsprings
Azure Ridge Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver Gold Butte
Bard   Bard Mining District bet. Arden & Jean
Barefoot Boy   Goodsprings Mining District
Barnard Gold Eldorado
Bean Pot Gold Alunite Mining District, also called Blue Quartz
Belmont Ridge Gold Gold Butte
Bennett Copper Gold Butte
Berlock   Searchight
Big Casino   Searchlight
Big Muddy   Mining District near Overton
Big Thing   Gold Butte
Bill Nye   Goodsprings
Black Jack Gold, Copper Gold Butte
Black Mountain Gold south of Alunite District
Blue Diamond   Blue Diamond
Blue Jay   Goodsprings
Blue Quartz Gold Alunite Mining District, also called Bean Pot, south end of Bishop Mtn
Bonanza   Also called Root
Bonelli Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver Gold Butte
Boss Mine Platinum Goodsprings Mining District-Platina
Bronzell Copper St. Thomas
Buillion Gold Goodsprings
Bunkerville Mining District Gold, Lead, Copper 5 miles south of Bunkerville, also known as Great Eastern
Buster Lode Gold Searchlight-Eldorado
Calico Salt Mine Salt now under Lake Mead west of Virgin River
Capitol Hill Mine   6 miles SE of Nelson
Cedar Basin Mining District   south of Gold Butte 1904
Chaquita Mine   south of Goodsprings, 1900
Charleston Mining District   30 miles west of Las Vegas in Spring Mountains
Chicago Girl Copper Gold Butte
Christmas Mine   Potosi Mining District
Cleopatra Manganese found by Bonelli in Black Mountains
Colorado Mining District Gold & Silver Eldorado Canyon in Opal Mountains, 24 miles NE of Searchlight
Columbia Mine   Between Jean & Sandy
Contact   East slope of Potosi Mountain
Copper King Copper 15 miles south of Bunkerville, Great Eastern Mining District
Crescent Mine Lead-Zinc Goodsprings
Crescent Mining District   6 miles east of Nipton, CA on west flank of Crescent Peak
Cyrus Noble Gold Searchlight Mining District, east side of Piute Valley
Czarina Mine Mica SW of St Thomas near NV-AZ border now under Lake Mead
Dawn Mine   Potosi Mining District
Dike Mining District Lead DYKE, NE of Las Vegas
Double Up Mine   east slope of Potosi Mountain AKA Double Up Mountain
Duplex Mine Gold, Silver, Lead on Duplex Hill in Searchlight
Eldorado City Gold Eldorado Mining District
Eureka Gold Gold Butte
Esperanta Claim Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver Gold Butte
Fairview Salt west of Virgin River and SE of Calico Salt Mine now under Lake Mead
Flatiron   Mining District on west side of a dry lake in Eldorado Valley
Four Aces Mine   Gold Butte
Frenchman Mine   SW flank of Frenchman Mountain
Gass Peak Mining District Gold, silver, zinc on Gass Peak 18 miles north of Las Vegas
Gettysburg Mine Gold Eldorado Canyon, 1861
Gold Butte Mining District Mica, Gold West of Voight Well in Virgin Mountains 
Golden Empire Gold Nelson
Goodsprings Mining District Gold, Silver, Lead 8 miles NW of Jean
Great Eastern Mine Gold Great Eastern Mining District south of Bunkerville, 1902
Great Eastern Mining District Copper, Gold also known as Copper King, Key West and Bunkerville. 15 Miles south of Bunkerville
Green Monster Mine   Potosi Mining District
Happy Jack Mine Gold mile north of Tramp Mine in Gold Butte Mining District
Heizersegerstrom Prospect Gold Gold Butte
Homestake   2 miles west of Boulder City, Alunite Mining Districtnear Bullhead Canyon
Honest Miner Gold Eldorado Canyon, 1861, 24 miles NE of Searchlight
Hoodoo   Goodsprings
Hoosier   Goodsprings
Houghton   Goodsprings
Ireland   Goodsprings
Iron Gold Gold Goodsprings
Ivanpah Mining District Silver SW Clark County
Jean Mining District   Jean
Jet Mine   Searchlight
Johnny Stump Copper Frenchman Mountain, renamed Alamo
