Kings County Communities


This is a listing of all communities within Kings County,
with links to community websites where available. Enjoy!

Current Name
Geographic Location
Former/changed name
AldershotNE. of Kentville 
ArlingtonNE. of KentvilleWoodsworth Road
AtlantaN. of Kentville 
AuburnW. of BerwickMorden Road
AvonportE. of KentvilleLower Horton
Avonport Station E. of Kentville 
Aylesford W. of Berwick Kobetek
Aylesford East SW. of Berwick 
Aylesford MountainNW. of Berwick 
Base Line RoadN. of Berwick 
Baxters HarbourNE. of BerwickBaxter's Harbour
Belcher StreetW. of Wolfville 
Benjamin BridgeSW. of Wolfville 
BerwickSW. of KentvilleCongdon Settlement
Berwick NorthN. of BerwickPleasant Valley Corner
Berwick WestSW. of Berwick 
BilltownNW. of Kentville 
BishopvilleSE. of KentvilleHalfway River
Black RiverSE. of KentvilleVesuvius
Black RockNW. of Berwick 
BlomidonNE. of KentvilleOwbogegechk
Blue MountainS. of Gaspereau LakeNew Ross Road
Brooklyn CornerW. of Kentville 
Brooklyn StreetWithin the Village of Cornwallis Square 
Buckleys CornerWithin the Village of Cornwallis SquareBuckley's Corner
BurlingtonNW. of Berwick 
CambridgeWithin the Village of Cornwallis SquareSharpes Brook
Cambridge StationWithin Cornwallis Square 
CanaanS. of KentvilleNew Canaan
Canada CreekN. of BerwickCanady Creek
CanardNE. of KentvilleApcheechkumochwakade
Canning NE. of Kentville Apple Tree Landing
Casey CornerWithin South Alton, SW. of Kentville 
CentrevilleN. of Kentville 
Chipman BrookNW. of KentvilleChipman's Brook
Chipmans CornerN. of KentvilleChipman Corner
Church StreetNE. of Kentville 
ColdbrookW. of KentvilleColdbrook Station
Cornwallis SquareNE. of BerwickWaterville-Cambridge-Grafton
CrossburnNW. of Sherbrooke Lake 
Dalhousie RoadNW. of Sherbrooke Lake 
Davison StreetSE. of KentvilleUnion Street
DelhavenNE. of Kentville 
Dempseys Corner W. of Berwick Dempsey Corner
East DalhousieW. of Sherbrooke LakeDalhousie East
East Halls Harbour RoadNE. of BerwickEast Hall's Harbour Road
East TremontW. of Gaspereau Lake 
Factorydale NW. of Gaspereau Lake Factory Dale
Forest HillSE. of Kentville 
Forest HomeSE. of Gaspereau LakeForrest Home
GarlandNW. of Berwick 
GaspereauE. of Kentville 
Gaspereau MountainSE. of Wolfville 
GlenmontN. of Kentville. 
GraftonWithin the Village of Cornwallis Square 
Grand Pre E. of Kentville  
Green Acres SW. of Berwick  
Greenfield SE. of Kentville Etna
Greenwich E. of Kentville Port Williams
Greenwood W. of Gaspereau Lake  
HabitantNE. of Kentville 
Halls HarbourNW. of KentvilleHall's Harbour
Hants BorderW. of Hantsport 
Harbourville NW. of Berwick  
Harmony W. of Gaspereau Lake  
HighburyS. of Kentville 
HillatonNE. of Kentville 
Horton LandingE. of Kentville 
HortonvilleE. of Kentville 
Keddys CornerN. of KentvilleKeddy Corner
Kingsport NE. of Kentville Indian Point
Kingston W. of Gaspereau Lake Kingston Station
Kingston VillageS. of Kingston 
Kinsmans CornerWithin the Village of Cornwallis SquareKinsman Corners
Lake GeorgeSW. of Gaspereau Lake 
Lake PaulSW. of Gaspereau Lake 
LakeviewSW. of Gaspereau Lake 
LakevilleNW. of KentvilleDunham's Corner
LloydsWithin South Waterville 
LockhartvilleNW. of Windsor 
Lower BlomidonNE. of Kentville 
Lower CanardNE. of Kentville 
Lower WolfvilleE. of Wolfville 
Lumsden DamSW. of Wolfville 
MedfordNE. of KentvilleBass Creek
MelansonE. of Kentville 
Melvern SquareW. of Gaspereau Lake 
Middle PereauxNE. of KentvilleNorths
MillvilleNW. of Gaspereau Lake 
Morden NW. of Berwick French Cross
Morristown W. of Gaspereau Lake  
Mountain FrontNE. of Berwick 
Murphy LakeS. of Gaspereau Lake 
New Minas E. of Kentville  
NewtonvilleSE. of Kentville 
NicholsvilleW. of Gaspereau LakeNichollsville
North AltonSW. of Kentville 
North Grand PreNE. of WolfvilleLong Island
North KingstonW. of Berwick 
North MedfordNE. of KentvilleWest Medford
Norths CornerNE. of KentvilleHabitant
NorthvilleNW. of Kentville 
OgilvieNW. of Berwick 
Parker RoadW. of Berwick 
Peck Meadow CornerS. of Wolfville 
PereauxNE. of KentvillePereau
Port Williams E. of Kentville  
ProspectSW. of Kentville 
Robinson CornerSE. of Wolfville 
RocklandSE. of Berwick 
Rockville NotchW. of Gaspereau Lake 
Ross CornerNE. of BerwickRoss's Corner
Scots BaySW. of ParrsboroScotts Bay
Scots Bay RoadNE. of KentvilleScotts Bay Road
Selfridge CornerW. of BerwickSelfridge Corners
Sheffield MillsN. of Kentville 
SomersetN. of Berwick 
South AltonSW. of KentvilleBeech Hill
South BerwickS. and E. of BerwickBerwick South
South GreenwoodW. of Gaspereau Lake 
South Scots BaySW. of ParrsboroSouth Scotts Bay
South TremontW. of Gaspereau Lake 
South WatervilleSE. of Berwick 
Starrs PointNW. of WolfvilleLower Church Street
Steam Mill VillageN. of KentvilleMill Village
Sunken LakeW. of Windsor 
The LookoffNE. of Kentville 
Torbrook EastW. of Gaspereau Lake 
TremontW. of Gaspereau Lake 
Upper CanardNE. of Kentville 
Upper Dyke VillageN. of Kentville 
Upper PereauxNE. of KentvilleUpper Pereau
Victoria Harbour NW. of Berwick  
ViewmountNW. into Berwick 
WallbrookE. of Kentville 
WatervilleWithin the Village of Cornwallis Square 
WelsfordNW. of BerwickWelsford Road
Welton LandingNE. side of Gaspereau Lake 
Weltons CornerW. of BerwickWelton's Corner
West Black Rock RoadN. of Berwick 
West BrooklynNW. of Hantsport 
West GlenmontN. of Kentville 
West Halls Harbour Road Vernon Mines
WestonNW. of Berwick 
White RockSE. of KentvilleWhite Rock Mills
White WaterSW. of Parrsboro 
Whites CornerN. of BerwickWhite's Corner
WindermereSW. of BerwickWindemere
Wolfville E. of Kentville Mud Creek
Wolfville Ridge S. and W. of Wolfville Wolfville Ridge Road
WoodsideNE. of Kentville 
WoodvilleNW. of Kentville 

A big thanks to David Poole at Municipality of Kings and
David Wills, Provincial Coordinator Geographical Names
Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
for providing the information on this page. ~Susan Gowen

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