The Hector Passenger Ship, 1773
The Hector Passenger List,
Arrived in Pictou 1773

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 Source: George MacLaren, The Pictou Book, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia,
Hector Publishing Co., 1954, pp 26-34.


Contributed by Randal W. Oulton; Penelope Chisholm
for The Chignecto Project on 03/15/98
Ship: Hector
Date: 1 July 1773 (departure); 5 September 1773 (arrival)
Departing: Greenock & Lochbroom, Scotland
Arriving: Pictou, Nova Scotia
Ship Master: 

The Hector had been transporting immigrants for several years; had previously brought a batch of Scottish emigrants over to Boston in 1770. The ship was owned by a Mr Pagan, a merchant in Greenock Scotland. Together with a Dr Witherspoon, Pagan bought three shares of land in Pictou. They hired a John Ross to act as their recruiting agent for settlers. The offer to the settlers was free passage, free provisions for a year, and a farm. The Hector recruited settlers first at Greenock, then Lochbroom (Rossshire). Most got on at Lochbroom; only 3 familes and 5 single men took up the offer at Greenock. The unnamed piper in the passenger list came on board at the last minute.

The voyage lasted 11 weeks. In many places the wood in the Hector had gone rotten. A gale off the coast of Newfoundland drove them backwards; it took them 14 days to regain the progress they had made. Dysentry and smallpox took 18 of the children. 

Upon arrival, there was no cleared land waiting for them, no shelter and the promised provisions did not materialise. Winter was approaching, and there was no time to plant crops that year. As the lands promised to them were three miles into the forest, so that they wouldn't even be able to fish the harbour, the settlers refused to settle those lands. When the provisions did arrive, the company therefore refused to give them any provisions. They then seized the provisions.

The passenger list was compiled by William McKay, or one of his four sons. He, his wife and sons were passengers on the ship. 

[many of the children as listed as being the "child of " someone, who does not appear elsewhere on the passenger list. For instance, a Hugh Fraser is listed as being the child of "Donald", but there is no "Donald Fraser" on the list.]

Additional Note: There were two lists: a MacKay list and a McKenzie list. The list followed was the McKay list, with McKenzie deviations noted. 

Full Passengers Above Eight Years
Alex Cameron Christopher Grant Donald McKay
Donald Cameron Donald Grant William McKay
Sarah Campbell John Grant Margaret McKay
Archibald Chisholm James Grant Christopher McKay
Colin Douglas Alex Grant Catherine McKay
Alex. Falconer Robert Innes Margaret McKay
Mary Forbes Robert Lyon John McKay
Helen Fraser Margaret Lyon Mary McKay
Hugh Fraser Donald McDonald William McKay
Thomas Fraser James McDonald Donald McKay
Ann Fraser John McDonald William McKay
Alex Fraser Alex McDonald (Piper)
Hugh Fraser Mary McDonald Magdalene McKenzie
William Fraser William McDonald John McKenzie
Mrs. Fraser James McDonald Colin McKenzie
Kenneth Fraser John McGregor Isabel McKenzie
Janet Fraser Colin McKay William McKenzie
Alex Fraser Roderick McKay Angus McKenzie
Donald Graham Donald McKay Alex McKenzie
Donald McKenzie Finlay McLeod Janet Ross
Elspa McKenzie Marion McLeod Alex Ross
William McKenzie William McLeod Donald Ross
Alex McKenzie Alex McLeod Alex Ross
Kenneth McKritchie Charles Matheson William Ross
Margaret McKritchie William Matthewson Alex Ross
Catherine McLean Mary Mathewson Marion Ross
Alex. McLean Janet Munroe William Ross
Mary McLean Donald Munroe Ann Smith
Margaret McLean John Munroe Lily Sutherland
John McLennan James Murray John Sutherland
William McLennan Margaret Murray Mary Sutherland
James McLeod Adam Murray Betty Sutherland
Elsbeth McLeod Abigail Murray John Sutherland
Janet McLeod Christopher Murray David Urquhart
Hugh McLeod Walter Murray Christian Urquhart
David McLeod Ann Patterson  
Mary McLeod Rebecca Patterson  
Children Under Two Years of Age
Janet Cameron child of John
Janate Cameron child of Hugh
Colin Douglas child of Alex
Hugh Fraser child of Donald
James Grant child of Jane
Robert Innes child of Duncan
Alex McDonald child of Hugh
William McDonald child of Ann
Alex McDonald  child of James
Colin McKay child of Colin
John McKay child of Ann
Colin McKay child of Alex
Roderick McKay child of Ann
William McKay child of Flora
Donald McKenzie child of Elizabeth
Colin McKenzie child of Colin
Donald McKenzie child of William
Finlay McLeod child of Jannet
Alex McLeod child of Donald
Finlay McLeod child of William
Andrew Mains child of Andrew
William Mathewson child of John
George Morrison child of Hector
Walter Murray child of Elizabeth
James Murray child of Elizabeth
Alex. Ross child of Catherine
John Sutherland child of William
Passengers From Two to Eight Years of Age
Alex Cameron Janet McDonald  George McLeod
Mary Cameron Mary McDonald Katherine McLeod
Margaret Douglas Alex McKay Marion McLeod
Alex Fraser George McKay Ann Matheson
Catherine Fraser James McKay Christopher Murray
Jean Fraser John McKay George Murray
Isabel Fraser Roderick McKay Alex Ross
Isabel Fraser William McKay Catherine Ross
Mary Fraser Adam McKenzie Christina Ross
Simon Fraser Jane McKenzie Donald Ross
Margaret Grant Katherine McKenzie Mary Ross
Mary Grant Kenneth McKenzie Walter Ross
Andrew McDonald Kenneth McKenzie
Catherine McDonald James McKritchie
Elizabeth McDonald Angus McLeod
Full Passengers From the Clyde
James Campbell Andrew Hain John Patterson
Jane Forbes George McConnel John Stewart
Charles Fraser George Morrison & child
Jane Gibson   

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