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Historical Societies, Museums and Other sites of interest

  • Medical History Museum of Nova Scotia

  • The Genealogy Association of Nova Scotia site includes a searchable data base of people searching Nova Scotia surnames.

  • Nova Scotia Archives & Record Management

  • The Nova Scotia Genealogy Network Association site includes valuable information for the Halifax County Genealogist.

  • The late Janet MacKay has created an excellent site. The Scottish Heritage (Nova Scotia) site is a "Celebration of Our Scottish Heritage in New Scotland (Nova Scotia)". This site contains generic websites for more than 460 clans, Septs, Scottish families living within the original Nova Scotia. Features include:

  • History & Current Issues of Scots in Scotland and in New Scotland
  • A Nova Scotia Memorial to Children in the Tragedy at Dunblane, Scotland
  • Scottish food, literature, language, music, and much more

  • A growing site, focused on Scottish Heritage in every part of Nova Scotia.

    In particular, check out the clan GILKIE page which contains information on William GILKIE, who was one of many lighthouse keepers on Sambro Island. Sambro Island is home to one of the oldest lighthouses in Canada and is one of the first sites our ancestors would have seen when sailing into Halifax Harbour.
  • Speaking of Lighthouses, the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society contains information on and many beautiful pictures of the lighthouses of Nova Scotia, including the one on Sambro Island, Halifax County, Nova Scotia.

  • The Mainland South Heritage Society whose area of interest is the communities from Armdale to Pennant. The mandate of the Society is to record and document the history of each community. Genealogies are an important part of our heritage and several members are working on the early families who settled here.

  • Jonathan Davidson's Nova Scotia Genalogy Resources Page contains a useful FAQ and a section on Halifax County Resources including a partial list of the early settlers at Halifax in 1749.

  • Mi'kmaq Spirit contains a wealth of information about the First Nations and contains lots of links to other related sites.

  • The Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia site contains valuable information on the black communities of Halifax County and the rest of Nova Scotia.

  • The National Library of Canada site contains an interesting article which mentions Sambro Harbour: The Chesapeake Affair, The British Colonist, Halifax, December 22, 1863.

  • The History of the Armdale Yacht Club site contains information on Halifax County's nautical history.

  • Related to a former Premier of the Province of Nova Scotia? Then the Nova Scotia Premiers (1848 - 1997) site is the place to look, even including those Premiers we would like to forget!!

  • The Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society site can be found here.

  • Did your ancestor work for one of Nova Scotia's telephone companies? Then check out Ivan Smith's History of Nova Scotia Telephone Companies site.

  • The Louisa's World site contains The 1815 Diary of a Nova Scotia Farm Girl, Louisa Collins of Colin Grove, Dartmouth).

  • Nova Scotia's Official Heritage Website lists hertitage organizations for Halifax County which include Museums, Archives, Public Galleries, and Historical, Heritage, and Naturalist Organizations.

  • Fultz House Museum, Lower Sackville, NS.

  • Early CanadianaOnline

  • Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet


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