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  Port Felix History - by Perle Connolly & Rose Casey

Up until 1869, Port Felix, Guysborough County, was originally known as Molasses Harbour, Early Acadian settlers named it because a keg of molasses washed up on shore.
The main industry in the area is fishing. The land was not fertile for farming, and people were limited to tending a few milk cows, sheep, oxen, horses and chickens and crops, along with crops for their own - use. Berry-picking in the summer and early fall supplemented their income.

The early Acadian settlers arrived about 1797 from Chezzetcook, where they had been living since about 1758 after the fall of Louisbourg. Following the American Revolution, many Loyalists flocked to Nova Scotia, and the Acadian settlers were refused land grants in the Chezzetcook area, so many left that area, traveling down the eastern shore and settling in Molasses Harbour (Port Felix), Charlos Cove and Larrys River.