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Deaths in the Blue Mountains - ongoing work

WOOD COFFILL Records - Volume 1 (1916-1945) and Volume 2 (1946-1967)

have both been completed and published. See under Publications for details

The BMFHS and Blue Mountains City Council are working together to update records and both are grateful to Tom & Fiona Brownjohn, former managers of Wood Coffill for making the records available. BMCC has updated their burial records as far as possible, and made them available on the web.

BMFHS will continue updating our headstone transcripts & taking digital photographs so more information will be available to researchers. Of great value are records of people who died in the area but whose remains were sent elsewhere by train, and some even overseas.


Printed volumes of transcripts of all the Blue Mountains cemeteries have been available for several years. The updating of each cemetery is an ongoing activity when time and volunteers are available and obviously a slow process with so many cemeteries spread over a long distance.

Unfortunately, most of these publications are now out of print. Should you wish to follow up on Cemetery details for any of your family you are researching, please avail yourself of our research service. Details are on our Index/Home page.


Plans were developed during 2005 to digitise the headstones in Blue Mountains Cemeteries. Trials were undertaken to determine the most effective resolution, the best time of day and weather conditions to enable details to be filmed and so on. BMCC has been working on their cemetery maps to make them as correct as possible. As the cemeteries were individually controlled by local committees the details and accuracy varies from place to place and over time. Our thanks to the dedicated Council Staff who are doing an excellent job.



If you have any queries about any of these projects please contact and the query will be passed to the relevant person.



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