News of Note

The Acadian Recorder

July 26-21 1911
The Dorchester, Mass. Baseball Team Visits Halifax

The Halifax Mail

February 24, 1938
The Halifax County Council In Annual Meeting

The Halifax Herald

May 3, 2002
Glawsons returned, car in tow Family to reunite, recall trek home

The Halifax Morning Chronicle

January 8, 1898
St. Paul's Sunday School Annual Distribution of Prizes at Argyle Hall, Thursday Evening

The Dartmouth Free Press

August 1961
Crash Landing Broke His Legs Not His Spirits

The Valley Views - Middle Musquodoboit
transcribed by Brenda Woodworth

Volume 1, Issue 25, April 30, 1975

History of the McCurdy Family
History of Middle Musquodoboit School
Old Kate Ogden

Volume 1, Issue 26, May 14, 1975

Down in the Valley - Meagher's Grant

Issue 32, 6 August 1975

Halifax County Exhibition 1916

Issue 34, 17 September 1975

Middle Musqoudoboit (Middleton) United Church

Issue 50 12 May 1976

Gold Discovered