Joker Mine   SE of Gold Bute on edge of Scanlon Wash near Colorado River
Jumbo Gold, Copper Gold Butte
June Bug Mine Lead, Silver Gass Peak Mining District, north flank of Gass Peak
Key West Mine Gold, Silver, Copper south of Bunkerville, Great Eastern Mining District
Keystone Mine   Goodsprings Mining District
Kirby Mine   Potosi Mining District, named for John A. Kirby
Lake Shore Gold, Iron, Copper Gold Butte
Las Vegas Mining District    
Lead King Mine Lead Dike Mining District, 15 miles NE of LV
Lincoln   Goodsprings
Logan Mining District Copper, Silver 26 miles SE of Moapa also called Muddy Mtn and St Thomas
Lookout   Goodsprings
Lost Breyfogle Mine Gold E of Death Valley 1864
Lost Gunsight Mine Gold near Indian Springs
Lost Mormon Mine Gold Somewhere in the McCullough Range
Lucky Dutchman Alunite Alunite Mining District
Lucky Jim Gold old mine in Eldorado Mining District during Civil War
Lucky Strike Mine Lead on west side of Spring Mountains south of Deer Creek
Lucy Grey   1905 in Lucy Grey Mining District
Lucy Grey Mining District   15 miles SE of Jean also called Sunset or Lyons
Lyons Mining District   15 miles SE of Jean also called Sunset or Lucy Grey
Manganese Mining District Manganese 15 miles SW of Las Vegas
Milford   Goodsprings
Minerva Gold Eldorado
Moapa Mining District Gypsum SE of Moapa
Mocking Bird Mine Gold Eldorado Canyon
Mountain Top   Goodsprings
Muddy Mountains Mining District Copper, Silver 26 miles SE of Moapa also called St Thomas and Logan
Nevada Eagle   Nelson
New Era   Goodsprings
New Year Lake Gold Fourth of July Mountain SE of Searchlight
New Year Mine   Potosi Mining District
Ninetynine Mine   Potosi Mining District
Nymph Gold Eldorado
Oro Amigo   Goodsprings
Oro Plata Gold Nelson
Pauline   Goodsprings
Phoebe Gold Eldorado
Pilgrim   Goodsprings
Potosi Mine Lead, Silver on west side of Potosi Mountain, Goodsprings Mining District also called Comet
Potosi Mining District Gold, Silver, Zinc, 
Platinum, copper,
palladium, cobalt,
nickel, radium and
Goodsprings Mining District
Prairie Flower   Goodsprings
Puetz   Goodsprings
Quaker City Gold Nelson
Quartz King Copper Gold Butte
Queen Bee Gold Eldorado
Radio Crystal Mine Lead, Zinc, Silver Eldorado
Rand Claim Gold Nelson
Red Bird Gold Searchlight
Red Cloud   Goodsprings
Rexradio Gold Eldorado-Searchlight
Rich Hill   Nelson
Rockefeller   bet. Nelson & Cottonwood
Root   Also called Bonanza
St Louis   Bet Nelson & Cottonwood
St Thomas Mining District Copper, Silver 15 miles SE of Moapa also called Muddy Mtns and Logan
Salt Point Salt 3 miles south of St Thomas, also called Salvation Salt Deposit
Salvation Salt Deposit Salt 3 miles south of St Thomas
Savage Vein Gold in Techatticup Mine, Eldorado Mining District
Shenandoah Mine   Potosi Mining District
Silver Legion Gold Searchlight-Eldorado
Snowflake Mica Gold Butte
Solar   Nelson
Solo Joker Mine   Gold Butte
Spearhead   Alunite Mining District
Sulton   Goodsprings
Sunset Mining District   15 miles SE Jean also called Lyons or Lucy Grey
Swickard Mines   Searchlight
Techatticup Mine Gold Eldorado Mining District
Tramp Copper Gold Butte
Tramp Miner Copper Gold Butte
Treasure Hawk Gold, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver Old Radio Crystal Mine
Utah Claim Gold Gold Butte
Valentine   Goodsprings
Victor Gold Eldorado
Vincent   Vincent Mining District; Alunite Mining District
Wall Street Mine Gold Eldorado Mining District
Whale   Goodsprings
Windmill Mine Gold? Gold Butte
Yellow Pine Mine Silver, Lead Goodsprings Mining District located in Porphyry Gultch
Yellow Pine Mining District Gold, Silver, Zinc Goodsprings Mining District