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Port Maitland School 1867

The following names made up the register kept by James Crosby, Trustee of Wellington, N.S. They were for the term ending April 30, 1867 at Pitticus Division Hall, the building that was on the site of William Delaney's property in later years. A new school was built soon after this term ending 1867, because Joseph Sollows, a pioneer at Port Maitland, deeded land for the same in 1868. The site was where George MacAlpine lives (1981). Gathered by Clifford Ward Handy in 1981. Donated by Susan Mulvey.

1Charles Darland1935Sarah Raymond16
2Clement Sollows1936Armina Corning15
3Lyman Sollows1537Annie or Ann Trask20
4Joseph Sollows1738Hannah Trask17
5Anthony Sollows2139John Perry10
6John Sollows1940Edward Perry13
7Abner Corning1241Gilbert Saunders17
8Charles Raymond2042Vincent Raymond18
9William McHenry1643Jeffrey Churchill14
10Abina Porter1844Joseph Churchill15
11Annabel Goudey1545Norman Churchill14
12Sarah Rose2146Harry H. Perry11
13Sarah Harris1747Augustus Jeffrey16
14Mary Jeffery1548Alfred McKenzie15
15Alide Perry1549Charles Crosby15
16Sarah Goudey1450William Symonds13
17Sarah Saunders2551Susan Perry11
18Laura Saunders1852Jane Goudey12
19Matilda Pitman2253Ainsley Porter10
20Eliza Darland1754Charles Crowell16
21Anna Goudey2055Emma Perry11
22Matilda Corning1956Almeretta Raymond16
23Lydia Curry1957Maria Perry18
24Agnes Goudey1958Howard Curry13
25Emeline Rose2659James A. Rose23
26Emily H. Goudey1160Alvina Jeffrey11
27Florence Steele1261Sabra McKenzie11
28Lois Raymond1262Eliza (Lydie) Raymond11
29Maria Saunders2263Theresa Dweland9
30Anna Churchill?64Harriet Jeffrey10
31Rebecca Blackadar1665Thomas Dane Sollows12
32Lois Goudey1566Robert Crowell11
33Agnes Goudey2?67Nathaniel Perry10
34Anna Sinclair1568Burwell (?) V. Goudey9

No. 2 - Artie Sollows father.
No. 3 - Bro. of Wm, Kim, Calvin sr.
No. 4 - Son of Walter pa of Ken, Murray, Kenny.
No. 5 - Pa of Norman Sollows.
No. 6 - Bro. of Anthony Sollows.
No. 8 - Chas. Raymond died at sea. Son of Eleazer Raymond, bro. of (?).
No. 28 - Lois married G. Brown, dau Eleazer Raymond.
No. 35 - Sara Raymond mother of Artie Sollows.
No. 40 - Ed Perry later pa of Alvina.
No. 42 - Vince Raymond son of Eleazer & bro. J.W. Raymond.
No. 56 - Almaretta "Rettie" dau. Eleazer married Anthony Sollows.
No. 58 - Pa of George & Howard - Husband of Lydia.
No. 59 - Grandpa of Clarence Rose.
No. 62 - Married Howard Curry pa of Geo. Howard Curry.

No. 2 and No. 35 Married.
No. 5 and No. 56 Married.
No. 6 and No. 24 Married.
No. 28 married George Brown.
No. 58 and No. 62 Married.

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