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From Acadian Connections - a column in the Casket
Larrys River & Lundy - by M. Perle Connolly

An Acadian coastal village situated on the eastern end of Guysborough County, Larrys River was named after one of its settlers, Larry Keating. Keating was a moose hunter who settled himself in a log cabin on the east bank of the river. Settlers arrived from Chezzetcook, probably soon after the official expulsion had ended in 1763.
In 1797, Freeman Roi, Mannette and Petitpas, along with six others, petitioned for land- In 1805, several acres of land were surveyed for these Acadians with such names as Bonnevie, Fougere, Pelrine and Petitpas. At that time, there were to buildings on the west side of the river, then called the North West River.